The Constitutional and Political History of the United States, Volume 4

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Page 298 - and rest upon the following propositions—First: That all questions pertaining to slavery in the territories, and in the new states to be formed therefrom, are to be left to the decision of the people residing therein, by their appropriate representatives, to be chosen by them for that purpose.
Page 306 - We arraign this bill as a gross violation of a sacred pledge; as a criminal betrayal of precious rights: as part and parcel of an atrocious plot to exclude from a vast unoccupied region immigrants from the old world, and free laborers from our own states, and convert it into a dreary region of despotism, inhabited by masters and slaves.
Page 71 - The power of this republic, at the present moment, is spread over a region one of the richest and most fertile on the globe, and of an extent in comparison with which the possessions of the house of Hapsburg are but as a patch on the earth's surface.
Page 328 - Except the eighth section of the act preparatory to the admission of Missouri into the Union, approved March (>, 1820, which was superseded by the principle of the legislation of 1850, commonly called the compromise measures, and is
Page 295 - or repealing the Mexican laws, or by an act declaratory of the true intent of the constitution and the extent of the protection afforded by it to slave property in the territories; so your committee are not prepared now to recommend a departure from the course pursued on that memorable occasion, either by
Page 52 - them by our acts of congress, and will forfeit their claim to the protection of their country. No such persons must expect the interference of this government, in any form, on their behalf, no matter to what extremities they may be reduced in consequence of their conduct.
Page 254 - With an experience thus suggestive and cheering, the policy of my administration will not be controlled by any timid forebodings of evil from expansion. Indeed, it is not to be disguised that our attitude as a nation and our position on the globe, render the acquisition of certain possessions, not within our jurisdiction, eminently important for our protection, if not in the future
Page 298 - And in such stale or states as shall be formed out of said territory north of said Missouri compromise line, slavery, or involuntary servitude, (except for crime), shall be prohibited.
Page 352 - nothing herein contained shall be construed to revive or put in force anv law or regulation which may have existed prior to the act of 6th of March, 1820, either protecting, establishing, prohibiting, or abolishing slavery.
Page 304 - as to apply to the territory contemplated by this act, or to any other territory of the United States; but that the citizens of the several states or territories shall be at liberty to take and hold their slaves within

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