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chafe itself into an inward storm. After a few minutes, spangled velvet, lined with rose-colored satin, open in had passed away, I mustered courage to say that we front and exhibiting a white under dress of gros de must depart; he took my hint, for he saw that I was tour, adorned with white silk einbroidery; the corsage completely chagrined and discomforted ; and with some similar to a redingote, was lined with rose-colored silk few of the usual ceremonies, and being pressed to stay, and exhibited on the bosom a blonde guimpe terminated and pressing as heartily to go, and receiving many in round the neck by three or four rows of a little gold vitations to come again, we got away without any fresh enamelled chain, a similar one entwined round the wrist scrape save a scrape of my shins against the pedestal a small portion falling over the hand. lamp at the stair-head, in sliding through the party, A pretty morning dress was in the form of an open who would see us down ; and except my saying, “ Good redingote of pearl-grey cashmirienne, lined with celesnight Captain--" as I took the old lady, his mother tial lilac taffeta, the collar descending low on the shoulby the elbow instead of the hand; and we bade adieu ders and bordered with a blue piping. to a circle of pleasant, intelligent, kind, and accom A dress of white crape or satin, adorned with pale plished beings, whom, though I wish till I grow old to blue jacinthe and satin ribbons of the same shade, meet again, I shall never, I fear, have the courage has a remarkably elegant ensemble. again to venture among.

It may be remarked that the skirt open at the side THE AWKWARD MAN. and united by rows of ribbon nouds is a very prevail.

ing style.

The corsage is crossed and worn low, frequently with

a handkerchief tied high up the neck. BALLAD.

Sleeves are scarcely so large, the double sabots for

the short sleeves are much worn. T'is when I slumber thine image steals o'er me,

The skirt is very generally of an extreme width and Waking my soul from the calm of repose,

length. Bringing bright visions of beauty before me, Thonghts that my lips are forbid to disclose;

Ribbons of the most dazzling hues and in great vaDear are those visions my senses pervading,

riety are very generally worn. When fancy is drest in her brightest array,

For sleeves, three biais forming a short sleeve placed Oh, may they never from memory fading

en bouffant one above the other are on a novel plan. Chace from my heart thy lov'd image away.

Hats Capotes &c.—The shape of hats and capotes But if thy bright eyes so modestly beaming

are still small, the crowns pointed; the ornaments Lure the young heart they can ever controul,

vary according to the taste or fancy of the wearer, How can I wonder that this in my dreaming They should combine to illumine the soul;

A very elegant hat was formed of azure-blue velvet, Thas may they ever when slumber steals o'er me

low crown, the shape turned up, on one side a bird of Gladden my heart in the hour of repose,

paradise feathers as an aigrette. Bringing bright visions of beauty before me,

Turbans are also very generally adopted, English Thonghts ! that my lips are forbid to disclose.


lace is much used for them and is very elegant, a large flower or a few very small ones are often times placed in the folds of the net; turbans in the oriental style

have lost none of their favor, gold or silver tissue LONDON AND PARISIAN FASHIONS. mixed with colored gauze, satin, or even cachemere, are

materials frequently employed for them. FROM A VARIETY OF THE MOST AUTHENTIC SOURCES,

The Jewish turban is also very much in vogue and INCLUDING COPIOUS EXTRACTS FROM

suits regular features.

Many charming turbans of muslin embroidered in "Le Petit Courrier des Dames"-"Journal de Paris et des Modes, L'Observateur des Modes et L'In.

gold and separated by silver chains. discret"_" Le Follet Courrier des Salons"_" Le

Turban of white gauze with the bands worked in

precious stones has an elegant appearance. Mercure des Salons," &c. &c.

VARIETIES,-Embroidery on canvas has become a Dresses.—Toilettes may be considered as more very prevailing mode of amusement, the operation being simple in their form than general for the promenade, easy and the result most pleasing, it is much employed the concert &c. preserve their former make. For balls, for foot-stools, bell-pulls, and a variety of uses in they are characterized by richness, and are frequently fashionable life. It is usually worked in worsted, but adorned by a profusion of diamonds and precious stone. for white or yellow, silk is used with the best effect,

Dresses both for the promenade and ball are this assuming the appearance of silver or gold embroidery. season made particularly long.

The porte bouquets are more used than ever and in The apron is less commonly adopted than the mode a greater variety of pattern. of the dress being caught up at one side or sometimes Fans are much worn with elegant painted designs of both, ribbon bows, buuquets of marabous, and precious pastoral subjects, some paintings after Wattean have stones being used for this purpose.

had a very elegant effect. A dress of imitation-blonde on an under-dress of The mechanical corsets, for the great facility afforded white poult de soie. Peach-blossoms in the form of a by them for the immediate lacing of the stays, have garland caught up the dress towards the middle; simi. been strongly recommended from many eminent quarters lar flowers were placed in the sleeves in the form of a for those who are subject to tightness on the chest, or half circle; they also serve to form the coiffure, inter others of delicate health. spersed with diamond ornaments.

The Pompadour fans, enamelled and inlaid with gold A very elegant dresss was observed in the boxes of | are very much patronized by our ladies of ton, one of the patent houses, it was composed of white' Scarfs are generally white whatever may be the color

of the dress. The next prevailing color is celestial-blue FIRST TURBAN.-ATurban with a circular fold enfor the ball-room particularly.

larging at the centre, with an end pendant from the The Ferronnières are not abandoned, but very fre. right side; it is ornamented with ears of corn. quently give place to bandeaux of small pearls.

