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AN Indenture, bearing date July 21, 1768, sets forth, “That the right reverend WILLIAM Lord “ Bishop of Gloucester has transferred the sum of “ 500 1. Bank four per cent. annuities consolidated, « to the right honourable WILLIAM LORD MANS“ FIELD, Lord Chief Justice of his Majesty's “ Court of King's Bench, the right honourable

Sir John EARDLY WILMOT, Lord Chief Jus“ tice of his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas, " and the honourable CHARLES YORKE,* of Lin“coln's-Inn, in the county of Middlesex, UPON “ TRUST,' for the purpose of founding a Lecture, “ in the form of a Sermon, To prove the truth of revealed Religion, in general, and of the Christian in particular, from the completion of the prophecies

* This noble and eminent person was the second son of the Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. He had been, for many years, in the first reputation at the Bar ; and, having passed through the offices of Solicitor and Attorney General, was, himself, made Lord Chan. cellor in January, 1770, but died soon after his appointment to that high dignity-Luctuosum hoc suis ; acerbum patriæ ; grave bonis omnibus. Cic.

" in the Old and New Testament, which relate to " the Christian church, especially to the apostasy of " Papal Rome: That, in case of any vacancy in “ this trust by the decease of any one or more of “ the above-mentioned Trustees, the place or places s shall be filled up, from time to time and as occasion may require, by the surviving Trustees, or Trustee, or by the Executors of the survivor of them :“ That the Trustees shall appoint the Preacher of Lincoln's-Inn for the time being, or some other able Divine of the Church of England, to preach this “ Lecture : That the Lecture shall be preached “ every year in the Chapel of Lincoln's-Inn (if the society give leave*) and on the following days, viz. the first Sunday after Michaelmas Term, the Sunday next before, and the Sunday next after Hilary Term: That the Lecturer shall not preach “ the said Lecture longer than for the term of FOUR “ YEARS, and shall not again be nominated to preach the same : And, when the term of four years is " expired, that the said Lecturer shall print and publish, or cause to be printed and published, all the " Sermons or Lectures, that shall have been so preached by him.

* The Society have given leave that this Lecture be preached in their Chapel, and on the days specified.

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