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brown, esq.

At Weymouth, aged 74, Thos. Speed, At Guernsey, in bis 39th year, Capt. esq. late of Cannon street, London, R. Balfour, R. N. son of the late Admiral

Durham-Rev. John Cranke, vicar of Balfour. This gallant officer was attended Gainsford, formerly of Trinity college, to the grave by Admiral Sir James SauCambridge, B. A. 1771; M. A. 1774. marez, barl, and all the Naval officers in

At Cocker-hall, near Durham, Mrs. the Island, as a tribute of respect to a Nayler, relict of Capt. T. N. of Ennom departed and much-esteemed brotherBank, Cumberland, sistur of John Dal. officer. ton, esq. of Turnhain-hall, near Lancaster. At St. Helier's parsonage, Jersey, Elea

Esser-At Colchester, J. Sack, esq. nor, youngest daughter of the very Rev. captain and adjutant in the East Middle Dr Dupré, dean of Jersey. sex militia.

Herefordshire At Hereford, Miles At Mistley, in his 62d year, J. Phille Coyle, esq. a gentleman well known and

highly respected : bis professional emi. Gloucestershire At Gloucester, Jobn nence in conducting the triennial musicLe Motteux, esq. an attorney of the Royal meetings at that place, during a long seCourt, Jersey.

ries of years, and bis ability in forming At Gloucester, in his 91st year, D. in his numerous pupils a chaste and corBrebm, esq.

rect execution, wil render his memory Aged 52, Thomas Jones, esq. attorney an object of public regard. at-law, of Cirencester.

At Hereford, Henrietta, wife of Thomas At Cheltenham, Mrs. Thomas, daugh- Wollaston, esq. late of Moor-court. ter of the late Rev. G. Bagnal, canon Mrs Terry, relict of G. Terry, esq. residentiary of Hereford Cathedral. formerly receiver-general for the county

At Cheltenbam. Rev. G. Evans, of of Hereford. Buckland, co Hereford

Aged 73, Mr. Dew, lale of Gatsford. After a moinentai y illness. William farm, near Ross; justly eminent for his Lovesay, esq. of Charlton King's, near benevolence to the poor, having, at a, Cheltenham.

period when wheat was at 25s, supplied Mary Anne, relict of T. B. Green, esq. the necessitous with that useful article at late of Clipping. Camden.

10s. the bushel. At Fairford, Mrs. Bishop, last surviv Mrs. Cheese, relict of Edm. Cheese, ing daughter of Charles Craven, esq. go esq. of Ridgebourne. vernor of South Carolina in the reign of At Burgbill-lodge, near Hereford, Wil. Queen Anne.

liam Lingen, esq. Io his 7016 year, Rev. John Thomas, Rev. Jobo Powell, late of Eye, many 40 years fissepling minister at Cam. years curate of Much Cowarne, and per

W. Coke Preston e-q. eldest son of petual curate of Morton Jefferies. Rev, A. Preton, rector of Edgworth. Herts-Ai Cheshunt, in consequence of At lluntley, W. Harver, esq.

a fall from his horse, in bis 70ch year, At Forest Green, aged 47, Rev. Chris Thomas Sanders, M. D. topher Pain, pastor of the Independent Hunts--- Al his father's, Diddington, of Church.

a consumption, in his 24th year, Alfred Hants-- at Winchester, aged 77, Mrs. S. Williams, esq. B. A. fellow of St. Roberison, widow of the late Rev. B. Jubu's college, Cambridge. Robertson, of Holybourn, Hants.

Kent-At Chislehurst, in his 81st year, William Cave, esq. an alderman of Joho Davidson, esq. Winchesier.

At Broadstairs, James Erskine, esq. At Parehamn, Mrs. Ridge, relict of T. R. H. Solly, esq. of St. Margaret's at Ridge, esq. many years distributor of Cliffe. sta tops for the Easiero division of Hants. Lancashire-Elizabeth, wife of Rev. R.

At his faiher's rectory of Bramdeaa, H. Roughserige. rector of Liverpool; a aged 32, Cap. Jame: Alexander Gomw. conspicuous example of religious and mo

Suddenly, Jobu Alkins, esq. of Rumsey. ral virtue.

