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ing out, “ Arms! arms! I want arms !” part of the rioters had passed through the He cocked his pistol, and presented it at North side, directious were given to close Mr. Platt, who attempted to seize bis all the gales leading out of the Exchange, arm, but failed.

He then presented a by which means three men with arms, pistol at Mr. Platt's belly, fired it, and having on them the name of Beckwith, the ball'entered near the navel. He then were taken into custody. Sir J. Shay attempted to strike Mr. Platt with the seized the man with the colours, and one butt end of the pistol, but Mr. Platt of the guns. The remainder of the insur. seized him, and the pistol either fell to gents became exceedingly furious on the ground, or was taken from him by learning the capture of their comrades Mr. Beckwith's man. Mr. Platt exclaim. and their banners ; and not being able to ed, This man must be secured !” and force the Exchange gates, they raised each placing himself near the door, desired the other upon their shoulders, and fired over person who had fired the pistol to retire the top of the gates at the Lnrd Mayor into the back shop, or counting-house, and his party, whilst others fired under into woich Mr. Plait followed him. Mr.

the gates.

A fresh force, however, are Piatt said to hiin, " You have shot me,” riving to his Lordship’s aid, the ruffians

Oh!" exclaimed he, “ I am a misled departed, throwing away several pistols. young man,

I have been to Spa-fields. The rioters proceeded through Thread.' Send for a surgeon ~I am a surgeon needle - street, Bishopsgate - street, and myself.” And he desired a constable, Houndsditch, to the Mioories. The gunwho had now arrived, to empty his pock- makers there had shut up their shops, and ets to show his lancet. These,” said secured them on the inside : the leader, be, “ will convince you I am a surgeon.” with the butt-end of his gun, broke in He wrung bis hands, bit his bat, and fre the fan-light above Mr. Brander's door, quently exclaimed, “Oh! I am a misled through which'a sailor crawled, and by young man !”

Mr. Platt asked him this means they all gained admittance.! whether the pistol were loaded with a ball They carried off muskets, fowling-pieces, or slug ? He answered, " I do not know.” pistols, besides a 4-pound carronade and' A person said in an angry tone, You a brass swivel. They were about to de. must know which it was loaded with

part from the Minories, when it was sapwas it not a ball ?”. He said, “ I believe posed that more arms, as well as powder, it was." - Mr. Platt, the young man could be had at Mr. Reals, the gunsmith, who fired the pistol, and several other a few doors distant. They broke in the persons, remained in the counting-house pannels of the doors and windows. Here for nearly a quarter of an hour, when the they were joined by a man on horseback, mob broke inio the shop, and Mr. Platt who took the lead. A man, in appearance was 'obliged to make his escape over a a countryman, armed with a pistol and a wall at the back of the house, He went sword, led them from shop to shop. No to the house of Mr. Barnard, a printer, powder was found here or at Mr.Brander's, where Mr. Beveridge, the surgeon in New and the rioters were obliged to leave the gate-street, first saw him, and took him to Minories in great disappointment. They his country house at Brixton.

carried off about 18 silver spoons, wearT'he assassin had the assurance to take ing apparel, and other moveables. They a brace of pistols that were on the counter, took from the premises of Mr. Rea two which he loaded ou the spot, and marched small brass field pieces on wheels, one of off with bis banditti in triumph, taking which was seized apd lodged in the Manaway with them about 40 fowling-pieces, sion House. The rioters next took the and several cases of pistols, besides pow. direction of Aldgate, but when at the top der, shot, and ball.

