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ful tale he spurned me not away from him;-to the

man who deigned in pity to affirm, that my avowal of "I HAD scarcely given the last twist to my turban, my involontary shame rendered me worthier in his eyes, when a distant clamour in the street drew me to the and gave him a stronger assurance of my fidelity, than window, and made me espy a veiled female, whose un- if I had come to his arms as spotless in body as in mind ?' certain gait and faltering steps had attracted the notice —And who,' added I, after this sublime speech, ended of a troop of foolish boys, and made them follow her by rejecting you.' Ha no!' cried Euphrosyne, it with loud hootings. It was impossible not to set down was I who rejected him : it was I who refused to carry in my mind one so carefully wrapped up and so fearful reproach into the house of a stranger, and who for that of being recognised, as the partner of my guilt coming crime was threatened by my own friends with being to demand the wages of her iniquity; and all that cast off, and thrown upon the wide world, helpless and bafiled my utmost power of conjecture was the changeunprotected !-But added she, covering her face with from Sophia's wonted boldness of demeanour, to the ap- her hands, and sobbing more bitterly than before, 'I parent timidity and helplessness palpably manifested by suffered not the threat to grow into a reality; I waited my approaching visitor. I could only attribute the not to be turned out of doors. I resolved at once upon phenomenon to Sophia's dismissal from Chrysopulo's the only step which was left me; I asked permission to family, branded with the marks of public disgrace; on go to our church, in order that in my fervent prayers which account I immediately sallied forth to offer her a Heaven might inspire me how to act, and, when alone safe conduct to my abode. My surprise was still in. and in the street, tried to find out your abode, and to creased, when, tendering my ally the protection of my seek refuge where alone I had claims!' What then,' arm, I first saw her hesitate, then shuddering, withdraw exclaimed I, “from your very threshold you had deterher hand already clasped in mine, and at last only suf- mined—whatever happened—to cross mine? and it was fered herself to be dragged into my habitation, after not the shouts of the mob only . ? I fancied that the terror produced by the insults of the gathering I felt you shrinking from my touch, when, in compasmob had as it were entirely deprived her of conscious- sion, I seized hold of your hand.' And could I exness ; but my astonishment only rose to its highest ecute the resolve which I have owned, and not shudder · pitch, when tearing off the cumbrous veils, in order to at the thoughts of its baneful consequences ?' give the fainting maiden some air, I beheld, instead of “ These now began to present themselves to my own the daring Sophia, the gentle, the reserved Euphrosyne mind also, in long and fearful array. At first, indeed, herself, who scarcely on recovering her senses had time the surprise on beholding Euphrosyne thus to cast her eyes around her, ere, again sinking down to expectedly, the consciousness of my own iniquities, the the ground, she struck her face against the floor, and exultation at seeing its triumph sealed without the began wringing her hands with every symptom of the smallest violation of my promise, and the sympathy ex. bitterest anguish.

cited by my mistress's evident sufferings, together The cause of her having quitted her home I was at a with a thousand other mixed and indescribable sensaloss to conjecture, but the effect it had of bringing her tions, had induced a momentary forgetfulness of all to mine I hailed at first as a highly fortunate circum- those reports against Euphrosyne's character which had stance. Thus would my triumph be blazoned forth with- encouraged me to prosecute my plan, had made that out my word being broken. When, however, I wit- plan receive its fulfilment, and had in their turn been nessed the excess of my fair one's grief, contrasted as it confirmed by my very success. But on hearing, not was with my own joy, I too felt moved, tried to assuage only of an act so uncalled-for as Euphrosyne's spontaher sorrow by every expression of pity and concern, neous disclosure of her shame, so wanton as her refusal and as soon as she seemed able to speak, ventured to of her still urging suitor, and so strange as her delibeinquire what had caused her coming forth thus un- rately leaving her husband for her despoiler, the truth attended and forlorn, at the very time I supposed all -dimmed for a moment—seemed again to burst upon Smyrna collected to witness her brilliant nuptials ? me, and with increased evidence, I now conceived that

My nuptials,' echoed she with a smile of bitterness, even my crime might only be the p:etence, rather than now first suffering her voice to strike my ear,— when the real reason of Euphrosyne's renouncing an advantamy dishonour is the universal theme !" The universal geous match. Her former dishonour again rising to my theme!' repeated 1,-truly dismayed in my turn. Then mind, lent even her present conduct the colouring of may Heaven's direst curse alight upon her who has di- artifice; and if I thought it hard upon me that an asvulged it!' "That was myself,' replied Euphrosyne, signation proposed by my mistress herself—and that . and your curse has struck home! I remained mute assignation too, proposed by her as not only the first, with surprise. Could l' rejoined my mistress, 'to dis- but also the last, for which I could hope should end honour add deceit ? Could I bring a dower of infamy to her inflicting upon me the burden of her permanent sufthe man so noble, so generous, that even after my fright- port, I thought it harder still to be thus heavily visited




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in consequence of the sins of others. That shelter, have to blush. In your eyes I shall not be, what I therefore, which I had gladly granted Euphrosyne, must seem in those of others : I shall not from you inwhile it only seemed accidental and transient, I now cur the contempt, which I must expect from my former began to grudge her, when it appeared purposely sought companions, and my diligence to execute the lowest as the beginning only of a sojourn which was to have no offices you may require, will earn for me, not wholly end; and the burthen of this permanent society was as a bare alms at your hands, that support which, howwhat I determined to ward off to the utmost of my ever scanty, I can elsewhere only receive as an unmer. power.

