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when they found her resolved not to go : and while | speed, to receive from those who had just mocked me they pretended to feel exceedingly hurt at Euphro the reward of her treachery. Great as was the disap. syne's refusal they took her at her word with the ut.

pointment experienced in my purse, it seemed nothing to most alacrity, or rather suffered her mere silence to

the wound indicted on my pride. The fate of a lovely stand for a denial. Devoutly lifting up tbeir eyes to female had been connected with mine by links even heaven, and drawing discordant groans from their more indissoluble than those of matrimony, since a di. finty bosoms, they turned away from one whom they vorce could not restore her to her home, and this saw so irreclaimably abandoned, and hurried out of the partner of my life had been branded by infamy;and house, lest she should change her mind ere they went by her in whom she had most confided! The insulting out of hearing. Whèn, however, they found themselves

epithets still rang in my ear, which had been showered safe, as they thought, in the street, they stopt to an on my mistress, through the spite of the infernal nounce for the benefit of all who passed by, their de Sophia. So conscious, indeed, was this wicked girl of urmination to renounce 80 unworthy a namesake. her iniquity, that, far from seeming to harbour any Thenceforth they were to regard the nameless profligate thoughts of enforcing her still unsettled claims on her as among the departed, and, happen what might, never first employer, the moment I appeared in her sight she more to inquire after her fate ; and to their credit be it tried to make her escape, but it was too late! spoken, they adhered in that instance most religiously · Wretch !' cried I, thus then you have performed your to their human and pious vow.

promise. Now behold in what way I perform mine! My undisturbed possession of Chrysopulo's fair cou And hereupon I seized her by the wrist, and retorting sin therefore, was now a matter settled ; and the lofty, upon her, in the midst of the gaping crowd, every disthe admired Euphrosyne, who that very morning might graceful epithet which her malignancy had drawn down still have beheld all Smyrna at her feet, saw herself apon Euphrosyne, I terrified the vile woman into faintbefore mid-day installed in the lodging of a roving ad ing, and then left her to recover in the filth of Smyrna's ventarer, as his avowed and public mistress! Of her foulest kennel! Thanks to this cool immersion she maid Sophia the lovely girl could give no account., tarried not to revive, but no sooner did the fury think While Chrysopulo continued in hopes of seeing the af herself safe from my wrath, than setting up a hellish fair hushed up, he abstained from rousing the anger of laugh, Wipe clean your Euphrosyne,' cried she, ere this fiend, by expressing his suspicions; but the moment you bespatter others with the dirt you have gained !' Euphrosyne herself had made public her adventure, and then walked off with threatening gesture-alternaSophia, no longer feeling safe in the family, had dis tely wishing me joy of my prize, and auguring me the appeared; nor had she since been heard of;---but her reward of my guilt. Heated as I was by passion, her louring fate was the least of my cares. The foremost curses made my blood run cold, and in return I would at present was the payment of the sums I had won. have chilled for ever the noisome tide in her own viper The addition to my establishment permitted me not to veins...with a home thrust of my dagger ----had I not be unmindful of my interests. As soon, therefore, as I been prevented that time, by the mob, from crushing the had said and performed whatever seemed most calcul. reptile. ated to dispel Euphrosyne's settled gloom, I immediate But its venomed bite left a print in my heart which ly walked to the meeting place of our Society, and po power could efface! To fail in all my schemes both found its members in council assembled. My first sa of profit and of pride ; to be burdened with the whole lutation was a demand upon each : but, to my unutter weight of my mistress's existence, while bereft of all able dismay, the first answer was a loud and universal esteem for her character; to feel myself the victim of burst of laughter at my presumption. As soon as this her deceit or the sport of her caprice, when her real peel of merriment had subsided a little, I was told that tenderness had already been prostituted ;---and more I might think myself well off in having nothing to pay than that, to find the shame which I had hoped to bury instead of to receive, and on demanding a further ex in the inmost recesses of my own bosom, divulged to all planation, I learned that the infernal Sophia had been the world ; to be pointed at with derision by those very beforehand with me, and, the instant she left the house companions over whom I had made sure to triumph---of Chrysopulo, had gone round to all my .companions, were tortures beyond my strength to bear; or at least, to in the first place indeed to inform them of my success bear alone. ; and the embers of affection for my new with Euphrosyne, but, in the next, to comfort them | inmate still glowing in my breast, when I last left my wilh the assurance that neither my vanity nor my for. home, seemed all extinguished ere I again crossed my tune could derive any advantage from my triumph, as treshold. If, however, I only return to my abode with it bad only been the consequence of my fair orie's prior | the determination of making my guest a partaker in all frailties,- of those frailties which my confidant had the sufferings drawn down by her last insane act upon solemnly sworn to me never to divulge. Every person myself, it was also with the full intent to keep the cause present therefore called out a drawn wager;' and I of my behaviour locked for ever within my own swellwas deemed disqualified from claiming a single para ! ing heart! Why indeed dwell without necessity upon What could I do with a bad cause, and a parcel of fel. the painful thoughts of an infamy, of which I was unlows each to the full as sturdy as myself? Only this, able to bring the proof, and despaired of extorting the to renounce with a good grace what I clearly saw I confession! Under her former playfulness of manner should never obtain, and to join in the laugh at my Euphrosyne had always concealed great deeision of own impudence ; of which,' I observed, it was worth character. She had shrunk from going home to a huswhile at any rate to try the effect' But tolerably as I band or from staying with friends whose reproach she had contrived to preserve my good humour with my must fear, or whose forbearance endure. Me alone she strapping companions, the case became different when, had considered as accountable for whatever home and returning to Euphrosyne, I met Sophia coming at full felicity my offence had deprived her of elsewhere ; and

