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At Berlin, in his 70th year, Dr. Bre Nov. 17. At Ewdness, in Worfield, mer, who was distinguished for his meri- Shropshire, Thomas Barnfield, gent. to torious exertions in the introduction of the unfeigned grief of all his friends, and Vaccination.

the general regret of every acquaintance, Nov. 7. At Gateshead, aged 81, Mr. who will long bear testimony to his virtues C. Wilkinson, a clerk to Messrs. Hawks and inestimable worth. His facetious. and Co. in whose service he conducted ness, hospitality, and inexhaustible fund himself with the utmost integrity upwards of anecdote, will long continue in the of 52 years.

minds of those who had a perfect knowNov. 8. At Peckham, in his 74th year, ledge of him. He was a man possessed John Reed, esq.

of great practical as well as theoretical Nov. 9. In Lamb's Conduit-street, Johạ information in regard to agricultural Freeman, esq.

pursuits, and an accurate calculator. In London, Joseph Ledsam, esq. of He was a philanthropist in the true sense Edgbaston, near Birmingham.

of the word ; his charity and benevolence At Lewisham, Kent, aged 79, the wife proceeded from the ardent wish of his of Lieut.-gen. Mann.

heart to promote the welfare of his fellowAt Kennington, aged 81, Thomas Lan. creatures. After a life spent in very easter, esq.

active pursuits, he may fairly be said to At Clifton, Mrs. Jones, relict of the have left this busy sphere without an Jate James Jones, esq. of Bristol.

enemy. At Exmouth, Gen. Alexander Mercer, At Bristol, Wm. Champante, esq. late of the royal engineers.

an eminent wax-chandler and wholesale Nov. 10. At Bedford, in his 26th year, stationer in Jewry-street, London. He is Frederick Joseph Livius, esq. second son succeeded in his property, estimated at of Geo. Livius, esq.

40,0001. by his daughter, the wife of Mr. At Bristol, aged 45, Mr. John Evans, Joggett, stationer, Taunton. R. N. late master of H. M. S. Catherine, At Prankfort, of apoplexy, her Serene and who had been upwards of 23 years ac Highness the Duchess Dowager of Nassaytively employed in his Majesty's service. Usingen.

At Exeter, Mrs. Cutler, wife of H. Cut At Florence, in her 70th year, Lady Jer, esq. of Sidmouth.

Hammet, of Taplow-bill, Bucks, relict of Nov. 11. In Kingsland-road, William the late Sir Benjamin Hammet. Jones, esq. second attorney of the Lord Nov. 18. W. D. Lloyd, esq. late of the Mayor's Court.

Island of Barbados. At Plymouth, Vice-adm. Chas, Boyles. lo her 88th year, Mrs. Eliz eth Gor

At Alveston, Mrs. Bryan, relict of Rev. don, relict of Rev. Wm. Gordon, D. D. John Bryan, A. M. of Charlton, Somerset, late of Ipswich. and daughter of the late Henry Casa Nov, 19. At Bristol, in his 65th year, major, esq. of Tockinglon, co. Gloucester. Mr. Wm. Greaves, many years a mer

In his 26th year, Lieut. Henry Bulmer, chant of that city. 16th Native infantry, East India Com Nov. 20. At Royal-hill, Greenwich, in pany's service, son of Mr. Bulmer, of his 63d year, Digby Scott, esq. York. He left India for the recovery of Of a decline, having nearly completed his health, and arrived off Plymouth, in her 21st year, Caroline, third daughter of H.M.S. Cornwallis, which he quitted in Sir Ricbard Brooke, bart, of Great Oakley, a boat in company with Lieuts. Stopford Northamptonshire. and Ibbetson: the boat was upset, and Nov. 21. At Clay-bill, Enfield, aged Lieutenants Bulmer and Ibbetson were 63, Thomas Weston, esq. drowned. Lieut. Ibbetson was the young At Bridgnorth, co. Salop, in his . 85th est son of Mr. Ibbetson, formerly an emi year, John Haslewood, gent. brother of nent silk-mercer on Ludgate-hill.