Second TURBAN.—A Turban of silk in the Turkish Persian lilac and jasmine are flowers much in vogue style with the fold placed nearly down the centre. just now.

BERET.-A Beret of satin cut into a peak in front, MATERIALS & COLOURS:-Reps is still a fashionable in one of the hollows formed on each side are seen feamaterial for for evening dress.

thers which are placed there to great advantage. At concerts, crape, velyet, and satin, are indifferently

PLATE III. employed. Azure blue velvet has a very beautifnl ap- ! FIGUURE 1 Evening Dress.-A velvet robe, closepearance.

fitting corsage en pointe: sleeves wide, falling by the side, with aperture of sufficient capacity to admit the

uplifting and moving of the arm freely. Blonde col. DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES.

lerette of gothic pattern with gold brooch in front.

The sides of the robe ornamented with a spiral fold of PLATE 1.

satin gradually increasing to the bottom round a piping FIGURE 1.-Evening DRESS.-A Figured satin dress of the same. Coiffure ornamented with a bird of with corsage en pointe, mantilla deeply cut at the paradise. shoulders, with narrow double edging, short sleeves, Figure 11-Fancy Costume.-La belle sauvage. The with double bouffans. Skirt ornamented with a double material may be used according to taste. row similar to the edging of the corsage, figuring ta. Figure 111.—CARRIAGE DRESS.—Lace dress, draped blier. Satin turban ornamented with precious stones. at the top of the corsage, which is close-fitting, the

FJQURE 11.-WALKING Dress.-Cachmere des Indes the rest of the dress, plain. Mantelet with a calèche pelisse, close fitting corsage, cape very much cut away formed in a manner to afford the greatest facility. in front, and ornamented at the shoulders by a ribbon A narrow edging surrounds the hood, an edging of neud. Sleeves of a great width to the wrist, the band blonde round the cape, and deep blonde round the hem of which is pointed upwards towards the arm. Hat of the mantelet, ornamented with a couple of feathers.

CAPOTE & Back View.—A cap edged with quilling FIGURE 111.–Ball Dress.-Richly embroidered in and ornamented with a feather. a double row half way up the dress, with occsaional

PLATE IV. neuds of ribbon interspersed. Corsage tight-fitting, Figure 1.-Opera CLOAK.-A Satin Cloak, long and draped at the top, round it is worked blonde figur. | peaks extending down the dress, edged with a satin ing pelerine, the hair lightly ornamented with a couple ruche and terminated by ribbon loops, oriental sleeves of sprigs and flowers.

hanging very low, lined with differently colored satin, First and Second Hats of velvet ornamented with turned up at the side and fastened by a couple of ribbon Howers and feathers.

bows. CAP & Back View.-A tulle cap ornamented with Figure 11.-GERMAN FANCY COSTUME.—Similar obribbons, made square in front, the corners finished by servations may be extended to this Costume as to the flowers, with a neud on the summit of the crown and | Indian one above. crossed hehind.

FIGURE 111.--Evening Dress-Chamberry Gauze Middle Hat,-A Hat of silk, open shape, with small | dress. Corsage half high mounting, with a fold in the ruche round the crown and ornamented with a single middle graduating to the ceinture. Sylphide sleeves feather curled over the crown.

which, with the top of the corsage and the sides and PLATE II.

bottom of the robe itself are ornainented with a double FIGURE 1. —Evening Dress.-Crape dress, half high | row of satin piping. mounting draped corsage, with a neud attached to the I COIFFURE.--A Coiffure ornamented with blonde and centre; worked lace mantilla ; sleeve terminating in a full frilling with some blades of corn introduced, lace sabot a little below the elbow. The skirt is ter | Har & Back View.-A Satin open shaped hat, minated by a lace flounce of similar pattern, with ribbon ornamented with a couple of ostrich feathers. neuds at intervals, and finally caught up by a ribbon CAP & Back View.—A blonde Cap ornamented with næud. Coiffure ornamented by sprigs of flowers and a flowers and foliage. diamond arrow.

PIGURE 11.–Fancy COSTUME.—Muslin dress, tightfitting boddice, ornamented with satin bars and three

MODES DE PARIS ET DE LONDRES, rows of ribbon næuds, one down the centre, and on each side ; lace epaulette ; sleeve tight-fitting to the PÚISEES AUX SOURCES LES PLUS AUTHENTIQUE elbow, terminating in a blonde sabot, skirt striped, COMPRENANT UN CHOIX D'EXTRAITS DES JOURNAUX over which a very full apron is caught up rather more

DONT LES TITRES SUIVENT : than half way up the skirt,

" Le Follet, Courrier des Salons"..." Le Petit Cour. FIGURE 111.-- DINNER 'DRESS.-A dress to which is

| rier des Dames-“ La Mode"---" Journal des Dames" applied a profusion of Brussels lace down the corsage (which is tight-fitting) graduating to the ceinture where it terminates in a peak, and in a reverse manner en-, | MODES.—Les rhumes exceptés, qui sont en ce moment larges to the hem. Sleeves full to the wrist. Beret of 1 à Paris l'épidémic en vogue, il n'y pas cette semaine de velvet slashed with satin and ornamented with ostrich mode nouvelle à citer. C'est d'ailleurs un baromètre feathers.

là la main qu'il faut qu'une femme ordonne les apprêts

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