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Institution for the Preservation of Life Sept. 10. An interesting circumstance and Property when Wreck occurs, arrived Oecurred in the parish of St. James, Bath; at that place lately, for the purpose of the baptism of George Gerson, a respecta- distributing gratuitously among that class ble Jew, between 30 and 40 years of age, of boatmen termed the Hovellers, an in. into the faith of Christ, by the Rev. R. vention called “ The Seaman's Friend," Warner. His mind had been for some equipped with which, it becomes impossiyears impressed with a conviction of the ble to sink when wrecked, or in deep truth of the Christian religion, but motives water, permitting at the saine time the of prudence seem to have prevented his f:ee use of the limbs in rowing or working public avowal of it. The approach of the boat. Four men and one boy 13 dissolution, however, in consequence of years old (one of the men incapable of consusption, conquered all his fear of swimming) were selected for the experiman, and determined him to bear his tes.


and such conviction did it carry of timony to the Cross in the face of the their future safety, in case of the boat world; although the most strenuous en- upsetting, through the impossibility of deavours were made to prevent him, by their being drowned (having simply to reseveral of the members of his former main in the water until they are rescued Church, in a way not quite consistent with by their companions, or reach the shore), a regard to the liberty of conscience, or that the whole body of boatmeu are dethe delicavy due to a dying man.

sirous of possessing them. They remained Oct. 10. The Lord Bishop of Salisbury swimming, floating, and playing about for consecrated a piece of ground at Stourton, nearly an hour. given by Sir Richard Colt Hoare, bart. Oct. 20. The Exeter mail-coach, on its and to be added to the Church-yard at way to London, was attacked this night Stourton; and on the following day bis at Winterslovo-hut, near Salisbury, in a Lordship consecrated another piece of most extraordinary manner. At the moground at Horningsham, to be added to ment when the coachman pulled up to de• that Church.yard, and given by the Mar. liver his bags, one of the leaders was sudquis of Bath.

denly seized by a ferocions animal, which Kingsgate, near Margate, Oct. 13. An was perceived by the coachman and guard, extraordinary and awful incursion of the by the light of the lamps, to be a huge sea has produced a complete revolution in lioness. The horses kicked and plunged that part where stood a house for time violently, and it was with difficulty the immemorial, called the Admiral Digby's coachman could prevent the carriage froin Head. During the prevalence of one of being overturned. A large mastiff-dog those hurricanes which at times beset our came up, and attacked her fiercely, on coast, an Eastern gale carried away the which she quitted the horse, and turned whole of the house, except a part of one upon him. The dog fled, but was purwing, wherein a servant-boy slept. From sued and killed by the lioness within about the details given by a resident in the vici- 40 yards the place.

It appears that nity (for the family were all providentially the beast had escaped from a caravan absent at Margate), it appears that the that was standing on the road side, besurf rose considerably above a hundred Jonging to the proprietors of a menagerie, feet, and broke with such force over the on their way to Salisbury Fair. An alarm cliff as to inundate every object around. being given, the keepers pursued and

Oct. 18. An experiment was tried at. hunted the lioness into a hovel under a Durham, to dry corn in the sheaf, by granary; and secured her so effectually, means of a stove in the centre of a large by barricading the place, as to prevent roon, which had been placed there for her escape. The horse, when first almanufacturing purposes. The wheat, tacked, fought with great spirit, ånd, if at which at eight o'clock in the morning was liberty, would probably have beaten down in a very wet state, was at seven in the his antagonist with his fore feet, but in evening fit for the thresher. A Provincial plunging he embarrassed himself in the Paper suggests the propriety of construct- harness. The lioness had attacked him ing brick flues round the interior of barns, in front, and springing at bis throat, had where, by setting the sheaves upright, the fastened the talons of her fore feet on farmer, might dry a considerable quantity each side of his neck, close to the head, of corn in iwelve hours, and thus rescue while the talons of her hind feet were his crops from destruction.

forced into his chest. In this situation Oit. 19. A public exhibition took place she hung, while the blood was seen flying, at Deal, which carried conviction to the as if a vein had been opened by a lancet. minds of upwards of a thousand specta. The expression of agony in the tears and tors, that our intrepid boatmen will yet be moans of the horse was most piteous and enabled to extend inejr assistance to the affecting. He was the off leader, and as vumerous vessels wrecked on the Goodwin the mail drew up, stood exactly abreast of Sands. Mr. Mallison, as Actuary to the the caravan from which the lioness made 4


