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God, new character of revealed in the

gospel, whether true, considered, iii.
246. 290. and passim.

Happiness of creatures, whether God's
God of this world, ii. 489.

last end, considered, i. 261. ii. 109.
Goodness of God to sinners, self-moved, iii. 35. Note.
. i. 87. 330. ii. 263.

Heathen, their moral state, means of
Glory of God, the principal motive knowledge, abuse of privileges, and

and ultimate end of virtuous actions, inexcusableness, i. 163–178. justly
i. 64.

punishable, ibid. ij. 203. iii. 279.
a sense of it, a cure for false no. are haters of God, and objects of his
tions in religion, iri. 35.

displeasure, i. 419.
declarative glory of God, whether - under the law, and bound lo render
God does always design and act to perfect obedience to it, i. 164. iii.
promote it, ii. 135.

Gospel, definition of, ii. 340.

- bound to love God with all the heart,
nature and design of, to make men ii. 203. 204.
holy, i. 460.

- their ignorance inexcusable, i. 166.
-a transcript of the Divine nature,i.374. their abuse of the means of know-
glory i. 875. ii. 348.

ledge, and rejection of the gospel, the
-- nature of, what, ii. 340.

cause of its being withholden from
requirements of, what, i. 332.

them, i. 164.
- offers a good of infinite value, ii. 433. Heaven, a title to, obtained by faith in
- offers of made to all, i. 381.

Jesus Christ, i, 16.
- its offers and encouragements to sin- preparation for, consists in a holy
ners, what, ii. 309. iii. 109.

temper of heart, i. 17, 18.
compliance with, what, i. 430. (See its blessedness described, ii. 87.
covenant of grace.)

High-priest, office of, under the law,
calls us to love that character of God, ii. 379. iii. 17. 43.

exhibited in the law, ii. 318. Holiness of God, i. 341.
Gospel at variance with the Arminian displayed in the sufferings of Christ,
scheme, iii. 42.

i. 340-343.
Government of God, wisdom and recti- in his punishing the wicked, i 343.
tude of, ii. 114. 175.

Holiness required in the Divine law,
the joy of holy beings, ii. 112-117. what, iii. 268.

Hopkins, Dr. notions of, respecting the
- his government of the world consi- doings of the unregenerate, what, iii.
dered, i. 70-92.

Grace, free, the only ground of hope Humiliation the duty of Christians, i.
and salvation, i. 107. 125. iji. 54.

common, resisted, i. 230-236.

necessary for receiving the gospel, i.
special, irresistible, i. 237.

ineffectual, i. 240.

- reasons for, motives to, and means
extent of, i. 421.

of, what, i. 276_283.
different measures of, ibid. errors of Antinomians, respecting it,
- restraining, i. 216.

i. 283.
discriminating, i. 239.

- evangelical, nature of, what, i. 433.
sovereignty of, i. 238.

Humility, the distinguishing character-
indefectibility of, i. 440. 449. istic of the Christian, ij. 521.
Grace, true, evidences of, what, i. 247. effects of, what, ii. 522.

ascertainable, i. 248. how, 249. Hypocrite, legal, his hopes built on the
false grounds of judging of them, sand, i. 126.

evangelical, the foundation of his
rules for determining and ascer- faith and joy, what, i. 126.
taiping these evidences, i. 267. Hypocrites see no need of Christ, i.

false experiences, what, i. 421. 434.
-growth in grace, the best evidence of deceptions of, what, i. 445.

grace, i. 442. ii. 296.
common and special grace different,

jj. 246.
Guilt of the damned ever increasing, i. Idolatry, prevalence of, after the flood,

i. 412, iii, 804.



Illumination, spiritual, nature and ne-

cessity of, i 95. 116. 376. 440. ii. 299.
necessity of, i. $26. 431.

Jews, dealings of God towards them,
Mumination, Divine, nature of, what, i. 416.
ii. 499.

- unbelief and disobedience of, ibid.
peculiar to the saved, ii. 506. how justified under the law, i. 52.
different from what natural men Jewish dispensation, an acknowledge
experience, how, ü. 509.

ment of the holiness of the moral
-effects of, what, ii. 510.

law, and necessity of an atonement,
is the beginning of spiritual, and ü. 378. m. 52.
the earnest of eternal life, ii. 526. - preparatory to the Christian dispen-
Impenitence of the wicked, voluntary, sation, i. 29. 378. ir. 10. 21. 56.
i. 395. and criminal, i. 396.

Jewish religion, divinity of, ü. 26.
Imperfection, remains of, in believers, Job's religion not selfish, iä. 299.
what, i. 60. and Note.

