Letters During the Course of a Tour Through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, in the Years M.DCC.XCI, and M.DCC.XCII.: With Reflections on the Manners, Literature, and Religion of Those Countries

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F. and C. Rivington, 1794 - Europe - 468 pages

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Page 71 - Were I ambitious of any other patron than the public, I would inscribe this work to a Statesman who, in a long, a stormy, and at length an unfortunate administration, had many political opponents, almost without a personal enemy ; who has retained, in his fall from power, many faithful and disinterested friends ; and who, under the pressure of severe infirmity, enjoys the lively vigour of his mind, and the felicity of his incomparable temper.
Page 375 - Ipite of interdictions, make their way. Let us hope that when reformation begins, as begin it muft, it may come gently, that it may facilitate a re-union with the Reformed churches, a confummation devoutly to be wifhed, to which the church of England is fmcerely inclined, and bends with...
Page 127 - The town-houfe is large and, commodious ; the granary is well conducted, and, in times of fcarcity, alleviates the public diftrefs : the arfenal, where, among the ancient armour, is...
Page 375 - Many of hisfubjefts, not fatisfied with fuch pretenfions to their favour, feem to feel little regret at a paralytic affection under which he now labours : unlefs, indeed, from apprehenfions that he may not outlive the Carnival. Many think that the Papal power will expire in him ; and obferve, with apparent pleafure, that the niches in St.
Page 376 - ... of feparation removed and palpable errors given up, which may be thought, indeed, the more practicable fince many of the Romifh writers have almoft explained away the offenfive part of many of their doctrines, indcfenfible as they are, and often refuted as they have been*.
Page 131 - I have fince heard him preach with great apparent energy ; but he preached in an unknown tongue to me. The Vandyke frill^ which the...
Page 375 - Many think that the papal power will expire in him ; and obferve, with apparent pleafure, that the niches in St. Paul's church are now filled up, except one deftined for the reception of the portrait of Brafchi. Severe epigrams are often affixed on the ftatues of Marphone and Pafquin, on which the libels of antiquity were hung.
Page 399 - ... with utteryng plainlie my opinion in that " matter. Syr (quoth I) I take goyng thither, " and livyng there, for a yonge Jentleman, that " doth not goe under the kepe and garde of *' fuch a man, as both by wifedome can, and " authoritie dare rewle him, to be marvelous
Page 129 - Europe had the greatest ingenuity ; to the surprise of all present, he claimed that character for the Swiss, and appealed to himself for the truth of it. " I was born a Swiss," said he, " and came to England without a farthing, where I have found means to gain 5000/.
Page 131 - ¿k-iigned as a retreat for women after the age of fifty. He is engaged in a pleafant periodical publication of Mifcellanieb, of which fix volumes have appeared for the firft year, and one for the fécond.

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