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modification of queen of Scots' the sides projecting 1 Fourtu Hat & Back View.-Gros de Naples hat from the face, the middle of the top part being consider form very like the foregoing, ornamented with a couple ably lower than the rest.

of marabouts. FIGURE 3.-Walking Dress.-Satin dress, corsage

PLATE IV. fitting accurately to the shape, half high mounting, FIGURE 1.-Evening Dress.-A tulle under dress the top of the corsage peaked en pointe, edged with an trimmed with a lace-fall round the hem; the over dress embroidered satin band; a lace mantilla, wide on the of rich satin ornamented in front with noeuds and a shoulders diminishes at the front; the wristband of the lace ruche ; short sleeves with a næud on the shoulder. sleeves is fixed by two nauds. The skirt is ornamented Gauze tarban ornamented with a paradise bird. by a satin puffing caught up by three neuds from which Figure 2.-WALKING DRESS.-A poult de soie reproceeds a narrow blond flounce which is followed by dingote ; high mounting, close fitting corsage; wide one of much greater width which finishes off the skirt, sleeves without plaits ; the dress is ornamented in front it terminates in an undulating line not corresponding from the throat down to the hem by a fancifully emwith the hem. Hat ornamented with feathers.

broidered sprig. A silk hat, small oval sbape, high First Hat & Back View.-High crown ornamented crown inclined behind, ornamented with an espray and with China satin and ribbon næuds.

sprigs of dwarf flowers. Second Hat & Back View.-A silk hat, wide brim FIGURE 3.-Evening Dress.-A tulle dress, half high crown, the upper portion being shorter than the high mounting corsage with flat plaits ; a lace man

tilla fastened in front by a ribbon naud and jewelled PLATE III.

clasp ; short sleeves; the skirt ornamented from the FIGURE 1.-Walking Dress.-Merveilleux (mar. ceinture with elongated ribbon coques ; a row of simivellous) cloak, one of the three novel Parisian cloaks lar bows tastefully relieved with delicate dwarf-flowers which we present in this plate, this is perhaps the most round the hem. Coiffure ornamented with feathers and remarkable in its construction. The fitting in at the flowers. back is a feature peculiar to this cloak; it will be per First Hat & Back View.-A satin hat, round ceived that it is girt to the waist by a belt, that it hangs open shape, high flat crown, ornamented with flowers in voluminous folds but still preserving the appearance | and ribbon bows edged with narrow lace. behind of an ordinary dress, the corsage is voluted Second Hat & Back View.-A silk hat, open behind, the collar and cape which is cut something of shape, fat crown, trimmed with bows of the same the form of a gentleman's coat collar is of velvet, a material, ornamented with a beautiful ostrich featber. very ample drapery proceeds from the shoulder to the Third Hat & Back View.—Satin hat, small open front, where it conceals the arm if disengaged by the | shape, inclined crown, ornamented with flowers. side, or allows it to be put forth without disturbing the CENTRE HAT.-Genoa velvet hat, small round open arrangement of the dress, this is accomplished by means shape, low flat crown, ornamented with three feathers. of a deep cut in the front of the sleeve-cape, which CAP & BACK View.-A muslin morning cap, trimmed leaves two long, narrow, sharp pointed ends pendant with satin ribbon edged with lace. half way down the cloak. Hat of gros de Tours, or. Centre CAP.-Half dress cap of plain tulle, the namented with a small rose accacia branch.

trimming edged with very narrow lace. FIGURE 2.-WALKING Dress.—Embroidered cachemere cloak. This presents a somewhat similar appearance in the back, but the corsage is gathered in a similar manner to the skirt part; the wide sleeve-cape is MODE DE PARIS ET DE LONDRES. more square at the bottom than the previously described one, and continues with a successive curve upwards

Modes.—En attendant les soirées et fêtes qui nous where it forms the second cape, being turned up with

obligeront à revenir sur les riches nouveautés que nons velvet as the small cape above. An aperture is made

avons citées, nous croyons devoir quelques indications for the arm in the side-fronts. The hat of satin orna.

sur les étoffes qui, dès aujourd'hui, s'emploient pour mented with a couple of feathers.

douillettes, robes négligées ou toilettes de visite. Nous FIGURE 3.-Walking Dress --Cachmere-satin cloak

citerons donc les soies appelées armures, qui sont vraiworked all over, the upper or corsage part at the back

ment du plus charmant emploi, pour quiconque veat similarly gathered to the first figure, gatbered in small

mieux que le gros de Naples et moins que le satin. Les fulds in front, the double cape is of velvet, the upper part in small curves all round, the larger one pointed

armures tiennent un milieu parfait entre ces deux étoffes.

L'armure est souple, épaisse, brillante, et, sous le rapat the back and shoulders, the front merges into long narrow slips forked at the ends; the sleeve-ca pe termi

port économique, d'un usage excellent. Le velours

d'Afrique, le reps Atala, le basin des Indes, sont aussi nating in crescent points, is caught up in the middle by

des tissus propres aux personnes qui aiment à trouver a silken cord, leaving a place for the movement of

solidité à la mode. Le salemporis, qui n'est qu'un cbaly the arm. The velvet hat with high crown, is adorned

perfectionné, le foulard de satin, le china, le velours with a satin ornament and feather.

Egyptien, conviennent également aux goûts modestes, First & Second Hats.-Crape hats, round open

aux femmes qui ne prennent point la mode dans son shape, the rim of the crown nearly parallel to the in

plus brilant éclat. sertion of it, ornamented with delicate flower sprigs

Ce premier article est pour répondre aux reproches and satin bands.

que l'on nous adresse quelquefois de n'indiquer que des Third Hat & Back View..China satin hat, ele

costumes d'une telle recherche qu'ils ne peuvent être vated brim, small flower ornament in the crown.

| imités que par la classe la plus fortunée. Nous avons

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