At Spring-hill, aged 30. Ma y, eldest At Manchester, aged 73, Mr. Isaac daughter of ihe late Artipiral Scott. Clark, an éinneut bookseller, whose ge.

At Carisbrook, Isle of Wight, Mrs. neral integrity of character, and accuracy Golding sister of Sir J. Pinhorn.

and punctuality in business, gained him At Newport, Isle of Wight, aged 71, high respect. E. Brasset, esq. many years an alderman lo Lancasbire, Mr. Walmsley, leaving, of that buruugii. Hi po-sessed immedse among other property of immense value, property ; the principal part of which he 50,000 guineas iu gold.-Wr. Walmsley, amassed by a careful attention to busi late assistant surgeon to Mr. Hugbes, of ness, and rigid economy, which, it is Stafford, succeeds to bis property. said, equalled, if not surpassed, that of R. Banks, esq. of, uear the eccentric John Elwes.

Wigan. Gent. Mag. Number, 1816.


Aged 77, Thomas Ridgway, esq. of In bis 80th year, at Ludlow, Thomas Wallsuches, near Boltoo.

Matthews, esq. At Litleborough, Rev. John Rutter. John, eldest son of Rev. John Churton,

Leicestershire - At Leicester, aged 81, rector of Wheathill, near Ludlow. Mrs. Gresley, relict of Rev. Thomas Gres At Boraston, aged 63, John Dallaway, ley, M. A.

esq, At the Pasture Farm, Nether Seile, Tho At Chetwyod Park, aged 62, Mrs. mas Barber, esq.

Anne Rayner, youngest daughter of the Lincolnshire At West Barkwith, near late Joshua Rayoer, esq. of Leeds. Wragley, in his 83d year, Rev. Johnson SomersetMrs. Allio, of Bath, who has Keyworth Holland, rector of that parish. bequeathed 10001. 3 per cent. Reduced

Monmouthshire-lo her 80th year, the Annuities for the benefit of the Bath wife of Rev, Henry Williams, vicar of Hospital. Undy, and mother of Sir Edın. Keynton Julia, daughter of W. Dickinson, esq. Williams, K. C. B. &c.

of Bath : this young lady, with a younger Norfolk-Aged 92, Kev. John Fayer. sister, whose recovery is doubtful, went man, late of Loddon, Norfolk. He was a short time since on a visit to their broinstituted to the rectory of Chedgrave in ther, who resides on the coast. By way 1749; and to that of Geldeston in 1754. of preparation for sea-bathing, they took

At Norwich, aged 85, Richard Moss, what was supposed to be a dose of salts esq nearly 40 years deputy register of each, from a medicine-chest in the family. that diocese.

In less than half an hour, however, the Aged 62, J. South Morse, esq. of Bra violence of the effects discovered that condale, near Norwich.

some deleterious drug had been admiois. At Browston-hall, near Yarmouth, aged tered by mistake; the consequences of 47, M. Chitty, esq. of Ipswich, late cap which have baffled the skill of the faculty tain in the East Kent militia.

and the aid of antidotes. In her 74th year, Jane, wife of Rev. At Bath, aged 72, Jas. Margerum, esq. Charles Browne, rector of Blownorton. Charlotte Lucy, daughter of Lieuto-col.

NorthamptonshireAt Brackley, in her Grey, of Bath. 91st year, Mrs. Derbishire, relict of the At Bath, Lucy Anne, wife of Major J. Jate Wm. Derbishire, esq. and daughter H. Poole, of the Scots Greys. of Dr. Richard Grey, author of “Memo At Clifton, John Fydell, esq. of Bath ria Tecbuica," &c.

and of Boston, co. Lincoln. Anne, second daughter of Rev. William At Charterhouse Hinton, Sam. Skurray Master, rector of Paulerspury.

Day, esq. in the commission of the peace At Paulerspury, in his 81st year, Mr.

for Somerset. : Edm. Carey, surviving his second wife At Tremleit-house, near Wellington, only fifteen days. He regularly and Rachael, wife of J. T. B. Notley, esq. faithfully discharged the duties of a At Chard vicarage, Hester, wife of schoolmaster and clerk in the above pa. Rev. W. S. Bradley, prebendary of Wells

rish 48 years. His memory will long be Cathedral, and daughter of the late Rev. 1 cherished in the hearts of those who knew Aaron Foster, of that city.

him, as one of those unassuming Chris lo bis 820 year, Thomas Lax, esq. of 5 tiads whose only ambition is to pass Horrington, near Wells.

through life upooticed in some humble Mrs. Tyndale, relict of the late G. B. sphere, He was father of Dr. W. Carey, Tyndale, esq, of Bathford. professor of the Oriental languages, and At Pitminster, near Taunton, Simon resident at Serampore.