Joy, false, what, ü 283.
Imputation of Adam's sin to his poste- -source of, what, ii. 425.

rity, considered, i 221. 300. 312. John the Baptist, preaching of, what,
- of Christ's righteousness to believers, č. 450.
doctrine of, i. 457.

Justice of God, i. 82. 343.
Inability, moral, criminal and punish- punitive justice, nature of, i. 346.
able, i. 150–163.

displayed in the death of Christ, i.
extent of, i 226.

353. 371. ï. 391.
nature of, what, ii. 496.

Judgment, final, described, ii. 84.
consequences of denying it, what, reflections of angels and saints upu
i. 258.

on its transactions, ii. 88. 97.
Indignation of God against sin, reason- Justification by free grace, doctrine of,
ableness of, ii. 359.

i. 356. . 79.
Indwelling sin, in believers, i. 246. manner of, what, ü 410.
- of the Spirit in do. i. 449.

by faith alone, i. 457. not by man's
Infants, baptised, whether members of righteousness, ii. 409. nor for his
the visible church, considered, iii. 187.

graces, ii. 411.
consequences of supposing them impossible by works of law, i. 123.
entitled to all church privileges, what, iii, 22. or by sincere obedience, iii.
iji. 188. and passim.

Infidelity, in the hearts of unregene- - by works, how understood, üi. 48.
rate men. i. 459. ii. 210. 299.

Justifying faith, what, i. 437.
Infinite wisdom and rectitude of the Di. nature of, and what implied in it,

vine naturc and government, ii. 114. ii. 60-66.
- belief of this essential to the founda. fruits of, what, iii. 66.

tion of true rehgion, ii. 129. 175. is not believing that to be true wbich
Israelites, dealings of God with, i. 76. was not true before, iž. 88.
170-176. 415.

is not believing that our sins are for
inexcusable in their disobedience and given, ii. 253. ii. 92. 101.
unbelief, i. 170-175.

illustrated in twenty-four particulars,
their receiving the law upon mount iji. 63-67.
Sinai, iii. 15.

- is not an act of the unregenerate
their unbelief, and its consequences, sinner, ïï. 295.
what, üi. 115
- designs of God, in his dealigs to-
wards them, what, i. 76.

how they obtained pardon, ii. 444.
Isralites, circumcised, duties of, what, Knowledge, importance of, ii. 75.
üi. 138. Note.

Knowledge of God, possible no further
Irresistible grace, necessary to conver- than God manifests himself, ii. 76.
sion, i. 237

- how obtained, ii. 337.
Invitations of God, the ground of a - a source of endless and increasing fe.

sinner's encouragement to come to licity to holy beings, ü. 77. 169.
him, i. 400. ii. 241. 263. 396. 434. -- essential to true love, i 142.

Knowledge of the glory of God, wbat;

ii. 503.

[ocr errors]

Kaowledge of our guilty and helpless Law of God given on Mount Sinai, a

condition, necessary to our under- plainer edition and republication of
standing and embracing the gospel, i. the law of nature, iii. 29.
337. 355. and to our accepting the approbation of, necessary to receiving
righteousness of Christ, i. 364

the gospel, iï. 24.
Knowledge, speculative, insufficient to · Paul's experience of its efficacy,
beget love to God, iii. 307. 308.

what, ïi. 27.
-errors of Pelagians, Socinians, and Law of Moses inconsistent with the Ar-
Antinomians, on this point, iii. 307. minian scheme, iii. 39.

Life, everlasting, promised to believers,

what, i. 449.

nature of, ii. 430.

Light, spiritual, nature and effects of,
Law of God, duties required in it, what, i. 426.
i. 53. ïïi. 268.

Libertine, his language before the tribus ,
extent of its requirements, i. 143. nal of Christ, considered, iii. 36.
- unalterable and incapable of any a- Living by faith, mistakes about, ii. 195.
batement, i. 110-127. 145.

fitness of, i. 111. 147.

Love of God to us, various senses of,
threatenings of, what, i. 120. 159. what, ii. 217.
[See threatenings not abated, i. 145.] Love to God, what is implied in, i. 54.

consequences of supposing it abated a true knowledge of God, i. 54.
and altered, what, i. 116, 117. 254. esteem of him, i. 59–61.

the criterion of moral character and - benevolence, i. 61-63.
of blameworthiness, ii. 371.