to me she had come for refuge, as to the only person who | Nay, when Euphrosyne, after sitting up alone all still owed her protection : but she had come oppressed night, saw me return-pale and feverish-in the broad with the sense of her dishonour; she had come with glare of the next morning, it was often only to be pursuch deep anguish at the heart, that, had the fruitfulness sued by all the spleen collected dnring my nocturnal of her imagination still broke forth amid her glowing excesses. Yet she tarried on: for to me she had sashame into the smallest bud of sprightliness or fancy, crified her all, and though in me she found nothing but she would have thought it a duty to crush the tender a thorn, yet to that thorn she clung, as to that on blossoms, as weeds whose rank luxuriance ill became her which alone now hung her whole existence ! fallen state. Nothing but the most unremitting ten- Euphrosyne was wont to keep in readiness for me a derness on my part could in some degree have revived hot cup of coffee, when I came in from my nightly her drooping spirits.

revels. After gambling, it served as a restorative; But when after my excursion and the act of justice but after drinking, it was the only thing capable of on Sophia in which it ended, I re-appeared before the allying the sort of temporary madness, with which still trembling Euphrosyne, she saw too soon that that wine always affected my irritable brain. One morning, cordial of the heart must not be expected. One look when alternate losses at dice and libations to Bacchus she cast upon my countenance, as I sat down in silence, had sent me home half frantic, instead of finding my sufficed to inform her of my total change of sentiments; mistress as usual all alacrity to minister the reviving ---and the responsive look by which it was met, tore draught, to chafe my throbbing temples, and to perfor ever from her breast the last seeds of hope and con. form what other soothing offices her awe of me per. fidence. Like the wounded snail, she shrunk within mitted, I found her lying on the floor in a swoon. I herself, and thenceforth cloaked in unceasing sadness, only thought her asleep; but, on attempting to lift never more expanded to the sunshine of joy. With her her up, her features were bruised and her face besmear. buoyancy of spirits, she seemed even to lose all her ed with blood. Unnerved by excess and shaking with quickness of intellect, nay all her readiness of speech; agitation, my arm, however, was wholly unable to supso that, not only fearing to embark with her in serious port even her light weight, and I let her drop again. conversation, but even finding no response in her She thought I did so on purpose, for, raising her head mind to lighter topics, I at last began to nauseate her with great effort, she fixed on my countenance her haga seeming torpor and dulness, and to roam abroad even gard tearless eyes, and clasping her bands together, for more frequently than before a partner of my fate the first time vented her anguish in audible words. remained at home, to count the tedious hours of my

