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Vol. 18. 1642 (5). A Letter from the Hague to Westminster. Roger Cock's Answer to Sir Ed. Peyton. A Sermon preached by R. Holdsworth, D.D. Cantab. Joseph Caryl. The Works of Ephesus explained. Thos. Goodwin. Zerubbabel's encouragement to finish the Temple. Simeon Ash. Good Courage. Bishop of Durham. The Presentment of a Schismaticke. Thos. Case. God's waiting to be gracious. William Gouge. The Saint's Support. Edward Renyoldes. Israel's Petition in Time of Trouble. Ephraim Vdall. The Good of Peace.

Vol. 19. 1643 (1).
Two Declarations of Lords and Commons, April 7. 1643.
England's Petition to their King, May 5.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, May 11.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons. (The Liturgy.) June 12.
Mr. Waller's Speech, July 4.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, July 1.
An Ordinance. Oath for renouncing of Popery, Aug. 19.
An Ordinance. Leavying Moneys by Excise, etc., Sept. 11.
A Letter from Divines in England, to Genl. Assembly Scotland, together

with the Answer.
Two Declarations of Lords and Commons, Sept. 13.
The Covenant.
An Ordinance of Lords and Cormons, Oct. 27.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, Nov. 18.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, Nov. 21. Oxf.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons. (League and Covenant.)
His Majestie's Letter to Lords and Commons, March 9.
Declaration of Lords and Commons, March 30.

Vol. 20. 1643 (2).
The Remonstrance of the Commons.
Observations on some of His Majestie's Answers.
A Review of same. Oxf.
Plaine English. (The Armie.)
An Answer to a seditious Pamphlet, “Plaine English.
Proceedings in the late Treaty of Peace.
A Perfect Declaration.
The Oath of Pacification.
Our Affairs in Law and Religion.
Briefe Collections out of Magna Charta.
Great Britain's Misery, Cause, and Cure.
The King no Tyrant.
Thomas Swadlin. The Soveraignes desire Peace.
A Declaration made by Henry, Earle of Holland.

Speeches spoken by the Earle of Manchester, and Jo. Pym, Esq.,

Jan. 13.
Speech by Sir D. D. Knight.
A Letter without any Superscription.
A Letter written to Mr. Stephen Marshall.
Letters of Consequence from Scotland.
An Answer to the London Petition.
Thomas Belke. A Paire of Gold weights.

Vol. 21. 1643 (3).
Powers to be Resisted. A Dialogue.
Christus Dei. (Divine Right of Kings.) Oxf.
Resisting the Lawful Magistrate.
Obedience due to the Supreme Power. Oxf.
The Necessity of Christian subjection. Oxf.
The Conscience upon this Matter. (Dr. Ferne.) Oxf.
A Brief answer to Dr. Ferne's Booke, by Jer. Burroughs.
Dr. Ferne. Conscience Satisfied. Oxf.
Scripture for Defensive Armies.


VOL. 22.

1643 (4)
The Rebel's Catechisme.
A Discovery of the Rebels.
A Case of Conscience.
An Exhortation to Peace.
Lord have Mercie upon us. A Plaine Discourse.
Mercurius Civicus to Mercurius Rusticus.
John Theyer. A Vindication of Church Government.
Concerning Church Covenant.
Thomas Spencer. Defending the Church.

VOL. 23. 1643 (5).
The English Pope.
The Pope's Brief.
The Great Anti-Christ.
The Pope's Nuntios.
The Jesuits undermining Parliament.
Considerations against further Gathering of Churches.
The First Century of Scandalous, Malignant Priests.
Constant Jessop. The Angel, no Bishop of Ephesus.
The Hypocrite Discovered and Cured.
Antinomianism Anatomized, by John Sedgwick.
A Letter of Advice to Stephen Marshall.

[blocks in formation]

The Iniquity of the Covenant.
The Mystery of Iniquity.
Edmund Calamy. The Nobleman's Pattern.
John Strickland. God's Work of Mercy.
Alexander Henderson. Sermon Preached Dec. 27. 1644.
Humphrey Hardwick. Sermon Preached.
A Sermon. The Peasants kill the Heir, the Lord's Annointed. 16–.
The Anatomie of the Service Book.

Vol. 25. 1644 (1).
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, May 24.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, June 27.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, Oct. 2.
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons, Nov. 8.
Observations on the Ordinance of Oct. 2.
A Directory for the Public Worship of God.
A View of the New Directory. Third edition. Oxf.
A Medicine for Malignancy.
W. Bridges. The Loyall Convert.
A Declaration, published by Sir Thomas Middleton.

VOL. 26. 1644 (2).
Disquisitions on the League and Covenant. Oxf.
The Plain meaning of Protestant. Oxf.
Samuel Torshell. A Help to Christian Fellowship.
Thomas Edwards. Antapologia.
Thomas Blake. The Birth Privilege. (Infant Baptism.)


