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Hats.—Small velvet hats, black or dark shaded, Some charming dress scarfs are composed of fine satin, without ties, with one or more feathers, may be worn with dots and borders of flowers, they are either colour with a grand or a demi-toilet, according to the colour over colour, or with coloured designs on a black ground. of the velvet and the feathers. Black velvet and white A superb new material for cloaks and pelisses is the feathers with a ball or high-mounting dress, brown foulard de Smyrne, the designs are an imitation of velvet with coloured feathers with a demi-toilet. Pale Ottoman architecture, and have no analogy with the velvet and white feathers with a full dress.

Indian, English, and French foulards hitherto brought Morning hats have blond ties which terminate at the out. Those which we now notice independently of upper end near the papered curls by a narrow ribbon the attraction of novelty, have the advantage of being bow of a different colour from the hat. Under a deep perfectly adapted for many other parts of the toilet. blue-coloured hat, rose or cherry-coloured bows; the

Blond-satins, rose or white, are also in great vogue bows are almost always of satin.

for ball dresses. African satin is also much employed. We have seen a very handsome dress-hat of a novel

for young ladies, crape and gauze is still employed; description; it was composed of emerald green velvet the only variation allowed them is to embroider of a most beautiful shade. The brim was very small these tissues, as also the organdy and silk-muslin. and round, very much like that of a gentleman's, and Ribbons have never been made so rich as they are now; gradually narrowed towards the nape of the neck; the

we have seen some as high as twenty shillings the crown very small; its only ornament was a wide ribbon yard, black grounds figured in all the colours of the of gold gauze, bordered on each side with a narrow

rainbow, and excessively wide. The Pompadour rib. wreath of foliage figured in green. This ribbon en bon is a flower-de-luced, or chintzed, but in a novel circled the crown at its base, and was fastened behind

manner. The Luxor ribbon is a chaos of the most with two long ends waving on the shoulders.

fantastical designs on a dark coloured ground. Coloured hats, are almost all of one shade. The only fancy deviation allowed, is the ornament of flowers or feathers, of a diferent colour from that of the hat. A very pretty evening hat had the shape turned up

DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES. on one side and surmounted by a paradise bird, the head of which projected from a bow of black ribbon;

PLATE ONE.—FIGURE 1.-Evening Dress.-A the hat was of black velvet. Another hat of light

figured satin dress, flat corsage deep cut round the brown velvet of the same shape, was ornamented with shoulders forming point in front, trimmed with a blond tbree blue feathers gracefully displayed.

mantilla; the sleeves short, ornamented with blond Satin hats are as numerous as velvet ones, they are sabots, and divided by a ribbon bow with long ends. trimmed with satin ribbons of the same colour.

Coiffure separated over the forehead, and disposed in We have seen a very pretty evening dress hat com. long curls on each side of the face, two smooth coques posed of sky-blue velvet; the shape was round, and on the summit of the head, ornamented with fancy turped up en auréole; the crown round and gathered

flowers and a noud of cut ribbon ends. at the top, ornamented with a paradise bird and a neud FIGURE II.- PROMENADE DRESS,- A painted silk of blue satin.

cloak with large cape figuring pelerine, arched round Another of a plainer description was of brown the curve and forming four dents, each terminated by velvet, and ornamented with a single feather arched a silk tassel. A satin hat, small shape, low round back over the crown, one half green, the other brown.

crown, trimmed with narrow bows, and ornamented A brown satin ribbon encircled the crown and formed

with two ostrich feathers. a bow at the stem of the feather.

. Figure III.-EVENING Dress.-An embroidered CAPS.-The trimming of morning caps are narrow in silk dress, flat corsage deep cut round the shoulders, front but wider on the sides, so as to cover the temples | draped in front, the plaits maintained by three narrow more than the forehead. The ribbons are of taffeta or bands, two near the shoulders, and one in the middle; satin; the trimmings of plain silk-net, or lace; the the plaits extend half way down the chest, and tercoques should be extremely short and flat.

minate in a point from which depends an ornament We have noticed several small blond caps, which, formed by three tassels; the sleeves short, and divided instead of flowers, were ornamented with rose and in the middle, trimmed with blond sabots ; the skirt white marabout tips, This ornament is both light and plain Coiffure, the hair separated in smooth bandeau e graceful.

over the forehead and forming full side curls, turned MATERIALS & COLOURS.--Crape and tulle with up behind and plaited, and disposed en couronne, ornaflowers will be the materials most employed for ball mented with two bouquets disposed on each side of the dresses. Black, which it was expected would main | head, and a string of pearls with jewelled ornament tain a great vogut, is already growing out of favour. across the forehead.

Mapy dresses are composed of rich satin embroidered First Hat & Back View.—A velvet hat, small in bright designs, some in colonades, but for the most | round shape, pointed crown, trimmed with large bows, part, the embroidery begins from the hem downwards. and ornamented with three large feathers gracefully

Blond obtains a success which every day grows more displayed over the shape, the ties trimmed with a blond decided, and far superior to that of lace, whose reign in thick gathers. was ephemeral; we are disposed to attribute this vogue Cap & Back View.-A tulle car, the trimming very to the richness and novelty of the designs which have | wide on each side of the face and figuring butterfly. been appropriated to this light tissue.

wings, trimmed with næuds of cut ribbon ends, orna. For morning wrappers, merinos, printed in small mented with a wreath of roses. designs are vere pretty and much employed.

