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The 2300 years, Dan. viii.[B.C.
14. which comprehend the
length of the vision from a when Xerxes set out to invade Greece, with 5,000,000 of followers, and|A.C.
distinguished pushing of the 481 whose wars were prefigured, Dan. viii. 4. 20. by the pushing of a ram,
Persians for conquest, to the and end in the year

cleansing of the sanctuary,
begin in the year
The 1260 years, Dan. vii. 25. xii. A. When the code of Justinian (the strong-(A.C.

When the trans-
7. Rev. xi. 2. 3. xii. 6. 14. xiii. 5. hold of clerical tyranny) was first publish-

gression of desolathe period of the prosperity of the Pa ed, and about which time this same empe

cion shall end,(Dan. pal beast, till the commencement of ror declared the Bishop of Rome the judge

vii. 13.) and the the decisive attack on his usurpations, of all, but himself to be judged by no one, when his

abomination which begin in the year 529 and enforced uniformity of religious opinion, 1789 prosperity

hath made desolate under pain of the most inhuman penalties; terminates.

thechurch of Christ, The 1290 years, Dan. xii. 11. which and when also the order of Benedictine

and the nations of comprehend, beside the 1260 years, 30 monks, the great support of the Papacy, was

the earth shall be years more for the conflict with Anti founded; and end in the year

brought to a period. christ, begin in the same year 529

and end in the year 1819 (Dan, xii. 11.) The 1335 years, Dan. xii. 12. which are to bring to a still more blessed pe

A.C. riod, begin in the same year 529

and end in the year | 1864

Besides the general slaughter of the witnesses in
the other papistical kingdoms about the same time
(Rev. xi. 7.) those in France were slain by Lewis
XIV, when he repealed the edict of Nants, and
tormented, plundered, banislied, and murdered,
near 2,000,000 of his Protestant subjects, in the

When the French Constituent
Assembly declared civil and

religious liberty to be the right
But who, after being politically dead of all.
three lunar days and a half, or about
105 years, began to revive in the


11685 1 year

Thus the decisive attack upon the errors, usurpations, and tyrannies of the Papal beast, commences | A.C.


in the year

To destroy the Papacy, the Turkish power, and other Antichristian despotisms, at least, so far as to make way for the restoration of the Jews, and to prepare mankind for greater blessings than have ever yet been known upon earth, will take thirty years, the period for the executing the judgments predicted in Isa. xxvi. 20, 21. xxvii. 1. Joel iii. 9—15. Zeph. iii. 8. as also for the gathering the vintage and pouring out of the vials, which are to be the means of cleansing the sanctuary,


To accomplish some other of the wonderful purposes of God, probably to gather and try the Jews preparatory to their conversion, to destroy the remains of tyranny (particularly the dragonic), and to purify and enlarge the Gentile church, will occupy forty-five years more; at the end of which, it is likely, there will be that glorious appearance of the Lord in favour of his servants, promised in Ezek. xxxviii. xxxix. and Zech, xii. 8-14. xiv, and, it is probable, in Rev. xx. 9. Now the Jewish nation is born at овсе, (Isa. Ixvi. 8.) and the distant heathens are to be converted to Christianity, (Isa. lii. 10–15. Jer. xvi. 19. Ezek. xxxix. 21.) This is the time of which Daniel says, Blessed is he that cometh to it, and which is (it' the premnises be good) about the year

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THÁT remains, but that the reader, unbiassed by a

party spirit, seriously revolve in his mind, the proofs which have been adduced, of that tyranny which has so long been exercised in France, to the grievous oppression of the people of that country, and to the great injury of surrounding nations, being that beastly power, which, according to God's word, was to cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed; and whether France be not that tenth part of the great Antichristian city where the witnesses, after what is called three days and a half, were again to rise to political life and power; and whether that time be not arrived ? The consequences connected with the truth of these facts

are unspeakably interesting to every nation in Europe, ' and even to all the world.- Are the distressing calamities

which we have heard of, chastising judgments for sin, and preparatory to the general subversion of the, present order of things?' Their cry, to all surrounding nations, is, Prepare to meet your God.-Let every man and every nation-REPENT and REFORM.

