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We do not say that there is nothing better than this doggrel. About the prettiest poem in the volume is the following, by L. E. L.

Vain folly of another age,-,

This wandering over earth,
To find the peace, by some dark sin

Banished our household hearth.
On Lebanon the dark

green pines
Wave over sacred ground,
And Carmel's consecrated rose

Springs from a hallow'd mound.
Glorious the truth they testify,

And blessed is their name;
But even in such sacred spot

Are sin and woe the same.
Oh, pilgrim, vain each toilsome step,

every weary day;
There is no charm in soil or shrine,

To wash thy guilt away,
Return, with prayer and tear return,

To those who weep at home;
To dry their eyes

will more avail,
Than o'er a world to roam.
• There's hope for one who leaves with shame

The guilt that lured before.
Remember, He who said “Repent,"

Said also, “ Sin no more."
• Return, and in thy daily round

Of duty and of love,
Thou best will find that patient faith

Which lifts the soul above.
• In

innocent prayer each child
Lisps at his father's knee,
If thine has been to teach that prayer,

There will be hope for thee.
There is a small white church that stands

Beside thy father's grave;
There kneel and pour those earnest prayers

That sanctify and save.
• Around thee draw thine own home ties,

And, with a chastened mind,
In meek well doing seek that peace

No wanderer will find.
• In charity and penitence

Thy sin will be forgiven.
Pilgrim ! the heart is the true shrine

prayers ascend to heaven.'


We have looked through the Keepsake, to find some poetical trifle worth extracting ; but without success. The noble lords and honourables may be poets among peers, but they are clearly not peers among poets.

NOTICES. Art. VIII. The Lady's Almanack and Annual Miscellany, for the

Year 1830. Embellished with beautiful Views of British and Fo

reign Scenery. In silk, with morocco case. We must find a corner in our pages for a notice of this extremely tasteful little annual,—which, though of humbler size and more modest pretensions, has the advantage in more than one respect over its more aspiring competitors. In the first place, the poetry, if not original, is all worth reading, and remembering, for the selection gives us the cream of the literature of the day. Secondly, the interest of the volume is sure to increase, the more use is made of it; and as it will certainly last a year, will long outlive that of the picture books. Thirdly, it has undoubtedly superior claims to the title of a remembrancer. Fourthly, each engraving stands a good chance of being looked at for a month together; and though nothing may be written upon these illustrations, lines of mystic interest, of prophetic import, are written under each, the true character of which every one must unravel for himself. The work, as the title indicates, is, or rather includes, an almanack,a moral time-piece, sure to go true, and the case is almost worth the money. Besides the usual contents of such works, we have a Life of Madame de Stael, with portrait; a scene from Sir Walter Scott's · Anne of Geierstein’; the Destruction of Jerusalem, from “ Salathiel"; a tale of the Maldive Islands from Ibn Batuta; and a selection of poetry by Mrs. Hemans, Miss Baillie, Bishop Heber, Mrs. Godwin, &c. There are fourteen head-pieces, very neatly engraved, consisting of landscapes in miniature, some of them from Prout's designs.

Art. IX. 1. The Spirit of Pascal : comprising the Substance of his

Moral and Religious Works. Second Edition. 32mo. Price ls.

London. 1829. 2. Fenelon's Devout Meditations complete. Price 1s. London. 1829. Two admirable specimens of translation, got up with a rare display of typographical taste. Fenelon's · Pious Reflections for every Day • in the Month', are probably well known to most of our readers : to these are added, in the present edition, his brief Meditations on Scriptural Subjects, and Thoughts on Sickness. The Spirit of Pascal has been carefully distilled from the somewhat desultory and occasionally obscure materials of the original; the language of which is, however, faithfully rendered. The object of the Editor has been, to give to it

, the character of a consecutive treatise, arranged in nineteen sections. A spirited notice of the Life of Pascal is prefixed. They are two very nice and cheap little pocket companions.




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Messrs. Holdsworth and Ball have in the Press, new editions of Dr. J. Pye Smith's Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, much improved, and enlarged by more than one-fourth of New Matter, in 3 Vols. 8vo.; -of Foster's Essays on Decision of Character, &c.;—and of the Netural History of Enthusiasm.

