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Mary; the tuning-hammer belonging to From the environs of Trebisond, we David's harp; and many other similar learn, that the governor of that city, being treasures, in comparison of which the at open war with the Derelegh Satili Bey, French contributions appear as nothing.” was obliged to evacuate the city, which RUSSIA.

was occupied by 4000 rebels. The solThe Emperor of Russia is making a diers of Satili Bey committed all kinds of tour through those parts of his empire excesses against the peaceable inhabitants which were the seat of the last war, with of Trebisond. The French Consui, M. the view of alleviating the evils which they Dupre, was obliged to barricade his housea then sustained. On the 27th August his and defend himself against the factions. Majesty arrived at Moscow.

He was

AMERICA. received in the Kremlin by the governor, Halifax papers to the 7th ult. mention, General Tomassow and his staff, and by that accounts had been received by the Prince Jussupow. All the streets to the Chief Justice of Bermuda from the governKremlin were filled with carriages, and ment in England, that the American trade countless multitudes of people." At 11 to that island would be prohibited ; that o'clock the Emperor, with the Grand Duke is being made a free port was only a temNicholas, went to the cathedral church. porary measure, enacted during the war A universal hurrah burst from the people between Great Britain and the United at the sight of their beloved monarch. On States, and that Bermuda would be henceentering the church the Emperor was re forth placed on the same footing as the ceived by the Archbishop Augustine, who British West India Islands.

The Canada made a speech describing the sufferings papers state, that there are frequent of Moscow, as well as the relief afforded bickerings on the Lakes, occasioned by by his Majesty, concluding with the so desertions and various other causes. The lemn ejaculation, “ Hosannah to the Al Commissioners from Great Britain were to mighty! Blessed is he who cometh in the meet the Deputies from the United States name of the Lord.” Mass was then said, ' at St. Andrew's (Passamaquoddy Bay) aud thanksgivings offered up, amidst the the end of August, to adjust tlie boundary discharge of cannon and ringing of bells. line between British America and the The principal officers bad afterwards the United States. honour of dining with his Majesty:--The There has been a correspondence beEmperor is reducing his armies.

tween Mr. Dallas and our Consul-General The Russian Academy has assigned a for the United States; who sent a remonlarge sum for striking a series of medals, strance, on finding that higher duties had representing the most remarkable events been imposed on British vessels than the in the late war between Russia and France, treaty allowed. The reply of Mr. Dallas similar to the Napoleon medals in France, states in substance, that, the general goaud a set of national medals now execut vernment of the United States would keep ing in England.

stricuy within the line of the trealy; but TURKEY.

that the separate governments of each We learn by the Hamburgh papers, State might impose local duties, over which that Lallemand and Savary, wbo sought the general government had no controul. refuge in Turkey, have been sent away The party aggrieved would, however, be from Constantinople, and that the Grand relieved, upon an appeal to the judicial Seignior has declared, that he will not authority of the country. allow any of the adherents of Buonaparte Accounts continue to be received from to abide in his territories.

so many quarters, of the distressed state The Envoy from Tunis had the honour, of numbers of those unhappy persons who on the 7th of September, of a solemn au have emigrated from the United Kingdom dience of the Grand Vizier ; to whom he to America, that the fact can no longer presented, for the Sultan, sereral magni be doubted. A letter from James BuchanAcent presents. Among these were some nan, Esq. the Britisli Consul, dated New beautiful female slaves, who were imme York, 28th August, states that “ he exdiately sent to the summer palace of pects every moment an order to hire vesBeschitach. The other presents, which sels to send back thousands of emigrants were exposed to public view, consisted to England, Scotland, and Ireland." In of superb Arabian horses richly caparia the week in which he wrote, ten English, solied, ostriches, jewels in silver basins, eight Scotch, and seventy-six Irish had and a splendid flag of crimson damask, applied to him, entreating to obtain a richly embroidered.

pássage. “ Thousands,” he states, “are A dreadful insurrection of the Janissa in extreme distress, and must starve if ries at Adrianople is spoken of; in which some money be not furnished them by our the Aga and Oglen Dagdeviren, Bostangi Government. He has granted passports to Baschi, performing the functions of go many to go to Upper Canada; and hop. vernor, were cut to pieces.

dreds, even of those who have been in Gent. Mag. October, 1816.


