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quets and enriched in effect at both ends by variously Figure 11.-Evening Dress.—Pompadour-satin recolored flowers.

dingote, draped corsage with three ribbon bows in front, Coques of ribbons are a very general ornament for similar ones on the shoulders with long pendant ends, caps, taking the place in some measure of tresses à la the front of the skirt figuring tablier with two flounces Clotilde.

at the lower extremity. Caps when following the appearance of hats, have Head-dress, a satin toquet, round open shape ornamented the ruche sitting closely to the cheek and forming a with feathers. circle retreating considerably from the forehead.

FIGURE 111.-Walking Dress.—Redingote of India They are trimmed indiscriminately with neuds in velvet, corsage high mounting and close-fitting, figuring satin ribbon, worked gauze, or frosted taffetas.

pelerine, trimmed with ribbon crevés aad bows continue VARIETIES-—Embroidery is now more than ever worn ing down the length of the skirt. Small open shaped and oftentimes in great profusion. The heaviest sort satin hat ornamented with a sprig of China roses. of embroidery is now very frequently seen, but the

First HAT.-Velvet hat rounded at the corners, ormost tasteful description is generally characterized by namented with marabou feathers and ribbon bows. lightness and clearness of execution.

Second Hat.-Satin capote alternated with stripes For dress coiffures, velvet-lowers are pretty generally of velvet placed longitudinally and across, adorned with adopted ; little silvered flowers are also worn, this style a single ostrich feather. is less calculated for dress than jewellery, and as né- CAP & Back View. -Blond cap with high pointed gligé as ordinary flowers.

crown, ornamented with ribbon bows and bars. Natural flowers are now usually carried by ladies at A couple of patterns for porte-bouquets are here deréunions of fashionable life, ivory or varnished fans signed, they are filled with natural flowers. are in use on these occasions, Fans in the style of

PLATE II. the reign of Louis XVI. are much in vogue, they are

Figure 1.-BALL Dress.—Gauze dress, deep cut of ivory beautifully painted to match the colour of the corsage, figuring pelerine, trimmed with blond and ordress.

namented all round with satin puffs and, a næud in the The robe de chambre, by no means an unimportant middle. Skirt, very full, similarly ornamented with part of the female costume, is now commonly distin- satin puffs. Head-dress with flowers, and ribbon bows guished by much taste in the make and choice of the on each side of the face. material, with its ample envelopments and its negligent FIGURE 11.-Evening Dress.-Royal satin dress, ease and width of sleeve, yet suffering the trimming at corsage à la Sevigné, ornamented in the middle of the the wrist of the chemise de nuit to appear, is as may be

bust with a ribbon bow and a brooch. Short sleeves, expected, very universally adopted. Cachemire, Thibet, forming bouffans. Skirt full, and figuring tablier in and printed merino are constantly used, the ground of muslin : blond scarf. Head-dress, coiffure, ornamented blue green, brown with red or orange patterns; they with ribbons; and, from the top, arises a bird of paraare wadded and ordinarily lined with red or orange dise feather, forining a graceful curve over the head. marceline. The band is not tightly bound but floats Figure 111.-Evening Dress.-Robe Modieir dress, easily round the robe, leaving the wearer perfectly deep cut corsage, draped, ornamented with ribbon næuds unconstrained.

in front, short sleeves, and figuring epaulettes. Skirt, MATERIALS & Colors.--Among the many rich and richly worked in columns, gauze toque, elevated open striking examples of modern taste in the manufacture shape, properly ornamented with marabous. of our new fabrics, in which the present period is per- FIRST HAT, AND BACK View.-Hat of Beauvois vel. haps as rich as at any former time, we may cite the vet, round shape, rounded at the corners, and dented at following as most applicable to the present style of the back, simply ornamented with a couple of feathers. costume.