of the Minories the party divided, one half lo consequence of the attack at Mr. pursuing their way up Houndsditch, and" Beckwith's, an alarm spread instantly the other the road to Mile-end. Those about town, the shops were shut up in who took the former route met a smalt every direction. The rioters proceedevi party of the 9th dragoons, and instantly along Newgate-street. Opposite to Mess. abandoned their beavy metal, and took to Field and Robinson, cheesemongers, they their heels; but the soldiers coming up bred through the windows, smashing a few with them, they surrendered their small panes, and wounding a boy in the face. arms without much cesistance. A ruffian As they proceeded along Cheapside, they who levelled a blunderbuss at one of the loaded and discharged their pieces, and soldiers, bappily missed his aim, and the displayed various menacing gestures, as ball entered the neck of the rider's horse. if to intimidate the spectators. Having An attempt was made to secure him, but arrived at the Royal Exchange, they en. he was rescued. Several soldiers received, tered that bailding in marching order. slight blows of stones, &c. The troops Here they were met by the Lord Mayor, bore these insults with a spirit of forbear Alderman Sir Jaines Shaw, and a strong -ance highly to their credit. The party party of police. As soon as the greatest which took the Whitechapel-road were


also pursued; and those who escaped the hams, and all the rest of the meat which cavalry were attacked by the butchers, they could find. Another division coin and compelled to give up their arms, menced their operations between 6 and 1 which the butchers express a wish to re o'clock in Holywell-street, Strand. They tain, as proofs of their loyalty and cou broke almost all the front windows of the rage.. During the riot in the Minories, a Dog Tavern, and carried off the exposed detachment of the ruffians advanced to Jarder. Next theġ assailed the premises Little 'Tower Gate, and barangued the of an elderly man, a Mr. Gilbert, freza sildiers, telling them that they were the. whom they took differen! a ticles of wear. protectors of ine People, and not of the ing-apparel. Thence, in the same dar. Crown ; that they were paid by the Peop'e, row street, they proceeded to a piece and not by the Crown ; and that now was broker's named Levi, where they belped the time to shew their allegiance, to join themselves to whatever bis second-hand the cause of the people, and they would assortment afforded them of great coats, each be rewarded with 100 guineas, and and under coats, waistcoats, and otber secure to themselves promotion. The convenient articles of dress. The rioters orator mixed soon after in the crowd, and here, and in other quarters, upon the ap. all trace of him was lost.

pearance of a few of the Life Guards or Soon after three, tranquillity was re dragoons, took to their beels; and the rest stored within the City. 200 of the guards of the night passed, iu tranquilliy. There were stationed at the Bank, The East were string symptoms of the disposition London Militia, the City Light Horse, the of-tle misled mob about Lambeth about Artillery Conpany, &c. were under arins, o'clock, but these were checked by the miand the Civil power was aided by very litary marching over Westmioster Bridge, many respectable housekeepers, who came foot-guards and dragoons, foilowed up by forward as constables. The Lord Mayor's more foot-guards and artillerymea, a conduct exceeded all praise ; it was asto with bayonets fixed or swords drawn. The pishing to see with what rapidity he moved effect was, to cause the would-be depreda froin one quarter of danger to the oiber. iors to skulk into lanes and corners, and His Lordship was most ably seconded in mutter the discontent which they were bis efforts by Aldermen Sir James Shaw, afraid openly to avow. Atkios, Sir W. Curtis, &c.

Mr. Platt is attended by Mr. A. Cooper. West of Tennple-bar there was no dis Confident hopes are entertained of his turbance until between 4 and 5 o'clock, recovery, but the contents of the pistol subsequent to the breaking up of Mr. have not yet been extracted. The ball, Hunt's Meeting in Spa-fields. A detach which perforated two coats, bis waistcoat, ment of his attendants made a halt in aud several folds of paper in his waistcoat Oxford-street, in front of Blenbeiin-steps, pocket, carried with it all these substances where their number was soon increased to into his body.