• I had been warned,' she cried, with half stified emotion, absence; while she-poor miserable creature---dread • How ?' said I. ing the sneers of an unfeeling world, passed her time • That morning,' answered she,' when unexpectedly under my roof in dismal and heart-breaking solitude. you appeared among us in the meadow, you were

Had the most patient endurance of the most intem scarcely out of sight when the cause of your coming perate sallies been made to soothe my disappointment was discussed. We agreed-foolish girls, as we were, and to soften my hardness, Euphrosyne's angelic. —that chance alone had not brought you to that place, sweetness must at last have conquered : but in my and drew lots to find out where lurked the secret atten, jaundiced eye her resignation only tended to strengthen tion. I got the prize, if prize it could be called ! A the conviction of her shame: and I saw in her forbear friend some years older than myself, observed my emoance nothing but the consequence of her debasement, tion, “ Euphrosyne,” she whispered, “ if you care not and the consciousness of her guilt. Did her heart,' for that stranger, frolic with him as you like; but if thought I,. bear witness to a purity on which my auda ever he should gain your affections, O! avoid him like city dared first to cast a blemish, she could not remain a pestilence. From the moment that he knows himself thus tame, thus spiritless, under such an aggravation the master of your heart, he will treat it as wayward of my wrongs; and either she would be the first to quit children do their toys; he will not rest until he has my merciless roof, or at least she would not so fearfully broken it." avoid to give me even the most unfounded pretence for This was but the first warning, and only given by a denying her its shelter,----she must merit her sufferings human voice,' continued my mistress : “A higher ad. to bear them so meekly !

monition came straight from heaven! You know the · Hence, even when moved to real pity by gentleness marble image found in our field, which now adorns so enduring, I seldom relented in my apparent sternness. our garden. Once, they say, it was flesh and blood, In order to conquer, or at least to conceal sentiments a hapless maiden like myself; but, alas, less suscepwhich I considered as effects only of weakness, I even tible, and therefore turned into stone. On the night of forced myself on these occasions to increased severity. your outrage, as I rose from my prayer from the Unable to go the length of parting from a friendless prayer, which at that time I neither neglected nor felt outcast, even though----conformable to her own terms-- afraid to utter---a deep hollow moan issued from its the continuance of my love was to have given the snowy bosom! another and a louder shriek was heard measure of her stay, I almost banished myself entirely when I spoke to Argyropoli; and one still more dismal from my own home, and plunged more headlong than than the former rent the air, when I left my kinsman's ever into extravagance and dissipation. Unto this pe roof to fly to your arms!' riod I had quaffed my wine, to enjoy its flavour : I now | •And warned even by an insensible stone,' I cried, drank to drive away my senses. Unto this period you would not see the precipice ?' I had gamed to beguile an idle hour: I now played 1. Ah!' exclaimed Euphrosyne, reproach me with to produce in my spirits a brief intoxication. I stayed anything but my love. It was that which, in spite of out while I was able to renew my stake, and only re-. | every circumstance, that should have opened my eyes, turned home when utterly exhausted by my losses. I still kept me blind.'

Your love,' cried I, “ neither merits my reproach, | noise, came down half dressed to lend her assistance. nor yet calls for my praise. It depends not on our. She employed nearly as much time before she let herself selves to withold our affections, as it depends not on out, as I had lost in trying to get in. At last, howus to renovate a worn-out passion. '.

ever, her feeble efforts were crowned with success. • Is it then true,' cried Euphroysne, that you love Forth she came, and put on her spectacles to scruti. me no more?

nize my person. A deliberate survey having satisfied Has not that question been answered already?' her respecting my identity, she thrust her withered arm said I peevishly : but you will not understand unless deep in her ample pocket, and drew out fifty things all is spoken !

