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31.-- Boys' JACKET (FRONT).

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No. 1. CLOTH JACKET. Tight fitting jacket of grey blue velvet cloth with collar, pockets, and tabs of black velvet. Both sleeves and jacket are bordered with strips of grey blue grosgrain silk stitched with black Metal buttons and agraffe.

No. 2. TIGHT-FITTING JACKET. Jacket of matelassé fitting to the figure, with revers, collar, cuffs, and pockets of black velvet, ornamented with steel buttons.

No. 5. THE REMBRANDT HAT. Black felt hat, with high crown, and turned-up brim; the latter bound with black velvet. Bands and loops of grey blue velvet, and long ostrich feather of the same colour.

Nos, 6, 7. CHILDREN'S PINAFORES. No. 6. Is made of grey piqué, trimmed round the bottom, neck, and sleeves with narrow white embroidery, and embroidered in chain stitch, as shown in Illustration.

No. 7. This pinafore of white cambric has braces terminating in pointed tabs, and trimmed with braid insertion to correspond with the bottom and sleeves.

Nos. 8, 12 SEAL SKIN JACKET. Sleeveless jacket of seal skin, trimmed with otter and passementerie ornaments. The sleeves of the dress should be trimmed to correspond.

No. 9. BLACK FELT HAT. Black felt hat with curved brim bound with velvet, a wide band of velvet surrounds the crown, and a cluster of bows fasten a white wing and long black feather which falls over the brim. Nos. 10, 11. FICHU OF LACE AND BEAD EMBROIDERY.

The pattern is cut out in stiff net, and a box pleating of white net is then sewn on. Between the two rows of white net is a frill of black lace. Above is a similar frill with an embroidery of black beads; the fichu is headed with a ruching of crepe lisse, and finished off in front with bows and ends of black grosgrain ribbon.

Nos. 13, 14. SASHES FOR EVENING WEAR. No. 13 is an echarpe of blue and white plaid ribbon, eight and a half inches wide, and requires two yards and three-quarters to make it up, exclusive of the waistband. One end of the ribbon is fastened to the centre of the band at the back, and it is then arranged in loops, bows, and ends as our Illustration directs.

No. 14 gives another style, in pink silk ribbon of two widths-namely, six and a half and eight and a half inches respectively. The waistband, which is made with folds of the same ribbon, is trimmed only at the back, in the loops and ends having the centre bow fringed out at each end for about two inches in depth. No. 15. GIRL'S COSTUME OF FOUR TO SIX YEARS OLD.

Dress of grey poplin, with bands of the same material in a darker shade, and oxydized silver buttons.

Felt hat, trimmed with velvet, and long ostrich feather.

No. 16. DOLLS' DRESSES. Fig. 1. Promenade costume of grey cashmere. The -skirt is trimmed in front with bands and puffings, and at the back with flounces of the same material. The bands are piped with dark grey taffetas. Jacket of black velvet, lined with lutestring, and trimmed with fur.

Fig. 2. Bridal toilet of white taffetas. Long trained kirt, trimmed in front with flounces and bows of the same material. Wreath of myrtle, and veil of white tulle.

Fig. 3. Toilet Alsacienne. Skirt and bodice of scarlet flannel ; the skirt trimmed with an embroidered band of black velvet. Chemisette of fine lawn, with pleated frill, below which a small scarlet handkerchief, with black fringe and raised spots of black wool, is crossed and fastened at the waist behind. Low bodice of black velvet laced in front so as to show the chemisette. White apron with two stripes embroidered in scarlet wool. Head-dress of black Velvet

bows and ends arranged as shown in the Illustration. This pretty costume is designed from that worn by the peasant girls of Alsace.

Nos. 17 to 21. COIFFURES FOR THE SEASON, No. 17 is arranged with bows and loops of pale lilac grosgrain ribbon, relieved by frilling of crepe lisse, and sprays of pink moss roses.

No. 18. We recommend this to our fair readers. An open wreath of black lace is arranged on a small frame of ribbon wire, and finished at the back by loops and ends of black grosgrain ribbon. In each rosette-shaped curve of the lace is placed a small rose, crimson or pale pink, as the wearer's complexion may require.

No. 19. Coronet of white lace, with a cross-way band of blue poult de soie. Bows and loops of blue poult de scie and wreaths of daisies.

No. 20. A pretty contrast of colour is effected here by mixing crimson and clear pale grey ribbon with the white lace wreath. The crimson ribbon is slanted on the cross, and fringed out for an inch in depth. No. 21.

Pink and very pale yellow roses, carefully selected as to shade, are placed on a tuft of rich white lace, from which loops and ends of pink grosgrain ribbon edged with narrow lace, fall at the back. At the side a shaded wing. Nos. 22, 23.

SLEEVELESS JACKET. Tight-fitting sleeveless jacket of black matelassé, silk edged all round, with fur trimming.

Nos. 24 to 27. LADY'S BOOTS AND SHOES. No. 24. Black kid shoe, with high heel, and ornamental buckle.

No. 25. Lady's slipper, of black patent leather lined with blue satin, stitched with white purse silk, and ornamented with a blue ruching, rosette, and steel buckle.

No. 26. High boot of black leather, with bright buttons, scalloped edges, and steel buckle.

No. 27. High boot of black satin, with slashed front to show the stocking, buttons, and fancy buckle.

No. 28. LACE RUFFLE. Ruffle of black lace, frilling of fine white net, and centre of feather trimming. Nos. 29 to 31. COSTUME FOR BOYS OF FIVE TO SEVEN

YEARS OLD. Trousers, waistcoat, and jacket of grey blue cloth, with black braid and buttons.

Nos. 32 to 34, 35. JET ORNAMENTS. No. 32. Coronet of rosettes made of jet beads, fastened on to a slender wreath of cut steel.

Nos. 33, 34. Bracelets of jet beads threaded on elastic, and ornamented with jet medallions.

No. 35. Necklace of jet beads of different sizes, with fringe of pendants.

No. 36. EMBROIDERED EDGING. This pattern was designed to be worked on a ground of clear grey linen, with grey thread. The stitches used are plain satin, overcast, and button-hole, but would be equally suitable for under-linen if worked on cambric. No. 37. EDGING FOR UNDER-LINEN, ETC., IN MIGNAR

DISE AND CROCHET. For the following pattern a braid is required, which has on each side a four-fold group of loops; it is then crocheted as follows_* ist row : * 4 treble in the ist of the 4 loops, these treble must be drawn up with one effort of the needle, 5 chain, 4 treble in the next of the 4 loops, drawn up like the last, 2 chain, i purl of 5 chain, and I double in the ist chain stitch, 2 chain; repeat from * 2nd row : * I double in the centre of the next 5 chain, 11 treble in the next purl; repeat from *. 3rd row : along the other side of the mig. nardise alternately I double in the 4 loops of 1 group, Ś chain. 4th row: alternately i treble, 2 chain, miss 2.

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