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the United States for years, have applied cutioner at one blow severed it from his fur permission also to go there."

body. The Christians, who had been only ASIA.

brought out to frighten them, were re-cunSome confirmation has been received, ducted to prison, and afterwards banish. via Madras, of an irraption by several ed. The head of the Bishop of Tabraca thousands of Mahratta cavalry into the was affixed to a gibbet, with the inscripGuntoor Circar, one of the most tranquil tion—" Apostle of the Christian Religion, and prosperous of the Company's posses and Bishop of Europe.”—The same words sions, on the coast of Coromandel; the were seen on the box, which was adorned country was desolated, and the most bor. with a figure of the Bishop, and contained rible cruelties and outrages perpetrated his head, and which was paraded for some by the marauders, exceeding those even days in all the places where the Christians of Hyder Ally in 1780: a general Mahe lived who had been converted by him. ratta war is now considered more probable His blood was preserved by the Christhan ever.

tians, and distributed among the inbabiThe subscriptions to the Waterloo Fund tants of various towns and villages. The have beeu liberal in the East Indies. body, after lying three days on the scaffold, They are likely to amount to not less than watched by Christians, was interred with 50,0001. The Nabob of Oude subscribed pious devotion. 10,000 sicca rupees.

Another missionary, Augustine Fohar, PERSECUTIONS OF CHRISTIANS IN CHINA. aged 73, was beaten so unmercifully, that

Rome, Oct, 1.-The allocution of the he died in a few days. The Judge who Pope at the late election of Cardinals, condemned him, admonished him to concontains some curious facts respecting the sider his great age, and the punishment state of the Christian religion in China, which would follow upon his refusing to It seems, that the Jesuit missionaries to renounce Christianity: and when he was that empire have recently undergone undergoing the punishment the Judge grievous persecutions. Gabriel Dufresse, said, “ Now your God has deserted you." a French missionary, and bishop of la "Oh, no,” said Augustine, " He has braca and Vicar Apostolic of the province given me strength to endure all this, and of See-Tchuen for 39 years, has been put much more!" The Judge, mad with rage, to death. Having been banished by the then ordered him to be struck on the face, Chinese government, iinpelled by religious which killed him. fervour, he returned, but was soou discovered, and put in irons. The Mandarius

COUNTRY NEWS. then suddenly affected much kindness, July 15. A School on the national plan ordering his chaios to be broken, and was opened at Dewsbury, co. York; and overwhelming him with caresses. But between two and three hundred scholars they had honey in their mouths and poison were admitted the first day. The Church in their hearts. They boldly desired him Sunday-school room is appropriated to to abjure his religion : on his side he spoke the use of this Institution. of the futility of the Chinese rites, and Aug. 21. At a meeting held at Glouextolled the Christian dogmas. The per cester, the Bishop of Gloucester in the fidious Mandarins had concealed two per chair, it was resolved that a Society be sons behind the partition, wbo wrote down established under the denominativa of the Bishop's words. An accusation was The Gloucester Diocesan Society for the consequently drawn up, and the Bishop Education of the Poor in the Principles of was taken before the Viceroy, who, being the Established Church ; that, in the fura sworn enemy to all Christians, con therance of this object, a daily School be demned him immediately to die. In ap established for boys, and another for girls instant this respectable old man at Gloucester, as the Central School of the stripped of his robes, and led forth to the Society; and that the mode of teaching place of execution, where an immense be that which is adopted by the National crowd was assembled. Thirty-three Chris. ' Society in London, tians, whom no torments could divert from

Aug. 21. This morning, as the True the true faith, were led out at the same Briton coach (containing 14 outside pasa time, surrounded by executioners and in.

sengers, including the guard and coach, strumeuts of torture. All of them were nian, and six persons within, together with then told, that they must abjure the Chris- luggage) was descending the hill near tian religion, or undergo the punishment Market Weighton, it was overturned, of the cord. With hervic fortitude all re. owing to the weight on the top, and the fused to renounce their Saviour, and be speed with which it was going. One of sought the Bishop to give them absolution the inside passengers had his shoulder and his last benediction. The Bishop dislocated. The outside passengers were granted their request, and, after urging more seriously injured: one had his thigh them to follow his example with firmness, broken, another his leg so much fractured, laid bis head on the block, and the exe as to render immediate amputation neces.



