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treme age.

babits of life, and is become a respectable Sept. 10. At Carshalton, Surrey, in his 78th member of society. It is reported that year, Edw.Bacon,esq. formerly of Hackney. when the income tax was imposed, he At Mill-hill, Isle of Wight, aged 62, gave in his schedule at 60001. The col Sam. Osborne, esq. admiral of the Blue lector returned it to him for amendment, Squadron of H. M. Aeet. under the supposition that he had re Sept. 11. In Mead's place, Gerrard turned his whole stock, instead of his an Wm. Groote, M.D. late of Dean-street, nual income. Mr. C. hitched on another apothecary to the Duchess of York, thousand, and assured the collector that Aged 92, Miss Maria Hare, sister of the he was sure it was the full amount. “Aye, late Rich, Hare, esq. of Cork, and aunt of but.(said the other) I want your income Lord Ènnismore. This lady was one of not your property.”

.Are you content?” the most celebrated beauties of her day, " Yes !” So am I,” replied the old

and the remains were visible eveu in ex. trader, and wished the astonished collector a brief good morning. Upon the whole, Sept. 12. In Upper Seymour-street, he was an eccentric man, but one in whom Portman-square, Mrs. Otway, relict of the eccentricity was not vice; odd in his

jate Vice-adm. Otway. manners, but upright in his intercourse At Hackney, of a paralytic stroke, aged with the world, attached to money, but 63, Mr. Joseph T. Rolph, of the Stock capable of many generous, benevolent, Exchange. and disinterested acts of humanity and At White Waltham, Berks, in his 77th charity. His large fortune devolves to year, Thomas Rawlings, esq. formerly of bis only son.

Yeovil, Somerset. In Sloane-street, Rev. Jolin Chapeau, At Ballymagard, near Londonderry, J. chaplain to the Prince Regent, rector of Hart, esq. eldest brother of Lieuto-gen. Shipton-Sollers and Cliff, co. Gloucester, Hart, M.P. for the county of Donegal. and Swyre, co. Dorset.

At Rennes, France, in his 78th year, At Chelsea, aged 73, Mr. J. Kent, sur Sir Wm. Codrington, bart. He succeeded geon, lale of Great Milton, Oxon. He to the baronetcy in March 1792. He accompanied Capt. Cook round the world married in 1776 Mary, daughter of the in 1774

late Hon. Wm. Ward. He is said to have Robert Morris, esq. of Barnwood Court, died without issue, in which case the M.P. for the city of Gloucester, and in baronetcy will devolve upon Christopher the commission of the peace for that Codrington, esq. of Dodington, co. Glou. county. He succeeded the late John Pitt, cester, esq. as member for Gloucester, in 1804; Sept. 13.

At Mr. Allen's, Ironmongeson which occasion he was opposed by Jane, in his 70th year, James Lynd, esq. Lord Arthur Somerset, brother of the formerly in the East India Company's Duke of Beaufort, who resigned afier a Bengal Establishment, very severe contest, He was also a part At Newington-Causeway, aged 71, John ner in a banking-house; and long beld a command in the yeomanry cavalry.

Sept. 14. In Berkeley-square, aged In Booterstown Avenue, near Dublin, 65, James Adams, esq. at an advanced age, Dowager Countess Al his seat at Bill-bill, Berks, aged 47, D’Alton, relict of Col. Count D’Alton, of General John Leveson Gower, who was Greenanstown, co. Dublin.

second in command to Gen. Whitelock, in Sept. 7. At Pentonville, aged 61, Harry the expedition to Birenos Ayres. He marSmith, esq. of the house of Child and Co. ried Mary, daughter of Philip Bowes bankers, Temple-bar.

Broke; esq. and sister of Capt. Sir Philip Wm. Henry Lister, esq. of Twicken Broke, of Nacton, in Suffolk, by whom he ham, late major in the 82d foot, only son has left sereral children. of the late Gen. Lister, of the Coldstream Sept. 15.

