Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Horticultural Society of Michigan, Volume 11

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Page 49 - ... such person shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding three months, or both, in the discretion of the court...
Page 49 - The commissioners shall be allowed for services, under this act, two dollars for each full day and one dollar for each half day, and their other charges and disbursements, hereunder to be audited, as well as any other charges and disbursements under this act, by the township board...
Page 48 - Every person when he becomes aware of the existence of such disease in any tree or fruit owned by him, shall forthwith destroy or cause such tree or fruit to be destroyed or the infected part to be cut away.
Page 123 - The difficulty with which those who undertake now to teach our subject have to deal is that most people ask the question, What is the use of learning botany unless one means to be a botanist? It might, indeed, be replied that as the vast majority of people never learn anything effectively...
Page 48 - ... that both tree and fruit so infected shall be subject to destruction as public nuisances as hereinafter provided.
Page 49 - If any owner neglects to remove and destroy, or cause to be removed and destroyed, as aforesaid, such diseased trees or fruit after such examination and notification, and within the time hereinbefore specified...
Page 49 - ... proceed without delay to examine the trees or fruit supposed to be infected, and if the disease is found to exist, a distinguishing mark shall be placed upon the diseased trees.
Page 49 - ... purpose, and shall file and preserve all papers pertaining to the duties and actions of said commissioners or either of them, which shall be a part of the records of said township, borough or city.
Page 49 - ... clerk of said board of commissioners, and he shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of said board in a book to be provided for the purpose, and shall file and preserve all...
Page 123 - Good agriculture and horticulture are founded upon the laws of vegetable physiology, and no man deserves the name of gardener who is not master of everything known as to the way .in which plants feed, breathe, grow, digest and have their being.

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