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Offers to his numerous and liberal PATRONS the most sincere thanks for their encouragement afforded him in this undertaking; and while doing this, he respectfully requests a continuance of their favors, in his line of Business. At his Theological Bookstore, No. 50, Cornhill, Boston, he offers to the Religious Public, in particular, a very general assortment of valuable Books, Bibles, Psalm Books, Psalters, Primers, Testaments, and School Books, as cheap as at any store; he has recently published at his presses the following works, Dr. Buchanan's Christian Researches in Asia, complete, in one volume, Dr. Owen's Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews in 4 volumes, Smith's Dissertation on the Prophecies, Foster's Essays, The Gospel Treasury, The Evangelical Instructor, Baxter's Saint's Rest, The Platform of Church Discipline, Hymns for Infant Minds, Watts on Christian Communion, Abbot's Sermons to Mariners, Life of David Brainerd, The Young Minister's Companion, Hymns for Family Worship, by Rev. John Codman, Emerson's Evangelical Primers, a new volume of Sermons by Dr. Emmons, Life of Mrs. Ramsay, The Nature, Extent, and Province of Human Reason, considered, The Imitation of Jesus Christ, by Thomas a Kempis, Milner's History of the Church of Christ, and many others, besides which he is constantly supplying himself with all the approved works published in every part of the union. Every favor gratefully acknowledged.

As but a small part of the papers were returned before publication, it is presumed a large number of Subscribers will not find their names on the list at the end of the volume, to all such he offers this as an excuse, and hopes in future to receive their names in season. Titles were annexed when known.

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