A memoir of the life of Peter the Great [by sir J. Barrow].

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Page 167 - Revenge yourselves alone on Cassius, For Cassius is aweary of the world; Hated by one he loves; braved by his brother; Checked like a bondman; all his faults observed, Set in a note-book, learned and conned by rote, To cast into my teeth. O, I could weep My spirit from mine eyes! — There is my dagger, And here my naked breast; within, a heart Dearer than Plutus...
Page 90 - There is a house full of people, and right nasty. The czar lies next your library, and dines in the parlour next your study. He dines at ten o'clock, and six at night, is very seldom at home a whole day, very often in the King's Yard, or by water, dressed in several dresses. The king is expected here this day ; the best parlour is pretty clean for him to be entertained in. The king pays for all he has.
Page 91 - Is, there under the heaven a more glorious and refreshing object of the kind than an impregnable hedge of about four hundred feet in length, nine feet high, and five in diameter, which I can...
Page 101 - ... were so true to him, that those designs were crushed before he came back; but on this occasion he let loose his fury on all whom he suspected; some hundreds of them were hanged all...
Page 342 - The senate, after much deliberation with the heads of the church, came to a resolution that his majesty, having acquired for the nation so much glory in the eyes of the whole world, should be entreated, as a token of acknowledgment on the part of his subjects, and after the example of other sovereigns, to accept and adopt the titles of " Peter the Great, Emperor of all the Russias, and Father of his Country...
Page 99 - Azuph, and with it to attack the Turkish empire; but he did not seem capable of conducting so great a design, though his conduct in his wars since this has discovered a greater genius in him than appeared at that time.
Page 99 - I had good interpreters, so I had much free discourse with him; he is a man of a very hot temper, soon inflamed, and very brutal in his passion; he raises his natural heat, by drinking much brandy, which he rectifies himself with great application...
Page 329 - Tzar with all his attendants withdrew with very dismal countenances ; and when they went, the marshal ordered me to attend at the prince's apartment, and, in case of any alteration, to inform him immediately thereof: there were at that time two physicians and two surgeons in waiting, with whom, and the officer on guard, I dined on what had been dressed for the prince's dinner.
Page 156 - Menzicof, who was no less struck with the attractions of the fair captive: with him she lived till 1704, when, in the seventeenth year of her age, she became the mistress of Peter the Great, and won so much upon his affections, that he espoused her on the 29th of May, 1711.

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