STI the assault. Had the carriage been a employers is not half a loaf better than little more advanced, she would probably: no bread, and is it not wiser to work at have darted upon the coachman or guard, reduced wages, than w deprive yourselles, The coachman at hrst proposed to alight altogether of employment? Besides zone and stay the lioness with a knife, but was juoment's reflection must shew, that the prevented by the remonstrance of the steps many of you have taken to remedy guard; who obsei veut, that he would expose the evils of which you complain, can only himself to certain destruction, as the avi- serve to increase them, and to invoice mal, feeling herself aitacked, would turn yourselves in guilt, misery, and ruinik upon him and tear, himn to pieces. The Let me therefore invite you, and intreat* prudeuce of the advice has been clearly you, for the sake of yourselves, your wives, proved in the fate of the dog. It was the and children, to return instantly' and engagement between bim and the lioness peaceably to your several employments." that offered time for the keepers to rally. The present clouds, it is to be hoped, will But for that interference, the mischief at the be soon followed by sunshine, and better mail would have been more coosiderable. times may soon relieve the distress you

The disturbances among the Colliers now suffer. But I feel it right seriously and Iron-workers in Wales are happily and most solemnly to caution you against terminated. Nothing can be more grati-. the repetition of any riotous proceeding fying to every one who regards the pnb. whatever. As-the Keeper of the King's lic welfare, than the latest accounts from Peace in this county, I must and will do the disturbed Counties. All was peace, my duty; and if circumstances render it good order, and, apparently, contrition, necessary, I shall immediately direct in on the part of those whose proceedings person such a civil and military force as had been of so menacing aad alarming a will ensure tranquillity, whilst the most nature. The Magistrates of Glamorgan- prompt and decisive punishment is sure shire, emulating those of Monmouthshire, to overtake the guilty. had been equally prompt, resolute, and

Henry PROTHEROE, Sheriff. energetic, Indeed, there never has been

Lantarnam Abhey, Oct. 20 an instance on record of the conduct of Oct. 26. About two o'clock this mora- ! the Magistraey. in any place., or on any ing an alarming fire broke out in Belvoiroccasion, in which more zeal, intrepid Castle, the splendid seat of the Duke of spirit, and at the same time, good temper Rutland, near Grantham. It is said to have and conciliating moderation, had been commenced in the carpenter's room, in shewn than on the recent disturbances the Western wing, in which workmen had. which at one period bore so threateoing been employed during the preceding day, an aspect, Sir Henry Protheroe ought and thence communicated to the painterst. particularly to be boticed, as shewing ac apartment, where there was a considerable tive spirit, and yet forbearing spirit, duran quantity of oil, turpentine, and other ins ing these unhappy dissentions; and as a flammables. The flames spread with proof we need but refer to the Address great rapidity, and communicated to the which he issued on the occasion, and centre; but an alarm having been given whics has been fully productive of the in tiine, the children and servants were res, desired effact, in convincing the misguid- moved from danger. Much alarm was ena! ed men of the danger and guilt of their tertained for the new building, as the dames late proceedings;

forced their way up the grand staircase, Address of the High Sheriff to the Men em and were with difficulty prevented from

ployed in the Collieries and Iron Works in extending their ravages farther. So weari , the couniy of Monmouth.

an approach had the fire once made to the Workmen-i thus publicly address you new part of the Castle, that the flames

not less for the sake of yourselves and burst into the Regent's Gallery, which is families, thau for the peace of this county, 170 feet long, and is filled with the choicest whjeh je is equally my duiy and deter- productions of Art. The grand staircase mingiion to preserve-kiulous ineetings was destroyed; but the Regent's Gallery have takeu plare, and outrages been com was bappily saved, as the wind changed, mitted disgraceful io the character of Eng- and took the flames another way : every lishmen; if ignorant of the cousequences window, bowever, was broken to piecesja of such proceeding-listep in time to the each pape of glass in wbich (of very great fri ndiy voice that would guard you size and thickness) cost 15 guineas. Great! against them, -What excuse can you have was the eagerness of the tenantry to prema for such conduct? What motive for makm; serve the furniture, and all attention as to: ing that whiệh is already bad, much worse? its safe removal was disregarded; pictures; » You complain of distress, and that your: books, cabinets, stalues, velvet hangings, wages are loo low-your distress is to be and tapestry, with every description of pilied; in common with all classes of the costly, and magnificent decoration's, were community you, feel the pressure of the thrown out of the windows, and scattered times: but look to the situation of your on the lawn: The gold, plate belonging


