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3. THE HIGH PITCH is that which rises above the usual speaking key, and is used in expressing joyous, and elevated feelings.


Yo crags and peaks, I'm with you once again!

I hold to you the hands you first beheld,

To show they still are free! Methinks I hear
A spirit in your echoes answer me,

And bid your tenant welcome to his home



QUANTITY has reference to fullness and duration of sound.

Quantity is two-fold;-consisting in FULLNESS or VOLUME of sound, as soft or loud; and in TIME, as slow or quick. The former has reference to STRESS; the latter, to MOVEMENT.

The degrees of variation in quantity, are numerous, varying from a slight, soft whisper, to a vehement shout. But for all practical purposes, they may be considered as three, the same as in pitch;-the soft, the middle, and the loud. For exercise in quantity, let the pupil read any sentence;


"Beauty is a fading flower,"

first in a slight, soft tone, and then repeat it, gradually increasing in quantity to the full extent of the voice. Also, let him read it first very slowly, and then repeat it gradually increasing the movement. In doing this, he should be careful not to vary the pitch.

In like manner, let him repeat any vowel sound, or all of them, and also inversely. Thus :

QUESTION.-What is the High Pitch, and for what is it used? Ex amples. What is meant by Quantity ?

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REMARK.-Quantity is often mistaken for Pitch. But it should be borne in mind that quantity has reference to loudness or volume of sound, and pitch to the elevation or depress ion of a tone. The difference may be distinguished by the slight and heavy strokes on a bell :--both of which produce sounds alike in pitch; but they differ in quantity or loudness, in proportion as the strokes are light or heavy.


1. SOFT, OR SUBDUED TONES, are those which range from a whisper to a complete vocality, and are used to express fear, caution, secrecy, solemnity, and all tender emotions.




The loud wind dwindled to a whisper low,
And sighed for pity as it answered,—“No.”
Tread softly-bow the head,-

In reverent silence bow,-
No passing bell doth toll,-

Yet an immortal soul

Is passing now.

2. A MIDDLE TONE, or medium loudness of voice, is employed in reading narrative, descriptive, or didactic

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But, seen too oft, familiar with her face,

We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

2. There is as much eloquence in the tone of voice, in the look, and in the gesture of a speaker, as in the choice of his words.

QUESTIONS.-What is the difference between Quantity and Pitch? What are soft, or subdued Tones used to express? Give examples For what is the Middle Tone employed? Give examples.

3. A LOUD TONE, or fullness and stress of voice, is used in expressing violent passions and vehement emotions.



And once again—

Hear me, ye walls, that echoed to the tread

Of either Brutus !-once again I swear,


2. On whom do the maledictions fall, usually pronounced in our as semblies? Is it not on this man? Can you point to a more enormous instance of iniquity in any speaker, than this inconsistency between his words and actions.


QUALITY has reference to the kind of sound uttered.

Two sounds may be alike in quantity and pitch, yet differ in quality. The sounds produced on the clarinet and flute, may agree in pitch and quantity, yet be very unlike in quality. The same is often true in regard to the tones of the voice of two individuals. This difference is occasioned mainly by the different positions of the vocal organs.

The qualities of voice mostly used in reading or speaking, and which should receive the highest degree of culture, are the Pure Tone, the Orotund, the Aspirated, and the Guttural.


1. THE PURE TONE is a clear, smooth, sonorous flow of sound, usually accompanied with the middle pitch of voice, and is adapted to express emotions of joy, cheerfulness, love, and tranquillity.



There is joy in the mountain-the bright waves leap
Like a bounding stag when he breaks from sleep;
Mirthfully, wildly they flash along-
Let the heavens ring with song!

QUESTIONS.-For what is the Loud Tone used?

What is meant by Quality? highest degree of culture?

Give examples.

What qualities of voice should receive the What is said of the Pure Tone?

2. THE OROTUND is a full, deep, round, and pure tone of voice, peculiarly adapted to the expression of sublime and pathetic emotions.



'Tis midnight's holy hour-and silence now

Is brooding like a gentle spirit o'er

The still and pulseless world. Hark! on the winds
The bell's deep tones are swelling,-'tis the knell
Of the departed year!

3. THE ASPIRATED TONE of voice is not a pure, vocal sound, but rather a forcible breathing utterance, and is used to express amazement, fear, terror, anger, revenge, remorse, and fervent emotions.


1. Oh, coward conscience, how dost thou affright me !


The lights burn blue. It is now dead midnight;

Cold, fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.

For this, of all their wrongs the worst

Great Spirit, let them be accursed.

4. THE GUTTURAL QUALITY is a deep, aspirated tone of voice, used to express aversion, hatred, loathing, and contempt.




Thou worm! thou viper! to thy native earth
Return! Away! Thou art too base for man
To tread upon! Thou scum! Thou reptile!
Tell me I hate the bowl?

Hate is a feeble word:
I loathe, abhor, my very soul

With strong disgust is stirred,
Whene'er I see, or hear, or tell,
Of the dark beverage of hell!

QUESTIONS.-What, of the Orotund voice? Give an example of the Orotund voice. Describe the Aspirated Tone of voice. What is it used to express? Give examples. What is said of the Guttural Quality? Give examples.

REMARK.-Whenever a habit of reading or speaking in a nasal, shrill, harsh, or rough tone of voice is contracted by the pupil, no pains should be spared in eradicating it, and in securing a clear, full, round, and flexible tone.

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Soft is the strain when zephyr gently blows,
And the smooth stream in smoother numbers flows;
But when loud surges lash the sounding shore,
The hoarse rough verse should like the torrent roar.

When Ajax strives some rocks vast weight to throw,
The line, too, labors, and the words move slow;
Not so, when swift Camilla scours the plain,

Flies o'er the unbending corn, and skims along the main.

Quick! Man the boat! Away they spring

The stranger ship to aid,

And loud their hailing voices ring,

As rapid speed they made.

All dead and silent was the earth,

In deepest night it lay;

The Eternal spoke Creation's word,

And called to being-Day!
It streamed from on high,.
All reddening and bright,
And angel's song welcomed
The new-born light.

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