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And, mixing with buffoons and pimps prophane,
Tainted the Stage, for some small snip of gain,
For they, like harlots, under bawds profest,
Took all th' ungodly pains, and got the leaft,
Thus did the thriving malady prevail,
'The court its head, the Poets but the tail.
The sin was of our native growth, 'tis true;
The scandal of the fin was wholly new.
Misses they were, but modestly conceal'd;
White-hall the naked Venus first reveal'd.
Who ftanding as at Cyprus, in her shrine,
The strumpet was ador'd with rites divine.
Ere this, if saints had


secret motion,
'Twas chamber-practice all, and close devotion.
I pass the peccadillos of their time;
Nothing but open lewdness was a crime.
A monarch's blood was venial to the nation,
Compar'd with one foul act of fornication.
Now, they would silence us, and shut the door,
That let in all the bare-fac'd vice before.
As for reforming us, which some pretend,
That work in England is without an end :
Well may we change, but we shall never mend.
Yet, if you can but bear the present Stage,
We hope much better of the coming age.
What would you say, if we should first begin
To stop the trade of love behind the scene:
Where actresses make bold with married men?
For while abroad fo prodigal the dolt is,
Poor spouse at home as ragged as a colt is.




In short, we'll grow as moral as we can,
Save here and there a woman or a man:
But neither you, nor we, with all our pains,
Can make clean work; there will be some remains,
While you have still your Oats, and we our Hains,


[blocks in formation]




HE Hind and the Panther, in three Parts.
Part I.

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Part II.

27 Part III.

52 Britannia Rediviva, a Poem on the Prince, born on the 10th of June, 1688

97 Mac-Flecnoe



E P I S T L E S. Epistle 1. To Sir Robert Howard

117 II. To Dr. Charleton III. To the Lady Castlemain

123 IV. To Mr. Lee

125 V. To the Earl of Roscommon

127 VI. To the Duchess of York

130 VII. A Letter to Sir George Etherege 131 VIII. To Mr. Southerne

134 IX. To Henry Higden, Esq.

136 X. To Mr. Congreve

137 XI. T. Mr. Granville

140 XII. To Mr. Motteaux

142 XIII. To John Dryden, Esq. of Chesterton 144 XIV. To Sir Godfrey Kneller



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