- delight in him, i. 65.
· repentance presupposes a love and - devotedness to him, i. 64. [See de-
approbation of it, ii. 373.

fulfilled by Christ, bow, i. 358. this motives from which true love to God
necessary, why, i. 359.

takes its rise, i. 67.
- the rule of life to the believer, ii. from his infinite amiableness, i..67.

from what he has done, and pro-
- is perfect, requiring sinless obedi. mises to do for us, i. 131.
ence, iii. 237.

from his command and authority,
- submission to, necessary, in order to i. 133. jü. 466.
receiving the gospe, i. 125.

measure of love to God, what is re-
Law, holy, just, and good, independ- quired, i. 143.

enthy of the gospel, ii. 205–212. Love to God, obligation to it binding,

originally from what he is in himself,
antecedently to a consideration of

i. 97.
the gift of Christ, and the work of re- infinitely, i. 99.
demption, ii. 359. üi. 267.

eternally, i. 108.
- approbation of, necessary to our unchangeably, i. 109.
embracing the gospel, ii. 209. 212. the foundation of all religion, ii. 266.
265. Note. 361. 384.

the foundation of all holy obedieuce,
- objection answered, ii. 362.

i. 66. 192.
Laws of God display his goodness, i. 84. fruits and effects of, what, i. 138.
Law, our schoolmaster, jii. 9.

Love to God arising from an apprehen-
view of it as given on Mount Sinai, sion of his love to us, and not from
iii. 14-17.

a discovery of his moral excellence,
- Uses of, what, ibid.

false and spurious, i. 58. Note. 126.
- requirements of, what, iii. 17, 18. 128. ii. 219. 404. i. 461.

promises life on condition of sinless – primary and chief motive that ought
obedience, iii. 18. 19.

to induce us to love, what, ii. 200, 201.
threatens eternal damnation for eve. Loving God, not for what he is, crimi.
ry violation of it, ii. 320. iii. 19-22. nal, i. 128.
- in what sense understood by St. Paul, Love, true, distinguished from self-love,
considered, iï. 21. Note.

i. 135-139. ii. 221. 316.
by the deeds of it, no flesh justified, counterfeit, its nature and effects
iii. 22.

described, i, 139-142.
Israelites obliged to approve of it, - to our neighbour, i. 179. (See neigh-
üi. 23.

bour. ]

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Love to our neighbour, none without Means which God uses for the recovery
love to God, i. 87.

of sinners, what, i. 388. 409.
of Christ, greatness of, ii. 347. - of grace, their use and efficacy to
- to Christ, necessarily implies love to sinners, whai, i. 225. how, and for
God, ii. 301. Note.

what ends to be used by them, i. 424.
essential to true faith, i. 458.

-426. [See unregenerate.]
to Christians, what, i. 182.

- external, sufficient to render the sub-
Lord's supper, à seal of the covenant jects of them accountable, i. 1704
of grace, iii. 161. and passim.

nature and design of this covenant misimprovement of, criminal and
here sealed, iü. 166.

punishable. (Şee heathen.]
- qualifications necessary to receiving Mediator, office of, i. 295.
this seal aright, what, ibid.

necessity of, i. 339. and why, i. 551.
is not a converting ordinance, ii. 167. Christ's fitness and sufficiency for, i.

infant baptism does not qualify a per- God-man mediator, i. 481.
son for it, iii. 402. 442.

interposition of, necessary before
indispensable duty of all godly per- God could deal with man iu a way of
sons to come to it, iii. 397.

mercy, iii. 450.
Mediation of Christ, design of, what,

ï. 376.

the procuring cause of all benefits to

man in the present world, i. 389. 103
Man, original state of, ji. 54.

made a free-agent, ibid. and lord of procures a reprieve from, and sus-
this lower world, ibid.

pension of the threatened ruin, i. 403.
his natural capacity and faculties the - lays men under infinite obligations,
same as before the fall, i. 148.

iii. 467.
his natural capacity to fulfil the law Messiah, final judge of the world, ii. 83.
of God considered, i. 144-149. Merit, personal, insufficient to obtain a
- destitute of the moral image of God, title to heaven, i, 15.
by nature, i. 200. 316.

pone in the perfect obedience of
- perishing condition of, i. 299. ground creatures, i. 99. 101. 129.
of it, what, i. 300. 314.

false notions of, i. 107.
Mankind, all equally sinful by nature, Mercy, God's, designs of, by what ex.

i. 240. 317. ii. 34. Note. ii. 305. cited, considered, i. 320.

not to mitigate the severity of the
naturally enemies to God, i. 162. constitution made with Adam, ibid.
317. ii. 303. 31. Note.

nor of the law of nature, i. 322.
evidences of it, i. 318. iii. 306. nor by man's ivability to keep it, i.
in their opposition to the gospel, i. 326. nor by any goodness in man, i.
420. ii. 305.