At his son's, St. Mary-leguards.

Strand-place, Keni-road, aged 74, W. Aged 63, Benj. Yarnold, esq. of Hurst. Holloway, esq. late searcher, &c. in H.

At Duncaster, Thomas Ruddiman Steu M. Customs at Cowes nearly 40 years, art, M. D.

during the principal part of which period Sept. 8. At Islington, in his 79th year, he practised as notary public; was apWm. Hodson, esą. late of Lothbury: as pointed Surveyor for the Registry of Shipa merchant, a private gentleman, and a ping, Commissioner in the Court of King's Christian, bis integrity, urbanity, and hu Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, mility will be long remembered.

master extraordinary in Chancery, and At Fornham St. Martin, Rev. John provincial grand master of the Medina Ord, D.D. rector of Burgh and Ickburgh, Louge of Freemasons upwards of 30 years. Norfolk, formerly of Christ college, Cam. Sept. 16. At Ealing, in liis 70th year, bridge, and many years one of the four Sir James Wright, bart. chairmen at the Quarter Sessions for At Enfield, John-Henry, eldest son of Suffolk,

Robert Dewes, esq.


Moss, esq.


Sept. 18. At Islington, aged 70, Wm. was with the most acute sufferings, which Cardale, esq. many years a most respect she bore to the last with undiminished able solicitor in Bedford Pow. He possess fortitude and the pious resignation of a ed considerable property; in which the Christian, her mourning friends are conmeritorious and the necessitous were at soled for their own heary loss by a humall times considerable sharers. He had ble confidence that she is taken to those for some time endured excruciating pain regions where pain and sorrow are known from a large wen; and had very recently no more. sustained the affiction of losing an excel Sept. 23. Agel 47, Elizabeth, wife of J. leot wife; see vol. LXXXV. Part I. p. 569. Tibbatts, esq. Tyndale piace, Islington.

In his 81st year, Philip d'Auvergae, Sept 24. Richard Atkinson, M. D. of Prince de Bouillon, vice-adm. of the Red, Jermyn-street, St. James's. many years commander-in-chief on the Sept. 27. In Nottingham-place, Edw. Guernsey and Jersey station. His re Howard, esq. F.R.S. third son of the late mains were interred in St. Margaret's Henry Howard, esq. of Glossop, co. Dere Church, Westminster, on the 23d instant. by, and brother to the Duke of Norfolk. Sept. 19.

Aged 51, William Penton, At Kingsland, Robert Sutt, esq. esq. of West Smithfield.

Sept. 29. In Queen Anne-street, Lady Sept, 20.

At St. Anne's, near Leeds, Susannah Wornbwell, mother of Sir George Mrs. Carr, wife of John Carr, esq. Wombwell, bart. She was the only daughmerchant, and daughter of the late Hon. ter of Sir Thomas Rawlinsoo, kot, alderJames Erskine, Lord Alva, one of the Sena man of London. tors of the College of Justice in Scotland. Sept. 30. At Kensington, Capt. Jos. Gifted by nature with a vigorous intellect, Barniogham, late captain in the Bamffand habituated by her father to a constant shire fencibles, lieutenant in the 3d royal use of it, she acquired an uncommon fund veteran battalion, and one of the Poor of knowledge, and a great literary taste in Knights of Windsor. early life; and her views and opinions At Southampton, William Lintott, esq. being enlarged by regular intercourse late mayor of that town, lamented by all with the best society of Edinburgh, her who witnessed his real benevolence of powers of conversation were such as are heart, and the integrity and ability he seldom met with in either sex. These evinced in the discharge of every public qualifications rendered her society pecu and private duty. liarly acceptable and improving to the At Breamore house, Hants, Sir Edward rising generation; and many who are now Hulse, bait. He succeeded bis father, lamenting her loss will recollect with gra Sir Edward, in Dec. 1800; and married in titude bow much they are indebted to her May 1769, Mary, daughter of John Lethifor the formation of their taste and man eullier, esq. and by her (who died in 1813) ners. But, though eminently distinguished he had issue two sons and three daughters. for the accomplishments of her miod, it Sept. At Flaxley Abbey, co. Glouwas for the solid qualities that adorn the cester, in her 71st year, the lady of Sir heart that she was admired and beloved Thos. Crawley Boevey, bart.

