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that have been remembered for some years past: politi- I MATERIALS & COLORS.-A vast variety of new facal turmoil, though perhaps influencing the votaries of bries bave made their appearance, for which we are in. fashion to as slight an extent as any part of the com depted to our Gallic neighbours. The cashmere merinos, munity, must necessarily have the effect of damping the shawl tribe and id genus omne may be said to be the ardor of those who pant after 'novelty—but now fairly driven away by the fine weather, and to have that there is more time for the "ingenuas artes," our given place to silks of innumerable forms and patterns, much honored goddess is re-established in the mighti. and light fabrics of every kind, which may be considered ness of her dominion.

under our general head to be on the whole as fully in The open pelerine and draped corsage are still as accordance with taste, as at any former period within frequent as ever seen with the redingote. In the de- our recollection. Taffetas, Scotch gros de Naples, poult partment of dresses, we still expect to see a more deci. de soie, worked reps, may still be observed in abundance, ded alteration than has yet come under our observation, with new patterns in Sylphides &c, but as a very combut while there is such general contentment under the plete catalogue of fabrics most distinguished for novelty reigning style of dress, we must not expect to have it in and elegance the following is offered. onr power to chronicle any novelties under this head. Summer Memphis Tissue.- Fabric in silk and worsA few toilettes, the most remarkable for taste and ele. ted, twilled, in bouquets and columns, both large and gance, may be quoted, to shew the general ton of taste | small bouquets; ground white, and colored for full. among our most distinguished elegantes.

dresses. A diess of poult de soie ogive, neutral color, checks Salamparis,-A mixture of silk and worsted, for marked by satin stripes of a pale lilac ; hat of Italian | dress or negligé, ground white or colored. straw, adorned with a white feather; mantilla in white Doreas.-Figured silk printed in large patterns for gros de Tours, trimmed with silk lace. Similarly co full dress. loured bottines.

Belidar.--A Genoese silk muslin for dress. Redingotte of mousseline de laine, white ground, For négligé, pattern small with a white or colored strewn with branches of coral red and black ; double | ground. pelerine, similarly worked red and black, the front Leonaise Muslins. For the promenade, entirely of closed by five red ribbon næuds embroidered with wool. black; a superb collar in India muslin, loaded with Constantine.-Silk worsted watered, printed for half embroidery, trimmed with deep English point. Capote | toilettes. of rice straw, ornamented with a branch of white lilac. | Oran Gauze.—Of light texture for summer evening

A Scotch gros de Naples redingotte, permitting the | parties and social meetings. under dress richly embroidered to be seen to the cein. Puritan.-Of a similar description to the above with ture, which was broad and of green and white tint, and figured silk. with pendant ends ; corsage plain upon which fell a Ogives.-Silk with large pattern, for dinner, the large collar of silk lace, having a double edging and promenade and evening dresses. attached to the neck by a large cameo. Hat of rice Taffeta.-For half dress. straw, ornamented with flowers and lace veil.

Stromboli Taffeta.For négligé dress. HATs, Caps, &c.—The dimensions of hats are of Heliopolis.- For redingotes. moderate proportions this season.

Palestine.-A splendid silk fabric, figured. A very pretty capote we observed with an open carriage Florines.--For half dress, in figured silk only. toilette, composed of Italian taffeta, ornamented with Worked Taffeta.-For half dress only, in figured two feathers and a ribbon with fringed dents, a single silk, flower of the cherry blossom was placed on the right of Tafita Chine.--For redingotes. the brim.

In sylphides many new patterns are seen, Also a capote à coulisse, in gros de Naples, striped VARIeties.– The mouchoirs a rivière having a deep rose and white.

band of tulle within a large hem, and lightly embroi. A white plain straw hat, ornamented simply with a dered in orgaudi, have a very rich appearance, and are garland of ivy, and another with a vine cluster, had a as yet confined to the leading fashionables, very excellent effect. Very frequently, a straw hat would be seen orna.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES. mented with a couple of feathers, either perfectly white or straw-coloured, some times with a single large

PLATE 1. feather. "

FIGURE 1.-WALKING Dress.-Redingote of Gros The ribbons of white or straw color, with large

de Naples; close fitting corsage, with double cape cut patterns, sometimes checked with various colors on a

nearly square at the corners, and edged with blond ; white ground.

wide sleeves extending nearly to the wrist ; the ceinture The Italian straw bats, are tolerably long in the brim

closed by a næud in front with long ends; the dress but not high, the sides much rounded so as to exhibit

united in front by two similar næuds, bordered with a very fully any ornaments of the head; the crowns not

satin piping. Hat of Pou de soie, oyal.shaped front, elehigh, and forining no abrupt inclination with the rest of

vated and onamented with Aowers and ribbon næuds.

Figure 2.-MORNING Robe --Mousseline de laine the hat. · Ribbon coques, some forming tufts on each side of

dress, wide flowing sleeves, a double cape, which with the temples, others descending along the face, may be

the whole of the robe is edged with a satin piping and

embroidered. An embroidered muslin collar ; cap of frequently observed inside the brim. With rice straw, flowers are sometimes placed inside

the same material, ornamented with ribbon næuds. the front, but very lightly. Lace half veils are also

Figure 3 Evening Dress,.-Tulle dress, corsage

I divided down the front and draped ; short sleeves with in very frequent use with these.

two muslin bouffans, ornamented down the front of the wrist; two narrow flounces at the termination of the skirt figuring apron, ribbon coques are placed on the skirt. Hat, full oval shape, ornamented with ribbons extremity of each shoulder. Roses are entwined among and a feather. the side curls, and a torsade of precious stones orna CAPOTE & Back View.-A poult de soie capote, ments the forehead.

elevated narrow brim, ornamented with a sprig of lilac, First Hat.-A poult de soie hat, oval front with a COIFFURE & Back View. -Hair ornamented with slight undulation near the side of the face, ornamented a satin tocquet. with ribbon nouds round the crown.

