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1760. Address of the Painters to George the

IIId, on his Acression to the Throne.
Dedication of Baretti's Italian and English

Introduction to the Proceedings of the

Committec for Cloathing the French

Prisoners. 1762. Dedication to the King of Dr. Kennedy's

System of Astronomical Chronology. Preface to the Catalogue of the Artist's

Exhibition. 1762. Dedication to the Earl of Shaftesbury of

Roger Ascham's English Works. Dedication to the Queen of Hoole's Tasso. Account of the Detection of the Impos

ture of the Cock-Lane Ghost. 1767. Dedication to the King of Adams's Trea

tise on the Globes. 1773. Preface to Macbean’s Dictionary of Anci

ent Geography, 1775. Proposals for publishing the Works of

Mrs. Charlotte Lennox.
Preface to Baretti's Easy Lessons in

Italian and English. 1776. Proposals for publishing an Analysis of

the Scotch Celtick Language, by the Rev. William Shaw.

1777. Dedication to the King of the Posthumous

Works of Dr. Pearce. 1780. Advertisement for Mr. Thrale to the

Worthy Electors of the Borough of

Southwark. The Prefaces and Introductions not included in this catalogue, have been, as of superior importance, noticed in the Life of our Author.


The former may

II E very important station which Johnson had filled in the world of Letters, and the high character which he had uniformly sustained, both as a man and as a scholar, combined to render his decease an object of long-continued regret and literary commemoration. His every word, and every action, have been recorded with unprecedented minuteness, and his works have been repeatedly published. To offer a list of these Memoirs, and of the best editions of his writings, is the object of this appendix. be divided into Sermons, Poems, Sketches, Anecdotes and Lives. Sermons. A Sermon preached before the Univer

sity of Oxford on his Death, by the

Rev. Mr. Agutter.
Tribute to his Memory by Dr. Fordyce,

in his “ Addresses to the Deity.”

12mo. 1785. Poems. “ Elegy on the Death of Dr. Johnson,"

by Samuel Hobhouse, Esq. 4to.

1785. “ Poetical Review of the Moral and

Literary Character of Dr. Johnson," by John Courtenay, Esq. M. P. 4to.

1788. Sketches. “Biographical Sketch of Dr. Johnson,"

by Thomas Tyers, Esq. in the Gen

tleman's Magazine, 1781. “ Essay on the Life, Character, and

Writings of Dr. Johnson," by Joseph

Towers, LL. D. Svo, 1786.
Character of Dr. Johnson, by Dr.

llorne, Bishop of Norwich, in the

Olla Podrida, No 13. 1787. “ Two Dialogues; containing a Com

parative View of the Lives, Characters, and Writings, of Philip the late Earl of Chesterfield, and Dr. Samuel

Johnson,” 12mo. 1787. “ The Journal of a Tour to the Hebri

des, with Samuel Johnson, LL.D."

by James Boswell, Esq. 8vo. 1785. Anecdotes. Anecdotes of Dr. Johnson, by Mrs.

Piozzi, 8vo. 1785. Lives. " The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D.

by Sir John Hawkins, 8vo. 1787. “ Life of Samuel Johnson, LL, D.” by

James Boswell, Esq. 2 vol. 4to. 1791, and since repeatedly in 4 vol. 8vo.

" An Essay on the Life and Genius of

Samuel Johnson, LL. D.” by Arthur

Murphy, Esq. “ The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D.

With Critical Observations on his

Works,” by Robert Anderson, M.D. The minute, and, sometimes, trivial, anecdotes with which a few of these productions abound, have given rise to some pleasant ridicule from the pens of Colman and Dr. Wolcot. An Ode, the production of the first of these gentlemen, we shall transcribe for the amusement of our readers.

A Posthumous Work of S. Johnson. An Ode.

April 15, 1786.


St. Paul's deep bell, from stately tow'r,
Had sounded once and twice the hour,

Blue burnt the midnight taper;
Hags their dark spells o'er cauldron brew'd,
While Sons of Ink their work pursu'd,
Printing the Morning Paper.

Say Herald, Chronicle, or Post,
Which then beheld great Johnson's Ghost,

Grim, horrible, and squallid ?
Compositors their letters dropt,
Pressmen their groaning engine stopt,

And Devils all grew pallid.

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