which neither of us wanted, before she ended by proAt these words Euphrosyne put her hands to her ducing the key of my lodging, which she put into my ears, as if fearing to hear her formal dismission; and hands with a low courtesy, as having been left, in her immediately run to shut herself in her adjoining |

| care by the Lady who had taken her departure. chamber. I left the wayward girl to the solitude she • Thank God !-1 have not killed her!' was my first sought, and, unable to obtain any refreshment at home, exclamation. That weight at least is off my burimmediately went out again. Exhausted with watch dened mind!' and as soon as I had sufficiently recovered ing, sleep overcame me in the Coffee-house where I had my breath, I inquired of the old woman the time and sought my breakfast, and as soon as I felt somewhat circumstances of Euphrosyne's disappearance :-what recruited by its welcome intrusion, a detachment of conveyance had taken her away; in what direction she our party carried me away by force, to make me woo went; and above all what message she had left ? , afresh fickle fortune at the gaming table. Within the · These were useless queries, and the frequent repetiirresistible influence of its magic circle, I stayed, and tion of them for the purpose of being understood, a played, and drank, and slept---and played, and drank, fruitless expenditure of breath. · It took me half an and slept again---till, reeling out in the dark, to go hour to make my neighbour hear me ; and when I home, I fell from the steps, sprained my ancle, cut my succeeded at last, so near was she to dotage, that I face, and lay for a time senseless on the pavement. could make nothing of her answers. On my asking as Carried in again, as soon as discovered in this plight, the least perplexing question, how long the key had it became my fate to be tied by the leg in 'the very been in the old goody's possession, she could only say gambling room, where the hazardous shake of the elbow ever since it had been given her.' had already kept me spell bound so long.

- Despairing of more explicit intelligenee outside my I was so far an economist of time, as always to de threshold, I went in, and in three strides reached the vote that of forced confinement to the irksome business top of the stairs, and my own empty room. From that of reflection; and I had a great deal of that sort of I ran into the next, equally empty and desolate ; looked occupation accumulating on my hands, to employ my upon every table and shelf, under every seat and present leisure. The unconcern of my pretended cushion, in every box and drawer, and behind every friends on seeing me suffer, very soon made me draw chest and wardrobe. My hopes were to find some letter, unfavourable comparisions of their sentiments with some note, some scrap of paper, written, if not in those of Euphrosyne. Granting that she had been too kindness, at least in anger, to inform me which way usceptible before she knew me, how patient, how de. my poor girl had fed : but I looked in vain; there voted had she shown herself ever since! yet how cruel was nothing! the return I had made, and how deep the last wound I I possessed no clue whatever to a probable solution had inflicted!

of my doubts ; I could form no opinion on the strange The thought grew so irksome, that, not daring to event ; I sat down in mute amazement, trying to think, send for my mistress among a set of scoffers, and yet and yet finding no point on which to fix my thoughts. impatient to make her amends, I crept, as soon as the At last, as my eyes continued to wander in total vacancy dawn again arose, off my couch, stole away, and limped round the room, they fell upon some writing which home.

assuredly had not been intended to court my sight; for When I knocked at my door, no one answered from it run along the skirting of the wainscoat, and could within. Louder I therefore knocked and louder ; but only have been written by Euphrosyne, with her pencil with no better success. At last my heart sunk within as she lay on the ground. I stooped down to read, and me, and my kness began to totter. Euphroysne never only found some broken sentences, probably traced by stirred out-could she ? I dreaded to know the my mistress when she left me the last time to seek truth, and yet I was near going mad with the delay. refuge in solitude. The sense seemed addressed to She might be ill, and unable to come down, though not herself more than to her destroyer, and the words were beyond the reach of succour, or comfort of kindness. mostly effaced :-thus ran the few legible lines. It was possible she heard me, and had not strength to At last he has spoken plainly ! shall gono answer, or to let me in. Timely assistance still per matter where !-.-Let him rejoice. On boasting of his haps might save her; even tardy tenderness, though triumphs of unsuspecting innocence, he may now add---shown too late to arrest her fleeting soul, might still at “ I have ruined Euphrosyne!'--and be proud to think least allay the bitterness of its departure. A word, a a greater fall from purity to corruption, from honour look of sympathy, might solace her last moments, and to infamy, and from happiness to misery, was never waft her spirit on lighter wings to heaven.