the late Thomas Haslewood, solicitor, of Nov. 14. In Swithin's-lane, Lombard that town. He had retired from busistreet, after an illness of fourteen days, ness many years; was the oldest member Robert Spottiswoode, esq. solicitor, of thai corporation, and had filled the

Aged 80, Mrs. Cope, relict of Arthur office of magistrate at four different Cope, esq. of Loughgall, Ireland. periods. And subsequently, as senior

In Carlisle, aged 60, Rob. Ferguson, esq. alderman, he succeeded upon the death

Nov. 15. The wife of Harriold Steward, of Mr. Richard Corbett, in 1802, to the esq. Watford.

office of bailiff, which he held but a few At Bristol, Captain John Herbert, pay. days previous to the bailiffs elect taking master of the royal South Gloucester upon them the oaths of office. light infantry militia.

Nov. 22. At Binfield, Berks, at a very Nov. 16. At bis apartments in Hyde- advanced age, Louisa, widow of W. Mae park-barracks, of a rapid decline, Lieut. Kincon, esq. She was the daughter of J. Warde, 1st life guards, whose amiable Henry Vernon, esq. of Hilton Castle, co. disposition and uniform integrity excited Stafford, and was married in 1757, general admiration and esteem.


At Jersey, aged 21, Mary, wife of Bre G. Hall, esq. youngest son of the late T. vet-major Scott, late of the 10th foot. Rumbold Hall, esq. of Middleton House,

Nov. 23. At Hatfield-Peverel, Essex, in and Heldersham Hall, co. Cambridge. her 60th year, Sarah, relict of Rev. Wm. At Derlangan, co. Meath, Capt. Henry Walford, of that place.

and Robert Battersby, R. N. Nov. 24. At Reading, in his 63d year, Nov. 29. At the house of her brother. Thomas Harris, esq.

in-law, A. Highmore, esq. near Dulwich, At Clifton, in her 620 year, the wife of Surrey, Miss Anne Jellicoe, third daughGen. Hamilton, of Dalziel and Orbiston, ter of Adam and Elizabeth Jellicoe, for. eo. Lanark.

merly of Highbury-place, deceased. To Nov. 25. At her father's, of a deep de. draw from the recesses of private life chaeline, in her 19th year, Elizabeth, eldest racters which are calculated to adorn and daughter of Mr. William Rose, solicitor, endear it, is the office of domestic affecPrinces-street, Bedford-row.

tion and private friendship ; those of pubAt Pimlico, Harriet, second daughter lic life present themselves as elevated of the late Rev. David Scurlock, M. A. trophies for general observation : but, if of Lovehill-house, Bucks, and Blaen the examples of the limited circle of social corse, co. Carmarthen.

union were always suffered to lose themAt Brompton, Clarinda, daughter of selves in the silent grave without record, John Woods, esq. of Spring-gardens, West their few relatives would alone be enabled minster.

to profit by their virtues, and society Frances, wife of Francis Moore, esq. would seldom be enlightened by the more Kichmond-h Surry.

retired and estimable qualities of their At Bath, Major-gen. Thomas Nepean, piety, resignation, and humility. On Royal engineers, elder brother of Sir Evan these grounds it became a duty to reserve Nepean.

a small space in our Obituary for the Nov. 26. In Lamb's Conduit-street, lady above mentioned; for although there aged 91, Joho Manship, esq. formerly a may be little in a private course which the director of the East India Company. hurry of the world would stop to contem

At Mile-end, aged 58, Samuel Somes, plate, yet there is that by which the world esq. ship-owner.

would be improved if it would adopt her Āt Brighton, aged 34, Mrs. Wood, example; for it would tend to hasten the widow of the late Jacob Wood, esq. of period of universal truth by the union of Threadneedle-street,

the spirit of peace. From her earliest At Taplow, in his 72d year, Abraham years she discovered an ardent pursuit of Robarts, esq. M. P. for Worcester, an intellectual acquirements; and as her maeminent banker, partner with Sir W. turer age advanced, she realized them by Curtis, in Lombard-street; an ex-director possessing the fruits of a liberal education of the East India Company; and colonel and a well-cultivated mind. A knowledge of the first regiment of East India volun. of the Scriptures formed the basis of teers. He first represented the city of her unfeigned piety and resignation ; im.. Worcester in 1796.