to the Chapel was melted; but the family some hay-stacks belonging to Sir William plate was saved. The whole of ile Pic Mavners; the fire was extinguished, but - Lure-gallery is destroyed, and inost, if not the incendiaries escaped."An advertiseall, the fine family pictures, the whole of inent has been circulated in the newspaSir Joshua Reynolds's, and many others pers, slating, that though many articles of great valne. Amateurs will learn with saved from the Gre have been returned, regret, that ibe cel-bratid picture of “The numerous others of different descriptions Nalivity,” by Sir J. Reynolds (for which are still missing, particularly a painting his Grace lately refused ten thousand gui. by Poussin (subject, “ Mary anointing the veas) is consuined from the few His feet of Jesus”), about 3 feet 11 inches by Lorical or Scriptural Pieces ibis great Mas 3 feet 2 inches, exclusive of the frame; ter executed, the loss is irreparable. The requesting all persous having any such loss, at a nudlera e cmputation, cannot articles in their possession to return them, be tess than 120,0001, as nothing was and offering a liberal reward to any per.. saved in the part which is destroyed. The son giving information where any such Duke (who, with the Duchess, had been on property may be secreted, avd 100 guineas á visit to the Ducbess Dowager at Cheve to the person whose information may lead ley), arrived at the Castle about 11 o'clock to the conviction of any person secreting on Saturday evening, and displayed a de the painting above described. gree of firmness and greainess of inind on Oct. 28. This night a disturbance occhis trying occasion truly astonishing.--The curred at Birmingham, occasioned by the Granthain troop of yeomrawry cavalry are reseniment of soine persons being excited rived at the Castle at 4 o'clock in the af. hy seeing in a printer's window a Reply to ternoon, and were of infinite service in pro the inflammatory Resolutions of the Not. tecting the valuable articles which lay scat tingham men. The poor printer was tered about in all directious; they remain speedily tanght what sort of liberty tbe ed in attendance the whole of Sunday, press would receive from the hands of its to prevent the adınission of improper per. pretended friends. He was falsely acsons. - The premises were insured for cused of having said, that nine shillings 40,000t. (but 10,0001 of this was on the a week was enough for any working man; stables.) The pictures alone are said to and the dispensers of popular justice prohave been worth that sum. The Duke of ceeded summarily to attack the printer's Rutland has expevded at least two hun house, the windows, of which they soon dred thousand pounds upon Belvoir Castle demolished. Further mischief was prewithin the last five years; and it was esti. vented by the promptitude and vigour of mated, before the fire took place, that William Hamper, Esq. the Magistrate, who twenty thousand pounds more would be called out the mili'ary. No lives were required to complete the alterations and lost, though the mob at first displayed additions to this venerable residence, some violence, throwing stones at the Suspicion having arisen as to the cause of soldiers, by one of which an officer and a the fire, a letter from Grantham, dated serjeant received rather serious contusions. Nov. 1, says, “A strict investigation has The Magistrates of Birmingham issued a been made at the Castle by Mr. Beau very spirited and proper address to the mont, of the County Fire Office, and from publick on the occasion, the depositions taken on oath it appears, At Manchester, a very large meeting, that the room used by the carpenters had but of a much more orderly nature, asbeen entered, and found to be safe, some senibled. Resolutions were passed; and time after the fire had broken out. In the people, very muck to their credit, this inquiry it was also discovered that though amounting, it is said, to 30,000, the fire was seen to burst from two differ and these chiefly of the lower classes, did ent places, which had no practicable com. not proceed to any violence. Possibly munication, nearly at one time, it was had they been addresscd in a reasonable further given in evidence, that, when the and friendly way by persons of superior alarm was raised, the nearest inhabitants weight and information, they would have found as many as nine or ten strange men seen cause to reject great part of the Realready in the Castle, and an outer gate solutions prepared for their acceptance, open, which the domesticks declare they and have confined themselves to the statehad previously locked, and had not opened. ment of none but real grievances, for There is now no doubt that the fire was which they might eventually expect a reoccasioned by a wilful act; and the pre- medy from Parliament. vailing opinion is, that it has been done An inflammatory hand-bill having been by the Luddites.-These miscreants are thrast under the doors of public-houses at now more than ever the terror of this part Bristol during the night, calculated to of the Country. Threatening letters are excite alarm among the well-disposed ci. daily received from them. This morning tizens; a copy of it was immediately forfour men were detected in setting fre to warded to the Secretary of Stale. The GENT. MAG. November, 1816.