achieved by human hands! Then followed a string of Frantic with impatience, I endeavoured to break open half obliterated words, among which all I could make the sullen door, but could only curse its perverse steadi. out was an invocation to the Almighty, not to with. ness in doing its duty. In despair at the delay, I was hold from me its blessings, not to visit on Selim poor going for an axe to hew it from its hinges, when an Euphrosyne's wrongs ! A thousand daggers seemed on old deaf neighbour, who began to suspect she heard a reading this sentence to pierce my heart at once.

Every thing remained as I had left it, except Euphro- | I thought likely to have witnessed her escape ; I forci. syne alone! She had taken nothing with her; for bly invaded every house in which I fancied she might she had nothing to take!-the last articles of her be concealed. No place capable of harbouring any apparel worth any money, had been sold to supply her thing in the human shape, and which I dared investinecessities, or rather my extravagance.

gate, did I leave unexplored. Of the individuals A film pow all at once dropped from before my eyes, assailed by my inquiries, some laughed, some took and my former behaviour presented itself to me in a offence, some reproached me for my inconsistency, and totally new light. Though I might still believe, some supposed me to be a maniac broke loose from his aad indeed now most anxiously wished to believe, for confinement. I minded not their surprise or their scofthe relief of my goaded conscience that Euphrosyne fing, but continued my pursuit while I had strength. had not at all times been equally watchful of that per Alas! I continued in vain. No Euphrosyne could I fect purity she boasted; that in some unguarded mo find. ment the inexperience of early youth had suffered her Reluctantly I now again turned me to the abhorred virtae to contract a slight speck; that the tale so Sophia, to assist me in my labour. The wretch had boldly told by her waiting woman was not wholly not only deceived me, betrayed my Euphrosyne, and, without foundation : yet on contemplating her conduct by divulging all she ought to have concealed, involved on that eventful day, when she might for ever have the one in ruin and the other in disgrace : she had even wrapped every former stain in the ample impenetrabi- as if on purpose daily to enjoy the shame cast on Chry. lity of the nuptial veil, but with a magnanimous dis- | sopulo's house, hired a lodging directly opposite his dain of meanness or subterfuge, resigned herself to gate; but vast failings are overlooked in those whose poverty, prosecution, and disgrace, for the sake of aid we want. I hied me to the ex-suivante full of conrigid righteousness, I could not doubt that already at ciliatory speeches; she met them with assurances of that period, at least, the mental corruption, the taint equal contrition, and expressed so much regret for her of the soul (if ever it had existed) had been in the eye indiscretion, so much compassion for Euphrosyne, and of supreme mercy washed away by repentance, and had so much sympathy with me, that, in view of the readi. left the whole crime of plunging a noble creature into ness she showed to second my search, all was, or apinextricable ruin chargeable to my account alone! peared to be forgiven. We shook hands, I made fresh

And supposing that even the tale of Euphrosyne's promises, and Sophia entered upon fresh services. early frailty itself---that only sheet anchor of my con My resolution this time was formed, and will be science amid a sea of distracting doubts---should after allowed to have been unexceptionable. The instant all turn out a mere fabrication, as seemed from Sophia's fortune crowned our united labours, Euphrosyne was to unprincipled conduct a thing not impossible : supposing receive the meed of her long and patient sufferings, or the whole first chapter of Euphrosyne's short history at least, the offer of every reparation which I could should have been nothing but a scene of artless inno. make for my manifold offences. Not only I meant imcence ; nay, supposing that the thoughtless girl should mediately to proclaim her my honoured, my wedded, really have been ignoront even of the assignation my inseparable wife; but what to some might seem whence arose all her sorrows; supposing that when she | more difficult, or more problematical, I intended to befirst came in agony to my abode only to avoid a public come myself the best and most faithful of husbands. expulsion from her own, she should have had nothing Fate allowed me full time to study the requisites of with which to reproach her own heart, but some latent that new character. Our twofold search did not turn sparks of love for her despoiler ; supposing I thus had out more suceessful than it had done before my singleonly plunged into everlasting perdition a being, handed endeavours: by no means, however, for want of throughout the whole of her once happy career as un activity in Sophia. Like Satan, her master, she seemed exceptionable in conduct as she had been enviable in endowed with the gift of ubiquity. Not a day passed circumstances : and that, for no purpose but to end her that she did not come to me with a long account of race of undeserved sufferings, by turning her out of the places she had visited, and of those she meant to doors, and forcing her upon the wide world without a