Second HaT.-Velvet hat, ornamented with a bunch For Dresses.—Royal satin ; Turkish velvet; Sa

of ribbons at the top of the crown, at the side and intins worked à la Pompadour. Piquetés worked à la

side, lined full. Ninon. Satins, colour over colour. Muslin-velvet,

THIRD HAT.-Satin hat, ornamented with satin biais with satin ground. Printed satin Luxor; Cirsaka da

and a feather curved gracefully over the crown, a double masked. Scotch woollen muslin; worked mousseline

row of satin piping round the shape. de soie worked a la jardinière for scarfs and balls.

Coiffure & Back View.—The hair separated over For CLOAKS.-Scotch serge-silk; worked woollen

the forehead, braided and turned up à la Clotilde; a satin; printed merinos; damas de laine.

close plaited chou on the summit of the head; a gauze ornament figuring a bonnet coquet is tastefully disposed over a garland of roses.


Figure 1.Ball Dress.—Embroidered crape robe, DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES.

half high mounting, draped corsage, figuring pelerine, PLATE 1.

edged round the bust with scolloped lace, bordered with

satin ribbon and blond, ceinture similar, as well as the FIGURE 1.—WALKING DRESS. -A satin cloak with small falling round collar, long pendant sleeves, bor

front and hem of the dress, which is rounded at the

Head-dress simply decorated with a bouquet. dered with zibline far cut away on the inside in a cir. cuitous manner to admit the elevation of the arms and at

Figure 11.-Evening Dress.-Gauze dress, close fitthe same time protect them. The cloak is short, bor

ting corsage with blond mantilla and satin ornament, dered with fur, and rounded at the corners. Small hat

edged with scolloped lace ; from the top of the bust, of zephyr-satin, ornamented with a couple of feathers

and hanging from a næud, is a twisted ribbon to the and a blond ornament.

ceinture, and open half way down the skirt, which is



richly embroidered; sleeves to the elbow, tied by a noud, with blond sabot. Coiffure, ornamented with feathers

and gauze.

Figure 111.–Ball Dress.-Fall dress, close fitting corsage, edged with scolloped lace round the bust, ornamented with satin ribbon point, forming mantilla ornament, maintained in front by a band of the same, and at the extremities of the shoulders by ribbon. A Persian scarf, after passing behind, falls in front, and hangs with an easy tie, and long ends, terminating in tassels. A scarf, still lower, similarly ornamented. Turban head-dress.

First HAT AND Back View.A velvet hat, round shape, elevated crown, ornamented with a bird of paradise feather, and the circumference of the crown with ribbon nouds.

CAP.-Blond and embroidered satin cap, with three points, equidistant, forming a somewhat square shape.

PLATE IV. Figure 1.–Ball Dress.—Tulle dress, corsage en pointe, deep cut at the shoulders, draped half way down with a band dividing it equally in front.

The shoulder ornamented with a neud and bouquet figuring epaulette with double bouffans and blond sabot, The skirt gathered in frequent folds at the side, smooth in front and ornamented with the sprigs of flowers supported by neuds. Coiffure decorated with flowers.

Figure 11.-OPERA Dress.—Satin embroidered cloak, with broad velvet collar, gracefully terminating in a point in front, nearly as low as the ceinture, and united by silk ties ending in tassels ; the sleeves very full and long, bordered with velvet, entirely open nearly up to the top, to admit the extension of the arms, with a small aperture still higher, for the same purpose, both bordered with velvet, and terminating in silk tassels down the front and along the hem, which is rounded at the corners, a similar border of velvet. Head-dress, a satin Byzantium turban.

FIGURE 111.-WALKING Dress.-Scotch levantine dress, high mountlog corsage with trimning of velvet in front which extends down the front, enlarging gradually towards the bottom of the skirt; large full sleeves, terminating with bouffans at the lower part of arm.

First Hat & Back View.-Satin hat, small open shape trimmed with satin ribbons and ornamented with a single feather.

