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Lord George Digby. Speech, Feb. 9, 1640.
His Majestie's Letter on behalf of the Earle of Strafford.
The Lord Keeper's Speech, Nov. 3, 1640.
Depositions against Thomas, Earle of Strafford, Feb. 16, 1640.
Sir Walter Raleigh. The Prerogative of Parliaments in England.
A Dialogue. (Star Chamber.)
The Intentions of the Armie in Scotland.
His Majestie's Declaration concerning Proceedings in Scotland.
- To all his Loving Subjects.
Briefe Discourse concerning the Power of the Peers.
England's Joy at the banishing of the Papists.
Christ on His Throne. A Sermon.
Stephen Marshall, a Sermon by.
Mr. St. John's Speech. Ship Money. 1641.
Francis Rous. Speech against Drs. Cossens, Maynwaring, and Beale.

VOL. 6. 1641 (1)

. Mr. Hide's Argument before the Lords. (Ship Money.) The Earle of Strafford's Letter to King Charles I., May 4th. The Argument concerning Bill of Attainder of High Treason of Thomas,

Earle of Strafford, by Mr. St. John. Speeches by Lord Viscount Newarke, May 21 and 24. Captaine Audley Mervin. Speech, May 24. Sir Henry Vane. Speech (Episcopall Government), June 11. Mr. Speaker's Speech. Tonnage and Poundage, June 22. Sir Rich. Blake. Speech against Paper Petitions, June 28. Sir Benj. Rudyard. Speech, July 2. Sir Simonds D'Ewes. Speeches (Poll Money). Sir William Parkins. Speech (Church Government), July 5. His Majestie's Manifest Touching the Palatine Cause. Sir Thomas Widdrington's Speech. Impeachment of Dr. Wren, Bishop

of Norwich. John Dury. Petition to the House of Commons. An Ordinance for the Speedie Disarming of Popish Recusants, Aug. 28. Sir Nathaniel Coppinger. Speech, Oct. 24. Mr. Smith. Speech, Oct. 28. His Majestie's Answer to Petition. Mr. Speaker's Speech, Dec. 2. Mr. Rowse. Speech, Dec. 13. Proposition sent to His Majesty, with Answer, Dec. 31. Seven Great Matters of Note. Mr. Plydell. Speech concerning the Church.

. His Majestie's Message to Both Houses, Feb. 14. His Majestie's Letter to the Lord Keeper, Feb. 28. A Copie of the Petition concerning the Militia and His Majestie's

Reply, Martii 1. A Declaration of Lords and Commons, and His Majestie's Reply,

March 9.

Vol. 7. 1641 (2).
Articles of Accusation against Sir J. Bramston, etc.
Star Chamber Cases.
Mr. St. John. Speech concerning Ship Money.
The Orders, Proceedings, etc., of House of Commons.
The Priviledges of Parliaments in England.
The Order of Passing Bills in Parliament.

Vol. 8. 1641 (3). Mr. Robt. Brook on Magna Charta. Wm. Hakewel. The Libertie of the Subject. Sir John Wray. Eight Speeches. Sir Francis Bacon. Three Speeches. A Remonstrance of the State of the Kingdom. Sir John Cheeke. The True Subject. Oxf. General Lesley. Letter to Sir John Suckling. The Prince of Orange. Entertainment of the Queen of England. Judgement Perverted. A Poem, by Thos. Heywood. The Proctor and Parator.

Vol. 9. 1641 (4). God's Government of His Church. A Modest Advertisement. (Church Government.) The Way towards finding a Decision. (Church Government.) Complaints, Grievances in Church Government. Horrible Abuses in Discipline and Government. Episcopacy Apostolical. A Summary View of Church Government. Oxf. Petition for the Prelates Examined.

VOL. IO. 1641 (5).
Unlawfulness of Limited Prelacie.
Unlawfulness of Diocesan Episcopacy.
The Prelate's Pride.
A Rent in Lawn Sleeves.
William Thomas. Speech (against Bishops in Parliament).
A Humble Motion. Printed, 1590; Re-printed, 1641.
A Wise and Moderate Discourse about Church Affaires.
The Beauty of Godly Government.
Corda Angliae.
The Humble Addresse both of Church and Poore.
Unity, Truth, and Reason.
Vox Populi, expressed in eighteen Motions.
An Act made by the Estates of Parliament. Edinb.
Irenaei Philadelphi.
Two Arguments concerning the Canons.

VOL. II. 1641 (6).
Sir Henry Spelman. De Sepultura.
Concerning Puritans.
A Pack of Puritans.
A Large Supplement of the Canterburian.
A Postscript for the Jesuit Lysimachus Nicator.
The Protestation Protested.
A Survey of the Prophane Libell, The Protestation Protested.
Tender Conscienced Christians.
The Churche's Purity.

VOL. 12. 1641 (7).
Francis Taylor. The Faith of the Church of England.
Stephen Marshall. A Peace-Offering to God.
T.G. A Glimpse of Syon's Glory.
Dr. Reignolds. His Letter to Sir Francis Knolles.
William Bray. On the Blessed Sacrament.
Edmund Calamy. England's Looking-Glasse.
Edward Symons. The Right Spirit of the Gospel.
Harry Walker. A Gad of Steel.
A Letter to Alexander Henderson. 1642.
A Bishop's Letter from the Tower.
Sir Benjamin Rudyard's Speech. 1641.
J. Wilcock. A Challenge.
A Letter from Cardinal du Perron.
Downfall of the See of Rome.
Charge of the Scottish Commissioners.
The Plot of Coutzen, the Moguntine Jesuit.
Considerations touching the Church of England.

