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were enjoying a short repose after the day's fatigue, , twenty such muckle-whangers as that young man. when a stranger, who had been stopped as he attempted Psba, lad alive! leave fingering the pommel of your to pass the guard, was, at his peremptory demand, sword, the thing is settled by authority ; as a pbiloconducted by a sentinal to head-quarters, Ethan Allen sopher and soldier not doubting that you are each was seated at the head of a table, around which sat se. you must submit. There's stuff in you fit for use, though veral other officers, when the stranger, a young man of not over malleable, and by Judas and the rest-no ala proud and martial deportment, his blue military lusion, sir-you shall have place and employment ! cloak, thrown gracefully over his shoulder, entered the Come gentlemen, 'tis time to set forward. Is there room.

any report from the party detached to the head of the “Swaggerer and martinet!" muttered Allen, as the lake. stranger approached : then addressing the subject of his “This moment a messenger arrived. Skeensborough remark; “ Well, sir, you see Ethan Allen. Quick ! is taken, and Skeen himself secured," replied an officer who? what?'

at the door. “I am not used to be interrogated in that style or “ Hurah !" shouted Allen, “ the would-be royal tone,” answered the stranger, drawing hiniself up governor of Ticonderoga is ours- no more delay. To haughtily.

horse, in the name of God, and away !" “Ho !" roared Ethan Allen, distending the circle of “But, sir- ” said Arnold. his large eyes to a most ludicrous circumference ; “well “Buts won't do, sir-I've said it, old Ethan whom sir, to amplify, according to the book, who are you, they call the outlaw, who laughs at the lightning, outand what do you want?”

scolds the thunder, and defies the devil and Governor “My name, sir,is Arnold.”

Tryon,-old Allen, who studied divinity in his youth, “Not unlikely ; and in the name of the Witch of and became a soldier by passion, who knows but little Endor, who is Arnold ?"

of the world of spirits, but trusts he will be treated in “I am known to some of your officers,” said the other world as a gentleman of his merit ought to Arnold.

be. Come, hurah for the Green Mountains, and for"I know the gentleman," ohserved Blagden; “'ris ward to old Ti.” Hereupon the council broke up, ArCaptain Arnold of the Connecticut Volunteers."

nold yielding with a tolerable grace to an arrangement " It may be su," said Allen; “ will Captain Arnold he could not better ; and in a short time the whole boof the Connecticut Volunteers signify his pleasure ?" dy of troops was in brisk motion.

“ By this commission you will be taught that I am It was almost day when the American force arrived, now Colonel Arnold, sir; and by this," producing silent and uoseen, on the bank of the lake, opposite Ti. another paper, “ that I am authorized and ordered by conderoga. Their horses were secured in the neigh. the committee of safety of Massachusets ! to raise a bourhood, and, while some of the men were collecting force of four hundred men, and attack Ticonderoga." the few boats scattered along the shore, the rest were

The astonishment of Allen was fearful. “ Massachu dispersed in picturesque groups upon the bank. It was setts! colonel !” he repeated. " By the horn of Jeri a scene of awful stillness. The lake reposed dark and eho! Ticonderoga--you raise men soul of Samuel ! unruffled by a single breeze ; the moon was absent where are they ? he ?''

from the heavens, and the eye could with difficulty “ You have, I thank you, raised them to my hands," trace on the western horizon the dimly defined outline replied Arnold with his customary confidence.

of the most prominent and elevated parts of the fortress The ample chest of Allen heaved with an earthquake now an object of such intense interest. of passion. “To your hands ?” he cried ; " yours ! “Ay," said Ethan Allen in a suppressed voice by the crack of a field piece, your impudence is amusing, “ there she is, the Harlot of Babylon; there's old Ti., And who then,” he added, cocking fiercely his little whom I long to have a grapple with, as a lover with his tbree-corned hat, “who then am I?"

mistress. How soundly the Jezabel sleeps on the brink “Captain Allen,' answered the stranger with a of perdition, little dreaming who are about to beat up condescending air, “of whose services Colonel Arnold her quarters ! But it's the same to her, French, Enwill be proud to avail bimself.”

