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The Chickamauga Campaign (continued), the East Tennessee

Campaign, Wheeler and Roddey's Raid, etc.

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Aug. 10-22, 1863.—Raid on the Mississippi Central Railroad from the Big Black

River, Miss., to Memphis, Tenn., with skirmishes at Payne's
Plantation, near Grenada, Miss. (18th); at Panola, Miss. (20th),

and at the Coldwater, Miss. (21st).

10-26, 1863.— The Thirteenth Army Corps transferred from Vicksburg, Miss.,

to Carrollton, La.

12, 1863.—The First Division, Ninth Army Corps, arrives from Vicksburg

at Covington, Ky.

Skirmish at Big Black River Bridge, Miss.

12–23, 1863.-Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., to Grenada, Miss., with skir-

mishes at Craven's Plantation, Miss. (14th), and Grenada,

Miss. (17th).

13, 1863.-Skirmish at Jacinto, Miss.

16, 1863.-Skirmish near Corinth, Miss.

16-20, 1863.-Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., to Hernando, Miss., with skir-

mish (17th) near Panola, Miss.

16-Sept. 22, 1863.-The Chickamauga Campaign.

16-Oct. 19, 1863.—The East Tennessee Campaign.

19, 1863.–Skirmish at Weems' Springs, Tenn.

20-Sept. 2, 1863.—Expedition from Vicksburg, Miss., to Monroe, La.[

27, 1863.-Skirmish at Mount Pleasant, Miss.

Skirmish near Vicksburg, Miss.

Sept. 1-7, 1863.-Expedition from Natchez, Miss., to Harrisonburg, La.S

* Embraces the Confederate reports of the Chickamauga Campaign and the Union

and Confederate reports of the East Tennessee Campaign, and all other miscella-

neous events, within the territory covered by the volume, from August 16-October

19, 1863.

fOf some of the minor conflicts noted in this Summary, no circumstantial reports

are on file. All such are designated in the Index.

| See Series I, Vol. XXVI, Part I, p. 248.

$ See Series I, Vol. XXVI, Part I, p. 273,


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Sept. 1-10, 1863.-Expeditions from Paducah, Ky., and Union City, Tenn., to Con.

yersville, Tenn., and skirmish September 5. 7, 1863.--Skirmish at Holly Springs, Miss.

Skirmish near Jacinto (or Glendale), Miss. 11, 1863.–Skirmish at Baldwin's Ferry, Big Black River, Miss. 11-16, 1863.- Expedition from Corinth, Miss., to Henderson, Tenn., with skir

mishes at Clark's Creek Church (13th) and near Henderson

(14th). Expedition from La Grange to Toone's Station, Tenn., with skir

mish (16th) at Montezuma. 13, 1863.—Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, commanding Army of the Tennessee,

ordered to send all his available forces to Corinth and Tuscumbia to support Major-General Rosecrans on the Tennes

see River.

Skirmish at Paris, Tenn.
18, 1863.–Affair near Fort Donelson, Tenn.

19, 1863.–Skirmish at Como, Tenn.
19-25, 1863.- Expedition from Fort Pillow to Jackson, Tenn.
20–30, 1863.—Expedition from Paducah, Ky., to McLemoresville, Tenn.
22–30, 1863.—The First, Second, and Fourth Divisions of the Fifteenth Army

Corps start en route from Vicksburg, Miss., to Chattanooga,

Tenn. 23, 1863.–Skirmishes at Summertown and Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 23–26, 1863.-Skirmishes in front of Chattanooga, Tenn. 24-Oct. 3, 1863.—The Eleventh and Twelfth Army Corps transferred from

the Army of the Potomac to the Army of the Cumberland.* 26, 1863.-Skirmish near Winchester, Tenn.

Skirmish at Hunt's Mill, near Larkinsville, Ala. 27, 1863.-Skirmish at Locke's Mill, near Moscow, Tenn. 27-Oct. 1, 1863.-Expedition from Messinger's Ford, Big Black River, to

Yazoo City, Miss., with skirmishes at Brownsville (September 28) and Moore's Ford, near Benton (Sep

tember 29). Expedition from Corinth, Miss., into West Tennessee,

with skirmish at Swallow Bluffs, Tenn. (September 30). 28, 1863.-Skirmish at Buell's Ford, Tenn. 29, 1863.-Skirmish at Friendship Church, Tenn. 30-Oct. 17, 1863.—Wheeler and Roddey's raid on Rosecrans' communica

tions. Oct. 2, 1863.–Skirmish near Chattanooga, Tenn. 3, 1863.-Skirmish at Forked Deer Creek, Miss.

Skirmish at Bear Creek, Tenn. 4-17, 1863.-Chalmers' raid in West Tennessee and North Mississippi. 5, 1863.—The Second Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, starts en route

from Memphis to Chattanooga, Tenn. 8, 1863.–Skirmish near Chattanooga, Tenn. 9, 1863.-Skirmish at Elk River, Tenn. 10, 1863.- Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger, U. S. Army, assumes command of

the Fourth Army Corps, formed by the consolidation of the

Twentieth and Twenty-first Army Corps.

Skirmish at Ingraham's Plantation, near Port Gibson, Miss. 10-11, 1863.-Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., to Hernando, Miss., with skir

mish (11th) near Hernando. * For orders, correspondence, and reports relating to this movement, see Series I, Vol. XXIX, Part I, p. 146.

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Oct. 10–14, 1863.—Expedition from Gallatin to Carthage, Tenn., with skirmish (10th)

near Hartsville. 14-20, 1863.-Expedition from Messinger's Ferry on the Big Black River,

toward Canton, Miss. Expeditions from Natchez and Fort Adams, Miss., to Red River,

La., with skirmish at Red River (14th). 16, 1863.-The Military Division of the Mississippi (consisting of the De

partments of the Cumberland, Ohio, and Tennessee) created, and Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant assigned to the command. Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas ordered to command the Department

of the Cumberland, vice Maj. Gen. W. S. Rosecrans, relieved.