VOL. 13. 1601, 1640–59. Folio.
Petition of several Peers to King Charles I.
An Act for the Speedie Provision of Money for Disbanding the Armies.

An Act for the Regulating of the Privie Councell. Star Chamber.
An Answer to Mis-led Dr. Fearne. 1642.
A Fuller Answer to a Treatise written by Dr. Fearne.
The Vindication of the Parliament.
Episcopal Government Instituted by Christ.
A Subsidie granted to the King of Tonnage, Poundage, etc.
The Government of the Commonwealth. 1653.
Oratio Anniversaria. 1655.
Vindiciae Caroli Regis. 1645.

Charges against King Charles I.
A Treatise touching the Peace of the Church. 1646.
The Scottish Mist Dispel'd. 1648.
A Character of Charles the Second. 1660.

[* Vol. 13, Folio, 1601–1659.)

An United Profession of Faithfulness. 1657.
Johr. Hewit's Letter from the Tower, June 7. 1658.
Beatis Manibus Invictissimi Herois Olivarii Cromwelli. 1659.
The Last Speech and Thanks of Queen Elizabeth, 1601. 1679.

Vol. 14. 1642 (1). The Petition presented to His Majestie at York, March 26. 1642. Petition, and His Majestie's Answer at York, April 7. Declaration concerning Militia. Declaration or Remonstrance of Lords and Commons, May 19. His Majestie's Answer to same, May 19. Observations on His Majestie's Answer. Earl of Bristol. Speech on Accommodation, May 20. The Votes of Both Houses, May 20. Declaration of Lords and Commons concerning Hull, May 25. Declaration or Remonstrance of Lords and Commons, May 26. His Majestie's Answer concerning Hull, May 26. His Majestie's Answer to Nineteen Propositions, June 2. Declaration of Lords and Commons, June 6. His Majestie's Answer, June 17. Militia Order, June 20. York. Copy of King's Letter, June 12. York. Declaration concerning Subscriptions for Plate Money etc., July 6. Sir Benj. Rudyard. His Speech, July 17. Declaration of Parliament, Aug. 3. The Interest of England, by an M.P. His Majestie's Declaration, Aug. 12. Cantab. Declaration of Lords and Commons, Aug. 15. His Majestie's Instructions to the Commissioners of Array. York. His Majestie's Message to Lords and Commons, Sept. 5. Declaration of Lords and Commons, Sept. 23. Relation of the Battle of Banbury, Oct. 17. A Remonstrance of Lords and Commons, Nov. 3. His Majestie's Declaration, Nov. 12. Declaration of Lords and Commons, Dec. 7. His Majestie's Declaration, Dec. 8. Oxf. Declaration of Lords and Commons, Dec. 22. Petition to the King. Lord George Digbie's Apologie. Sir Simon Ducy. Speech concerning the 12 Bishops. His Majestie's Letter to the Sheriffes of London. Oxf. Declaration by Commissioners of General Assembly. Edinb. A True Relation of Victory gained by Sir Ralph Hopton. Oxf.

. The Pope's Briefe.

Vol. 15. 1642 (2). Declaration of Lords and Commons, Oct. 23. Declaration, Votes, and Order. (Concerning Hull.)

His Majestie's Declaration.
His Majestie's Answer to Nineteen Propositions.
His Majestie's Answer to the Declaration of May 19. York.
A View of Observations upon His Majestie's late Answers and Ex-

presses. Oxf.

An Answer to same. Oxf.
Observations against His Majesty.
A Vindication of the King.
A Perswassion to Loyaltie.
A Plea for Moderation.
Considerations upon the Duties of Prince and People. Oxf.

Vol. 16. 1642 (3).
Examples for Kings.
Prerogative of Kings Subverted.
Tyrannicall Governinent Anatomized.
Liberty of Conscience.
A Petition for Peace.
A Petition to His Majestie.
A Complaint to the House of Commons. Oxf.
The Courts of Justice Corrected, by W.L.
England's Oaths.
Animadversions upon those Oaths.
Abstract Proceedings of Parliament in time of Edward III.
The Resolving of Conscience.
A Speech delivered in Parliament, by J.P., Esq.
The Speech of a Warden.
Sir Ed. Harwood, the Advice of, Life and Death of.
Earle of Cumberland, the Declaration of. Yorke.
The Speaker's Letter to the Vice-Chancellor. Oxf.
Annotations upon Certaine Quaeries.
Plots, Conspiracies of the Romish Religion.
Jesuit Plots.
An Honest Letter. Reade and Burne.
The Birth, Life, Death, and Will of Jack Puffe. (A Poem.)
A Petition from the Kingdom of Scotland.
A Discourse upon Questions between King and Parliament.
Maximes Unfolded.

VOL. 17. 1642 (4).
A Remonstrance against the non-resident Clergy.
On the Nature of Episcopacie.
Troubles begun at Frankeford, 1554. (Booke of Common Prayer.)
The Dangers of New Discipline.
Popis Points Untrussed.
A Protestant's Account of his Orthodox Holding.
The Personall Reign of Christ upon Earth.
Mercy, Truth, Peace.
Sudden Peace or Certaine Ruine.

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