visit ; of the hopes she had been disappointed of in one friend, a relation, or a home,---and at a time too when quarter, and of the expectativns she entertained in her situation demanded more than ordinary tenderness! another; of her glimpses here and of her surmises the thought was too dreadful even for me to bear ; it there. So often did she drag me after her through racked me to the soul; and what rendered my remorse every street and lane of Smyrna, that my friends predoubly pungent, love itself, that love which I had tended to think that she had herself stepped into thought long annihilated, seemed to re-enter at the Euphrosyne's place, and when the city had been ran. rents torn in my heart by pity. A thousand excellencies sacked through to the last garret and cellar, we extendin my mistress, before unheeded, now flashed upon my ed our search to every village and hamlet within ten or mind. From the embers of a more sensual flame, extin fifteen miles round, guished almost as soon as raised, now burst forth a When at last I had explored every district within the brighter intellectual blaze never before experienced; as Mootsellimlik of Ismir, until I no longer could think from a body in dissolution arise fames of pure ethereal of any place unsearched, and found nothing left to do, fire.

but to sit down in contented ignorance, or rather in Sorrow, self-reproach, and uncertainty seemed for a calm despair, there few in at my open window, one while to deprive me of all power of exertion ;, but the evening, a small silken bag, flung by an invisible hand, moment a ray of hope roused me from motionless dis- | and conveying a gold ring. It was one which I had may into fresh activity, I ran frantic all over Smyrna in put on Euphrosyne's finger, immediately after the me. search of my lost mistress. I abruptly stopped in the morable farewell visit of her kind-hearted friends, and street every person, high or low, male or female, whom ere I called upon my companions to claim my bets.


On the slip of paper twisted round the ring appeared daughter of the bankrupt was offered a seryapt's place the following words ; Cease a pursuit, as vain as it is in Chrysopulo's family: for the upstarts exulted in thankless; nor seek any longer to disturb the peace of treading on the neck of the fallen! The offer of arroEuphrosyne, now cured of a worthless passion; now | gance was, however, accepted, and the taunts of insaat rest from her grief in more merciful hands. The lence were born without a complaint. A disease, for ring you once gave her in proof of your love, reverts to which there was no cure, carried off Chrysopulo's you in sign that she never more can accept your tardy, infant son; and Eupbrosyne-a distant relation beyour unavailing tenderness.'

came the adopted daughter. She too was rendered the These words, evidently written by the same hand vietim of just revenge. A set of lawless young men which had originally pointed Euphrosyne out to me had established a society, for the purpose of ruining as a desirable conquest, seemed at last fully to explain the peace of sober families. One member of this noble her motives for leaving me, or at least her conduct since fraternity was spoken in the town as more bold and unher disappearance. Nothing could be clearer in my principled than the rest: he was singled out to cast opinion, than that the artful schemer who had first in dishonour on Chrysopulo's house, and to sow misery stigated me to seduce the lovely girl, had availed him among its members ; and at least, through his instrur self of my forced absence from home, to take her off mentality for he was but a tool that Euphrosyne, my hands. I had been a mere tool to some more de most injustly aspersed in her unsullied virtue, became signing member of our nefarious brotherhood.

