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Then will I read and pray,

While I have life and breath;
Lest I should be cut off to day,

And sent to eternal death.

We must all appear before the judgment-seat of Christ, that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad: 2 Cor. v. 10. -The wicked shall go away into everlasting punishment; but the righteous into eternal life: Matt. xxv. 46.

General Directions in order to the leading a Godly and

a Christian Life. Begin every day with God, and go not out of thy chamber before thou hast performed thy bounden duty of prayer and thanksgiving. ; Walk all the day long in the fear of God: wherever thou art, or whatsoever thou doest, bear this in mind, “That thy Maker is present with thee, and spieth out all thy ways.' Exert thy reason to the keeping under thy passions and vicious inclinations, and bringing them into subjection to the law of God.

Remember, that thy virtue consists in the due government of thy corrupt affections.

This is the trial to which thou art called; and the prize contended for is no less than immortality and eternal life!

Shun idleness, in whatever station of life thou art; and know that it is the part of a wise man to have always something to do.

Avoid the common, but odious, vices of slander and talebearing: strive to live in peace with all men, and to cultivate in thyself a meek, courteous, and benevolent disposition of mind.

Speak the truth upon all occasions without dissimulation ; be sincere and upright in all thy conversation : for he is a Christian indeed, in whom is no guile.

In all thy concerns with others, be they little or much, let this be the constant rule and measure of all thine actions : Whatsoever thou 'wouldst that men should do unto thee, even so do thou unto them.

In every time of tribulation think upon God, and his gracious promise, “That all things shall work together for good to them that love and serve him.'

If thou art an householder, call thy whole family together, at least every evening, to join in their common supplications to Him, in whom they live, and move, and have their being.

If thou art a child or a servant, endeavour to be always within at the time of family prayer.

Never lay thyself down to rest before thou hast prayed in private, and recommended thyself to the divine protection.

Always say grace before and after meals.

Directions for the Lord's Day. Be sure to spend the Lord's Day well, as you desire to prosper in the following week.

Make all your children and servants go with you to your own parish church; and suffer them not to wander to other churches.

Stay not from church either part of the day, unless in cases of sickness or great necessity.

Never go a journey, or take physic, on the Lord's Day, unless in cases of great necessity.

Take care not to come too late to church; be always there, if possible, before divine service begins.

When you first come into your seat at church, always fall upon your knees and use a short prayer; do the same at going out.

Always kneel in the time of prayer. Do not give way to sleep, or wandering thoughts.

Make your answers after the ministers, not in a gabbling or careless manner, but with seriousness and reverence.

Frequent not houses of public resort on the Lord's Day: after divine service is over, spend the remainder of the Sabbath in reading godly books, and recollecting what thou hast heard at church.

A Prayer for a young Scholar. O Lord God Almighty, from whom cometh every good and perfect gift, I look up to Thee, beseeching Thee to direct, assist, and bless all my endeavours after useful knowledge. Enlighten my understanding, O Father of lights, preserve me from error, and lead me into a right apprehension of all things: dispose me to be diligent in whatever business or profession thy good providence shall call me to: endue me with that humility and soberness of mind, which thou delightest to reward. Bestow on me a sound judgment, and an honest and good heart, sincerely desirous to please Thee; that I may be a comfort to my friends, and a worthy member of Christ's church. Enrich my mind with the treasures of thine inspired wisdom, contained in those holy Scriptures, which are able to make wise unto salvation. Let these be my rule and guide in passing through things temporal, that I may not fail to attain the things that are eternal, through the merits of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Grace before Meat.

Bless, O Lord, we beseech thee, this provision of thy goodness to our use and nourishment, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Grace after Meat. Most gracious God, make us, we pray thee, truly thankful for this present refreshment, and for all thy blessings bestowed upon us, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Questions and Answers out of the Holy Scriptures.

Q. Who was the first man?
A. Adam.
Q. Who was the first woman?
A. Eve.
Q. Of what did God make man?
A. Out of the dust of the earth.
Q. Of what did God make woman?
A. Of one of the man's ribs.
Q. Where did Adam and Eve dwell ?
A. In Paradise.
Q. What cast Adam out of Paradise ?
A. Sin.
Q. Who was the best man?
A. The man Christ Jesus.
Q. Who slew his brother?
A. Cain.
Q. Who was the first martyr ?
A. Abel.
Q. Who was the oldest man?
A. Methuselah.

Q. Who was the man that God saved when he drowned the world?

A. Noah.
Q. Who wrestled with God?
A. Jacob.

Q. What was his name called after he had wrestled with God?

A. Israel.

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