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PRICE TWO SHILLINGS PER VOLUME. Under this title, WARD, LOCK, and TYLER will issue from time to time

Popular Works of Fiction by well-known Authors. Each Volume is clearly printed or good paper, and

strongly bound in Boards, with Linen Back. 1. The Morals of May-Fair. By the 15. He would Be a Gentleman. By Author of "Creeds.”

Author of “Handy Andy." 2. The Cruise of the Daring: a Sea 16. Father Darcy. By Mrs. Marsh,

Tale. By Captain Armstrong. Author of Emilia Wyndham.” 3. The Sailor Hero; or, the Frigate 17. Marrying Man. Author of “ Jilt."

and the Lugger. By Captain 18. My Pretty Cousin. By Author of Armstrong:

“Jilt." 4. Margaret Catchpole, the Suffolk 19. Lady Evelyn. By Author of

Girl. By the Rev. R. Cobbold, “Emilia Wyndham.” 5. John Steggall, the Suffolk Gipsy. 20. Mary Rock. By Percy B. St. John.

By the author of "Margaret 21. Love and Jealousy. Mrs. Trollope.
Catchpole,” who has been a 22. Peep of Day. By Banim.
Gipsy, a Sailor, a Soldier, and 23. Mordaunt Hall. By Author of
now a Clergyman.

“Emilia Wyndham,”. 6. Stuart of Dunleath. By the Hon. 24. Confessions of a Pretty Woman.

Mrs. Norton, Author of “Lost 25. Young Husband. By Mrs. Grey, and Saved.

26. Breach of Promise. By Author of 7. Wild Oats. By Sir Lascelles “Jilt.” Wraxall, Bart.

27. History of a Flirt. By Author of 8. The Jilt. By Author of “History “Jist.” of a Flirt."

28. Amy Moss. By Percy B. St. John. 9. The French Detective Officer's 29. Poe's Tales of Mystery and ImaAdventures. By“ Waters.”

gination. 10. The Attractive Man. By Mrs. 30. Jack Brag. By Theodore Hook.

Trollope, Author of “Love and 31. Time the Avenger. Mrs, Marsh.
Jealousy," &c.

32. The Daughters. By Mrs. Grey. 11. Marian; or, the Fortunes nd Ad. 33. Irish Stories and Legends. By

ventures of a Poor Girl. By Samuel Lover.
Mrs. S. C. Hall.

34. Disgrace to the Family. Jerrold. 12. The Opera Singer's Wife. By 35. Twelve Months of Matrimony. Mrs. Grey.

By Emile Carlen. 13. Emilia Wyndham. Mrs. Marsh. 36. Gambler's Wife. By Mrs. Carey.. 14. Life of a Beauty. By Author of 37. Bride Elect. By Author of "Jilt." “Jilt.”

38. Picnic Papers. Charles Dickens.

The Best Cheap Series of Popular Books published, of which more

than 400,000 have been sold.

Now ready, PRICE TWO SHILLINGS Each. Beatrice; or, the Unknown Relatives. The Wide, Wide World. By Miss By Miss Sinclair.

Wetherell, Author of "The Old Hel. Modern Society; or, the March of In. met," “Queechy,” &c. tellect. By Miss Sinclair.

Alone. By Marion Harland. Uncle Tom's Cabin. Illustrated. By Mary Ann Wellington. By R. CobMrs. Stowe.

bold. How Could he Help It?. By the Au. Ida May.

thor of “I've been Thinking: Mysterious Marriage. By E. Graham. To Love and to be Loved. By the Nellie of Truro. By the Author of

Author of “I've been Thinking.” “Estelle."
The Star and the Cloud ; or, a The Nun. By Mrs. Sherwood.
Daughter's Love. By the Author Holiday House. By Catherino Sin.
of "I've been Thinking."

clair. I've been Thinking; or, the Secret of True to the Last. _A new and inter

Success. By A. S. Roe. Revised and esting Work. By the Author of

Edited by Rev. C. B. Tayler, M.A. I've been Thinking."
Lamplighter. By Miss Cummins. Mary Bunyan; or, the Dreamer's
Modern Flirtations. By Miss Sinclair, Blind Daughter. By S. Rochester
The Monk. By Mrs. Sherwood.

