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Cashmere. This charming design will, we are convinced, become a avourite with our readers.

ers. The incket is tight-fitting and

The jacket is tight-fitting and richly trimmed with guipure and appliqué of cashmere. It has also a beaded border and deep fringe. At the wrists bows of black grosgrain silk. The tunic en tablier is trimmed to correspond, and is finished off at the back with bows and ends of black grosgrain.

No. 337. Dress Of Grey TAFFETAS. Plain trained skirt and jacket bodice; the tabs at the back are piped with black grosgrain silk, and arranged below bows and ends similarly trimmed. The fronts and sleeves of the jacket are edged with pleated frills and trimmed with bows of grosgrain silk. The neck opens en revers of black silk.

3. Back view of baby's hood (No. 1), showing wide round crown, and deep curtain edged with fringe, with bow of ribbon at the top. Another similar bow in front of the crown.

4. Baby's Cap. The rim is composed of two rows of English embroidery, one standing up and the other falling over the head, divided by a band of white ribbon, with bows in front, and ends of embroidered nansook falling at the back of the crown.

5. Shows back view of the same cap. Full crown trimmed with three straps of embroidery at the top, and finished with a curtain of the same, and ribbon strings.

6. Baby's bib, trimmed with narrow English embroidery.

7. Jacket for a little girl of about five or six years of age, made of white coutil, the edges trimmed with embroidery. It is tight fitting at the back, with basques divided up to the waist, has square pockets at the sides, and cuffs with buttons upon the sleeves.

8. Baby's bib made of white coutil, and edged with narrow embroidery and waved braid.

9. Turned down linen collar, and trimmed with English embroidery, suitable for boy of about 4 years of age.



In front bow of light and dark grosgrain. Plain sleeves, prettily trimmed with alternate strips of light and dark silk, vandyked at the edges, and held in place by a twist of silk.

No. 339. FICHU COLLAR OF CREPE DE CHINE. Fichu of pale blue crepe de chine with ruchings of blue grosgrain ribbon, and fall of white point de Malines.



No. 340. MORNING CAP. Cap of white mull muslin and Valenciennes lace; bows, loops, and ends of pale lilac grosgrain ribbon.

Cap of brown cloth, the crown and revers embroidered with two shades of brown purse-silk, in satin and chain stitch. We give the full-sized pattern of the design for the crown in Illustration 348. The cap is slightly wadded, and lined with black silk. Bow and ends at the back of black grosgrain ribbon.


This fichu is composed of a doubled fold of pale blue crepe trimmed with broad Valenciennes lace. Round the opening for the neck a closely-pleated ruching of white crepe lisse, pink rose, and silver slide.

No. 343. TOURNURË. This tournure will be found very effective in giving a graceful sit to the dress. It is made of black and white striped woollen material, and has a skirt buttoned to it, in the manner shown in the illustration. The skirt is trimmed with a puffing and two flounces of the same material. No. 344. DRESS CAP OF LACE, BLONDE, AND FLOWERS.

Cap of rose-coloured blonde, arranged in bows. One white camellia and a bunch of white violets are placed in front. No. 345. DRESS CAP OF BLONDE RIBBON AND

FLOWERS. Cap trimmed with blonde lace and violets. An écharpe of lace at the back, on which is a bow of lilac grosgrain ribbon. At the left side is placed a butterfly of lace and black beads.

No. 349. KNITTED OVERSHOE. This pretty, warm-looking slipper is knitted with scarlet wool and steel needles, partly to and fro, and partly in the round. The shoe is knitted so as to appear knitted on the right side of the work ; and the border is knitted in a ribbed pattern. Begin at the heel with 39 stitches, and knit to and fro 33 rows; that is, 17 knitted and 16 purled, always slipping the first stitch. For the seam in the centre, the centre stitch of the knitted rows must be purled, and for the side seams 2 stitches must be purled together at the distance of 2 stitches from the centre. The narrowing for the heel is commenced in the next row, after knitting off 14 stitches. Take up the il centre stitches on a fresh needle, and knit to and fro along them. At the end of the purled rows, the 2 next side stitches must be purled together as follows : slip 1, purl 1, pass the slipped stitch over. At the end of the knitted row, 2 stitches must be knitted together in the same way. When all the side stitches have been used, the marginal stitches on each side the heel are taken up on separate needles, and 46 rows are knitted to and fro along all the stitches, continuing the same as usual ; and decreasing i stitch in the 4th, 8th, joth, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 18th of these rows at the distance of 2 stitches from the edge. After the 46th row, cast on 22 more stitches and knit along the sock part and along the stitches just cast on, 52 rounds. Then follow 15 rounds without increase or decrease ; then a round in which i stitch is decreased after every 8 stitches; 7 more rounds without decrease, and then another decreasing round as before, except that there are only 7 stitches between each decreased stitch. Keep on diminishing by I the number of rounds between each decreasing round; and of stitches between each decrease until the shoe is ended by decreasing in every round to the end. Then take up the inarginal stitches, and knit in the round 6 rounds in a ribbed pattern, knit 2, purl 2. Cast off loosely.

No. 346. LINGERIE, BONNETS, BIBS, ETC. 1. Baby's hood (front view), made of fine bayin or white coutil, with bound turned-up brim edged with a very narrow embroidery and quilling of tulle and Valenciennes, finished with a butterfly bow of white ribbon underneath. Strings either of white ribbon or as the same material as the hood, edged with narrow embroidery

2. Chip bonnet spangled with jet. Rather high flat crown with band of black velvet going round, and bouquet of strawberry flowers and foliage, with an ostrich feather in its natural colour at the side. Brim turned up in front with wreath of flowers underneath ; strings of spangled tulle.

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