A number of circomabout 9000. On passing by Mr. Wil stance's bave transpired, which appear to liams's, a fishmonger, they gave him three ostablish the fact that the ruffian who cheers, and turned into Oxford-market, wounded Mr. Platt was Mr. Watson, jun, where they separated into three divisions, who harangued the rioters in Spa-fields, each of which took different directions. and marched off at their head to skivnerOne division wept aloog Margaret street, street. He is supposed to have been one where they demolished all the ra lings at of the two men in company with Dr. WatNos, 63 and 64. Thence they proceeded son, his father, who was apprehended at to an eating-house in Wells-street, where Highgate on Monday night op suspicion ainan genteelly dressed, and who stated as a footpad. Those ubo kuow Watson, Dimself to be their captain, addressed the describe him to be a person rather short Landlord, and in a few minutes after bade than otherwise, with a thin visage, and the inob march forward, which they did generally dressed in a brown great-coat; without doing any dainage. Their next precisely such is the appearance of the route was Union-street, where, as soon as man who shot Mr. Pla't. Two lancets they came in front of the shop of Mr. unarked W are said to have been found Stevens, a baker, they began a dreadful in Mr. Beckwith's shop. Daring the time havock, and in one mionte the whole of the ruffian was in the hands of the conthe glass, frames, &c. were completely stable, his pocket. book and various papers beat in and entirely demolished. Every were taken from him. Amongst the latter one then began to take the bread without was a copy of a circular letter calling for ceremony. The next object of attack was subscriptions; there were other scraps of an eating house, kept by Mr. Waikius, at paper, with the names of the Treasurer No. 60, Tottenham-court-road, where the and Secretary of the Spa-felds society. windows were immediately broke, and the A young man, answering Watson' shop entered by 20 or 30 persons, who be scription, and who gave his name and gaa to take every thing they could lay address Mr. Watson, Hyde-street, Bloomstheir hands on ; they took away about 40 burg, purchased fuur pistols on Saturday


last, at Mr. Parker's, Holborn. These ther examination. As these infatuated four pistols have been traced and identi men are to be tried by their country, we shall fied. One of them was found on Waison, for the present abstain from delailing the sens two were taken from Hooper, who circumstances that were developed at was seized at the Exchange, and the their several examinations. Presion toos fonrth is discovered to have been the one frequent opportunities to address the Lord with which Mr. Platt was shot. One of Mayor, and assumed great official couse-, the potes with which Waison paid for the quence, evidently seeking, by means of pistols, and on which his address is writ bis joflammatory barangues, for the ap: ten, has been traced, and got back by probation of bis deluded followers. Mr. Parker's shopman, who had paid it The scandalous acts of riol, above de away. The note being thus found, an tailed, are we trust unlikely to aların the officer was dispatched to Hyde-street, metropolis and the country at large by Bloomsbury, and there discovered the their repetition. The objecis of the desresidence of the two Watsons. The apart. peradoes are not completely uninasked ; ments were searched, and several papers and the investigations that have already were seized. Among them was a letter taken place, will doubtless ensure the prefrom Huot, the orator, to Watson, jun. servation of peace and order, shoull auy on the subject of ihe Spa fields ineeting. further attempt be made. Justice, however, demands that we should

MR. HUNT'S MEETING. declare that there was nothing in this let. Soon after the body of riters, whose ter which could at all implicate Mr. Hunt proceedings are detailed in the preceding with what took place in the city. It ap- article, marched off from Spa-fields, Mr. feared to be an answer to letters written Hunt arrived in a handsome tandem, enby Watson, jun, 10 Mr. Hunt while he joying the applause that he excited. He was in the country.

Watsop and his son alighied at Merlin's Cave, and made his apyere seen together in the mob: the father pearance at the front window, and moved has been identified as one of that part of that Mr. W. Clarke should take ile chair. the mob which passed through Skioner This being agreed to, Mr, C. entreated the street at tbe time of the assassination : he assembly to suffer no spies or informers to was also particularly active during the excite them to riot. Mr. Hunt then stated depredations in the Minories. There is the result of his interview with Colonel littie doubt, therefore, that the father and M‘Mahon, and read his corre pondence soni bo'h fled from town together; and with Lord Sidmouth on the subject of the partner in their fight is supposed to their petition ; and after a long and vide bave had as much reason to escape as lent harangue, proposed some Resolutions, themselves.

and a Petition to the House of Commons, · No trace has as yet been discovered of the which he wished should know that the route taken by the younger Watson. 5007. whole people of England were petitioning reward has been offered by Government, for their riglits. Would they not all put and 1001, by the City, for his apprehension, their wames to the petition ? (Yes, yes!)