Northumberland-At her father's, Chip At Barleywood, aged 77, Mrs. Eliz. chase Castle, Mary Neville, wife of Rou More, sister of the celebrated Mrs. Han. berl Allgood, esq. of Nunwick-house, in nah More. the same county.

Statfordshire Daniel Johnson, esq. of At Hartley-lodge, aged 74, Samuel Portway-hall. Huthwaite, esq.

At Johnson-hall, Mary, relict of Rev. 1. Notts-Rev. Pendock Neale, rector of Francis Meeke. Tollerton, formerly of Jesus college, Cam. Aged 79, Rev. L. Perry, 35 years vicar bridge.

of Clent and Rowley Regis, Oron-At Oxford, aged 68, Mr. John S. Eborail, sen. esq. a member of the Baker, who has bequeathed the greatest corporation of Lichfield. part of his property for the erection and Warwickshire-At Warwick, in her 76th endowment of almshouses at Aynbo, co. year, Mrs. Mary Shuckburgh, eldest and Northampton.

only surviving sister of Kev. J. ShuckIn bis 77th year, Rev. Arthur Saunder, burgh, rector of Bourton-upon-Dunmore, M. A. rector of Sarsden.

avd vicar of Wolston. At his seat, Wilcott, James Cary, esq At Gorst-hall, aged 93, John Steward, Salopu. Nath. Cooper, esq. of Dinthili . esq. late of Stone.


Billet, esq:

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Suffolk-At Southwold, L. Davie, esq. At Wood Laith, Barosley, William late surgeon of Bungay.

Foster, esq. Surrey-At Hardwick Farm, Chertsey, At Farnley, Rev. R. Hawksworth. He R. Hardham, esq.

was shooting with his brother, when the At Cobham, Mr. Henry Beckford, many gun accidentally going off, shot him in years a respectable farmer there, highly the head, which he survived but a few respected by rich and poor, to the latter hours. of whom he was a great friend and bene At Roos, aged 40, Rev. Thomas Lowfactor. He is succeeded in his estates by thion, who performed bis duty with scru. bis only surviving son Henry Beckford, pulous punctuality for seventeen years. of Church Cobham.

· Wales-Rev. Benjamin Howell, vicar Sussex-At Brighton, Lieut. Ross, R.N. of Bochrwd, co. Brecon, and rural dean brother of Col. Ross, 74th fool, and son for that district. of the late Geo. P. Ross, chief engineer Rev. David Griffith, 40 years the reat Madras.

spected and venerated master of the Cola Warwickshire At Leamington, in her lege Grammar-school, Brecon. 80th year, Mrs. Elizabeth Thackeray, Rev. John Williams, many years pastor mother of the Provost of King's college, of the Catholic congregation at Brecon. Cambridge.

At Glanbrydan, co. Carmarthen, David At Sution Coldfield, in her 97th year, Jones, esq. barrister-at-law, of Lincoln's Mrs. Duncomb, widow of J. Duncomb, esq. Inn, who for many years attended the

Aged 75, Rev. H. Matthews, rector of Welsh circuit. Wishaw, and vicar of Curdworih.

At the Bear-inn, Llandilo, co. CarmarAt Lapworth Rectory, Rev. James then, on his return from Tenby to Bath, Way, M. A. rector of Adwell.

Joseph Shaw, esq. Wilts

- At Cricklade Vicarage, in his H. S. Pocklington, esq. of Swansea. 32d year, Rev. Thomas Thompson.

Rev. William Gwynne Davies, M. A. At Chippenham, in her 8d year, Han vicar of Llangathen and St. Ishmael's, nah, relict of A. Guy, esq.

and perpetual curate of Llaugain, co. At Trowbridge, the wife of Charles Carmarthen. Bythesea, esq.

