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In erecting a monument to the honour of Mr. Gray, let Mr. Mason be careful that he does not, by his behaviour, unthinkingly erect one of another kind for himself. Nor fhould this advice be defpifed, because it proceeds from a perfon he but little regards; truth being the fame, through whatever channel it runs.

After this detail, it remains to say something of the present edition; and this can be comprized within a very few words. It cannot be denied that it appears under some disadvantages; but there are advantages to compenfate for thefe: The reader is left in full poffeffion of all Mr. Gray's valuable and best poems; and fome articles are added which are not to be met with in any other edition of the author's works. The plates are engraved at a confiderable expence from original defigns; and four NEW PLATES have been defigned and engraved for this edition.


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R. THOMAS GRAY, the fubject of this memoir, was born in Cornhill, the twenty-fixth day of December 1716. His grandfather had been

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