Watson's apartment was filled with pa But where were they to get parchmenc litical lumber, in print and manuscript. enougb? He would subscribe his mite to There were found drafts of petitions 10 buy parchment. He then moved his Re. Parliament, devices for flags, banners, solutions, which were verbatim the same and all the paraphernalia for orgaviziog as those he was foiled in carrying at ihe mob:. For some days previous to the last Common Hall. Mr. Haydon seconded meeting Watson did not appear at his them. The Resolutions were then carried Jodgings, and it is conjectured that he was by acc'amation; as was also à Petition to busily employed night and day elsewhere Parliament for Reform, which was moved in arranging with Hooper, Preston, and by Mr. Hunt, and secondled by Mr. Wadother chiefs of this contemptible though dington. Mi. Hunt then moved that their desperate plot, that plan of plunder fellow countryman in persecution, Lord and devastation which unfortunately suc Cochrane, should be desired to present ceeded to a certain exlent.

the petition to the House of Commons. J. Hooper, treasurer of the Spa-fields Mr. Grern proposed that Sir F. Burdett, meeting, was one of the rioters taken by who had always been ihe friend of the the Lord Mayor at the Exchange. Carter people, should, in conjunction with Lord and Casbman, two other rioters, were Cochrane, carry up the Perition. "After a taken at the same time. These three have great deal of tumull, the amendment was been repeatedly examined before the Lord carried, a vote of thanks was passed to Mayor. Preston, the secretary to the Mr. Hunt, and the meeting was adjourned Spa-fields meeting, has also been appre to the second Monday after the assem. headed at his lodgings, and frequently bling of Parliarrent. Mr. Hunt then examined. Casbman, Gambell, Hooper, mounted bis. charger, and sode off to an Preston,andSimons, are committed for trial. hotel in Bouverie street, followed by a Guonell, a drayman, is remanded for ano great aunber of the populace.

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to fill up,

PUBLIC SCHOOLS.-—"Magne Spes altera Rome."
Wednesday, Dic. 11.

We caonot but applaud the judgment
This eveningthe King's SCHOLARS at

which this year, as well as the last, dice Westmirster performed in the Dormitory

tated the selection of one of the Comedies the Eunuchus of Terence. Dramatis per- sally admired for the purity, combined

of Terence; all of wbich are so universonæ : Phædrin, Mr. Wyld ; Parmeno, Gater; Thais, Hutchinson; Gnatho, Bourve;

with the artless elegance aod simplicity, of Chærea, Hall; Thraso, Short; Pythias,

their diction. On this account it is deeply White; Chremes, Glyn; Dorias, Webb ;

to be regretted, that no more than six of Dorus, Henderson ; Sanga, Gresley; So

his Comedies are extant, out of the im.

mense number which he is known to have phrona, Biscoe; Laches, Harrison. — The

written or translated down to the time of characters seemed very well distributed. Bourne, in Gnulho, shewed much talent; pened soon after his 35th year; as, after

his death, which is supposed to have hapand his voice being very sonorous, he gave full effect to the self-gratifications of the

his leaving Rome, at that period of bis parasite at the success of his art. Gater,

life, he was never heard of. What an as Parmeno, gave his character a shrewd

animating idea must be formed of bis and easy confidence, which became it splendid talent and unparalleled industry, well. White, as Pithias, is perhaps worthy of ten years (his first play being performed

when it is known, that in the short space of the highest praise, as the female cha

at Rome when he was only 25 years old), racters seem naturally the most difficult

he translated 108 of the Comedies of Me. He gave us an idea, that the old custom of the English and other

nander, besides writing an immense nunstages, by which female characters were

ber with general success and admiration. filled up by men, must have been less

Thursday, Dec. 12. absurd to appearance than it now seems

The Anniversary of the Noblemen and in imagination. He delivered Pithias's

Gentlemen educated at the Charterthreat, ut ego unguibus, &c. with a true

HOUSE, was celebrater. After a Discourse female spirit. Chærea, who, because he

delivered in the Chapel by the Rev. Wm. is said in the play to have been cilstos

Russell, brother to the Head-master, the publice in Pirseo, was dressed as an cfficer

company proceeded to the College-hall, of the Guards, was p'rformed with a be

where a Latin Oration was spoken by Mr. coming ease of manner. The perform

Henry Anthony Pye (wlio bimself com. ance of Thraso had much merit.