respectable Editor of Felix Furley's Jour- pleted. It was commenced in 1770, runs nal remarks, that “No importance need through a stubborn hilly country, 127 be attached to it, when it is considered miles in length, and connects St. George's how easy a single designing scoundrel may Channel with the German Oceao. A give circulation to such a seditious pro similar project is in contemplation in the duction. Watchfulness and precaution, West of England, to cut a Canal across, however, must be used; but we are cone and join the Bristol and English Channels. fident that there is not likely to be any A subscription for the relief of the poor serious and deadly division of the public has been raised at Scarborough ; and one body, where its absolute strength lies. hundred and fifty men are employed in The security of every decent fire-side, clearing away a considerable portion of every respectable father's best hopes for his accumulated rubbish froup the harbour. children, every spring of private enterprise, Lord Melville has lately sold the estate and desire of public glory, all still con and castle in the neighbourhood of Edianect themselves with the great institu. burgh, from which he derives his title, ito tions of the State. In these there may be the wealthy heiress of the late Mr. Cum. cause for blame and correction ; but out ming, the banker, at the price of 80,000 of them there is neither confidence of guineas. This property was purchased good, nor even rational speculation of im by the late Lord Melville. provement,'s

The New Bridge over the Doon is now Nou. 6. A full-grown female whale, 68 completed. Like the "Auld Brig," it is feet long and 18. feet high, was found by formed of one grand majestic arch. The some Ip«wich fishermen, floating dead arch of the old bridge is 79 feet wide and near the buoy on the Sied-way: they 46 high; that of the new is 80 feet wide hauled it in o Ipswich river, where it now and 50 feet high. The structure is rather lies in Denham Reach.

more substantial than beautiful more The Hon. Charles Noel, of Barham. useful than ornamental Still, however, Court, in Kent, was lately convicted, on it adds to the beauty of the surrounding the information of the Earl of Romney, of scenery-scenery which struck the young the singular offence of having admitted fancy of our inspired Bard, and which has persons in the neighbourhood, to the num. received a charm from his poetic effusions, ber of more than twenty, to attend Divine

This additional beauty is most apparent service in his house with bis family and from the “ keystane" of the “auld brig," domesticks. The Act of Parliament for where Tam O'Shapter escaped from the this offence is imperative; and Mr. Noel fangs of the “hellish legion." From this immediately paid the penally, one half of point is seen the dark-rolling water bewhich, afier discharging the expences of weath, a beautiful little island, seemingly the prosecution, goes to the poor of the in the centre of the circle of the arch, the parish, the other to the informer!

new bridge itself, the woody bank in the The Dean and Chapter of Hereford have back ground appearing bolb below and added to their Cathedral Mr. Leeming's above the bridge, the continuation of the beautiful picture from the Altar-piece of banks, still beautiful and diversified, and Magdalen College, Oxford. The painting the cloud-capt mountains of Arrau. The is very much admired, and reflects high scenery on the other side has been often credit' on the young Artist.

adınired and described. The situation is Among the public benefits produced by about 200 yards below that of the old the Royal Geologio Society of Cornwali, one, and the banks are nearly levelled is the introduction of an alloyed Tamping- down to the top of the arch. This is an bar, instead of the common iron bar for infinite improvement to that part of the perly employed by the Miners, which road. — Ayr Paper: promises to be as efficacious in preventing explosions in the Mines of that County, DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. as Sir Humphry Davy's safety lamp in Windsor Castle, Nov. 2.- His Majesty those of the Norih.

was rather less composed than usual durFull 3000 acres of marsh and fen landsing the fortner part of last month; but have recently been einbauked, drained, his Majesty has since resumed his tranand prepared for cultivation, near Liangs. quillity, and is in good bodily health." dock, in Cardiganshire; and another ein

Salurday, Sept. 14. bankment is begun, which will gain a still The ceremony of laying the first stone larger tract for husbandry.

of a Theatre, called "The Rigal Cobourg Mr. Coke, of Holkham, was the pur.. Theatre," took place in the presence of a chaser, at Mr. Roscoe's sale, at Literpool, very large concourse of people. The site of the fine portrait of Leo the Tenth, for is about the centre of the New Cut; in the 500 guineas. The library sold for 51501.; direct line of Waterloo.bridge, from which the prints 18801.; and the drawings 7381. it is distant about a quarter of a mile.

