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riety of colours ; couleur sur couleur, for ball-dresses. lines ; short sleeves, and mantilla with double row of Lionaises. Printed small and large designs.

embroidery, edged in dents de liere at the bottom. Indian Trieat. Saxon satins, printed and worked, Coiffure, ornamented with bouquets on each side, and at for robes de fantaisie.

the top of the head ; ceinture united by a næud, having The Léonaire, which sueceeds to the mousselline de

very long ends. laine, is of a texture more nearly assimilating to cache- Figure III.-WALKING Dress. Satin cloak, em. mire; the patterns are generally small and pretty, broidered round the edges of the sleeves, and down the The Fiquire. A mixture of silk and cachemire is

front; very wide sleeves, caught up by satin cords adapted for similar toilets with the just mentioned fa- and tassels. A double cape, the upper one cut in four bric. Its pliability and softness are great, the patterns peaks, the lower one slightly rounded at the back, and are close, two colours are generally used as orange and

square in front.

A tour de cou, closed by a brooch. black, green and brown, &c.

Velvet hat, ornamented with a single feather. For dress, worked Reps, and sprigged poult de soie, Hat & Back View, Worked satin hat, ornaare employed with good effect ; without being gaudy, mented with neuds, and a couple of feathers diverging they have a very rich appearance ; garlands, colour on from each other colour, or delicate patterns in stripes, distinguish these, Rice Straw Hat & Back View, ornamented with as well as their lightness and pliability.

a wreath of flowers round the inside, and bouquet on The principal colours that are now distinguished the top of the crown. A couple of ribbon bands are among our elegantes, may be enumerated as dark tied round the crown by næuds. brown marone, cedar colour, deep gray, palissandre, First CAP.-A muslin cap trimmed with a wide and myrtle green.

double ruche, and ornamented with a large næud at the summit.

Second CAP.—A cap of a similar make and mateDESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES.

terials, without ribbons, surrounding the entire crown,

and ending in three næuds, the interior similarly ornaPlate 1.–Figure I.- Promenade Dress.-A pou mented. de soie redingote, close fitting corsage, ornamented with Plate III.--FIGURE 1.--CARRIAGE Dress -Embroitwo rows of embroidery placed longitudinally, and ex- dered satin redingote, vandyked all round, and crossing tending throughout the whole length of the dress, cein- in from under the ceinture, with long ends extending ture similarly embroidered and fastened with a gold half way down the skirt, the ends broad and van. elasp, bishop sleeves, embroidered muslin collar, edged dyked ; large sleeves, terminating with a bracelet. with lace, united by a brooch ; the opening of the re- Hat, ornamented with a single sprig, placed in the exdingote exhibits à muslin jupon, with a deep blond tremity of the crown. flower. Hat of

pou de soi, ornamented with marabouts FIGURE 11. -Walking Dress.—Cachmere plaid Figure II.-MORNING Dress.-A muslin redingote, cloak withlarge cape, cut square, with velvet facing the close fitting high mounting corsage, wide sleeves, open whole length; guimped cords are placed obliquely, and at the side, and closed by three nouds; the skirt edged terminating in a tassel, close the cloak at intervals, with a double row of blond, embroidered scolloped blond gradually increasing towards the bottom. Satin colcollar, Blond cap ornamented with flowers, a ribbon lar, edged with silk fringe, and ruche round the neck. band across the forehead with one very long end. Small hat, ornamented wih a single feather.

FIGURE 111.-WALKING DRESS.-Redingote in Siam- FIGURE III.-Walking Dress.—Walking dress with aise, high mounting, and close fitting corsage, pelerine an embroidered garland running down the front, and edged with lace, crossing in front, and fastened under along the whole of the hem; cape scalloped all round, the ceinture, wide sleeves, with plain wristbands, the and terminating in front in two long points, from skirt full and plain ; on the neck a tour de cou.

Ca- which hang tassels, as well as from each of the promipote, in gros de Naples, ornamevted with ribbon nent points of the cape. A collar, similarly indented, neuds.

is finished at top by a double ruche, from which hangs Capote, with Back View, pou de soie, trimmed a cord, terminating in tassels. Hats, ornamented with with ruches and ornamented with feathers, Hat, with næuds and blond lace round the edge of the crowu, back view, in pou de soie, ornamented with plain næuds First Satin HAT AND Back View, edged comto match.

pletely round with a double ruche, with dent de loup Embroidered satin hat, ornamented with næuds and inside the front; a large næud placed nearly at the exflowers.

tremity of the crown, from which a ribbon runs obPlate II.--FIGURE I.-WALKING Dress.-Redin- liquely to the under part of the crown, and ends in a gote of pou de soie, lined with silk, and trimmed all næud. round with a piping to match. Double pelerine Second Hat and Back View.-A Gros de Naples, rounded over the shoulder, the upper one square, cut with a long row of bows placed along the crown a in front, the underneath one cut en cæur, the point ter- single næud is placed on one side, inside the crown ; minating under the ceinture, similarly trimmed; wide silk crape gathered in small folds all round the outsleeves, graduating to the wrist ; muslin colar, united side. by a brooch. Pou de soie hat ornamented with a couple Embroidered blond cap, with very full border; a of roses and næuds.

single næud at the top. Figure II.-Evening Dress.-Embroidered mus. Place IV.-FIGURE 1.-Evening DRESS.-Robe of lin dress, á entre-deux, deep cut, and close fitting cor point d'Angleterre, balf-mounting draped corsage, with sage, with two rows of embroidering descending to the blonde ruff, deep lace épaulettes; skirt open down the ceiptare; the skirt similarly embroidered in parallel front, the opening forming a tablier, with ribbon puffs

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