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Froth Flotation of Indian Coals. By W. Randall, M.Sc.

Submarine Mud Eruptions off the Arakan Coast, Burma. By. J. Coggin

Brown, O.B.E., D.Sc., Superintendent, Geological Survey of India.

(With Plate 17)



PLATE 1.-Sketch map of the Ore Provinces of Burma. Scale 1"=64 miles.
PLATE 2.-Fig. 1.-Granitoid syenite, main intrusion.
Fig. 2.-Foliated syenite, near Mandaoria.
PLATE 3.-Fig. 1.-Banded Syenite.

Fig. 2.showing contortion. PLATE 4.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of granitoid syenite; × 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of granitoid syenite; polarized light; × 18.
PLATE 5. Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of granitoid syenite; x 18.
Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of banded syenite; × 18.

PLATE 6.—Fig. 1.—Photomicrograph of banded, biotitic syenite; × 18.
Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of fine-grained, foliated syenite; × 18.
PLATE 7.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of ægirine-pegmatite: x 18.

Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of amphibole-garnet-pegmatite; x 18.
PLATE 8.—Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of sodalite in eleolite-sodalite rock; × 18.
Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of xenolith with biotite, pyroxene and sphene ;

× 18. PLATE 9.—Fig. 1.—Photomicrograph of thulite-cancrinite-calcite rock; × 18. Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of thulite-tromolite-felspar rock; × 18. PLATE 10.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of thulite-tremolite rock; × 18. Fig. 2.-Photomicrograph of thulite-calcite rock; x 18. PLATE 11.-Fig. 1.-Photomicrograph of impure crystalline limestone; x 18. PLATE 12.—Geological map of part of Kishengarh; scale 1′′=1 mile. PLATE 13.-Fig. 1.-Gryolite on calcite. × 3.

Fig. 2.-Okenite (Natural size.)

Fig. 3.-Okenite on apophyllite. × 15. PLATE 14.—Daunichthys gregorianus, sp. nov. × 3.

PLATE 15.—Figs. 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 2b.-Pachylabra prisca (sp. nov.).

Figs. 3, 3a, 3b.-Pachylabra globosa.

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PLATE 16.-Triploporella ranikotensis, sp. nov.

PLATE 17.—Map showing position of mud volcano which erupted in May 1914 and
November 1923. Scale 1 inch=2 miles.
PLATE 18.-The Merua meteorite-portion A.
PLATE 19. The Merua meteorite-portion A.
PLATE 20.—The Merua meteorite portion A.
PLATE 21.—The Merua meteorite portion A.
PLATE 22.-The Merua meteorite-portion A.
PLATE 23.-The Merua meteorite-portion B.
PLATE 24.-The Merua meteorite-portion B.

PLATE 25.—The Merua meteorite-Figs. 1 & 2-portion C. Fig. 3—portion D.

PLATE 26.-The Merua meteorite-portion E.

PLATE 27.-The Merua meteorite-portion E.

PLATE 28.—Fig. 1.—The two upper molars m. 3 implanted in the palatine ( Natural


Fig. 2.-The tusk as viewed obliquely (Natural size). PLATE 29.-Freshwater Fossil Molluscs from Karewas of Kashmir.

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