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The material for these is also sold here by the yard. The materials shown me for spring dresses are in great variety, and some of them are very protty. Besides beiges, homespuns, matelassés, and alpacas in every colour and shade, I was shown a new material which will make very pretty spring and summer dresses. It is called Damascene, and is in alternate strips of openwork and flowers on écru or white ground. Lawns, which make such fresh and cool morning dresses, are to be had in all qualities, and ladies who make their own dresses ought to make their first essay in summer styles in some such material as this, which is not difficult either to cut out or to work upon.

There is no doubt that it is much the cheaper way to make one's dresses oneself, if such a plan be at all feasible. In these days of paper models and sewing-machines, there ought to be little difficulty in the way of such a practice. The new sewing-machine just patented by the COMBINATION SEWING-Machine COMPANY, Albion Works, Lansdowne Road, London Fields, E., is simply the queen of sewing-machines. It is remarkably easy to

manage, works very smoothly, and does four different kinds of sewing. The stitch can be changed while the machine is in motion, by simply moving a small handle, and not only can the stitch be altered, but the colour of the sewing as well. It is a prettily finished sewingmachine, and is called the “ Albion," but the Combination patent can be applied to any machine.

The ecclesiastical embroidery now so fashionable, necessitates the frequent use of filoselle, and it is very important to have this good, as if it be of inferior quality, it is inclined to tangle and fray. That manufactured by Adams and COMPANY, 5, New Street, Bishopsgate Street, E., is of superior make, and is also very cheap. This firm also sells embroidery and knitting silks. The ecru filoselle will be much used this season for embroidering on tussore. This is work not difficult to do, gets on very quickly, and repays the labour by the increased style it gives the dress.

To the usefully and industriously inclined, Judson's Dyes afford a field for the occupation of their energies. These simple dyes render it an easy task to renovate the faded colours of ribbons, feathers, and fringes, and what would at one time have been thrown away as useless, can now be used over and over again, particularly as the Dyes can be used for the purpose of simple renovation as well as dyeing,



TE walked along a splendid street-

We always walk, my love and IAnd many a stately home we saw,

Till he looked down with half a sigh,

My love ceased sighing. How we laughed,

And tossed our darts of harmless fun, And praised the blueness of the sky,

And praised the glory of the sun!

And half a smile: “Grand folk live here."

I laughed a gay defiance then,
And said, “We're grander far than they !

You're grander far than all the men,
And I am grand as any dame

Who walks in velvet down the street, For strength and youth and love are mine!”

Ah, but his answering smile was sweet!
A brilliant carriage past us rolled,

A grey-beard sat in it, alone.
My love said lightly, “There he rides,

A rich map.” “Yes, and makes his moan; }

We drank a draught of fragrant wine,

We breathed a pure, inspiring air. “And why, dear, did you marry me?”

“Because you're good, and dear, and fair.” “And why, and why?" ... Oh happy hour!

Oh charming street, and park, and square, Where we beheld that brightest flower

Which bloomed when Eve was young and fair !

Ah, many a sober face we met

That looked and questioned, “Who are these These plain young people, who forget

The winter's cold, the naked trees?”

" For all his wealth that man would give

If life were fresh and love were young. And he could walk, like us, and sing

The song that yesterday we sung!”

Our eyes were clear, and theirs were blind;

They saw not our companions gay, For Love was smiling close behind, And Joy danced wildly all the way!

The Atlantic Monthly.

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