Skirmish near Island No. 10, Tenn.
17, 1863.-Skirmish near Satartia, Miss.
18, 1863.-

Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, U. S. Army, assumes command of the

Military Division of the Mississippi. 19, 1863.–Skirmish at Smith's Bridge, Miss.

AUGUST 16-SEPTEMBER 22, 1863.-The Chickamauga Campaign.


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Aug. 16–17, 1863.-General advance of the Army of the Cumberland.

17, 1863.-Skirmish at Calfkiller Creek, near Sparta, Tenn.
21, 1863.-Skirmish at Maysville, Ala.

Action at Shellmound, Tenn.

Bombardment of Chattanooga, Tenn. 22–24, 1863.-Expedition from Tracy City, Tenn., to the Tennessee River.

24, 1863.-Skirmish at Gunter's Landing, near Port Deposit, Ala. 26–27, 1863.-Skirmishes at Harrison's Landing, Tenn.

28, 1863.-Skirmish at the Narrows, near Shellmound, Tenn. 28–31, 1863.–Reconnaissance from Stevenson, Ala., to Trenton, Ga.

29, 1863.-Skirmish at Caperton's Ferry, Ala. 30-31, 1863.—Reconnaissance from Shellmound toward Chattanooga, Tenn.

31, 1863.-Skirmish in Will's Valley, Ala. Sept. 1, 1863.-Skirmishes at Will's Creek and at Davis', Tap's, and Neal's Gaps,

3, 1863.-Skirmish near Alpine, Ga.
5, 1863.-Reconnaissance from Winston's Gap into Broomtown Valley,

Skirmish at Lebanon, Ala.
Skirmish near Alpine, Ga.

Destruction of salt-works at Rawlingsville, Ala.
6, 1863.-Skirmish at Stevens' Gap, Ga.
B-7, 1863.-Skirmishes at Summerville, Ga.
7, 1863.-Skirmish at Stevenson, Ala.

Reconnaissance toward Chattanooga and skirmish in' Lookout

Valley, Tenn.
8, 1863.-Skirmish at Winston's Gap, Ala.

Skirmish at Alpine, Ga.
9, 1863.-Chattanooga, Tenn., occupied by the Union forces.

Skirmish at Friar's Island, Tenn.

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Sept. 9, 1863.--Skirmish at Lookout Mountain, Ga. 10, 1863.—Reconnaissance from Alpine toward Rome, La Fayette, and

Summerville, Ga., and skirmish at Summerville.

Skirmishes at Pea Vine Creek, and near Graysville, Ga.
11, 1863.— Reconnaissance toward Rome, Ga.

Skirmish near Blue Bird Gap, Ga.
Skirmish at Davis' Cross-Roads (or Davis' House), near Dug

Gap, Ga.
Skirmish near Rossville, Ga.

Skirmish near Ringgold, Ga.
11-13, 1863.-Skirmishes near Lee and Gordon's Mills, Ga.
12, 1863.-Skirmish at Alpine, Ga.

Skirmish at Dirt Town, Ga.
Skirmish near Leet's Tan-yard, or Rock Spring, Ga.

Skirmish on the La Fayette road, near Chattooga River, Ga.
13, 1863.-Reconnaissance from Lee and Gordon's Mills toward La Fayette,

Ga., and skirmish.
Reconnaissance from Henderson's Gap, Ala., to La Fayette, Ga.,

and skirmish.

Skirmish near Summerville, Ga. 14, 1863.—Skirmish near La Fayette, Ga. 15, 1863.-Skirmish at Trion Factory, Ga.

Skirmish at Summerville, Ga. 15-18, 1863.-Skirmishes at Catlett's Gap, Pigeon Mountain, Ga. 16–18, 1863.-Skirmishes near Lee and Gordon's Mills, Ga. 17, 1863.-Reconnaissance from Rossville and skirmish at Ringgold, Ga.

Skirmish at Neal's Gap, Ala.

Skirmish at Owens’ Ford, West Chickamauga Creek, Ga. 18, 1863.–Skirmishes at Pea Vine Ridge, Alexander's, and Reed's Bridges,

Dyer's Ford, Spring Creek, and near Stevens' Gap, Ga. 19-20, 1863.-Battle of Chickamauga, Ga.

21, 1863.–Skirmishes at Rossville, Lookout Church, and Dry Valley, Ga. 21-22, 1863.-Army of the Cumberland retreats to Chattanooga, Tenn. 22, 1863.-Skirmishes at Missionary Ridge and Shallow Ford Gap, near

Chattanooga, Tenn.



No. 235. --Organization of the Army of Tennessee, September 19-20.
No. 236.-General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army, commanding Army of Tennessee.
No. 237.-Capt. O. T. Gibbes, C. S. Artillery, Ordnance Officer.
No. 238.---Lieut. Gen. Leonidas Polk, C. S. Army, commanding Right Wing.
No. 239.—Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Cheatham, C. S. Army, commanding division.
No. 240.—Maj. John A. Cheatham, Chief Ordnance Officer.
No. 241.-Brig. Gen. John K. Jackson, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.
No. 242.-Lieut. Thomas G. Barrett, Ordnance Officer.
No. 243.—Maj. James C. Gordon, Second Battalion, First Georgia Infantry (Confed-

No. 244.—Col. Charles P. Daniel, Fifth Georgia Infantry.
No. 245.—Maj. Richard H. Whiteley, Second Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters.

* For reports of the Union Army, see Part I, pp. 28 et seq.

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