proved her temper; and secured an unNov. 27. In her 56th year, Anne, wife disturbed serenity: she was always cheerof Andrew Lovering Sarel, esq. of Surrey- ful, but never elevated; her manners were street, Strand.

polished and well bred, but always unobAt Florence, of a decline, Catherine, trusive-capable and communicative of wife of Rev. Archdeacon De Lacy, daugh- advice and consolation in the midst of ter of the late Capt. Moutray, R. N. Her trouble-charitable in the sorrows of addisease was aggravated by the most ex. versity-persuasive and conciliating to cruciating sufferings from gall-stones, children, and ever active amongst her rewhich she bore with a patience and resig- latives in the most affectionate interest for nation truly exemplary.

their welfare and happiness. In discusNov. 28. In Wilmot-street, Brunswick sion, on whatever subject, it was her part square, Mrs. Bella Peckwell, widow of the to promote the most conciliatory, argulate Rev. Henry Peckwell, D.D. rector of ment; and in those of religious inquiry, Bloxholme cum Digby, co. Lincoln. she strove to make the most liberal allow

At a very advanced age, suddenly, ances, and to repress opposition-she newhilst smoking his pipe and reading, ver differed but with diffidence; nor reRev. Daniel Taylor, many years pastor of jected a principle but in humility; and the Baptist Congregation, Church-lane, her conversation was reserved until drawn Whitechapel. He was married about five forth, when it gratified and improved. weeks since.

Astronomy, bistory, and botany, constiAt Walworth, aged 83, Joseph Dods. luted part of her favourite studies. She worth, esq. formerly of Whitby.

gave instruction without pedantry, and At Stoke Newington, in his 87th year, endeared the sciences themselves by her Benjamin D'Israeli, esq.

interesting method of communication.At Saffron Walden, ju his 53d year, The whole of her cultivations had attained


their primary object, a refined taste, a, a proceeding that highly purity of mivd, and a correct judgment. incensed Mr. Cromwell, who is supposed -She died, after a short illness, lamented during the paroxysm of passion to have as she had beep beloved !

broken a blood vessel. He had reached At Clifton, in his 82d year, Johnson Tottenham-court-road on his return home, Pistor, esq. of Bristol.

and was carried in a dying state into a Nov. 30. In his 75th year, John Crow house, whence he was about to be removed der, esq. of Brotherton, co. York.

to the parish workhouse. Some gentleIn Liverpool, the wife of Thomas Mor men, however, who happened to pass by, ris, esq. youngest daughter of the late recognized bim, and on searching his Ralph Nowell, esq. of Hunter's Hail, co. pockets found bank-notes to the amount York.

of 14501 His two surviving brothers are LATELY.-In London, Rev. J. Bridson, heirs to his large property. rector of Kirkbride, Isle of Man.

Berks At Wargrave, Mrs. Tickell, Capt. E. Coxe, of the Royal Marines. widow of Rev. J. Tickell, late rector of

In Chapel-street, South Audley-street, Gawsworth and East Mersey. Mrs. Gibbs, daughter of the late Sir Wm. At Farringdon, aged 21, Augusta CharPowley, K. B. Admiral of the Fleet, of lotte, second daughter of Rev. Richard Tendring Hall, Suffolk.

Price, rector of Eaton-Hastings. In Prince's-street, Cavendish-square, Cheshire -- At Chester, aged 79, John William Royston, esq. F. L. S. surgeon, Bonner, esq. captain on the half-pay esand apothecary to tie Duke of Clarence, tablishment of the 103d foot, and upwards late editor of “ The London Medical and of half a century resident at Chester, Physical Journal," and proprietor and baving retired to it on the reduction of editor of “ The London Medical Repo. the forces in 1764. He had served in sitory.” He published "Observations on Germany, and in the expeditions of that the Rise and Progress of the Medical Art period to the coast of France. His fellow in the British Empire, 1808,” 8vo.

citizens unanimously called him to the At Tuoting Rev. Samuel Rollestone command of the Volunteer infantry raised Cooth,

in that city in 1797. Aged 44, the wife of W. Roffey, esq. Cornwall--At Bodmin, in his 67th year, of Lambeth,