glish, or Yankees. To do the old girl justice, however, " Good better and better-excellent!” said Allen sho did hold that Abercrombie at arm's length, as Put. in a smothered tone. "By the Lord, there's mettle in nam, the wolf-hunter, has told me, who was in the frothis martinet. Hand me your papers, yonng man, and

lic, when that hair-brained boy, Lord Howe, with many be seated,"

other brave fellows, left his body in the outworks. Arnold took a chair, while Allen hastily glanced But then, again, Amherst had her for the asking, over the papers, and then with a smile of peculiar without penny or price. Well boys, we may have a meaning, said, “You are appointed a colonel by a com. tussle for't, but I conclude we're ready; so embark, in mittee, whose power I shall not question. Now, here's a the name of the pillars of fire and smoke; act like men, council of war-are you not, gentlemen ?---whose power inep of the Hampshire grants, and never bring a red you must not question, sir. You appoint me, do you blush on the Green Mountains." not, gentlemen a colonel also ?

An advanced guard of eighty-three men, as many as “ Certainly ; 'tis your right !" they all cried.

the boats could contain, now proceeded to embark. “ Well, then, our grade it seems is the same; now “ Halt their, friend," whispered Allen to Arnold, as as to rank, happening to have the power, 1 settle it in the latter was attempting to pass him, “ not before my own favour, which if any one dispnte, l'll send his the commodore, colonel ;” and he enforced his suggessoul elsewhere in the priming of a rifle, and this tion with no very gentle constriction of the arm, in same," putting forth his gigantic arm, “shall be the fact with the grasp of a tourniquet or a vice-"no man beetle of mortality; ay, ay," he added, “in spite of of God's moulding before Ethan ;'' and he stepped on

board, followed by Arnold, Standish, and others of the | back, from your shell, or every soul of you, fish or flesh most eager. Motionless as statues, and almost as shall be sacrificed !” The unfortunate commander apbreathless, they glided over the still lake, the dull | peared at his chamber-door, in extreme undress, and sound of the muffled oar scarcely reaching to the stem the picture of dismay and despair. “Do you deliver or stern of the boat, and not a ripple following its si. me the fortress ?" cried Allen. lent dip or its feathery skim over the undisturbed sur “In whose name do you demand it?" asked the pe. face of the water.

trified De la Place, not certain whether he was capitulaIt was when the east first became dappled by the ting to men or devils. dawn, that the party landed on the hostile shore, near «In the name of the Continental Congress !” thun. their slumbering foes. The boats where inmediately dered Allen ; “nay no parleying,” he added, surrensent back, for the rear guard under Seths Warner, while der or death. The ill-fated De la Place, with the the advance was drawn up in triple rank, and Ethan sword literally suspended over his head, gave orders Allen, whose huge dimensions the occasion seemed to for his men to parade without arms, as he had surren. swell to gigantic size; harangued the brave band. “Fel. dered the fort. low soldiers,” said he, “ you have long been the terror It was in the grey of the morning of the tenth of of arbitrary power, in the person of the petty despot, | May, 1775, that this most important fortress, with all Tryon. Your fame has gone abroad, as appears from its formidable and extensive equipments and warlike the honour this day confered upon you and me stores, was yielded to the gallantry of a few boys of by the General Assembly of Connecticut. You are now the Green Mountains. in a few minutes to prove yourselves worthy of your re The sun rose in unusual splendour, as if smiling on putation for valour, or abandon your pretensions for the achievement. On the same day Crown Point surever! I am ordered to take possession of the fortress | rendered to the brave and indefatigable Seth Warner, before you, and propose to lead you at once through who had been detached with a part of the reserve, and the gate. It is a desperate attempt, and none but the immediately after, Arnold surprised and captured a bravest of men will undertake it ; on those who are not vessel of war at the lower extremity of Champlain, and brave I do not urge it ; you, who volunteer to follow thus the entire command of the lakes rested with the me, poise your fire locks.”