Rev. Mr. Morgan, of Pembrey, co. Rev. Gilbert Jackson, D. D. rector of Carmarthen. Donhead St. Mary, formerly of Magdalen At Presteign, John Fencot, esq. college, Oxford; M. A. 1784; B. and Rev. Thomas Price, inaster of the Free D.D. 1796.

Grammar - school, Carinarthen, vicar of At Groundwell-house, near Swindon, Llanguunor, co. Carmarthen, and of Llanin her 87th year, Mrs. C. Wayte, relict dewy-aberarth, and rector of Llanfairof Simon Wayte, esq. She has left an Orllwyn, co. Cardigan. estate worth from 60 to 70,0001. to the At Castle Hall, near Milford, co. PemRev. A. Evans, of Overton, and other broke, aged 61, Charles Levett, ésq. members of his family.

A: Llangowen, near Bala, aged 76, At Westbury, in his 53d year, T. W. Rev. Evau Jones, 34 years rector of that Lowe, esq. an eminent medical practitioner. place.

Worcestershire - At Worcester, Charles At Rose Vale, near Lostwithiel, aged Tisdall, esq. formerly captain in the 6th 75, Capt. William Saarell, R. N. dragoon guards.

At Thornton, near Haverfordwest, Capt. At Worcester, aged: 70, Mrs. Glover, John Crymes, R. N. Jate of Pool-house, 'Astley.

Aged 87, the wife of Joseph Adams, Aged 60, Rer. David Davies, of the esq. of Holyland, near Pembroke, auut Rocke.

of Lord Cawdor. At Stourton Castle, near Stourbridge, At Denbigh, in his 630 year, John aged 60, T. W. Graziebrook, esq.

Price, esq. high sheriff for the county of Yorkshire-At Doncaster, Rich. Tyas, Anglesey. esq. of the Stock Exchange, London.

SCOTLAND At Lady Eliz. Murray's, At Acomb, near York, aged 83, Francés Holyroorl-house, aged 16, Miss Charlotte Mary, relict of Jocelyn Price, esq. of Lindsey. Camblesforth.

At the college, Elgio, James Robertson, At Acoinb, near York, in his 63d year, esq. late of the Island of Jamaica. J. Barstow, esq.

At Nairne, Major J. G. King, of the William Richardson, esq. of Fulford. Portuguese service.

At Tickhill, near Doncaster, aged 82, IRELAND--Capt. Perrott Simcuck, R. N. William Toone, esq. father of Mrs. of Gravel-hill and Ellesmere.. Green, of Sheffield, upwards of 30 years At Dublin, Lady Martha Saunders, $ysskeward to the late Earl of Scarborough. ter of the Earl of Aldborough."

Aged 60, Rev. James Baily, vicar of In Dublin, aged 67, Peter Urbani, pro. Olley, formerly of Trinity college, Cam fessor of music, a native of Milan, where bridge,

be obtained the degree of Doctor of Mu


sic. The celebrated Rauzzini and Ur Nou. 1. At Narford-hall, Norfolk, Thobani were the only remaining two of that mas Penrice, esg. of Great Yarmouth. great school of science. They finished He was formerly loug distinguished at the their studies about the same time, quitted latter place and its neighbourhood, as a their native homes together, and arrived most eminent surgeon; and afterwards in London. After some years Rauzzini more known to the world as the fortunate went to Bath, and Urbani to Edinburgh, residuary legatee of the last Lord Chedwhere he resided many years with distin worth. Having been blessed with a na. guished eclat. He formed a partnership tural strong mind, improved by a good in the music-business, became embar. education, he made considerable attaintassed, and arrived in Dublin in 1804. ments in the study of History and the

In Dublin, Mrs. Isabella Quin, eldest Belles Lettres; in Musick he was an adept; daughter of the late Dr. H. Quin, many and to the Polite Arts be was much attachyears a physician in Dublia, and sister ed : of his knowledge in the latter, his of Dowager Viscountess Monck: and, Rubens, Tilian, Wouvermans, Ostade,&c. maternally, first cousin to Elizabeth, late &c. will ever give respectable testimony; Marchioness of Waterford, and Isabella, and bis liberality in communicating a Dowager Viscountess Hawarden.

