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PRICE TWO SHILLINGS EACH. This List will be found to Contain some of the Best Works

by the most Favourite Authors of the Day. Indian Maiden Percy B. St. John Captain Macdonald

Lang Black Angel Hayward Man of the World

Fullom Stephen Langton Martin F. Tupper The Widow Married Mrs. Trollope Curiosities of Detection Curtis Sketches in London

Grant Irish Police Officer

Zana the Gipsy

Stevens Indian Tales Percy B. St. John Nick of the Woods

R. Bird Red Queen

Fern Leaves

Fanny Fern Life of a Race-horse

John Mills Love at First Sight Captain Curling Leah, the Jewish Maiden

Old English Gentleman John Mills Hector Mainwaring Fonblanque The Matchmaker Banker's Wife


Author of "Cousin Geoffrey" Father Eustaco

Mrs. Trollope Ambition; or, the Prelate Smith Robinson Crusoe (Illustrated) De Foe Say and Seal Doctor's Note-Book

Guy Author of “Wide, Wide World” Saucy Arethusa

Chamier Experience of a French DetecHajji Baba in England J. Morier tive Officer

Waters Rich Relations

Miss Pardoe The Gambler's Wife Mrs. Grey The Briefless Barrister John Mills | Privateer

Capt. Armstrong The French Detective

Canler Only a Woman Capt. L. Wraxall Romance of the Seas

Waters Adventures of Wilderspin Halliday The Smuggler

Wild Huntress

Mayne Reid By Author of "Peep o' Day” Ben Brace

Capt. Chamier Cross Purposes

M. Casson | Diary of a Physician Dr. Hillyard The Irish Police Magistrate Addison Diary of a London Physician Staples



Etiqnette for Ladies and Gentlemen: being a Complete Guide to Ball Room

Weddings, Visiting, &c., &c. The Clerk's Instructor and Manuals. With Useful Instruction on Business

Matters and Private Conduct. The Horse : How to Choose Him, How to Use Him; with Hints and Cautions

to Purchasers. Health; or, the Art of Self-Management. With a Treatise on the Turkish

Bath, Bathing, &c. Hints and Helps for Emergencies, Accidents, Pecuniary Embarrassments,

and Legal Difficulties. The Mother's Medical Adviser, and Guide for Emergencies, with Practical

Directions for Diet, Clothing, and General Management. Hints on Elocution and Public Speaking. By C. W. Smith, Author of “Com.

mon Blunders.” Best Method of Doing Common Things: 400 Household Receipts and Prac.

tical Hints. The Practical Letter Writer, with Hints and Rules for Epistolary Corre

Precept and Example.
ry Book, containing all necessary Directions for preparing
m, and Plain Dinners, &c., &c., &c.
n, and Kitchen Garden. Practical Instructions for the
Flowers, Shrubs, Culinary Vegetables, &c., &c.

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