Americans. There was not one of the band who did not throw To return to Ticonderoga; the victors were assemhis piece to the poise. “To the right face!" said Al bled at the banquet-board, making ample amends for len, and, placing himself in front of the centre file, mar all their privations, when Allen remarked the absence ched his column in double quick time directly to the of the young volunteer who had been wounded at his southern entrance. On approaching the gate, Arnold side, and inquired, with much interest, as to his fate. endeavoured to place himself at the head of the column. But no one could say what had become of him. The " By Heaven, sir," cried he, “I will enter first ; my last time he was seen was when the assaulting party rank entitles me to it."

was beating in the barrack doors, in which it was oba - Never, sir,” answered Allen, “ if you attempt it, served, he assisted with the fury of a lion. There I'll send you to salvation or otherwise, before your was also a subaltern missing, wliose absence could watch ticks thrice !"

not be accounted for, any more than that of Standish. “ For God's sake, Allen, Arnold-at such a time, in A short time, however, explained the mystery. such a situation to dispute-shame, shame !" whispered Mark Standish had indeed pursued his search with several voices near them.

fury and even frenzy. Every room was entered, but “Well, sir, this much I'll grant, we'll go in together; Ellen was nowhere to be found. Yet the chamber from but stop there on my left, if you please," said Allen, which the letter had, the day before, been dropped, and in this order they entered the gateway.

seemed to have been recently abandoned. He repeated A sentinal posted at the wicket, completely surprised, bis enquiries on every side, and was at length told by presented his piece at Allen's breast. “A snap by a soldier of the garrison that, on the first alarm, he Jupiter Protector ! follow my boys !” cried Allen, as had seen a female borne by an officer throngh one of the pursued the retreating sentinel by the covered way the narrow passages, between the blocks of barracks, into the body of the place. Uttering a cry of alarm Standish instantly started off in the direction indicathe sentinel filed into a casemate. Standish had entered ted, and, gaining the open country, struck into the almost at the side of Allen, a second sentinel charged only path which seemed to be practicable. Along this, upon him, and wounded him slightly with hisqayonet; he ran, he flew, at intervals pausing to call aloud the Allen turned to his rescue, bis tremendons arm was rai. name of his beloved. The way became more rugged sed for the fatal blow when suddenly he changed his and difficult as it led among the hills, and he was purpose, and let his sword fall gently down the side of about sinking to the earth in weakness and despair, the sentinel's head, mearly scraping off one ear and the when he thought he heard a response to his call in a better part of his cheek in the descent. The poor fel faint, female voice-again he shouted, he paused in low dropped his arms and begged for quarter. While breathless suspense, but no answer was returned. Was the troops formed in two lines, each facing a line of it then but an echo that had mocked him ? One effort barracks, and were awaking the garrison with there ter more, and, summoning his powers of voice, as he leaned rific hurras, Allen had questioned the prostrate sentinel ; in his exhaustion against a tree, he called on Ellen and, following his directions, immediately ran up a --a voice not distant, but indistinct, as if stifted in stone stairway, on the western side of the esplanade, to its utterance, pronounced his name. He was no longer the chamber of the commandent. “Come forth," he weak. With the vigour of the deer he bounded forward, cried, in a voice like the roaring of Niagara, “ you com- | and in an instant beheld before him the form of a man mand these slaves! you De la Place; come out, lobster. near whom lay exhausted and fainting his beloved Ellen, Like the panther springing towards his prey, he rushed

FUNERAL RITES. upon him. But he was met by one whose nerves where stung by desperation. The conflict was terrible; at

O hury not the dead by day, length the energies of the Mountain Boy triumphed,

When the bright sun is in the sky, and his sinewy foe rolled over the edge of the deep and

But let the evening's maotle gray

Upon the mouldering ashes lie, cragged ravine near which they had met. His tre

And spread around its solemn tone, mendous efforts over, Stapdish sunk down almost insen

Before ye give the earth its own. sible ; but it was upon the bosom of Ellen his head

The gaudy glare of noon-day light rested; it was the voice of Ellen that recalled him to

Befits not well the hour of gloon, life, and revived him to love. Resting within her arms,

When friend o'er friend performs the rite he listened to the narrative which dispelled every sus

That parts them till the day of doom-picion. The British officer had, by a thousand assi

Oh, no!-let twilight shadows coine,

When heaven is still avd nature dunib. duities, endeavoured to make an impression upun Ellen's heart. Her reserve did but increase his passion, and

T'hen, when the zephyrs in the leaves when finally the formal tender of his hand was rejected,