sight of these treasures to all whom he In Dublin, L'eut. Amphlett, of the thought capable of appreciating their exRifle Brigade. His death was occasioned cellence, will be long remembered by his by the bite of a dog, which he had found surviving friends. His immense property by the side of its former master, an offi he has most justly bequeathed, in equal cer of his own regiment, as he lay dead shares, to his surviving five children, with on the field of Waterloo. It became mad the exception of his house to Mrs. Penrice about three months ago, and bit several per- for her life, and in remainder to his eldest sons: Lieut. Amphleit was the first victim. son : his savings also, about 20,0001. are

At her brother's, Sir Ralph Gore, bart. given in addition to the latter. He was Lodge Park, suddenly, the wife of Right buried in the church at Reddenhal, NorHon. St. George Daly, one of the Judges' folk, on the 15th, near his father, an emiof the Court of King's Bench.

nent surgeon at Harleston ; the son of anoAt Athlone, the wife of Capt. Lyster, ther eminent surgeon of Westminster; who of the Galway militia, daughter of Col. was a descendant of the antient family of Caulfield.

his name in Worcestershire ; and they the At the Glebe house, in bis 57th year, descendants of a still more distinguished Rev. George Gustavus Baker, many years family, lung seated at Penrice Castle, co. rector of Killeely, and prebendary of Glamorgan, whose heiress of the eldest Lattin, co. Tipperary.

branch carried that property into the faAt Maydown, (Armagh,) aged 90, Mr. mily of Mansel, Lord Mansel. Arthur O'Neill, professor of the Irish lo his 84th year, Rev. C. Browne, more Harp, a pleasing companion, full of anec than half a century rector of Thelpetham, dote and historical information. He was Suffolk, and the adjoining parish of Blowa perfect reservoir of antient Irish har. norton, Norfolk. mony. Many of the Irish national airs Nov. 3. In Harley-street, in ber 75th would have been lost but for his retentive year, Mary, widow of Sir Robert D'Arcy memory and pure taste. His performance Hildyard, bait. of Sedbury, and Wineon the harp was unrivalled; but he ad- stead, co. York, and daughter of Sir Edw. bered tenaciously to the genuine style Dering, bart. of Surenden Dering, Kent. and simple (aste of the Irish musical Her remains were interred in the family compositions, rejecting with disdain the vault at Winestead on the 15th inst. corrupt adscititious ornament with wbich At Elston, near Newark, aged 93, Roit has been loaded by modern performers. bert Waring Darwin, esq. M. D. in the Like Ossian, Carolan, and Stanley, he commission of the peace for the county of was blind. In Irish genealogy, in he. Nottingham, brother of the late Dr. Erasraldry, and in bardic lore, O'Neill was mus Darwin. Besides some papers in the pre-eminent. He was, betier than all Philosophical Transactions and other pethis, an honest worthy man. - - There is riodical works, he was author of a work an excellent portrait of him in Mr. Bunt. atituled Principia Botanica ; or an ing's Collection of Irish Airs,

Introduction to the Sexual System of At Birdhill, co. Tipperary, Richard Linnæus." Going, esq.

Nov. 4. At Kensington, in his 79th At Tramore, aged 76, Robert Lyon, year, Jobn_Paddy, esq. whose mother, esq. alderman of Waterford.

Lady Anne Paddy, was daughter of Chas. At Kinghill, Lieut. John Newell, R. N. · Duke of Cleveland and Southampton, and a deputy governor of the county of of King Charles II. The deceased was the Dawn.

Last surviving descendant in the third de: Exlward Cooke, esq. of Kiltinare Castle, gree of King Charles hy the Lady Barbara co. 7'), 'perary.

Villiers, daughter and heir of William

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- Jour

Villiers, Viscount Grandison, who was Her remains were interred at Peokridge, slain fighting for the King at the battle of on the 14th inst. Edge-hill, in 1642, and whose father was Nov. 9. In Great Prescott-street, sudbrother of the great favourite, George denly, aged 72, Peter Bertram, esq. of Duke of Buckingham.