She was by those who knew her intimately. Richly Anne, second daughter of the Rev. Thos. endowed with those warm affections and Savage, rector of Standish, co. Gloucester; lively sensibilities that form the most at and was married in 1769. tractive sympathies of life, chastened by Oct. 3. At Syston, Gloucestershire, (at affiction, and guided by principle, she the house of Mrs. Sarah Gould, her entered early upon the world, well pre. mother-in-law,) aged 40, Maria, the wife pared to suffer herself, and with grace and of Mr. W'm. Gould, daughter of Mr. Thos. dignity to “ weep with those that weep." Ware, of St. Michael's Hill, Bristol, hereHer greatest gratification as she advanced tofore of Beamioster, Dorset. in years was to administer comfort to the Oct. 4. In Charlotte - street, Fitzroypoor and afficted, as well as instruction square, aged 53, Francis Boynton, .Esq. to the ignorant villagers in her neighbour formerly of Huttun Lodge, Yorkshire. hood. Her amusements were chiefly lite. Oct. 6. at Grundisburgh, Suffolk, in rary pursuits, and the cultivation of her the 89th year of his age, the Rev. John garden (which was remarked throughout Higgs, B. D. the senior fellow of Trinity the neighbouring country for its beauty College, Cainbridge, rector of Grundisand scientific arrangement), and the im- burgh (in the gift of that society), end provement of one or two young friends one of his Majesty's justices of the peace who generally resided with her. In ha. for the couoty of Suffolk. bitual devotion she found her greatest de ceeded A. B. 1750; A. M. 1754; B. D. light in health, aod unabated comfort in 1768; and was nearly the oldest meinber of sickness; and as she drew near to her that University. He was contemporary at end, religion shed a constant serenity Westminster Schoot, and at College, with over her countenance through a long and the late Richard Cumberland, esq. who, painful course of illness. Adicted as she in his Memoirs, makes frequent mention


He pro

of their long friendship, and speaks highly spectability than he received. Wheof his exemplary character, as a Parish ther Mr. P. be considered as a scholar or Priest, and a Magistrate.

as a divine; as an instructor in human At Stangroond, co. Huntingdon, aged 32, science, or as a teacher of the Gospel of Catherine, wife of William Strong, esq. of Christ; as a man of mental talent, or as a that place, and daughter of George Max man of moral worth; as a good mathemawell, esq. of Fletton, in the same county; tician, a student in the belles lettres, or a gentleman, who, with infelicity singular a preacher of righteousness, bis labours even at his advanced period of life, bath in every branch of duty were conspicuous seen a numerous family, all, save one, and abundant; his success was uniform precede him to the grave. The praise and sure ; his character was esteemed, which human judgment would teach her for it deservedly stood high. In person afflicted friends to ascribe to her, would well made; blessed with a full, strong, be too exquisite for human frailty; yet and sonorous voice, a very clear artiwere it unseemly not to say, that, if she culation, a most impressive and gracehad a fault, it was known ouly to her God. ful mode of delivery, and a ready comTo the darts of real affliction she ever op mand of language, Mr. P. never ascendposed the impenetrable shield of religious ed the pulpit but to please, to inform, to resignation; yet, alas! (such is mortal persuade, and to amend. Alas! the writer weakness) amid the acknowledged pos of this very imperfect sketch has long and session of every external blessing, she deeply to regret the death of one, whom lie drooped a victim to constitutional de. has known, and valued, and honoured, and spondency. Sensible almost to the last of loved......ever since 1789! of one, whom her dreadful delusion, she opposed to it he affectionately and faithfully regarded with unabating firmness the energies of with increasing respect! of one, whose her sainted mind; till overstrained Nature, remains he had the painful satisfaction, bending under the unnatural exertion, re the melancboly pride of teudex and undis. stored to her, in the bosom of ber God, sembled grief, to attend to the grave on Frithat happiness, which it had pleased his day, Oct. 18, 1816. — Hail! AND PAREinfinite wisdom to snatch from her here. well! There is another and a better Oct. 7. At Harborne, co. Stafford, in world.