ited indulgence. Since I did a few days please your To give my real reason for so doing, was impossible, eye, I may still please it a few days longer :--perhaps On reviewing every past circumstance, I felt that from a few days longer, therefore, I may still wish to live ; the first wording of the assignation to the close of the in- and when that last blessing, your love, is gone by, view, the successive incidents had been so conducted as when my cheek, faded with grief, has lost the last atto leave me, with every presumptive evidence, not one traction that could meet your favour, then speak, then positive proof of Enphrosyne's having given her con- tell me so, that, burdening you no longer, I may retire sent to my stolen pleasures. No argument against my and die!' compliance with her wishes, founded upon her comply- Spite of the tears of sincere sympathy with which I ing too readily with mine-however valid in itself- answered this speech, the conviction that all might still I therefore knew would be admitted ; and as to the re- be by diligence hushed up, was going to make me urge port of her prior guilt with others,—even my own van- more strenuously than before Euphrosyne's immediate ity shrupk from suffering an imputation so odious to return, when a new incident took place, wbich wholly lessen the merit of my victory, or the value of my prize : changed my inclinations and my feelings. besides I read in the streaming eyes, piteously fixed This was no less than a sudden and forcible invasion upon mine, pangs too acute still to increase them by a of my lodgings by the maiden's relations. It had soon reproach which must inflict equal agony whether just or been discovered by them, that instead of going to the unfounded, Appearing, therefore, to speak more from church, she had come to my abode ; and her friends tendernerness for her whom I addressed, than for my. had thereupon walked forth in a body to claim the self, •Euphrosyne,' said I, “it was unwise, methinks, stray lamb, and to carry it back to the fold, to divulge what but for your own spontaneous avowal Chrysopulo himself indeed was not of the party; it might have remained an inscrutable secret ; it was a only consisted of half-a-dozen of his first and second thousand times more unwise still, when you found that cousins ;—but this posse broke in upon me upceremoby an unexampled privilege this deterred not your niously enough, just as I was uiging my mistress by suitor, yourself to refuse him; but it seems to me the every motive in heaven and upon earth, not to delay her very height of folly willingly to court every form of departure another minute, and immediately proceeded to disgrace, where, as it appears, you still may enjoy, effect by force, what I was only trying by persuasion. every species of distinction. You cannot justify ur My readers already know how little I liked the inconduct in casting without necessity such stain upon terference of strangers in my concerns, and how apt I your family. Hasten, then, to repair the mischief while

was to act in opposition to their wishes and counsels, you still are in time ; return home immediately, as if from no other motive but to assert my independence, you had only offered up a hurried prayer in the church, or to show my daring : they will not therefore be much and obviate by your ready acceptance of the worthy surprised to hear that this unlooked-for incident caused Agyropoli all the impending consequences of your a sudden and entire revolution in my sentiments, and thoughtless and precipitate step.'

that, from wishing Euphrosyne to go, while she ex Alas! I addressed one who, wholly bewildered by pressed a wish to stay, I now would have detained her her own feelings, heeded not, perhaps heard not my by force, even if she had wished to go. Taking hold, words. Euphrosyne, fixing upon me an eye at once therefore, of the maiden by one arm, while Chrysopulo's vacant and supplicating, continued to preserve an un- friends were pulling her away by the other, I swore broken, and, as I thought, stubborn silence, until at that nothing short of death should make me give up a last I deemed it necessary to use terms more decisive persecuted angel, which had thought fit to seek my proand peremptory. Taking two or three hạsty strides tection; and as Euphrosyne herself, when appealed to, across the room, as if still to increase the ferment of seemed to sanction my proceedings, by drawing her my already heated blood : •Euphrosyne,' cried I, “it is veil over her blushing features, her friends were at last impossible you can stay with me. I myself am a wand. induced by the gestures which accompanied my words, erer on the face of the globe,-to-day here,—to-mor- to give up all further attempts at violent measures. row perhaps flying to the earth's furthest extremity, In truth they rejoiced in their vile hearts at having it Your remaining under my uncertain roof can only end to say, that an insurmountable resistance had baffled all in total ruin to us both, I must insist upon your quit- their efforts, Euphrosyne had early been left an orting my abode, ere your own be no longer accessible to phan; her nearest of kin were all dead; and, though your tardy repentance.'

the more distant relations, to whose lot it fell to protect • Ah no!' now cried Euphrosyne, convulsively clasp- her, would have upheld their fair cousiņ most sedulously ing my knees : be not so barbarous ! Shut not your in the world, while they had any chance of deriving an own heart against her, against whom you have barred additional lustre from her establishment, they were every once friendly door. Do not deny her whom you willing enough to drop the connection, as soon as her sihave dishonoured the only asylum she has left, if I tuation was likely to reflect discredit on their name. cannot be your wife, let me be your servant, your However loud and boisterons, therefore, might be the drudge. No service, however mean, shall I recoil from wish they expressed of restoring the fugitive to her fawhen you command. At least before you I shall not mily, there lurked not the less satisfaction at the bottom

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