God hearkeneth to hear if any man repent him of his wickedness, saying, What have I done! (Jer, viii. 6.) Let every one, then, break off his sins by righteousness let the church return to its original humble demeanor, its primitive purity, and its first love-let every government reform its abuses, and by the practice of justice and mercy, break every heavy yoke, and by these means make the wilderness and the solitary place glad. Thus might they expect a blessing. But if men be still incorrigible in sin, if systems of oppression, persecution, and war, be still persisted in, if the nations league themselves with Papal Antichrist, for the purpose of supporting him in his corruptions, robberies, usurpations, and tyrannies, in vain will they trust in the wisdom of their counsellors, the multitude of their riches, or in the power of their numerous fleets and armies. He that sitteth in the heavens will have them in derision. When they take counsel, he will bring it to nought; when they associate themselves, he will break them to pieces. The Judge

standet. before the door. And without REPENTANCE and REFORMATION, his judgments will speedily come.

It is the duty of every member of the community to contribute what in him lies to the peace and happiness of his country. Who are the best friends both of our king and constitution; and who perform the best services to their fellow-citizens;---they who exert all their power to perpetuate imperfections and abuses, and who flatter where they ought to condemn; or those who plead for timely reform, that we may ward off the evils inseparable from revolutions, and who lift up their voice against the crying crimes of the nation, that men may repent, and thus the displeasure of God be averted, and his blessing continued to future generations? Who promote most the general interest and happiness ;--they who labour to blind mankind and pervert their judgments; or those who invite them to dispassionate examination, that they may beware of precipitating themselves into destructive measures ;-they who, either by riot and intemperance, or by misrepresentation and calumny, inflame the passions of men, that they may engage them to forward their own interested views; or those who exhort them to serious thoughtfulness, and a peaceable pursuit of those measures which may prolong the quiet and prosperity of our country? He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness; but a false witness deceit.

I may have failed in the execution ; but my aim has been to serve my King and Country, and to promote our common happiness, by investigating a most interesting subject. In doing it, I believe that I have performed, though a small, yet an acceptable service to God.-May it be a useful one to my countrymen! With a heart agitated with the most anxious concern, I pray that the war which threatens us may be averted; and that the angry clouds which are gathering around may sweep by this long favoured country, and spend their stores of vengeance only on the heads of inveterate oppressors,

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EFORE we pass to the second part of our inquiries

relative to the accomplishment of the sacred predictions, it will be proper to notice the animadversions of Mr. Faber (in vol. i. p. 261, of his Dissertation) on what I have brought forward in this first part, relative to the Chronological Prophecies of Daniel and John, their commencement and termination.

His first objection relates to what I have said about the time of the restoration of the Jews. “I feel,” he

says, “ some degree of unwillingness to urge any objection “ against this scheme of Mr. Bicheno, because so very " short a space of time, about thirteen years only, will « either practically demonstrate it to be right (at least so 6 far as the restoration of the Jews is concerned) or effec“ tually preclude the necessity of any verbal confutation. “ With my present views of the subject, it certainly ap

pears to be erroneous in every point; and it is my firm “ belief that the rapidly approaching year 1819 will prove “ it to be so.” If my whole scheme of interpretation depends upon the particular year in which the Jews will begin to return, it may be as Mr. Faber believes; but I am certain it does not. It will be recollected that I have asserted nothing positively as to the particular year when the return of the Jews will begin, but hypothetically only ; nor do I think there is any thing said throughout the whole compass of prophecy by which we may be enabled to ascertain within ten or twenty years,


way or that, when it will commence: even allowing the termination of the prophetic 1260 years to be determined. The angel, indeed, said to Daniel, And at that time shall

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