PLATE IV. Second HAT. A gros de Naples hat, wide open FIGURE 1 Evening Dress.--Figured satin dress, shape, ornamented with flowers and a ribbon coque. high mounting corsage edged with lace, in the centre

FIRST TURBAN.-Composed of tulle and embroidered a ribbon coque ; mantilla similarly edged; sleeves ir satin folded alternately, ornamented with a bird of double bouffans with lace sabots; deep lace flounce van paradise.

dyked at the bottom. Open shaped satin beret, ornaSecond TURRAN.-Moabite turban of muslin, golden mented with a bird of paradise feather. bands round the folds and also as a tie.

FIGURE 2.-Opera Dress.-Blond robe and peleFirst & Second CAPS.-Of muslin ornamented with rine edged with lace, over satin slip, a ribbon inserted a garland of flowers and ribbon næuds.

en bouillon all round the hem; a tulle fiounce round PLATE II.

the skirt, caught up in front by a ribbon noud so as FIGURE 1.-Opera Dress.—Tissu Memphis Dress. to run nearly parallel with the edge of the robe ; Half high mounting corsage, draped above, alternately in the sleeves a ribbon is similarly inserted. colored, and tight fitting to the ceinture, where it ter Figure 3.— Walking Dress.-Memphis tissu reminates en pointe. Sleeves in bouffans alternately dingotte; corsage ornainented down the front with a colored, and extending to the elbow. Skirt deeply scolloped satin edged with blond, and triin med with flowered with blonde, caught up at regular intervals rosettes, this ornament is continued in the same style by ribbon neuds. Hat of poult de soie very much the whole length of the dress-widening from the ceintelevated on one side, ornamented with a couple of ture downwards : the sleeves open from the shoulder to feathers.

the wrist, edged with blond, and exhibiting an under FIGURE 2.-PROMENADE Dress.-Indian Muslin sleeve of colored satin, at the elbow it is caught up by Dress. Pelerine richly ornamented with a colored a satin rosette. satin ornamental border, edged with blond lace; the First Hat & BACK VIEW.---Rice straw hat, ornaskirt sumptuously ornamented with a satin band, en mented within and on the outside with sprigs of flowers, tablier, and richly down the centre blond with neuds, a blond curtain is hung from the back of the crown. at regular intervals. Oval shaped silk hats, ornamented Second Hat of gros Italien, oval shaped, and orwith feathers.

namented with a feather and ribbon bows round the Figure 3.-BRIDAL Dress.-White Satin Dress.

crown. Close-fitting corsage en pointe, short sleeves ; richly

1 Muslin Cap & Back View.--Ornamented with double embroidered lace pelerine, embroidered crape flounce.

ruches a la cauchoise. The hair ornamented with flowers, and an arrow from

First & Second Grecian cottage bonnets of rice. which deseends on each side a blond lappel.

straw, the last with the front considerably elevated. HAT & BACK View.-Wide rather elevated shape, the crown ornamented with a bird of paradise feather. FIRST CAP.-A blond cap with satin bands, orna.

MODES DE PARIS ET DE LONDRES. mented with small flowers.

Second CAP.-Lace cap, with double edging in the | PUISEES AUX SOURCES LES PLUS AUTHENTIQUES. midst of which is fixed a plaited satin band, ornamented COMPRENANT UN CHOIX D'EXTRAITS DES JOURNAUX with a ribbon bow.

DONT Les titRES SUIVENT :SECOND HAT.-Gros de Naples hat ornamented with

Le Follet, Courrier des Salons"..." Le Petit Cour. a couple of marabou feathers and a ribbon næud.

rier des Dames"-.“ La Mode"..." Journal des Dames" PLATE IN.

&c. &c. FIGURE 1.-WALKING DRESS.-Scotch poult de soie redingote ; corsage close fitting, pelerine pointed, Modes de LongcụAMPS.Cette anneé, nous de. crossed at the bust and terminating beneath the cein vons le dire, la variété des modes, et les giboulées ap. ture; collar cut square, cut in front square-cornered, paraissant ça et là pendant ces jours de grandes conséand straight round the back, united down the skirt by crations pour l'élégance, ont fait refouler au fond de næuds. The sleeves full to the wrist, terminated by a leur carton plus d'une jolie toilette destinée à s'illus, ruche. Oval shaped hat, brim greatly elevated, a ruche trer dans la triple file des voitures parcourant les bou. entirely round the inside, with two roses ; a couple of levarts. Cependant Longchamps n'est pas tellement feathers twisted at the ends.

frappé d'anathème que de belles parures n'aiant été préFigure 2.-Bridal Dress.-Poult de soie dress; parées à cette oacasion, et dans nos observations géné high mounting close fitting corsage; very full skirt rales nous mentionnerons surtout le nombre de cha. embroidered, and a double founce similarly embroi. peaux de paille ornés de plumes qui indiquent à l'adered; sleeves full to the wrist. Hair ornamented with vance la vogue de cette mode pendant l'été. Les chaAqwers disposed en diadem, and lappels.

peaux en paille d'Italie avaient pour la plupart deux FIGURE 3.-WALKING Dress.-Dress of worked grandes plumes, ou blanches, ou couleur paille, ou bien Şcotch poult de soie ; corsage crossed; embroidered | une seule plume plus grande encore, attachée sur le chemisette ; sleeves full at the top, narrowing to the côté opposé. Les rubans blancs ou paille étaient en

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