Second & Third Hats.—These hats are composed of satin and velvet of the petite shape mentioned in our observations elsewhere, and simply ornamented with bouquets.

des tresses relevés en arc de chaque côté de ses joues, jusqu'au jour où l'on inventa ces étoffes gracieuses et élégantes qui semblent réunir tout ce que le luxe et le goût peuvent créer de plus séduisant. Car il faut l'a. vouer, il y a séductions de tout genre dans cette assemblage de tissus qui forment ce que l'on appelle en compagnie “ la grande nouveauté" mot magique qui comprend bien des désirs et des caprices de femmes ; mot qui résonnerait doux aux oreilles du vieux Plutus dans ses heures de gaité, et qui ferait froncer plus d'un front de philosophe. Mais pour nous, qui ne devons de considérations qu'envers la coquetterie et l'éléganoe, nous prenons, comme devoir à remplir, l'éloge de cette réunion de “ grandes nouveautés que M. Pradel vient d'ajouter aux soieries de tout geure qui, depuis tant d'annnées, ont donné à sa maison une réputation si étendu: pour suivre les usages du tems et satisfaire tous les besoins de la mode. Parmi les plus nouvelles productions, nous citerons :

Pour MANTAUX.--Serge de soie écossaise; Damas de laine ; Satin-laine broché; Mérinos imprimé.

Pour Robes.-Satin royal ; Velours turc; Piquetés brochés à la Ninon de Lenclos ; Satins brochés à la Pompadour ; Satins faconnés couleur sur couleur ; Velonrs mousseline, satins unis; Satin Luxor imprimé;, Cirsaka damassé; Mousseline-laine écossaise ; Mous. seline de soie brodée à la jardinière pour bals, et écharpes.

Les chapeau en velours ou satin couleur ramoneur se multiplient de plus en plus. Toutes les nuances vont bien avec celle-ci ; aussi voit-on, sous l'intérior de la passe de ces chapeaux, des næuds ou coques roses, bleues ou vertes, descendant le long des joues.

Une seule plume, placée sur le côté et attachée sous le ruban du bas de la forme, semble être l'ornement préféré.

Les capotes en satin blanc, ornées d'une branche de fleurs lilas ou rosée, sont de très-bon goût. Sous la passe, des coques de blonde ou des branches de petites fleurs extrêmement délicates qui s'entremêlent dans les boucles de cheveux.

Le choix des fleurs et leur pose sont la seule distinction qui permette encore aux femmes élégantes de porter des fleurs sous leurs chapeaux; car on a fait abus de cette mode si jolie, au point de la rendre ridicule sur certains visages. Il est facheux que quelques femmes ne comprennent point que les roses et les rides ne peuvent s'entremêler, et que rien ne vieillit autant que de vouloir trop se rajeunir.

La garniture des bonnets en lingerie consiste presque toujours en coques de ruban, remplaçant les tresses à la Clotilde sur les joues.

Les bonnets suivent la forme des chapeaux ; pose leur ruches ou garniture de manière à serrer contre les joues, et à former le cercle très en arrière sur le front.

On les garnit indistinctement en næuds de rubans de satin, de gaze brochée ou de taffetas glacé.

On fait beaucoup de bonnets négligés en gaze anglaise ou organdi uni très clair, doublés en gaze Donna Maria rose ; des pailles entourées de rubans passent dans deux ou trois coulisses qui soutiennent le fond du bonnet dans la forme conique, qui est la plus général dans ce moment; une ruche de tulle bordée d'une tine dentelle et à triple rang fait sa garniture.

Les bals vont bientôt étre assez multipliés pour que

et dis.



DONT LES TITRES SUIVENT:" Le Follet, Courrier des Salons".

'..." Le Petit Cour. rier des Dames".." La Mode"---“ Journal des Dames" &c. &c.

Modes.Nos modes semblent être aujourd'hui comme notre littérature: bigarrées, saccadées, prenants mille types différens, traversant tous les sciècles, depuis celui où la reine. Clotilde formait de ses long cheveux

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