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Moral Philosophy, Logic, fc.

Ashmole (Elias) The Way to Bliss, 1 vol. 4to. Lond. 1658 Bacon (Lord) Essayes, Religious Meditations, Places of Perswasion and Disswasion, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1606 Bates (Ely) Rural Philosophy; or Reflections on Knowledge,

Virtue, and Happiness, in a Life of Retirement, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1805 Buck (W.) Amusements in Retirement; or the Influence of

Science, Literature, and the Liberal Arts, on the Manners and Happiness of Private Life, 1 vol. 8vo. Lond. 1816

Philosophy of Nature; or the Influence of Scenery on the Mind and Heart, 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1813 Cardanus (Hier.) Comforte, translated into English by Maister

Bedingefelde, with an Introduction by Th. Churchyard, 1 vol. 4to. black letter

Lond. 1573 Cornewallys (Sir Wm.) Essayes, 1 vol. 12mo. Lond. 1606 Gisborne (Thomas) Enquiry into the Duties of Men in the

Higher and Middle Classes of Society of Great Britain, 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1795

of the Female Sex, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1798 Hall(John) Horæ Vacivæ, or Essays : Some Occasionall Considerations, 1 vol. 12mo. Portrait by Marshall

Lond. 1646 Hamilton (Eliz.) Series of Popular Essays, illustrative of

Principles connected with the Improvement of the Understanding, &c. 2 vols. 8vo.

Edinb. 1813 Harvey (James) Meditations and Contemplations, 2 vols. 12mo.

Lond. 1764 Hutcheson (Francis) Inquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1738 Montaigne (Mich. de) Essais, avec des Notes, &c. par Pierre Coste, 3 vols. 4to.

Paris, 1725 Paley (Wm.) Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, 2 yols. 8vo.

Lond. 1809

Rochefaucault(M. de la) Reflexions ou Sentences et Maximes

Morales, avec les Maximes de Mad. la Marquis de
Sable, &c. 1 vol. 12mo.

Amst. 1705 Shaftesbury (Earl of) Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opi

nions, and Times, 3 vols. 8vo. Birmingham, 1773 Watts (Isaac) Logick; or the right Use of Reason in the Inquiry after Truth, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1790 Wilson (Th.) The Rule of Reason, containing the Arte of Logique, 1 vol. 12mo, black letter

London, imprinted by Rich. Grafton, 1552 Zimmermann (M.) On Solitude, from the French of J.B. Mercier, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1792


Education, Manners, fc.

Alphonse (Joseph) Essai sur l'Esprit de l'Education du Genre Humain, 1 vol. 8vo.

Paris, 1814 Argyle (Marq. of) Instructions to a Son, with Maxims of State, 1 vol. 12mo. rare Portrait

Lond. 1661 Bell (Andrew) The Madras School, or Elements of Tuition, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1808 Chapone (Mrs.) Letters on the Improvement of the Mind, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1815 Collier (Jeremiah) Reflections upon Ridicule; or what it is

that makes a Man ridiculous, and the Means to avoid it, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo.

Dublin, 1764 Edgeworth (R. Lovell) Essays on Professional Education, 1 vol. 4to.

Lond. 1809 (Maria and R. Lovell) Practical Education, 2 vols. 4to.

Lond. 1798 Education, Practical View of Christian Education, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1814 Elyot (Sir Th.) The Boke named the Governour, 1 vol. 12mo. black letter

Lond. 1553 Fenelon (Archbp.) Instructions for the Education of a Daugh

ter, edited by Geo. Hickes, 1 vol. 12mo. Lond. 1713 *James I. (King) Basilicon Doron, in his Works.

A Princes Looking-glass, or a Princes Directions, very requisite and necessarie for a Christian Prince to view and behold himselfe in; containing sundrie wise, learned, godly, and princely Precepts and Instructions, excerpted and chosen out of that most christian and vertuous BAXIAIKON ALPON, or his Majesties Instructions to his dearest Sonne Henrie the Prince, and translated into Latin and English Verse, (his Majesties consent and approbation being first had and obtained thereunto) for the more delight and pleasure of the said Prince, now in his younger yeares, by William Willymat, 1 vol. 12mo.

