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Commercial Attaches, Appointment of, page 83.

Commission, Inter-State Commerce, Additional Powers to. Report on, pages 70, 74.

Marine, Report of, page 40.

Commissioners, Philippine, Committee to receive and entertain, page 7.

Rapid Transit Railroad, Testimonial to. Report on, page 38.

Committees, Special, Re-appointment of, page 2.

CORTELYOU, Hon. GEORGE B., Secretary of Commerce and Labor, Communication from, in reference to the admission of Chinese into this country, page 2.

Court Calendars, Crowded condition of, pages 35, 83, 96.

Debt, Limitations, of the State, Report on, page 101.

DEPEW, Hon. CHAUNCEY M., Remarks of, page 71.

DE TAVERA, His Excellency T. H. PARDO, Speeches of, page 12, 31.

Docks, Department of, High Rentals charged to European steamers by, page 36.

Election of Officers and Members of the Standing Committees of the Chamber of Commerce, page 6.

ERLANGER, Hon. MITCHELL, Communication of, page 93.

Exposition at Portland, Ore, LEWIS & CLARK, Increase of Appropriation by the State to, page 81.

FUSHIMI, His Imperial Highness Prince, Remarks of, page 66.

GEEER, Right Rev. DAVID H., D. D., Bishop, Speech of, page 55.

Highways of the State, Improvement of, page 72.

Report on, page 80.

Honorary Members of the Chamber of Commerce elected since April 1, 1858, page 140.

Inter-State Commerce Commission, Additional powers to, Reports on, pages 70,

[blocks in formation]

JESUP, MORRIS K., President of the Chamber of Commerce, Remarks of, pages 7, 8, 45, 51, 55, 65, 67.

LEWIS & CLARK Exposition at Portland, Ore., Increase of Appropriation by the State to, page 81.

LIANG-CHENG, His Excellency Sir CHENTUNG, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of China. Remarks of, page 9.

Communication of, page 36.

MCCLELLAN, Hon. GEORGE B., Mayor of the City of New-York, Speech of page 57.

Marine Commission, Report of, page 40.

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