Rev. E. Gilbert, M. A. rector of Helland, In Tottenham-court-road, at a vicar of Constantine, and prebendary of chandler's, suddenly, aged 75, Mr. Crom Exeter cathedral. well, of Hammersmith. Though the pro At East Looe, H. N. Nicholas, esq. perty he has left is valued at 40,0001.; yet, At Trevenen, W. S. Gully, esą. when he first went to Hammersmith he At St. Minver, aged 77, Rev. Mr. was employed as a labourer in a malt- Sandys. house. He commenced brewer in a very Rev. H. Bradford, 29 years curate ofi small way, and took out the beer himself Lower St. Columb. on a barrow. In process of time the

Cumberland -- At Burnside, aged 56, Creek brewhouse and surrounding pre Rev. Henry Dodd, many years rector of mises became his property ; but, notwith that place. standing the success with which he pur At Cumwhitton, in his 99th year, Adam sued his business, his personal expenses Dryden, a distant relation of the Poet. were very trifling. His clothes he fre

Derbyshire-Suddenly, whilst mounting quently bought in Monmouth-street, and his horse, aged 69, Thomas Jowett, gent. he wore them as long as they would hang of Draycott. together. His men always sat at the At Culthorpe Hall, aged 23, Henry Sasame table with himself, and he inva- ville, only son of Wm. Wright, esq. riably helped them first even when friends Devon At Heavitree, near Exeter, or strangers happened to dine with him. Wm. Cooper, esq. forinerly surgeon of The immediale cause of his death is sup Guy's Hospital, a benevolent man, and posed to have arisen from the following of unimpeachable integrity. circumstances :--Some time since he sold At Plymouth, Edmund Lockyer, jun. *1000 quarters of malt, 300 of which had M. D. been delivered, when the purchaser ob At Sidmouth, Miss Mayhew, sister of jected to some of the sacks; on which Mr. Lady Bayntun, and niece of Wm. LutCromwell refused to let him have the re wycbe, esq. inainder. He therefore took the opinion At Dawlish, Caroline, daughter of the of Counsel, who advised him to tender late Col. Mellifont. the purchase-money, and demand before Dorset -- At Motcombe House, near a witness the remaining 700 quarters of Shaftesbury, Wm. Whitaker, esq. malt, which had meanwhile risen consi At Sherborne, aged 33, Robert Lewis, derably above the price agreed upon.

esq. solicitor. This the buyer accordingly did at the Essex-In his 57th year, Rev. Joseph Gent. Mag. December, 1816.

Pisher, rector of West Bergholt.

At Ardleigh, aged 63, Wm. Lugar, Steward, colonel-commandant of a batta. gent, formerly of Mundon Hall.

lion of artillery, and formerly of SouthJohn Ambrose, esq. of Copford.

ampton. Gloucestershire-At Gloucester, in her Warwickshire - - At Loxley-park, Ma. 15th year, Mrs. Washbourne, mother of tilda, eldesi daughter of Thomas S. KynT. Washbourne, esq. mayor of that city.

persley, esq. Hants

- At Carhampton, Rev. John Worcestershire - At Pershore, the wife Upton.

of Admiral Fayerman, late of Worcester. Kent Rev. Samuel Farmer Sadler, At an advanced age, W. Phillips, esq, vicar of Sandhurst.

of Broadway. At Rochester, in his 89th year, Dr. Aged 90, James Spark, esq. of KimpBeugo.

sey, near Worcester. Lancashire-- At Liverpool, Jac. Æmilius At Old Swinford, Rev. B. Carpenter, 27 Irving, esq. of Jamaica.

years minister of a dissenting congrega. At Crosby, Htar Liverpool, J. Peel, esq. tion in Stourbridge. high sheriff of the county of Derby, Yorkshire - At Beverley, Rev. Mr. younger brother of Sir Robert Peel, bart. Coulson, of Leven, pear that place. M. P.

At Elland, near Halifax, in his 77th Lincolnshire--At Saxby,J. Dudding, esq. year, B. Outram, esq. brother of T.

Joseph Aunison, esq. of Waltham, near Outram, esq. of Kilham. Grimsby.