the kept mistress of a needy adventurer. Foul disgrace, It might, however, in one sense, be called considerate, conjured up from all quarters, thus cast its cloud over thus at last to relieve me from all further anxiety and Chrysapulo's name !: trouble; and nothing but the inherent perverseness of Here the work of vengeance might have ended, had human nature could have changed as it did, the cold in not the adventurer tag dared to treat with indignity the difference with which I had treated my mistress while daughter of Sozimato. It was for this she joined in she depended wholly upon my affection, into the warmth the search after his departed mistress it was for this which her image rekindled in my heart, the moment I she permitted, not the unfortunate girl to be found ; it supposed her comforted by another : but this new was for this she prevented her from being solaced by ardour, conceived too late, I kept to myself; and her lover's returning tenderness, even when she lay desjudging that individual now preferred to be---though titute in a miserable garret, at the last period of her unknown--frequently in my company, I took uncom long protracted labour, and it was for this, finally, mon pains to evince by my mirth my gratitude for his that she prepared the infidel wretch a world of endless proceedings. Lest he should have any doubt on this pangs, by plying his hapless mistress with false acsubject, not a day passed without my joining some counts of his unrelenting barbarity, unto the last day festive party in excursions to Boornabad, to Sedi-keni, of her hapless existence! and other places ; and by these means I recovered at • Great, no doubt, were the difficulties in preventing last in reality the lightness of heart which I affected; a meeting between the repentant sinner and his innu. and that to such a degree, as almost to grow frightened cent victim. One day he penetrated into the very at my own unusual hilarity, and to apprehend it might abode where she lay, writhing under every agony of forbode some new impending sorrow.

body and mind. A ragged curtain alone kept her An excursion had often been projected, and as often from his sight, and a single ery unstilled must have put off, to a village a few. miles from Smyrna, celebrated thrown him in her arms! Watehfulness, however, trifor the beauty of its situation. At last the party took umphed: the adventurer turned back in ignorance ; place. We were sitting, half a dozen thoughtless souls, and his Euphrosyne saw him no more. She was de. under the cool shade of a locust tree. I had taken up a livered, unaided by any one but the person who had lyre, laid down by one of my companions, and was just served, had sold her, and now was labouring that she going to try my long-neglected skill in a Greek ballad might be sainted. Yet did the angel on earth try to Which I used to sing to Helena, when a peasant brought do what she could for her adored Selim's child. Seeing me a pote of a suspicious appearance.

it ready to perish for want of sustenance, she resolved Determined this time to know the author of this to save her infant's life by completing her own shame. single-handed correspondence, I began by laying hold Ere, however, the sacrifice could be accomplished, she of its conveyer. The messenger seemed the quintes. expired,-expired among strangers, pronouncing Selim's sence of stupidity į my catechising could draw nothing name! The more merciful hands in which this misefrom him, except that the billet had been committed to rable man read that his mistress was at rest, were those his care three miles off by a female hidden in her veil, l of her Maker; the ring he received had been taken come from a distance, and who immediately again took from her corpse already cold ; and the sole worker of herself off. All that the bearer could, or would say all this wo, I scarcely need add, was the injured and ending there, I turned me to the epistle.

now satisfied Sophia.' It ran thus:

I do not know how I'was able to finish the perusal of • Did ever you hear of a Greek merchant whose name this letter, except from a sort of stupor, which for a was Sozimato; once he excelled Chrysopulo himself, moment kept all my faculties, save that of mere perin riches, in ambition, and in sway ; his fortune ception, suspended. The first word, however, which turned fickle, Chrysopulo saw new thousands press one of our party utterrd, broke the fascination, set upon his former thousands, and Sozimato ended a bank loose my entranced senses, and with them all the rupt: the match contracted between Chrysopulo's son demons of hell which had beon gathering all the and Sozimato's daughter now was cancelled ;, for be while in my bosom. What species of violence I comtween the rich and the poor no engagement could sub mitted in breaking away from the convivial scene to siste. To sharpen the sting of the insult, the humble pursue the detestable Sophia, is wholly beyond my

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