In the Press, Sermons, preached in St. James's Chapel, Newport, Isle of Wight, by the Rev. J. Binney, now of London. 1 Vol. 8vo.

In the Press, The Early Reformation in Spain, and Some Account of the Inquisition. Translated from the French, by the late A. F. Ramsay, M.D. With a Memoir of the Translator. Post 8vo.

In the Press, Questions and Answers on the History of France. By a Lady.

Nearly ready, the Ecclesiastical Polity, and other Works, of Richard Hooker. Wit an Introduction and numerous Notes. By Benjamin Hanbury,

The Society for the Promotion of Ecclesiastical Knowledge announce for publication on the 1st of January next, No. I. (price 6d.) of the Library of Ecclesiastical Knowledge,—“ On Free Enquiry in Religion."

The Rev. John Clayton, Jun., has in the Press, an Address to a Wedding Party ; printed at request.

The Rev. Jos. Fletcher is preparing for publication, a fourth edition of his “ Lectures on the Principles and Institutions of the Roman Catholic Religion," with important Additions, and an Appeal on the Duty of Protestants at the present Crisis.

Messrs. Westley and Davis announce for publication early in the ensuing Year, an edition of the Old Testament, according to the Established Version, with the exception of the Substitution of the original Hebrew Names in place of the English Words Lord and God, and of a few Corrections thereby rendered necessary. With Notes by the Editor.

Notices of the Brazils, in 1828-9, by the Rev. R. Walsh, LL.D., will shortly appear.

A new edition of the Rev. H. F. Burder’s Mental Discipline, with many Additions, is in the Press.

The principal Memoirs in the Fourteenth Volume of the Annual Biography and Obituary (for 1830), will be of Sir William Hoste, the Countess of Derby, Lieut.-Col. Denham, Sir Humphry Davy, William Shield, Esq., Sir Edward West, Earl of Harrington, Thomas Harrison (Architect), Sir Brent Spencer, Lord Colchester, Dr. George Pearson, Mr. Terry, Sir David Baird, William Stevenson, Esq., Earl of Buchan, Mr. Thomas Bewick, Sir James Atholl Wood, Archibald Fletcher, Esq., Dr. Wollaston, John Reeves, Esq., Lord Harris, Mr. Baron Hullock, William Thomas Fitzgerald, Esq., Earl of Huntingdon, &c. &c.



Early in December will be published, price 11. 8s. Plain, or 21. 16s. beautifully Coloured, and Folded up in a Portable Form, The Panorama of the Thames, from London to Richmond, exhibiting every Object on both Banks of the River. This work has been the labour of nearly Two Years. It is upwards of Sixty Feet in Length, and on a scale of sufficient extent to exhibit every Building on either Shore of the River, in a distinct form. It is accompanied by Descriptive Notices of the most remarkable Places ; and preceded by a General View of London, Five Feet Five Inches in Length, taken from an elevated situation in the Adelphi, which commands a larger portion of the Metropolis, and more interesting Objects, than can be seen from any other spot.

In the Press, and shortly will be published, new editions of the Rev. H. Blunt's (of Chelsea) Lectures on the History of Jacob and Peter; each in One Volume, 12mo.

Early in Jannary will be published, Remains of the late Alexander Fisher, Minister of the United Associate Congregation in Dumfermline. With a Memoir and Portrait. One Vol. 8vo.

In the Press, a second edition, in 2 Vols. 8vo., of Essays on the Principles of Morality, and on the Private and Political Rights and Obligations of Mankind. By Jonathan Dymond.

In the Press, the Etymological Spelling-Book ; being an Introduction to the Spelling, Pronunciation, and Derivation of the English Language : containing, besides several other important Improvements, above Three Thousand Words deduced from their Greek and Latin Roots. Adapted for the Use of Classical and Ladies' Schools, and also of Adults and Foreigners. By Henry Butter, Author of “ Gradations in Reading and Spelling."

Also, Inductive Grammar; being a Simple and Easy Introduction to a Grammatical Knowledge of the English Language. Designed for the Use of Beginners. By an Experienced Teacher.

The First Number of a new Topographical Dictionary of Great Britain and Ireland, by Mr. J. Gorton, Editor of the “ General Biographical Dictionary,” &c., will appear in January. To each Number will be annexed a Quarto Map, engraved on Steel, by Mr. Sydney Hall.