Chelseu. her 294 year, Miss Robinson, daughter of Oct. 13. Mrs. Woodrifield, of Lyndthe Rev. Richard George Robinson, vicar hurst. of that place; whose many amiable qua Oct. 14. At Sidmouth, in her 26th lities greatly endeared her to all her friends. year, Mrs. Charles Satterthwaite, widow

Oct. 9. At Twickenham, in her 93d of the late Charles Sa:terthwaite, esq. of year, the venerable and truly respectable Lancaster, and eldest daughter of the late Mrş. Haynes, relict of the late John Charles Francis Sheridan, esq. formerly Haynes, esq.

secretary at war, Dublin Castle. Oct. 12. At four o'clock in the morn

Oct. 15. In Addle-street, Aldermaning, of a complication of maladies, includ. bury, aged 78, Mrs. Isabella Leserve. ing nervous affection with apoplexy aud Oct. 17. Mary Elizabeth, during 35 paralysis, the result of acutely-wounded years the affectionate wife of Roben sensibility, at bis temporary apartments Hazard, Esq. of Chart Place, near Maidin the vicinity of London, the Rev. Wil. stone, and formerly of Tarriers House, liam Augustus Pemberton, B. D. one of Bucks. She was the eldest daughter (by the senior fellows and tutors of Emanuel Jane bis last wife) of the Rev. Geo. Lewis, College, and Registrer of the University A. M. vicar of Westerbam, in the See of of Cambridge. This gentleman died in Rochester, and rector of Ecbingham, in the 430 year of his age, being born in the the Diocese of Chichester. early part of 1774: he was the youngest

Oct. 19. In Dorset-street, Portmanson of Thomas Pemberton, Esq. the de square, in his 831 year, Robert Lukin, cease of whose amiable relict we have esq. brother to ibe late Dr. Lukin, dean duly recorded in our Obituary for Decem of Wells, and half-brother to the late ber, 1815, p. 571. · In 1789, the subject Right Hon. William Windham, of Fel. of this brief article was matriculated at brigg Hall, Norfolk. Cambridge; and, in 1794, took bis degree Oct. 21. lo St. James's-square, in bis of B. A. with credit, as pinth Wrangler; 67th year, Rt. Hon. Win. Lygon, Earl his friend Butler, of Chelsea, now bead. Beauchamp. His lordship went to bed in master of Harrow School, being the senior apparently perfect health, after enjoying Wrangler of the year. In 1797, Mr. P. the society of a few particular friends; and proceeded A. M. Jo 1802, he became about three o'clock expired in a ft of librarian to his College ; and, in 1809, re apoplexy. He was for many years gistrer of the University; in aecepting M. P. for Worcester; and uniformly supwhich confidential but easy appointments, ported (at least since the commencement he may with great truth be deemed to of the Revolutionary war) the administra. have conferred more of honour and re. tion of the illustrious Pitt. Early in 1808


