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From Rev. Rufus Anderson, D.D., of Boston. “Mr. Caleb Wright visited India a few years since, to qualify himself for lecturing on the manners and customs of the people in that country; and the Lectures he has since published give evidence of the carefulness of his observations, and of his faithfulness in description. The volume entitled LIFE IN INDIA is valuable for its subject-matter, even beyond any other similar collection of the size within my knowledge.”

From Rev. Jeremiah Day, D.D., LL.D., formerly President of Yale College.

“ Mr. Wright has recently lectured in seven of the churches in this city (New Haven), to large and highly gratified audiences. I believe his Lectures are doing much good, and hope they will continue to receive the patronage they deserve."

While Mr. Wright was lecturing in the principal cities and towns in the United States, testimonials, similar to the above, were received from a great number of persons in eminent stations, among whom were twenty Presidents of Colleges and Theological Seminaries, viz.: Rev. E. Nott, D.D., ...... President of Union College.

L. Beecher, D.D., ... President of Lane Seminary.
J. Edwards, D.D., ... President (formerly) of Theol. Sem. Andover.
Jere. Day, LL.D., President (formerly) of Yale College.
H. Humphrey, D.D., President (formerly) of Amherst College.
Mark Hopkins, D.D.,. President of Williams College.
S. North, LL.D., President of Hamilton College.
Joel Parker, D.D.,.. President of Union Theol. Seminary, N. Y.
B. Tyler, D.D., President of Theol. Seminary at E. Windsor.
B. Sears, D.D., President of Theol. Seminary at Newton.
R. Babcock, D.D., ... President (formerly) of Waterville College.
J. Bates, D.D.,...... President (formerly) of Middlebury College.
N. Bangs, D.D.,..... President (formerly) of Wesleyan University.
H. J. Clark, A.M., ... President of Alleghany College.
J. Carnahan, D.D., ... President of Princeton College.
Asa Mahan, A.M., ... President of Oberlin Institute.
E. W. Gilbert, D.D. President of Delaware College.
Benjamin Hale, D.D., President of Geneva College.

Silas Totten, D.D.,... President of Trinity College.
Hon. A. Hasbrouck, LL.D., President of Rutgers College.


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