posed it for the occasion); it was an ele. however, somewhat too inuch of the cox

gant and classic composition. The comcomb, and too little of tbe swaggerer.

pany adjourned to a sumplupus enterOn the whole the exhibition was very gra

tainment. tifying; and we do not think highly of

Saturday, Dec. 14. their wisdom who censure these amuse

The Annual Speeches previous the ments as unbecoming ; and we must

think Christmas Vacation were delivered at St.

Paul's ScHOOL. more lightly of their knowledge, who cen

Mr. Backler began with sure the plays of Terence as obscene.

a well-conceived Declamation agaiost Dra.

matic Writers " Condemnentur rei SceThe spirit which runs through them is the

nicæ Scriptores." He was opposed by very reverse of grossness; and the sentimeat shows a refinement which can hardly tores.) Some pleasing extracts from the

Mr. Olivant (Laudentur rei Sconicæ Scripbe equalled in the effusions of the most polished societies of modern times. What

Classicks, &c. were theu recited by Messrs. can exceed the reproof of Thais to Chærea, Goode, Harris, Hinds, Stone, Mortun, Rams

botham, Weeding, Barnard, Burchell, Phil-Si ego digna bac contumelia

pott, Walsh, Boileau, Platt, Pratt, BeckSum maxume, at tu indignus qui faceres with, and Hockin. It wouid be invidi. tameu.

ous to assign to each of the juvegile ludeed, the fault of Terence is on the side

orators his distinct claim to applause: of refinement.

let it soffite that they exhibited a correct The Prologue, which was delivered by conception of the passages allotted to Mr. Rourue, contained an eulogiurn the them; and that the shafts of criticism late Dean of Wesiminster, and coinplio. might rather be directed, in a few cases, ments to the present Dean, and Dr. Carey, against “small voices," and ungrace. lately the Head Master. The Epilogue ful motions, which a little time and exwas recited by Gnatho and Thruso. The perience will improve, than against any soldier laments that the war is at an end ; defect in the more essential requisites of but the parasite allvises hiun to offer him. just emphasis aod well-regulated caself as Master of the Ceremonies at Bath, dence. It would be injurious, however, and gives a deseription of the company not particularly to notice the animation and amuzeinents there, not oinitting waltz. and propriety which distinguished the reing, in very good bexameters and peotaa' citation of a passage from Euripides, by meters. (See pp. 513, & 14.]

Messrs. Beckwith aud Hockin.


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Rev. Henry Green, M. A. All Saints V.

New Pieces.

Rev. James Marston, Longdoņ upon

Tern, Salop, vice the late Bishop Watson.

Rev. Noel Thomas Ellison, M.A.What. No. 29. Cry To-day, and Laugh To

ton R. co. Northumberland, morrow ; an Afterpiece.

Rev. Samuel Browne, Halling V. Kent. Dec. 12. Nota Bene ; a Farce.

Rev. G. Carter, Lakenham and Trowse

Newton V. Norfolk.

Rev. William Robinson, Wishaw R. co. Dec. 13. Love and the Tooth Ache; Warwick. a Parce.

Rev. George Barnes, Grimstone Bo


Rev. Jolm Wilcox, Little Stonham R.

Suffolk. Nov. 26. Major Gossett, of the En

Rev. Robert Clifton, Matson R. co. gineers, a Knight Companion of the Order of the Bath.