the firm of Mackenzie, Bertram, and.Fi. Nov. 6. At Strelitz, His Serene High chet, Great Tower-street; a man of extenness Charles Louis Frederick, Grand Duke sive commercial knowledge, whose dealof Mecklenburgh Strelitz. The Hamburgh ings through life were universally marked Correspondent gives the following account with the strictest punctuality, honour, of the decease of this Prince:"Our re

and integrity. spected Grand Duke was in good health At Pewsey Parsonage, at an advanced during the whole of his tour last summer, age, Rev. Joseph Townsend, M. A. rector to Rebburg, Schwalbach, and Hildburgh of Pewsey, Wilts. He was formerly felbausen, and returned amongst us in the

low of Clare Hall, Cambridge, B. A. 1762; same state. Some days after his return M. A. 1765; and at one time studied phyhe was attacked by an inflammation of the sick under Dr. Cullen at Edinburgh. At lungs, from which, however, he seemed his outset in the Ministry, he ristinguished to have recovered in three days, and was himself as a preacher among the Calviquite well on the 5th of November. But

nistic Methodists, and occasionally offi-' on the 6th, about 5 in the morning, he ciated at Lady Huntingdon's Chapel at was attacked by a fit of a poplexy so severe Bath : but of late years bis zeal on, that that he lost his faculties; and in that state side was considerably abated. In early remained till 4 in the afternoon, when he life he fell under the lash of the late Rev. expired. Of bis children, the second son, R. Greaves of Clarertou, who described Duke Charles, was alone present, as the his peculiarities in his keen saure.“ The Hereditary Prince had not returned from Spiritual Quixote.” He was author of the a journey which he set out upon in au- following publications: “Every true Christumn.-To his subjects this Prince was a tian new Creature,” 1765, 12mo. true father, who endeavoured to mitigate “ Observations on various Plans for the the distresses of the times with prudence, Relief of the Poor,” 1788, 8vo. fidelity, and affection, and by the sacri. ney through Spain,” 1790, 3 vols. 8vo. fice of his own personal interests. Ger “ Free Thoughts on Despotic and Free many also will not forget that he was Governments," 1791, 8vo.

" The Phyamongst the first of the minor powers to sician's Vade Mecum,” 1794; tenth edideclare against the oppressor, and support

tion 1807. “ A Guide to Health," 1795, 2 the common cause with all his vigour. vols. 8vo, “Dissertation ou the Poor Laws, ** The Prussians will respect in bim the fa- 1796, 8vo. “Sermons on various Subjects," ther of their late venerated Queen; and 1805, 8vo.

“ The Character of Moses the English, the brother of their excellent established," 1812-1815, 2. vols. 4to.Queen.-Charles Louis Frederick was born As a scholar, a mineralogist, a fossilOct. 10, 1741, lived long in the Hanove. ist, and conchologist, be stood pre-emirian service, and in 1794 succeeded his nent. His “ Travels in Spain," and his brother in the government of Mecklen. • Character of Moses established, as an burgh Strelitz. The sovereignty, which Historian,” will best speak. his literary the extorted Rhenish Confederation gua abilities.

As a preacher, he was sound in ranteed to him, he did not exercise to the doctrine and consistent in practice.- r. oppression of bis own subjects; and upon Townseud was one of the principal prothe liberation of Germany he received an jectors of, and a very considerable shares extension of territory and the dignity of bolder in, the Kennet and Avon Canal. Grand Duke. He was twice married, and At Middleton Hall, aged 78, Dowager to two sisters of the House of Darmstadt. Lady Lawley. She was Jane, only dau. By the first marriage he left four children; of Beilby Thompson, esq. of Creech, York."

the present Grand Duke George Pre Nov. 10. Aged 72, Mr. Richard Talk derick Charles, born in 1779, and the mach, solicitor, Serle - street, Lincoln's. wives of the Duke of Hildburghausen, inn-fields. the Prince of Tour and Taxis, and the Weston Helyar, esq. of Newton Park, Duke of Cumberland. By the second Cornwall. marriage he has left Duke Charles Frede Nou. 11. At Guernsey, the wife of John rick Augustus.”

Saumarez, esq. Nov. 7. At Mr. Littleton's, Teddesley, Rev. Thomas Radford, M. A. formerly co. Stafford, Hyacinthe Gabrielle, Mar. fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, chioness of Wellesley, only daughter of minister of St-James's, Slieflield, and recPierre Roland, and born in France. She tor of Hardmead, Bucks. was married to the Marquis in November Nov. 12. At the Castle-house, Calme, 1794;

and has left two daughters. Her aged 62, W. P. Bendry, esq. in Tadyship had a separate income of 4,0001. mission of the peace for the county of J a year, which now reverts to the Marquis. Wilts.


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