In the Press, a View of the Scripture Revelations concerning a Future State. Laid before his Parishioners, by a Country Pastor.

Preparing for publication, The Executor's Account-Book ; or, a Safe and Easy Method of keeping Executorship Accounts. With an adequate number of Ruled Pages, so arranged as to be adapted to the circumstances of any Estate; and copious Instructions, conveyed through the medium of a fictitious Will, the Accounts under which are accurately Arranged and Posted. By John H. Brady, late of the Legacy Duty Office, Somerset House; Author of “ Plain' Instructions to Executors and Administrators,” &c.

In the Press, Evening Amusements; or, the Beauties of the Heavens Displayed ; for the Year 1830.

Time's Telescope. We are requested by the Editor of the first Sixteen Volumes of this work, to acquaint the Subscribers, that the Copyright having passed into other hands, he is in no way connected with the forthcoming Volume for 1830.

The following Works are preparing for immediate publication :

1. Satan. A Poem, in Three Books. By the Author of " The Omnipresence of the Deity.”

2. The Treasury of Knowledge. In Two Parts. By S. Maunder.

3. The Civil and Ecclesiastical History of England, from the Invasion of the Romans to the Passing of the Catholic Relief Bill, in 1829. By C. St. George. In 2 Thick Volumes, Demy 12mo.

4. 1829. A Poem. By Edward W. Coxe, Author of “ The Opening of the Sixth Seal.” În 1 Volume, small 8vo.

5. Poems, by the Author of " Posthumous Papers." In 1 Volume, small 8vo.

6. A School Edition of the Omnipresence of the Deity ; in which that Poem only is printed.


MISCELLANEOUS. The Englishman's Almanack; or, Daily Calendar of General Information for the United Kingdom, for 1830; on an entirely new plan, comprehending a great Variety of Illustrative Details, and many Directions of universal Importance. Price 2s. 6d.

The Tradesman's and Mechanic's Alma. nack, for 1830: containing an Abundance of such Information as will be Useful and Interesting to Persons employed in Trade and Mechanical Arts. Price 28. 6d.

The Union Collection of Hymns, additional to the Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts : comprising that part of the Union Collection of Hymns and Sacred Odes adapted to Public Worship. Second Edition. 48mo. 2s. 6d.

Man's Enmity to God ; and Mercy for the Chief of Sinners. Two Discourses. By the late Stephen Charnock. 32mo. 2s.

The Scripture Reader's Guide to the Devotional Use of the Holy Scriptures. By Caroline Fry. Second Edition. 2s. 6d. half-bound.



Is the Doctrinal, Practical, Experimental System of the Rev. Legh Richmond, the " True, Scriptural, Evangelical Religion," as it professes to be, while all others are “ Mere Innovations and Assumptions of that Title?” A Serious Enquiry, addressed to William Wilberforce, Esq. 12mo.

The Scriptures Fulfilled; or, the Bible the Word of God. In Seven Lectures on the Fulfilment of Scripture Prophecies, especially those whose Fulfilment may be seen in the Present Day. By Robert Weaver. Post 8vo. 58.

The Man of Sin. A Sermon, preached at the Independent Chapel at Tattenhall, Cheshire, October 7, 1829, at the Annual Meeting of the Tattenhall Branch Missionary Society, and the Half-yearly Meeting of the Cheshire Union. By James Turner. Published at the request of the Ministers and other Friends present. 8vo. Is.

Delineations of the North-Western Division of the County of Somerset; includ. ing the Parishes, Manors, Towns, Villages, Churches, Antiquities, Gentlemen's Seats, &c. With a Descriptive Account of the Antediluvian Bone Caverns in the Mendip Hills ; and a Geological Sketch of the District. By John Rutter. Illustrated with Six Engravings on Copper, Six on Stone, upwarda »f Thirty on Wood, and a Map coloured Geologically. 15s.

Mr. Rutter has also just published a Series of Views, consisting of Twenty Additional Illustrations of the Ecclesiastical and Domestic Architecture of the NorthWestern Division of Somersetshire. 7s, 6d.

The Modern Traveller. ' Part LVIII. Containing North America, continued. Price 2s. 6d.

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