Rev. Thomas Hatch, Walton upon Sir J. M'Gregor, Physician Extraordi

Thames V. Surrey, nary to the Prince Regent. Noo. 30. John Parke, esq. Consul in the

Rev. E. Norton, M. A. Blythboroughi Roman States.

and Walberswick Perpetual Curacies, co.

Suffolk. Dec. 7. The digoities of Viscount, Earl, and Marquis, granted to the Earl of Moira, by the titles of Viscount Loudon, Earl of

DISPENSATION. Rev. William Văux,

M. A. Sutton Waldron R. with Critchell Rawdon, and Marquis of Hastings.

R. Dorset.
J. Dumaresque, esq. Procurator-Gene-
ral; and F. J. Lecouteur, esq. Advocate-
General of Jersey.

Whitehall, Dec. 10. Major-General Oct. 2. At: St. Helena, Lady Lowe, a
Sir David Ochterlony, Bart. K, C. B. a

November 11. In Bury-street, St. Knight Grand Cross of the Bath.

James's, the wife of Captain Hall, a dau.
-At Muncaster Castle, r. h. Lady Lind-

sey, a son.-15. At Cambridge, the wife. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

of Rev. Dr. ' arke, a son.--19, At Paris, Rev. Paul Belcher, M. A. Mathfield V. the wife of wi, Thornton, a dau.--20. co. Stafford.

At Tunbridge t'ells, r. h. Lady Isabella Rev. John Hull, M. A. Shillington V. Douglas, the lady of Rev. Charles Doug co. Bedford.

las, a dau. At Sir Robert Barlow's, Rev. Mr. Ştrong, M. A. one of the Se Dock-yard, Chatham, Viscountess Tyrlect Preachers before the University of rington, a son.-21. The wife of William Oxford, vice Dr. Stone.

Taylor, esq. Deputy Inspector of Hospi- . Rev. William Michell, Llantrissent V. tals, a son. -22, The wife of E. L. Swift, co. Glamorgan.

esq. Barrister-at-law, and Keeper of the Rev. Matthew Hill, Morton Jeffries V. Regalia, a dau.--At Paris, the Countess of co. Hereford.

Mansfield, a dau.28. At Southampton Rev. Thomas Hill, a Vicar-Choral of the wife of Captain Peter Rainier, Royal Hereford Cathedral.

Navy, a son. Rev. W. Molesworth, Beauworthy R. Lately. The wife of George, H. FreeDevon, and St. Breake R. Cornwall. ling, esq. Secretary to the General Post Rev. R. Lewis, Musbury R. Devon. Office, a son.-At Newton House, Deron,

Rev. George P. Norris, East Anstey R. the wife of the Rev. George Gunning, a Devon, vice Lewis, resigned.

son. At Haresfield House, co. Gloucester, Rev. John D. Perkins, East Teiga the wife of D. J. Niblet, esq. a son,-- At mouth Perpetual Curacy, Devon.

Bath, the wife of Colonel Ross, Dep. Adj. Rev. John R. Fletcher, Gruetheke, General in Ireland, a son.-At Hovingotherwise Quethioke V. Cornwall.

ham, the wife of Joseph Brown, esqi a son Rer, Henry Robinson, B. A. Otley V. and heir.-In France, the lady of Majorand Farnley Perpetual Curacy, co. York. general Sir Charles Grant, a dau.

Rev, Samuel Whitlock Gandy, M. A. Dec. 2. In Saville Row, the lady of Kingston upon Thames V, Surrey, bice hon. Warwick Lake, a son.-4. In HighSavage, deceased.

bury Place, Mrs. John Morgan, a' son. Rev. John H. Randolph, Burton 9. lo George-street, Hanover-square, the Coggles R. co. Lincoln.

wife of Joba Craufurd, esq. of ArcbinRev. Philip Durham, M. A. a Minor ames, a son and heir.

At Westport Canon of Ely Cathedral, vice Stephens, House, Ireland, the Marchioness of Sligo, deceased..

a daughter, GENT. Mão, December, 1816.


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