Cambridge, printed by John Legat, 1603 Two rare Portraits are inserted in this Volume. Kames (Lord) Hints upon Education, 1 vol. 8vo. Edinb. 1782 Lancaster (Joseph) Improvements in Education, as it respects the Industrious Classes of the Community, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1805 More (Hannah) Essays designed for Young Ladies, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1785 Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education, 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1799 Hints towards forming the Character of a Young Princess, 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1805 Owen (John) The Fashionable World Displayed, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1809 Manners: Thoughts on the Importance of the Manners of the

Great to general Society, 1 vol. 12mo. Lond. 1788 Trimmer (Mrs.) Essay on Christian Education, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1812 Waterhouse (Edw.) Apologie for Learning and Learned Men, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1653 West (Mrs.) Letters to a Young Man on his entering into Life, 3 vols. 12mo.

Lond. 1806

Lady; in which the Duties and Character of Women are considered, 3 vols. 12mo.

Lond. 1806 SECTION V.


Cudworthi (Rad.) Systema Intellectuale hujus Universi, edidit J.L. Mosheim, 2 vols. in 1, folio

Jene, 1733 *Hamilton (Hugh) Metaphysical and Philosophical Essays,

Works, vol. 2. Haslam (John) Sound Mind; or Contributions to the Natural

History and Physiology of the Human Intellect, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1819 Heber (Reginald) A Sense of Honour; a Prize Essay, recited at Oxford in 1805, 1 vol. 8vo.

Oxford, 1805 Hume (David) Treatise of Human Nature, 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1817 Kames (Lord) Sketches of the History of Man, 3 vols. 8vo.

Edinb. 1807 Mason (John) Self-Knowledge, shewing the Nature and Be

nefit of that important Science, and the way to attain it, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1810 Monboddo (Lord) Ancient Metaphysics, or Science of Universals, 6 vols. in 3, 4to.

Edinb. 1779-99 Reid (Thomas) Essays on the Powers of the Human Mind, 3 vols. 8vo.

Edinb. 1808 Stewart (Dugald) Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 1 vol. 4to.

Lond. 1792 Philosophical Essays, 1 vol. 4to.

Edinb. 1810

Meres (F.) Wits Theater of the Little World, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1599 SECTION VI.

Witchcraft, Magic, dc.

Agrippa (H. Corn.) Three Books of Occult Philosophy,

translated out of Latin, by J. F. 1 vol. 4to. Lond. 1651 Aubrey (John) Miscellanies, viz. Day-Fatality, Omens, Dreams, &c. 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1721 Chyromantia, Scientia Naturalis, Car. Goth, cum fig. 1 vol. 4to.

Padua, 1484 Dee (Dr. John) A true Relation of what passed for many

Years between him and some Spirits, also the Letters of sundry Great Men and Princes to the said Dr. Dee, with

a Preface by Meric Casaubon, 1 vol. folio Lond. 1659 Ferriar (John) Essay towards a Theory of Apparitions, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1813 Glanvil (Joseph) On Witches and Apparitions, 1 vol. 8vo.

Lond. 1726 *James (King) Dæmonologie, Works, folio. Gabalis, the Count of Gabalis, or the Extravagant Mysteries

of the Cabalists, in Five Discourses on the Secret Sciences, 1 vol. 12mo.

Lond. 1680 Richard (l'Abbé) Theorie des Songes, 1 vol. 12mo. Paris, 1766 Kirk (Rob.) Essay on the Nature and Actions of the Sub

terranean (and for the most part) Invisible People heretofoir going under the name of Elves, Faunes, and Fairies, `or the lyke among the Low-country Scots, &c. 1 vol 4to.

Edinb. 1691; Repr. 1815 Lilly_(Wm.) Christian Astrology, modestly treated in Three

Books: the 1st, Containing the Use of an Ephemeris; the 2d, Instructions how to resolve all manner of Questions contingent unto Man; the 3d, The Method whereby to judge upon Nativities, 1 vol. 4to.

Lond. 1647 Loire (Peter de) Treatise of Specters, or strange Sights,

Visions, &c. newly done out of French into English, by
Zach. Jones, 1 vol. 4to.

Lond. 1605 Scot (Reg.) Discovery of Witchcraft, proving the Compacts

of Witches with Devils, &c. are Erroneous Novelties and Imaginary Conceptions; to which is added, a Discourse of the Nature and Substance of Devils and Spirits, 1 vol. folio

Lond. 1665


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