329. but are from his own self-moving
- voluntary in their bad and sinful tem. goodness and sovereign graoe, i. 330.
per, i. 153.

Mercy, exercises of, what, i. 348.
- paturally insensible of their guilt and door of, opened by Jesus Christ, i.
perishing condition, i. 318.

380. 428. ii. 399.
are restrained by the goodness of God's purposes of, how carried into
God, how, i. 407.

effect, i. 409.
greater part of, may yet be saved, i. Millennium, i. 496.

commencement of, i. 503.
Magistrates, duty of, i. 535.

- certainty of, i. 504.
Manicheans, their notions respecting glory of, i. 510.

the origin of evil, what, ii. 170. duration of, i. 511.

Ministers, duty of, i. 538.
Mather, Dr. Increase, observations of, in the admission of persons into

respecting the proper subjects of bap- the churchi, iii. 124. 408.
tism, and the qualifications which in the administration of baptism,
give parents the right of baptism for ii. 401.
their children, iii. 395.-397.

Misery in itself undesirable to God, i.
Marshall, Mr. his notions about assur- 88. love of it not to be attributed to
ance, what, ii. 228. 244.

him, ïïi. 325.



Moral excellency of God, a sight of, Obedience of creatures to God, rea.
lays the foundation for divine love, i. sonableness of, i. 79.

why approved and rewarded, i. 79
- the foundation of moral obligation, -80.
iii. 458.

Obedience, perfeet, lays God under no
- view of, convinces the mind of the obligations, i. 101.
truth of the gospel, ii. 510.

the condition of life by the first
kills a self-righteous spirit, ii. 486. covenant, i. 101.
Moral government of God, original ex- the condition on which the law

cellency and design of, ii. 352. [See promises life, iji. 18.

- sincere, not all that is required, i.
Moral inability, what, i. 149.

- criminal, i. 150.

is insufficient, üi. 44.
inexcusable, i. 155. 326.

Obligations, God under none to
not excused by being derived from sinners, i. 352. 369-371.
Adam. i. 156.

- ours to live devoted to God many and
Moral obligation, foundation of, i. 81. solemn, i. 279. 285.

Obligation to love God ceases not from
Moral suasion, insufficiency of, to pro- our indisposition, i. 109

duce conversion, i. 162. i. 535. - moral, foundation of, what, i. 814
Mosaic dispensation, preparatory to the 83 262.
gospel, iii. 10. 21. 56.

Opposition of Jews and Gentiles to the
Moses, Divine legation of, ii. 26.

gospel, i. 418.

Original corruption, God not the au-

thor of, i. 219.

whence derived, i. 221.
Neighbour, love to him, what required,
i. 179-183.

how manifested, i. 186.

motives by which we are to be in- Pardon of sin, inconsistent with the
fluenced to it, i. 183.

Divine perfection, without an atone-
it is right and fit, ibid.

ment, ii. 343.
the command and authority of -- how obtained, ii. 454.
God, i. 184.

Parents, obligations of, to their baptised
example of God, i. 185.

children, iii. 185.
standard and measure of it, what, their right to their children, what,
i. 186.

jii. 464.
its counterfeits, natural compas- duties towards them, what, iii. 486.
sion, i. 188. good-nature, ibid. natu- Passive faith, insufficient and unscriptu-
ral affection, i. 189. party spirit, i. ral, ii. 397. note. 403.
190. that arising from other's love to Mr. Sandeman's notions of, errone.
us, ibid. from their being as bad as

ous, iii. 258.

Patience and forbearance of God, abu.
Nicodemus, his coming to Christ for in- sed by sinners, i. 406_408.
struction, i. 293.

greatness of, towards a rebellious,
Christ's conference with, i. 294. guilty world, iii. 520.
Non-elect, dealings of God towards, Patriarchs, dealings of God with, i. 413
what, i. 394. 421.

- subjects of common mercies and Paul's way of reasoning, in lis epistle
common grace, i. 396.

to the Galatians, shown, ii. 12, 13.
- causes of their own destruction, i. Perfections of God, natural and moral,
595. 400.

i. 69.

- how discovered, i, 69--97.

- by his works, i. 70-93.

· by his word, i. 93-95.
Obedience, active, of Christ, necessa- by his Holy Spirit, i. 95-97.
ry, i. 358.

- gloriously displayed in the death of
the ground of our acceptance with Christ, ii. 337. 356.
God, i. 363. [See Christ. ]

Permission of sin, lessens not the evil
Obedience of Christ, meritorious, why, and criminality of it, ii. 145. 155.
ü. 389.

[See sip.]

we, ibid.

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