An Account of the American Antiquarian Society, Incorporated, Oct. 24, 1812 ...

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Isaiah Thomas, 1813 - 32 pages

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Page 11 - To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled.
Page 214 - ... never known an individual of a character more elevated and chivalric, acting according to a purer standard of morals, imbued with a higher sense of honor, and uniting more intimately the qualities of the gentleman, the soldier, the scholar, and the Christian.
Page 68 - Happily for himself, and for the country by which he was employed, he joined to the ardent temper and inventive genius of a projector, virtues of another species, which are rarely united with them. He possessed a thorough knowledge of mankind, an insinuating address, a patient perseverance in executing any plan, the perfect government of his own passions, and the talent of acquiring an ascendant over those of other men.
Page 16 - And be it further enacted, That the said Society may, from time to time, establish rules for electing officers and members, and also...
Page 14 - And now let no man be offended at the Authors rude Verse, penned of purpose to keepe in memory the Names of such Worthies as Christ made strong for himselfe, in this unwonted worke of his.
Page 16 - As wheat and rye, barley, oats, beans, and pease Here all thrive, and they profit from them raise, All sorts of roots and herbs in gardens grow, Parsnips, carrots, turnips, or what you'll sow, Onions, melons, cucumbers, radishes, Skirets, beets, coleworts, and fair cabbages.
Page 40 - That we may make the Institution better comport with the name it bears — " American Antiquarian Society"— and more readily effect the purposes intended, it will be expedient to have a suitable number of respectable and useful members in all the principal cities and towns in the United States, and some in the interiour of every state.
Page 20 - Here [hear] thy poor flocks that on thee daily call, Bottle their tears, and pity their sad groans. Where shall we go, Lord Christ? we turn to thee, Heal our back-slidings, forward press shall we. Not we, but all thy Saints the world throughout Shall on thee wait, thy wonders to behold; Thou King of Saints, the Lord in battel stout Increase thy armies many thousand fold. Oh Nations all, his anger seek to stay, That doth create him armies every day.
Page 20 - Religion stands on tiptoe in our land, Ready to pass to the American strand. When height of malice, and prodigious lusts, Impudent sinning, witchcrafts, and distrusts, (The marks of future bane,) shall fill our cup Unto the brim, and make our measure up...
Page 16 - That the said Society may, from time to time, establish rules for electing officers and members, and also times and places for holding meetings ; and shall be capable to take and hold real or personal estate, by gift, grant, devise, or...

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