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Contracts, by Professor Frederic C. Woodward, of Stanford University.

Reports come from Iowa City that ground will soon be broken for a fine new building for the Iowa State University School of Law. The new law building is to be four stories high and constructed of Bedford stone.

St. George T. Brooke, Professor of Law in the University of West Virginia, has been obliged to give up his school duties owing to serious illness. Dr. Brooke is the oldest professor in the University of West Virginia Law School, having begun his work with the founding of the school in the fall of 1878. During these years he has been a faithful and efficient worker, held in the highest esteem by all with whom he came in contact. Dr. Brooke's Chair is now being temporarily filled by Charles James Hogg, son of the Hon. Charles E. Hogg, Dean of the Law Faculty.

"Guilty or not guilty ?” “Yes," responded the man at the bar. "What's that?" queried the court sharply.

"You asked whether I was guilty or not guilty, and of course I am. Of the two conditions I could not well escape both."

“But which are you?" "Aw, go on judge! What's the jury for?"

Managing Editor-We must not allow the court reporter to help out the society editor any more.

City Editor—Why not?

Managing Editor-He turned in a story of the wedding of young Binwed and Miss Hyuppe headed "Binwed v. Hyuppe."

Henry Christian Hill, of the Stetson University Law School, Deland, Florida, has been appointed Professor of Real Property and Corporations in the Law Department of the University of Missouri. Professor Hill graduated from Bowdoin in 1888; studied and practiced law in Portland, Me.; afterwards going West and taking the LL. B. degree at the Michigan Law School in 1899. From 1899 to 1905 he practiced law in Detroit, and for the past three years has been teaching in Stetson University.

A new law building, to cost in the neighborhood of $50,000, is soon to be erected for the use of the law school of the University of Colorado. This is assured by the munificence of a generous private donor whose name the University authorities are not at present at liberty to disclose. The architect's plans have been accepted, and work is expected to be commenced on the building the coming summer upon a site already laid out upon the University campus.

The University of Wisconsin College of Law has put into effect this year two years of college preparation in addition to the high school preparation of all students who enter as candidates for a degree; two years ago the requirement of one year in college was put into force. Prospective candidates for admission have largely anticipated this requirement, and the result is that this year the attendance in the College of Law has not fallen off from that of the previous year.

Howard N. Ogden, who is widely known to the law school profession of the country as the organizer and head of the Illinois College of Law, has withdrawn from active law school work and is now a resident of Fairmont, W. Va.

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A Special Request from the Committee on Standard

Rules for Admission to the Bar.


HE Committee appointed two years the state to the bar of which he is apply

ago by the Section of Legal Educa- ing for admission, or will mere residence tion of the American Bar Association to or the intention to maintain his principal draft a set of standard rules for Admis- office therein be sufficient? sion to the Bar has submitted to the Consider the case of a citizen of New members of the Section certain points Jersey, residing in a New Jersey suburb for the purpose of a general expression of New York City, who desires to mainof opinion. Mr. Lucien H. Alexander, tain an office and practice in the latter. Chairman of the Committee, has stated it 3. Of what should the proof of "good will materially aid the work of the Com- moral character consist? mittee if law professors, members of It is well to bear in mind that in ‘some boards of bar examiners, and those in- jurisdictions a general certificate to that terested in matters pertaining to legal effect-one which is often given merely education will express their opinions up- pro forma-from a member of the bar is on the questions now being considered. sufficient, while in others one or more afThe points pending are given below, and fidavits are required, and in still others all who are interested in the subject of proof from the lawyer giving the certifAdmission to the Bar are requested to icate or making the affidavit as to how read them and favor the Committee with long a time, where, and under what ciran expression of their views.

cumstances he has known the candidate. 1. Must the candidate for admission 4. Shall the lawyer be designated "Atbe a citizen of the United States, or will torney and Counselor at Lawor merely declaration of intention to become'a "Attorney at Law"! citizen be sufficient?

In New Jersey, there is a distinction 2. Must the candidate be .a citizen of between the two, the title of "Counselor" 16


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