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The French, by Olivetan,

1535 The Swedish, by Olaus Petri,

1541 The Danish, by Palladius,

1550 The Dutch,

1560 The Italian, by Antonio

1562 The Spanish, by Cassiodorus de Reyna,

1569 The Welsh,

1588 The Icelandic, by Thorlach,

1584 The Polish,

1596 The American Indian, by Eliot,

1663 The Turkish Testament,

1666 The Malay,

1668 The Irish Bible,

1685 The Tamul, by the Danish Missionaries,

1723 The Portuguese,

1748 The Spanish,

1793 The Greenlandish Testament, by the Moravians, 1799 The Bengalee Testament, by the Baptist Missionaries, 1801 The Mahratta do.

do. do. 1807 The Orissa Bible, do.

do. do. 1809 The Sanscrit Bible do.

do. do. 1811 The Chinese Bible, by Mr. Morrison,

1815 The Arabic Testament, by H. Martyn,

1816 The Persian do.


1816 The Otaheitan Testam't, by the English Missionaries, 1818 The Cingalese

do. do. 1820 The Tartar

do. by the Moravians, 1820 The African Amharic Testament, by Clerville, 1822

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Before Christ

Before Christ. 4004. The Creation. Fall of 1872. Isaac offered. man,

1006. Jacob goes into Egypt. 3017. Translation of Enoch. 1491. Israel delivered from 2348. The Deluge.

Egyptian bondage. 1998. Death of Noah.

Law given.

Mosaic 1996. Abraham born!

ritual formed. 1897. Circumcision instituted. 1451. Israel enter Canaan. Jewish Church commen- 1444. Tabernacle set up at

Shiloh. Sodom and Gomorrah 1122. Sampson dies with the destroyed.



Before Christ.

A. D. 1075. Monarchy established 70. Destruction of Jerusain Israel.

lem by Titus. 1004. Dedication of the Tem- 135. Barchobebas, the false ple.


580,000 975. Division of the ten Jews destroyed.

tribes into two king- 177. Persecution at Lyons doms.

and Vienne. 588. Babylonish captivity. 324. Roman empire becomes Jerusalem destroyed.

Christian. 536. Return of the Jews 325. Rise of Arianism. from captivity.

Council of Nice. 515. Dedication of the 2d 363. Vain attempt of Julian Temple.

to rebuild Jerusalem. 458. Esther Queen of the 496. Baptism of Clovis. Jews.

606. Popery and MahometEzra sent to Judra.

anism. 409. Close of the Old Testa- 622. The Hegira. ment.

726. Controversy about ima332. Alexander visits Jerusa

ges. lem.

751. Pope a temporal power. 251. Death of Simon the just. 1096. First crusade to the Ho166, Wars of the Maccabees.

1099. Jerusalem taken by the 63. Jerusalem taken by crusaders. Pompey.

1308. Pope's removal to Avig. 19. Herod repairs the Temple.

1324. Wickliff. 4. Birth of Jesus Christ, 1414. Council of Constance. A. D. 4 years before the Chris-1415. John Huss burnt. tian era.

1444. Invention of Printing. 29. Jesus baptized. 1492 America discovered. 31. Death of John the Bap-1517. The reformation in Gertist.

many. 33. Crucifixion of Christ. 1529. Reformers called ProDay of Pentecost.

testants. 34. Death of Stephen. 1534. Reformation in Eng35. Conversion of Saul.

land. 39. Gospel preached to the 1535 Order of the Jesuits. Gentiles.

1545. Council of Trent. 52. Council at Jerusalem. 1550. Era of English Puri64. Rome burnt by Nero.

tans. First Heathen persecu-1555. Persecution by Mary. tion.

ly land.


A. D.

A. D. 1560. Reformation in Scot- 1729. Rise of Methodism. land.

1742. Great revival in New1572. Massacre of St. Bar

England. tholomew.

1792. Baptist Missionary So1592. Presbyterianism estab- ciety in England.

lished in Scotland. 1804. British and Foreign Bi1618. Synod of Dort.

ble Society 1620. Landing of the pilgrims 1810. American Board for at Plymouth.

Foreign Missions. 1638. Solemn league and co-1815. American Education venant in Scotland.

Society 1648. Cambridge platform. 1816. American Bible Soci1662. Act of uniforinity.

ety 1688. Revolution in England. 1826. American Home Mis1708. Saybrook platform.

sionary Society.

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B. C.

B. C.
1. Saul,
1095 1. Jeroboam I.

975 2. David and Ishbosbeth, 1055 2. Nadab,

954 3. David alone, 1047 3. Baasha,

953 4. Solomon, 1015 4. Elah,

930 5. Division of the kingdom, 975 5. Zimri,

929 6. Omri,

929 KINGS OF JUDAH. 7. Ahab,

917 TWO TRIBES. 8. Abaziah,

897 1. Rehoboam, 975 9. Jehoram,

896 2. Abijam, 958 10. Jehu,

884 3. Asa, 95511. Jeoabaz,

856 4. Jehosaphat, 914 12. Joash,

841 5. Jehoram,

Jeroboam II.

825 6. Abaziah,

885 Interregnum 111 years, 784 7. Athaliah, 884 14. Zachariah,

773 8. Joash, 878 15. Shallum,

772 9. Amaziah, 83916. Menabem,

772 10. Azariah or Uzziah, 81017. Pekabiah,

761 11. Jotbam, 758 13. Pekab,

759 12. Abaz, 74219. Hoshea,

730 13. Hezekiah,


Shalmaneser, king of As14. Mannasseh,

698 syria, destroyed the 15. Amon,


kingdom of Israel, 721 16. Josiah,

640 17. Jehoahaz,

610 18. Jehoiakim,

610 19. Jehoiakim,

20. Zedekiah,

21. Nebuchadnezzar destroy-
ed Jerusalem,





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"This Chart exhibits to view all periods of time. The perpendicular lines represent centuries. On the top of the Chart is given the Christian era. On the bottom the era of the world. The first perpendicular line on the left, gives the fourth year of the world, and the 4000th before Christ. The second the 104th of the world, and the 3039th before Christ. The history of the Church is given near the top. The first 2100 years presents the Church in an unembodied state. The next 1900, the Jewish Church. The next 1800, the Christian Church. A little below is the record of remarkable events.

Thus, the Call of Abraham was 1922 before Christ. Jerusalem was destroyed 70 years after Christ. The horizontal lines under the names of individuals, represent the length of their lives, the figures the time of their birth and death, counting on the Christian era. Adam was born the first year of the world, or 4004 years before Christ. He lived 930 years, and therefore died 3074 before Christ. Abraham was born 1996 before Christ and died 1821. Mahomet was born 571 after Christ and died A. D. 632.Dwight was born A. D. 1752, and died 1817. By subtraction the length of the life is at once given. And by looking to the bottom of the chart, it may, by a moment's calculation, be seen in what year of the World each event occurred or individual was born. Thus the Passover was instituted A. M. 2513. Christ was born, A. M. 4004. Luther, A. M. 5487. Edwards, 5707.

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