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he was elevated to the Peerage by the the late Marquis of Donegall : for, had he

title of Baron Beauchamp, of Powyke, co. been so, he would have been styled Lord | Worcester; and in 1815, was raised to William. He is stated to have been second

the rank and degree of a Viscount and Now the first and late Marquis had * Earl, as Visc. Elmley, of the county of only the following issue, besides daughters: Worcester, and Earl of Beauchamp. His viz. the present Marquis ; Lord Arthur, lordship married the only daughter of deceased, and Lord Spencer Stanley, John Denn, esq. by whom he has left five twing. By his second and third wives he sons and three daughters. His eldest hari no issue. The present M.P. for Care son, William Beauchamp, Visc. Elmley, rickfergus is Arthur Chichester, esq. M.P. for Worcester in two Parliaments, Ibid. p. 565. Lord Sunderlin was eldest succeeds to his titles and estates.

son of Serjeant Edmund Malope, one of Oct. 23. At Islington, aged 77, Mr. the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas William Stephens, many years a respect in Ireland; which Edmund was next bro. able mercantile stationer in Birchin-lane, ther of Serjeant Anthony Malone, in 1757 and afterwards in Throgmorton-street. Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer, being He was a citizen of the good old school; both sons of Richard Malone, esq. of and had for nearly 55 years been a livery Baronston, who died in 1744, leaving four man of the Company of Stationers. As a man sons: viz. the two eminent persons just of business, he was universally esteemed mentioned, Anthony ard Edmund ; and for punctuality and integrity; and in pri- Richard and John. Richard married Miss vate life his courtesy of manners secured to Browne, sister of the Rev. John Browne, him the regard of a large circle of friends. and had issue Crosdella. This Rer. Mr.

Browne, who was of the Sligo family, and ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS.

a highly distinguished Divine of his day, Vol. LXXXV. Part Il. p. 571. An married Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. error occurs respecting the parents of the John Mears, A. M. of Colraine, by the late Dean Cholmondeley. The Dean was Hon. Jane Stuart. the son of Thomas Cholmondeley, of Vale Ibid. p. 574. Earl Manvers's original Royal, esq. one of the Representatives in name was Medows. His Lordship was son Parliament for Cheshire : the Dean's mo.

of Philip Medows. esq. and next brother ther was daughter of Edmund Cowper, of the late Gen. Sir Wm. Medows, K.B. esq. Mrs. Cholmondeley's brother, Thos. Part II. p. 278. Mr. Huddært published Cowper, esq. Recorder of Chester, de ”A Sketch of the Straits of Gasper, a ceased without issue: and Overleigh Hall, passage between the Islands of Banca and near Chester, the family seat of the Cow. Billiton,” 1788, 8vo. The proprietors of pers, and other property, descended ulti the East India Company were so sensible mately, bo the Cholmondeley Family. of the value of his services, and of his in

C. V. 0.

tegrity, that they elected him one of their Vol. LXXXVI. Part I. p. 379. Rev. Directors. He was a valuable contributor William Chichester, D. D. was not son of to the Transactions of the Royal Society.

METEOROLOGICAL Table for October, 1816. By W. CARÝ, Strand. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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BILL OF MORTALITY, fron Sep:. 3, to Oct. 27, 1816.

2 and 5 134 50 and 60 101 Males 835 Males 626

5 and 10 47 60 and 70 96: 1622 Females

Females 589

10 and 20 41 70 and 80 86. Whereof have died under 2 years old

20 and 30 95 80 and 90 40

30 and 40 97 90 and 100 6 Salt £ 1. per bushel; 44.1. per pound.

-40 and 50 113



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4 43

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending Oct. 19.

Wheat Rye Barly | Oats ,Beaus

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beaus. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

d. s. d. s. d., s. d., s. d. Middlesex 83 1 16 10 40 9 28 10 15 7 Essex 80


6 40 6/31 244 7 Surrey 87 0 45 8.43 033 045 ollent 82 6:00 037


0 42 : $ Hertford 80 436 141 0 29

636 6 Sussex 92 0/60 000 028 0.00 Bedford 77 3 10 034 031 225 0 Suffolk 74 10 41 554 924 11 40 10 Huntingdon 86 4.00