London : WARD, LOCK, and TYLER, 158, Fleet Street.

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WELL-TIMED SERIES OF SELECT ILLUSTRATED THREE AND SIXPENNY VOLUMES. Suitable for Presents and School Prizes, and especially adapted

for Young People. Each Volume beautifully Illustrated, well printed, efficiently edited, and

handsomely bound in extra cloth, gilt sides, back, and edges. 1. The Wonders of the World, in | 10. The Marvels of Nature; or, Ont

Earth, Sea, and Sky, as related to lines of Creation. By Elisha his Young Friends. By Uncle Noyce. With 400 Engravings by John.

the Brothers Dalziel. 2. Fifty Celebrated Men: their Lives 11. Evenings at Home; or, tho Juve

and Trials, and the Deeds that nile Budget Opened. Consisting made them Famous. Illustrated of a variety of Miscellaneous with numerous Engravings on Pieces for the Instruction and Wood.

Amusement of Young Persons. 3. Fifty Celebrated Women: their vir. By Dr. Aikin and Mrs. Bar

tues and Failings, and the Lessons bauld.
of their Lives. Illustrated with 12. The Boy's Book of Industrial In-
numerous Wood Engravings.

formation. By Elisha Noyce. 4. The Life and Surprising Adven- With 365 Engravings by Dalziel

tures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Bros.
Mariner. By Daniel Defoe. With 13. Fern Leaves from Fanny's Port-
a Biographical Sketch of the Au. folio. First and Second Series,
thor. Embellished with a great complete. Beautifully Illustrated

number of Engraviugs on Wood. with page and other Engravings. 5. The History of Sandford and Mer14. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

ton. By Thomas Day. Illustrated (from this world to that which with 100 Engravings by the Bro- is to come). A New Edition, thers Dalziel.

with a Memoir. Illustrated with 6. A Boy's Life Aboard Ship, as it is 100 Engravings by the Brothers

Told by Himself. Full of Adven- Dalziel.
ture and Daring Deeds.

15. Famous Boys, and How they Be7. Life in a Whaler; or, Perils and came Famous Men. By the Au

Adventures in the Tropical Seas. thor of "Clever Boys.' NumeBy Sailor Charley.

rous Engravings. New Edition. 8. Great Inventors: the Sources of 16. The Triumphs of Perseverance

their Usefulness, and the Results and Enterprise. By Thomas of their Efforts. Embellished Cooper. Fully Illustrated. New with numerous Engravings.

Edition. 9. Household Stories. Collected by 17. Boy's Book of Travel and Adven.

the Brothers Grimm; to which is ture. By Meredith Jones. Nu-
added "The Caravan:" an East- merous Illustrations. New Edi.
ern Tale. By William Hauff. tion.
Profusely Illustrated with Wood 18. Edgar's Crusades and Crusaders.
Engravings from Designs by

With numerous Illustrations.
Eminent Artists.

New Edition.


LANGUAGE. Royal 16mo, cloth boards. * WARD, Lock, and TYLER can justly claim the priority of producing Webster's Dictionary in a compact and portable form, and they have much pleasure in recording the fact that Tens of Thousands have been sold within the past few years, and that it is now the acknowledged Dictionary. These facts have doubtlessly induced reckless publishers to overstep the bounds of fair and honourable competition-- by issuing very much abridged rival Editions, which appear to be Bad Copies of Ward, Lock, and Tyler's Edition, rather than what they pretend to be-new books. Ward, Lock, and Tyler cannot refrain from remarking thy could bave been only candid on the part of the Editors to have acknoy

sources from which they were deriving the little information w

es contain,




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