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Life of Dr. Franklin, as written by himself 1-105
Continuation of his life, by Dr. Stuber 106-162
Extracts from his Will.

Eulogium on Benjamin Franklin 173–194


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On Early Marriages
On the Death of his Brother, Mr. 7uhr

To the late Dr. Mather of Bolton :
The Whistle, a true Story ; written to his

A Petition of the Left Hand
The Handsome and L'eformed Leg
Conversation of a company of Ephemere, with

the Soliloquy of one aitvinced in Aze
Mirals of Chefs
ghe Art of procuring plecfant Dreams
Hillvice to a 101111g Tradejman
Necrjlary Hints to ihale that would be rich

The ll'ay to make Money plenty in every
to Man's Pocket

Al QCoronical Project

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On modern Innovations in the English Lan-

guage, and in Printing - - 42
An Account of the highest Court of Judicature

in Pennsylvania, viz. The Court of the Prefs 49
Paper : a Poem -

- -
On the Art of Sæinming
New Mode of Bathing -
Observations on the generally prevailing Doc-

trine; of Life and Death -
Precautions to be taken by those who are about

to undertake a Sea Voyage
On luxury, Idleness, and Industry -
On the Slave Trade

Obfervations on War
:' On the Impress of Seamen
On the Criminal Laws, and the Practice of

Remarks concerning the Savages of North

America -
TO M. Dubourg, concerning the Dilention's

between England and rimerica -
A Comparison of the Conduct of the ancient

Jews, and of the Antifederalists of the

United States of America - -
The Internal State of America; being a true

Description of the Interest and Policy of

that unft Continent
Information to those who would remove to A-

Final Speech of Dr. Franklin in ihe late Fc-

deral Convention
Sketch of an English School




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