0 42
041 2|Camb. 73 300 000 0122

639 Northamnp. 85 400 041 034 642 0 Norfolk 80 943 043

025 10 43 0 Rutland 86 6100 047 927 048 0 Lincoln 94 5163 043 624 539 Leicester 95 644 042 431

01 York 93 2156 546 027 0 49 4 Nottingham 94 460 0 46 231 0146 0 Durham 113 672 000 0133 5100 Derby 101 400 059 0 32 89 2|| Northum. 99 1064 042 035 100 Stafford 100 7.CO 0.47 630. 647 10|Cumberl. 112


8 45 231 400 Salop

113 052 258 632 753 4|Westmor,122 668 0 48 036 900 0 Hereford 99 851 299 11127 441 7 Lancaster 99 10 00 000 032

4.00 Worcester

88 11 40 0 40 629 645 3|Chester 90 400 000 026 4100 Warwick 94 000 0l4l 033 445 6 Flint 88 100

0 53 432 000 Wilts 92 800 049 1031 054 0|Denbigh 90 600 064 7133 200 Berks

86 S100 0 44 11 31 951 6Anglesea 90' 0100 .0 46 0123 000 ( Oxford 79 10100 040 031

947 9 Carnarvon 98 1100 0 45 4/21 400 0 Bucks 82 600 041 331 6143 0 Merioneth105 400

066 034 000 Brecou 114

4167 057 532 000 0 Cardigan 88 000 0.38 0124 000 Montgom. 115 2/67 21** 927 5100 Pembroke 91 800 0135 200 000 Radnor 114 1100 0117 836 100 0||Carmart. 97 800 040 8114 11 00 0

Glainorg. 109 4.00 052 4.24 0.00 Average of England and Wales, per quarter.||Gloucest. 93 10 00 045 230 648 0 99 9,53 11/44 9129 4145 0 Somerset 97 11100 043 10 26 11 500

Monm. 88 700 048 000 0100 Average of Scotland, per quarter :

Devon 101 1.00 0 44 1100

89 10,53 3437 8131 3148 1Cornwall 99 200 045 125 4100 0)
Dorset 85 2100 044 3131

655 0
Hants 82 300 0:0 7 27 10 48 8
PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, Oct. 28, 90s. to 95s.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, Oct. 19, 32s. 3d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, Oct. 23, 45s. 7£d. per cwt.
91. Os. to 141. 10s. Kent Pockets

131. Os. to 171. Os. Sussex Ditto

81. 10s, to 131. Os. Sussex Ditto ...........141 (s. to 161. Os. Farnham Pockets ....111. 18s. to 251, Os. | Essex Ditto.............

.... 121.

Os. to 161. O.. AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, Oct. 28 : St. James's, Hay 41,115, 6d. Straw 2!. 6s. 6d.---- Whitechapel, Hay 5l. 10s. Od. Straw 21. 46.

Clover 71. 175. Od.- Smithfield, Hay 51. 7s. 9d. Straw 21. Os. Od. Clover 71. 10s. Od.

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Kent Bags

Beef .........

Mutton Veal Pork

SMITHFIELD, Oct. 28. To sink the Offal---per Stone of 8lbs.
..3s. Od. to 45. Od. | Lamb.......

..4s. Od. to 5s. 6.
..3s. Od. to 4s. 4d. Head of Cattle at Market Oct. 28;
4s, (d, to 5s.6d. Beasts

...2,740 Calves 180. 45. 0d. to 5s. 4d. Sheep and Lanıbs 15,760 Pigs 300,

COALS, Oct. 28€ Newcastle 38s. 6d. to 49s. 6d. Sunderland 37s, 6d. to 42s. 61. TALLOW, per Stone, 8kb. St. James's 3s. 2{d. Clare Market Os.Od. Whitechapel 36. Oil. SOAP, Yellow, 86s. Mottled 94s. Curd 98s. CANDLES, 10s. 6da per Doz, Moulds 12s. Od.

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