Centre Hat & Back View.-A black velvet hat, closed shape, straight crown, ornamented by two black First Hat.--A figured satin hat, half closed shape, feathers.

low flat crown, ornamented with a feather. Velvet ReticuLE.—A velvet reticule, ornamented Second Hat & Back View,-A satin hat, open with tassels.

shape, edged with a ruche, crown round, tastefully PLATE Two.-FIGURE 1.-Evening Dress.-A ornamented with ostrich feathers. figured Pekin dress, close fitting corsage forming point THIRD Hat & Back View.-A satin hat, small in front, deep cut round the shoulders, and edged open shape, flat crown, ornamented with a bouquet of round the bust with black scolloped lace; short sleeves feather tips. same material as the dress, covered with long em COIFFURE & Back View. The hair parted over the broidered sleeves closed at the wrist by wide bracelets. forehead and forming full side curls, turned up behind A velvet hat, open shape, the brim gradually dimi and elevated in smooth coques on the summit of the nishing towards the nape of the neck, and ornamented head, and ornamented with feathers. with a long feather descending on the neck.

Plate (V.-FIGURE I.-Ball Dress.-A plain Figure II.-BALL DRESS.-An organdy dress, close satin dress, deep cut corsage, open in front, allowing fitting flat corsage, edged round the bust with scolloped a view of the corsage of the under dress, which is blond; a blond mantilla ; short sleeves with long sabots bordered with a narrow embroidered wreath and edged descending low down the arm; the skirt embroidered with an upright blond ; three ribbon bands with a noeud in front from the waist downwards, with two rows of in the middle and one at the point with long ends fastens roses and foliage, between the rows are five bouquets the corsage; the short sleeves of the under dress with of natural flowers disposed at equal distances. Coiffure black lace sabots; the skirt short, full wide and in à la Clotilde.

thick gathers round the waist, trimmed round the hem Figure III.-CARRIAGE Dress.--A painted velvet with a double fall of black lace; the under dress prodress, flat corsage, long sleeves, wide at the shoulders jecting beyond the trimming of the upper dress. Head and close fitting from below the elbow; an embroidered dress, a black lace cap, the trimming disposed en tulle pelerine with long ends descending low down the aureole trimmed with orange coloured ribbon noeuds. skirt, lined with silk and edged with black blond. An Figure II.- WALKING DRESS.- A Tudorienne cmbroidered tulle hat with silk transparent, ornamented embroidered cloak with double cape and falling collar. with two feathers.

Black velvet bat, round open shape, low round crown, First Hat.-A ribbon hat, small shape, flat, in trimmed with satin ribbon and three pinked feathers. clined crown, trimmed with a plain ribbon that encircles FIGURE III.-CARRIAGE Dress.-An embroidered the crown, the ends forming ties.

tulle redingote lined with satin, the corsage high Second Har.—A satin hat, half open shape, high mounting and trimmed round the throat and in front pointed crown, ornamented with ribbon coques and | with a ribbon ruche; the skirt similarly ornamented ; surmounted by a bouquet.

the sleeves long, and wide at the shoulders, divided in Cap & Back View.-An embroidered tulle cap, double bouffang, close fitting from above the elbow. A tastefully trimmed with figured ribbon cornets edged satin hat, open shape, inclined c.own, trimmed with with lace and ornamented with two sprigs of Hyacinth ribbon bows, and ornaniented with two ostrich feathers, blossoms.

one above, the other under the shape. COIFFURE & Back View.-The hair disposed in Hat & BACK View.-A satin hat, capote shape, long ringlets descending on the neck and shoulders, or. round crown, trimmed with satin ornaments edged namented with fancy flowers and a string of pearls. with black blond and a paradise bird.

Plate II.-FIGURE 1.-Evening Dress.-An CAP & Back View.-A blond cap, the trimming in embroidered tulle dress, deep cut, close fitting corsage front resembling butterfiy wings, trimmed with noeuds en pointe, trimmed with a scolloped fall edged with nar. of cut ribbon ends. row blond; short sleeves with double bouffans and Coiffure & Back View.-Coiffure ornamented salots. Head-dress, a transparent dress-hat, orna. with two paradise birds, a bracelet, and two strings mented with two feathers,

of pearls. FIGURE II.--Evening Dress.-A painted satin cloak with large cape, the points in front reaching down to the hem, and terminated by silk tassels, a square

MODES DE PARIS ET DE LONDRES. falling velvet collar fastened in front hy a satin ribbon bow. Coiffure, the hair separated in front forming full

PUISEES AUX SOURCES LES PLUS AUTHENTIQUES: side curls, turned up behind, and elevated in smooth

COMPRENANT UN CHOIX D'EXTRAITS DES JOURNAUX conues encircled at their base by a tress entwined with

DONT LES TITRES SUIVENT:pearls, ornamented with feathers. FIGURE III.-Ball Dress.-A white crape dress,

" Le Follet Courrier des Salons"...“ Le Petit Cour. half high mounting corsage, edged round the bust

rier des Dames-La Mode"...“ Journal des Dames" with narrow lace; short sleeves forming double bouffans

&c. &c. trimmed on the shoulders with a ribbon point figuring La mode des manches collantes est décidément finie ; epaulettes; a satin ceinture fastened in front, the ends toutes les robes de la saison ont des plis ou des poignets. reaching low down the skirt; the skirt embroidered Ces plis, au nombre de trois, retenus á l'intérieur, laisround the hem with a wreath of roses and foliage. The sent le bas de la manche, presque plat. Celles á poi. hair separated in front en bandeau, aud elevated in / gnets se font sur les modèles d il y a quelques années, two coques on the summit of the head, ornamented with excepté le haut qui, malgré plusieurs tentatives, demeure dwarf flowers.

toujours très large. On a noué aussi deux petits bouil.

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