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Whacum shall justifie't your face,

Huffer! quoth Hudibras, This Sword
And prove he vás upon the Place. - Thall down thy falfe throat cram that word,
Nor have I hazarded my Art, Ralpho, make haste, and call an Officer,

Ind Neck, so long, on the State's part Fo, apprehend this Stygian Sophifter;
To be expos d i'th End to suffer, Meanwhile I'll holit 'em at á Bay,
By such a Braggadocio Huffer. festhe and Whacun run away &c.




And tho' you overcame the bear,
The dogs beat you at Brentford fair ;
Where sturdy butchers broke your noddle,
And handld you like a fop-doodle.

Quoth Hudibras, I now perceive
You are no conj’rer, by your leave;
That paltry story is untrue,
And forg’d to cheat such gulls as you.

Not true? quoth he; howe'er you vapour,
I can what I affirm make appear ;
Whachum shall justify ’t to your face,
And prove he was upon the place :
He play'd the saltinbancho's part,
Transform’d t'a Frenchman by my art ;
He stole your cloak, and pick'd your pocket,
Chous’d and caldes'd you like a blockhead,
And what you lost I can produce,
If you deny it, here i’ the house.


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Quoth Hudibras, I do believe That argument's demonstrative ; Ralpho, bear witness, and go fetch us A constable to seize the wretches : For tho' they're both false knaves and cheats, Impostors, jugglers, counterfeits, I'll make them serve for perpendic'lars, As true as e'er were us’d by bricklayers : 1020 They ’re guilty, by their own confessions, Of felony, and at the sessions, Upon the bench I will so handle 'em, That the vibration of this pendulum Shall make all taylors yards of one Unanimous opinion: A thing he long has vapour’d of, But now shall make it out by proof.


Quoth Sidrophel, I do not doubt To find friends that will bear me out; 1030 Nor have I hazarded my art, And neck, so long on the state's part, To be expos'd i' th' end to suffer By such a braggadocio huffer.

Huffer, quoth Hudibras, this sword Shall down thy false throat cram that word; Ralpho, make haste, and call an officer, To apprehend this stygian sophister ; Mean while I'll hold 'em at a bay, Left he and Whachum run away.



But Sidrophel, who from the aspect
Of Hudibras, did now erect
A figure worse portending far,
Than that of most malignant star;

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