WALES After an illness of 18 years, Norfolk-In his 21st year, Joseph, only aged 72, 0. Robotham, esq. of Waterson of Joseph Gurney, esq. of the Grove, hall, co. Glamorgan. Lakeubam.

Rev. D. Pugh, rector of Newport, co. Northumberland - At Low Lights, near Pembroke, North Shields, Mr. John Bridekirk, for At Brecon, Mrs. Davies, relict of Rev. merly draftsman and principal marine Edward Davies, late canon of St. David's, architect in the ship-building yard there. and vicar of St. John's, Brecon, mother of Previous to the American war, he acted Rev. R. Davies, archdeacon of Brecon. in the same capacity at New Providence, Aged 61, D. Lewis, esq. of Henllan, in the Bahama Islands, and was eminent co. Pembroke, in the commission of the in his profession.

peace for the counties of Pembroke and Oxon -- Henry Benwell, esq. of Ca- Carmarthen. versham.

ScotlanD-At Edinburgh, Jane eldest SalopAt Builth, in his 91st year, Ser. daughter of the late Sir Alexander Macjeant Davies, formerly of the 58th regt. donald Lockhart, bart. of Lee and CarbThis gallant veteran was at the taking of wath ; also the infant daughter of NorLouisburgh, Gasprey, Mount Louis, Que man Lockhart, esq. of Caruwath Castle, bec, and Montreal; at the siege of Ha Lanarkshire. vannah, he was taken prisoner, and car IRELAND — At Lismore, co. Waterford, ried to Hispaniola, and was liberated at bordering upon his 100th year, Rev. Dr. the Peace of 1762 ; he afterwards served Jessop. in Ireland, and at Gibraltar.

He was At his cottage, in the county of Wasupposed to be the best marksman in the terford Mountains, near Four-mile-water, Army. Lord Howe gave the challenge at, an advanced age, Gen. Grice Blakethat Serjeant Davies should charge and ney, colopel of the fourth royal veteran discharge his musket oftener in a minute battalion. than any soldier in the battalion ; which In Dublin, Henry Brooke, esq. nephew he did, and gained a considerable bet for of the late Henry Vaughan Brooke, esg. his commander. He has been known to many years M. P. for the county of kill 70 brace of woodcocks in the season Donegal. when he pointed his piece, it was death to At Ballinrea, near Cork, at an adman or bird,

vanced age, Thomas Bustied, esq. Somerset- At Bath, Mrs. Fisher, relict ABROAD At Paris, of a decline, aged of Henry Fisher, esq. of Westwood House, 16, Ellenor Sarah, daughter of Lord Care Wilts.

rington. Near Bath, aged 36, C. W. Cruttwell, At Paris, aged 86, M. Dejaix, an esq. an eminent surgeon of that city. eminent statuary, member of the Insti

At Temple Coombe, Thomas Brine, esq. tute, and one of the rectors of the Royal

Aged 68, Rev. R. C. Whalley, B.D. Academy of Painting and Sculpture. rector of Chelwood.

At Paris, aged 84, Caillot, the actor, Staffordshire At Cheadle, aged 75, of the old Italian theatre. Rev. Thomas Hurst.

Miss Lafitte, daugbter of the famous Suffolk--At Ditchingham, near Bungay, banker of Paris, T. Wyatt, esq.

Near Havre, in her 26th year, Mrs. Sussex — At Bognor, in her 41st year, R. Heathcote, formerly Miss Serle, of Jemima, eldest daughter of the late Gen, Covent-garden theatre,


sugar, &t.

At Florence, of ą coup de soleil, in her At Antigua, aged 49, Richard Donavon, 9th year, Charlotte, daughter of Colonel esq. of Tibberton-court, co. Gloucester, Plunkett, grand-daughter of Lord Dun barrister-at-law. sany, and niece of Lord Cloncarry.