Scarce breathe, amid their mazy round,

And every sigh that air receives and he learned that the heart he sought was devoted to

Is heard al ng her still profoundanother, maddened with love and jealousy, he formed

Then at night's dusky hour of birth, the plan of carrying her off and conveying her to Que

Yield the lamented dead to earth. bec, to which station he had exerted influence enough

Yield him to earth-and let the dew to obtain his recal. A soldier of the garrison was bri

Weep o'er him ambrosial tears, bed to accompany him, night after night, to the oppo

And let the stars come forth and view site shore, until the opportunity at last occured for

The close of human hopes and fears

Their course goes on-he ne'er again which he had so long waited. She was found alone

Shall tread the walks of living men. upon the bank, was seized and borne to the fort, where, with the aid of gold, the officer had succeeded in con

Far in the west the ruddy glow

of sunset clouds is lingering yet, cealing her, even from the knowledge of the comman.

And with its brightness scems to show dant. Standish heard, with sensible satisfaction, that

The relics of a "golden set" the forcible seizure and detention only excepted, there

But soon the fading grapdeur dies, was nothing in the conduct of the officer not marked

And sadden'd night assuines the skies, by the most scrupulous delicacy and regard to honour ;

It is an holy hour of quiet, and that he depended only upon the total estrangement

By which the softened heart is wood from her friends, and a course of the most tender atten

To ihoughts that in the time of riot

Are rarely welcome to intrudetions, for the success of his suit.

To thoughts, which, evening's balmy kies Standish conducted his recorered bride back to the

Will often bring-nor bring amiss. circle of his military friends, while under the banner

No sound awakes through all the sky, of his country, already streaming from the rampart,

Save the small voice of summer bird, they were yet rejoicing in their victory. He without

That chants his little note on high, delay sent out à party to bring in the body of the

So distant that it scarce bis heard, wounded officer, whose wounds he found, though se

And yet comes floating softly by.

As 'twere a pirted spirit's sigh. rious, were not mortal: and soon after crossed the lake, and led his Ellen to the embrace of her good aunt.

A little cloud of snowy whiteness Mark Standish and Ellen Guildford were married,

Is sailing through the fields of air,

And seems with all its feecy lightness, and settled on their own farin. Occasionly aiding bis

Like a bright angel wandering therecountrymen in arins in their struggle for independance,

That little cloud so calmly stealing, and now returning like Cincinnatus to liis plough, he

Brings to the heart a sadden d feeling. passed through the scenes of the revolutionary war,

A spell of silence breathes around, with a high reputation. He lived to see his country

Or if a single voice is shed, become a free and powerful nation, and the Hampshire

It is a soft and stilly sound

Oh! what an hour to quit the dead ! grants, under the appropriate appellation of Vermont.

Choose not the day-take twilight's tone, a thriving state of the American Union ; to see new

And let the earth receive her own. towns and cities spring up around him, and the lakes and their shores, after being in a subsequent war the theatres of the triumphs of American feets and armies,

LONDON AND PARISIAN FASHIONS. become, when peace returned, the objects of research and enjoyment to the refined and elegant of the nation. Ellen gave to his board sereral blooming and beauti. FROM A VARIETY OF THE MOST AUTHENTIC SOURCES, ful girls, all of whom obtained respectable husbands ;

INCLUDING COPIOUS EXTRACTS FROM and about an equal number of sensible, spirited boys,

" Le Petit Courrier des Dames"-" Journal de some of whom where in process of time sent to the as.

Puris et des Modes, L'Observatiur des Modis (1 L'Insembly, and one of whon, it is said, was returned to

discret"-" Le Follet Courrier des Salons'-" Le congress. It is certain that our loyers lived long and

Mercure des Salons,,&c. &c, happily together, and, for all I have heard to the contrary, our Mark Standish, the Green Mountain Boy, is Dresses.-The all absorbing Longchamps which sets the identical old reyolutionary character who, at the so many heads giddy, and engrosses so much of the flourishing town of Osbrook, read the glorious declara haut-ton of the great capitals, must now claim our parton of independance, on the recent celebration of its ! ticular attention, in the promulgation of the modes. fiftieth anniversary.

The present may be cited as the best attended of any

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