That stupendous undertaking, the Leeds On the exterior surface of the foundation and Liverpool Canal, is at length com stone was cut the following inseription:


This first stone of the Royal Cobourg London Gazette, that the Parliament, Theatre was laid Sept, 14, 1816, by his which stands prorogued to Monday the 4th Serene Highness the Prince of Saxe Co. day of November, be further prorogued to bourgy and her Royal Highness the Prin Thursday the 2d day of January next. cess Charlotte of Wales, by their Serene

Saturday, Oct. 19. Royal Highnesses' proxy, Alderman Good A house in the Haymarket, about to be hehere." The performances will be some pulled down, fell with a treinendous crash; what similar to those of the Surrey Theatre. an old woman who lived in it, and three Friday, Sept. 20.

others, were buried in ihe ruins, but forVaughan, Brown, and Mackay, (see p. tunately were dug our without material in79) were tried at the Middlesex Sessions, jury: on being found, her first thought was for conspiring to procure certain evil-dis on her Guinea pigs, which, to her great. posed persons to break open and rob the joy, the workmen likewise got out alive. house of Mrs. Macdonald, at Hoxton, with

Tuesday, Oct. 22. the intent to get them apprehended and

A fire broke out about half past 5 convicted, and thereby obtain the rewards o'clock at a warehouse in Bow Churchgiven by Act of Parliament upon such yard, occupied by Mr. Henderson, a job conviction. The witnesses prodaced were warehouse, conimunicating to the upper the persons whom they had instigated to part occupied by Mes:ss. Bell and Brodecommit the burglary. The Jury found rick, solicitors, which shortly consumed the prisoners guilty; and the Court sen

the same,

as also the adjoining back tenced all three to be imprisoned five warehouse, and damaged the house occu

years; and Vaughan, in addition, to pay pied by Mr. Meyrick, communicating to a - a fine of 801.At the Old Bailey Sessions, large stack of warehouses of Mr. Hark Tuesday, Sept. 24, ove Dannelly was tried ness, an Irish factor, which consumed the for committing, with other persous, a bur same, and an immense stock of Irish glary on the premises of Mr. Poole, in linens. The premises of Messrs, Stirling, Bloomsbury ; and the above mentioned Brothers, and Co. sustained a partial da. Vaughan, for being accessary to the mage. Several houses on the West side crime, and concealing Daunelly after he

of Bow-lane sustained considerable da. had committed it. The Jury acquitted mage, as also a window of Bow Church, Dannelly of the burglary, but found him

Tuesday, Oct. 29. guilty of felony They found Vaughan A fatal consequence of the disgraceguilty, inasmuch as he had aided one of ful practice of pugilism occurred this day the robbers. It was ipsisted that, Dan at Moulsey Hurst, where a contest took welly being acquitted of the burglary, place between Turner and Curlis, and the. Vaughan must be acquitted as a matter of latter, after obstinately struggling against course, being charged as an accessary to every disadvantage one hour and 28 mi.. that offence, Mr. Baron Grabam obu nutes, became disabled. He was put to served that he was charged not only with bed in a deplorable state, and died in the burglary, but with felony: the objection, evening from ihe violent blows he had rehowever, should be moved in arrest of ceived. A Coroner's inquest have brought judgement. The verdict has since been a verdict of Manslaughter against Turner. confirmed.

He has since been tried at the Old Bailey, Saturday, Sept. 21.

and found guilty of Manslaughter : the Much anxiety was feli this day respect. Jury, however, recommended him to ing the current silver. Some shopkeepers mercy for his humanity in the contest, suddenly began to refuse all plain shil bis sorrow for its issue, and his most 'exlings and sixpences, under an idea that cellent character. If pugilists, and those none but those on which the Sovereign's who encourage them, are not wholly cal-' head was visible would be received at the Jous to human feeling, surely such a deBank. Great inconvenience was instantly plorable event must operate to the dis-, felt in all the transactions of retail trade; continuance of this savage practice. for it has been justiy observed, that the

Saturday, Nov. 9. plaid shillings are to those which bear a Lord Mayor's Day was celebrated with distinguishable impression in the propor unusual splendour. On the Lord Mayor tion of nearly 30 to 1. The difficully, being presented to the Lord Chief Baron however, was soon removed by a notice by the Recorder, his Lordship, in' the: stuck up at the Mansion-house, by order course of a warm eulogium on the charac

of the Lord Mayor, distinctly stating, that ter of the Lord Mayor, characterised him the Bank of England does not refuse any as “the father of the poor, and the vindi

shillings or sixpences on account of being cator of the oppressed.” Instead of re* plain, provided they are English. This turning from Westminster. Hall by water,

assurance gave general satisfaction, and in the accustomed manner, the Lord the momentary hesitation in taking the Mayor and City Officers proceeded in current silver immediately ceased. state from Palace-yard, through Parlia.; Oci, 15.-An Order appeared in the ment-street, the Strand, &c. attended by


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