Captain Dodds, late master of the ship At Vienna, aged 44, Dietrich, a coach Albion, of London. This vessel put into maker, who has left fuur millions of flo. New York in distress on her voyage from rins to his two daughters, which prodi Tobago to London, with a cargo of rum, gious sum he gained by carriages for the

The captain was landed at army.

the Marine Hospital, Staten Islaod, At Vienna, Oelsam, the riehest where the most unremitting attention was publican in that city, and doubtless in all paid him during bis sickness by the Austria, He has left above three mil. Health-officer of that institution, ASlions of Austrian money, the fruit of in. cording to his wish, the British Consul dustry and economy. He had been a gave orders for his interment at New dealer in wine above 30 years, and began York, and directed bis effects to be prewith a very little public-house.

served for the benefit of his relations. At Pest, Bredermann, a Jew, who At sea, Capt. Jonathan Fowler, mer. has left property of eight millions of flo chant service. rins, which he acquired cbiely by con R. Harrison, esq. 1st lieutenant of the tracts twenty years ago. He went from Magicienne. He left the Naval College house to house with a bundle at his back. at fifteen years old, since which he has He offered Dr. Frank, a physician at constantly been employed. Vieupa, half a millioa to prolong his life. At Jamaica, of a fever, Captain Isaac

On his estate in Lithuania, at an ad. Pocock. vanced age, Count Wawzzecki. In him In the East Indies, Capt. E. Davenport, Poland has lost one of its most distin. youngest son of the late Rev. E. Davenguished statesmen and patriots. In 1791 port, of Worcester. he was remarked as a zealous deputy Captain D. Forbes, Madras Eumpean from Lithuania to the Diet. In 1794, regiment, resident and commandant of the after Kosciusko was taken prisoner, he troops at Banda. took the chief command of the Polish At Jaulnah, Lieut. Le Merchant, 25th army. Lastly, after the storming of light dragoons, nephew of the late Gen. Praga by Suwarrow, and the dissolution Le Merchant. of the Polish army, he was conducted as a Dec, 1. The wife of S. W. Wadeson, prisoner of war to St. Petersburgh, where esq. of King's-road, Bedford-row. he remained some time with Kosciusko. Martha, second daughter of the late

At Madrid, aged 76, the Duchess Robert Smith, esq. of St. Paul's Church. Dowager of Infantado. She was of the yard. Salm-Salm family, and was born at An Sarah, wife of Major Rhode, of Lemanholt, in Germany.

street. At Verous, the celebrated mathema. At Colchester, Essex, aged 71, Edward tician and astronomer, Ant. Cagnoli. Sage, esq. of Cheapside.

Suddenly, Mr. Gibbs, merchant, of At Colchester, Essex, aged 65, Thomas Palermo, late paymaster to the British Baskerfeild, esq. only son of Thomas Bastroops. He was related to Lord Chief kerfeild, formerly partner with Sir Richard Justice Gibbs.

Glyn, as an oilman, at the corner of At Smyrna, of a putrid fever, caught in Hatton-garden, Holborn. He died withvisiting the neighbourhood of ancient out issue, after an illness of three or four Ephesus, the well-known Russian travel. hours, on the eighth anniversary of his ler, M. Richter. He lately returned from wedding-day. (See Gent. Mag. Volume Egypt, Syria, and other Southern coun LXXVIII. p. 1.125.) His death will retries. This young man possessed exten. main in painful remembrance throughout sive kuowledge, and the most distinguish an extensive circle of friends, by whom he ed talents : he has left several valuable was greatly and deservedly esteemed and Antiquities and MSS.

beloved. He was buried, with his relaof an apoplectic fit, after embarking tions, at Redbouro, Herts. in perfect health at Malta, on board a At Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, MI? Sam. transport for England, Joseph Priest, esq. Udall, one of the aldermen of that corpo. surgeon, R. A. son of Lieutenant Priest, ration, and a builder in that town. R.A.D.

Nathan Jowett, esq. of Clock-house, At Point à Petre, West Indies, aged 23, near Bradford, co. York. Lieut. Apreece, R. A. third son of the At Barnsley, co, York, Rev. John late Captain Apreece, of Pentonville. Mence, M. A. Senior fellow of Worcester

On his passage from Quebec to Eng- College, Oxford, and on the foundation of land, on sick leave, Ensign O'Neill, of Sir T., Cookes. H. M. 103d reg. brother of the celebrated At Eccles, Lancashire, aged 59, Rev. actress of that name.

Richard Guest, curate, who for 35 yuars


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