VOL. 27. 1644 (3).
John Goodwin. Innocencie's Triumph.
Innocency and Truth, an Answer to William Prynne.
John Goodwin. Calumny Arraigned.
As you Were. A reply to John Goodwin.
Mercurius Pacificus.
Dialogue between a Civilian and a Divine.
Confessions and Proofs. Oxf.
Danger from change in Church Government.
A Paradox.

Vol. 28. 1644 (4).
Sacro-Sancta Regum Majestas. Oxf.
M. Pritchet. An Appeal to the Divines. Oxf.
A Vindication of the Treatise of Monarchy.
Adam Steuart. Independent Government.
Episcopacy and Presbyterianism Considered. Oxf.

VOL. 29. 1644 (5).
Thos. Owen. The Duty of Pastors and People defined.
Rome's Unholiness Discovered.
A Coole Conference between Scottish and Holland Ministers.
Papers for Accomodation.
A Letter from English Divines, to the Commissioners in Scotland.
A Modest Offer to the Assembly of Divines at Westminster.
Reformation of Church Government in Scotland.
Francis Cheynell. Chillingworthi Novissima.
William Chillingworth, a Sermon Preached by. Oxf.
William Chillingworth. A Sermon Preached at Reading. Oxf.
George Gillespie, a Sermon Preached by, March 27.

VOL. 30. 1644 (6).
Edward Symmons. A Militarie Sermon. Oxf.
Alexander Henderson. Sermon before the Commons, May 19.
Christopher Tesdale. Sermon before the Commons, Aug. 28.
Anthony Burges. Sermon before the Commons, Sept. 5.
Edmund Calamy. Sermon before the Commons, Oct. 22.
Obadiah Sedgwick. Sermon before the Commons, Oct. 22.
Josiah Shute. Sermon before the Commons, Oct. 29.
Thomas Hill. Sermon before the Lords, Nov. 27.
John Whincop. Sermon before the Commons, Jan. 29.
Richd. Byfield. Two Sermons, Feb. 20 and 27.

Vol. 31. 1645 (1). An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, April 23. Directions of the Lords and Commons. (Presbyteriall Government.) An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons. (Directory.) Propositions for Peace. An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons. (Lord's Supper.) Oct. 20. Petition of the Lord Mayor, with Answer. (Church Government.) An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons. (Impresting of Men.) An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons. (Elders, Ch. Government). Three Treaties between England and Scotland. A Letter. No Peace till the King Prosper. Oxf. The New Distemper. Oxf. The Propositions of the King's Commissioners. Oxf. An Answer to Mr. Prins. Full Reply. Flagellum Flagelli. Sir Edmund D’Ewes. Primitive Practise for Preserving Truth.

Vol. 32. 1645 (2).
An Examen of S. Marshall's Sermon on Infant Baptisme.
Interest of England. (Church Government.)
Sermon Preached before the Lords.

Sermon Preached before the Lords, Aug. 27.
Sermon Preached before the Commons, Jan. 28.
Sermon Preached before the Lord Mayor, Feb. I.

Vol. 33. 1646 (1).
Sir Henry Spelman. Churches not to be Violated. Oxf. 1646.
Palaemon, or the Grand Reconciler.
Danger in change of Church Government.
John Geree. A Case of Conscience Resolved.
An Exercitation about Infant Baptisme.
Tyth-Gatherers, no Gospel Officers.
John Vicars. The Schismatick Sifted.
Some Modest and Humble Inquiries.
A Relation of several Heresies.
Hell broke Loose.
James Cranford. Plain English.
Nil Probas. (Against Scotch Commissioners.)
A Declaration from the General Assembly.
Conference between Presbyterians and Independents held at Oxford.

Letters from Parliament to the General Assembly.
Questions of Church Government.

Vol. 34. 1646 (2).
Exceptions to the Infallibilitie of the Ch. of Rome. Oxf.
Danger of change in Church Government.
John Saltmarsh, a Sermon by.
Conscience Cautioned.
John Saltmarsh.

A New Quaere.
John Saltmarsh. Groans for Libertie.
John Saltmarsh. The Divine Right of Presbyterie.
John Goodwin. Anti-Cavalierisrne.
John Goodwin. Twelve Serious Cautions.
John Goodwin. Cretensis.
Thomas Webb. Mr. Edward's Pen, no Slander.
Jasper Maine. Unity and Agreement.
Stephen Marshall. A Sermon before the Commons, Dec. 30.

VOL. 35. 1646 (3). Sir Richard Grenvile. A Letter, Affairs in the West. Answer of Lords and Commons to Commissioners of Scotland. Declaration of the Commons. (Church Government.) His Majestie's Message to the Kingdome of Scotland, May 26. An Ordinance of Lords and Commons. (Church Government.) Papers from Commissioners of Scotland. Propositions from Parliament sent to the King at Newcastle, July 17. Papers from Commissioners of Scotland. Edinb. An Answer to the Scotch Papers.

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