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PLATE 1.-Sketch map of the Ore Provinces of Burma. Scale 1"=64 miles.
PLATE 2.-Fig. 1.--Granitoid syenite, main intrusion.

Fig. 2.-Foliated syenite, near Mandaoria.
PLATE 3.-Fig. 1.-Banded Syenite.
Fig. 2.4.

showing contortion.
PLATE 4.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of granitoid syenite ; x 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of granitoid syenito; polarized light ; x 18. PLATE 5.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of granitoid syenite ; x 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of banded syenite ; x 18.
PLATE 6.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of banded, biotitic syenite ; x 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of fine-grained, foliated syenito; x 18.
PLATE 7.-Fig. 1.—Photomicrograph of ægirine-pegmatite : x 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of amphibole-garnet-pegmatite ; x 18. PLATE 8.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of sodalite in elæolite-sodalite rock ; x 18. Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of xenolith with biotite, pyroxene and sphene ;

X 18. PLATE 9.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of thulite-cancrinite-calcite rock ; x 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of thulite-tromolite-felspar rock ; x 18.
PLATE 10.–Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of thulite-tremolite rock; x 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of thulite-calcite rock; X 18.
PLATE 11.–Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of impure crystalline limestone ; x 18.
PLATE 12.—Geological map of part of Kishengarh ; scale 1"=1 mile.
PLATE 13.-Fig. 1.–Gryolite on calcite. x 3.

Fig. 2.-Okenite (Natural size.)

Fig. 3.-Okenite on apophyllite. x 15.
PLATE 14.—Daunichthys gregorianus, sp. nov. X 3.
PLATE 15.–Figs. 1, la, 2, 2a, 2b.--Pachylabra prisca (sp. nov.).

Figs. 3, 3a, 3b.—Pachylabra globosa.
PLATE 16.—Triploporella ranikotensis, sp. nov.
PLATE 17.-Map showing position of mud volcano which erupted in May 1914 and

November 1923. Scale 1 inch=2 miles.
PLATE 18.—The Merua meteorite-portion A.
PLATE 19.—The Merua meteorito-portion A.
PLATE 20.-The Merua meteorite-portion A.
PLATE 21.-The Merua meteorite-portion A.
PLATE 22.—The Merua meteorite portion A.
PLATE 23.—The Merua meteorite-portion B.
PLATE 24.—The Merua meteorite-portion B.

PLATE 25.—The Merua meteorito—Figs. 1 & 2–portion C. Fig. 3—portion D.
PLATE 26.—The Merua meteoriteportion E.
PLATE 27.—The Merua meteorite-portion E.
PLATE 28.-Fig. 1.—The two upper molars m. 3 implanted in the palatine ( Natural


Fig. 2.—The tusk as viewed obliquely (} Natural size). PLATE 29.-Freshwater Fossil Molluscs from Karewas of Kashmir.

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