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Intelligence from various Parts of the Country. 363 sary; a third also had his foot so much tinct Parish, but a Tithing within the parish Jacerated, as to cause some doubt whether of Lidford; the Bishop of the diocese means amputation will not be necessary. York to have introduced, early next session, a Herald. On the 14th, as the opach which Bill for legalizing all acts which have taken runs between Manchester and Shrews place from time immemorial at Withybury, via Nantwich, was passing through combe Church; it being now ascertained to the latter town, owing to the carelessness be a Chapel of Ease to Lidford, as the of a very inexperienced driver, it was up Mother Church, set on turning a corner, and a fine boy was The Marquis of Stafford, from the killed : another passenger had his ancie praise-worthy motive of giving employdislocated, and one of the small bones of ment to the industrious poor, has com. his leg broken.-The frequent instances menced draining and subdividing an ex. of accidents from overloaded and care. tensive tract of moor land, at Lilleshall, lessly driven coaches call loudly for some co. Salop. efectual Parliamentary regulations.

A new road from Coalbrook-dale te WolAug. 23. This evening, the extensive lington is about to be undertaken, with the corn-mill occupied by Messrs. Beard and design of giving work to the "poor men Co. at Stockport, consisting of six stories, who are thrown out of employment by the was destroyed by fire. The damage is es stoppage of the coal and iron works."timated at 20001.

Among the characters who have thus set Sept. 13. As a party of fourteen per the example in the county of Salop, C. W. sons were returning in a boat from Would- Forester, esq. M. P. for Wenlock, is conham to Chatham, it was upset in passing spicuous by his subscription of 10001. ebrough Rochester Bridge, and all of them A contributor to the columns of The perished. This distressing accident was Shrewsbury Chronicle recommends the occasioned by a piece of timber placed lighting of the great public roads with across the lock they intended to pass, gas, which (indepeudent of great personal which is under repair :-a notice had been convenience and accommodation to tra. put on the bridge; but no means had vellers) would require tens of thousands been adopted to warn those who might ap of tons of iron, and give employment to proach by night, The sufferers were : thousands of men whose labour would be Mr. Gilbert, who had on that day com required in the various departments conpleted his 21st year; his sisters Miss G. nected with it. The means for the repay. and Mrs. Mills, together with the husband ment of the expenditure might be, by an and infant child of the latter; and Miss addition of toll on the turnpike gates, as. Mawson, daughter of Mr. M. attorney, all sisted by general and local subscriptions, of Chathain; Miss Brock and Miss Hare in conjunction with parochial aid, and of ding of Rochester ; an infant child of those towns and villages through which Mrs. Alanson, of Sheerness, and the nurse

the roads ngay pass. maid ; three young ladies at school with A writer in the Bristol Journal suggests, Mrs. Mills ; Thomas Layar, waterman, as a plan for affording employment to (who has left a wife and 5 children) and some of the numerous poor who are in his apprentice boy.

want of work, to make a grand Inland NaSept. 17. The Triennial Meeting of vigation, to connect the Irish sea through the Three Choirs commenced at Hereford, the Bristol Channel with the English and was upon the whole extremely well Channel by a canal, for vessels of consiattended. The sermon was preached by derable barthen, and thus open an easy the Bishop of the Diocese, from Exodus communication between the United King. xxix. 9. ; and was admirably calculated dom; also between the whole of North to promote the interests of the Charity, as and South Wales, the connties of Monà forcible appeal to the feelings of a mouth, Hereford, and the River Severn crowded congregation. The collection at with London and the intermediate parts; the door was 1951. 3s. On the following also with the Eastern parts of the kingdom, morning the contributions amounted to and Westward to Plymouth, and parts ad208l.; and on the next day, the sum col- jaceot. The line proposed for it is from lected was 1781. 12s. With other aid the celebrated bay in the Bristol Channel, from benevolent individuals, the whole of called the Bay of Bridgewawer, entering a the collections a mounted 106601.

liitle to the Westward of the Steep Holins, Oct. 31. The maguificent Iron Bridge and passiog close to Bridgewater, Chard, at Sunderlanıl is this day disposed of by and Axmioster, into the English Channel Totiery; consisting of 6000 tickets, and dear Lyme Regis and Bridport. 150 prizes of the value of from 1001. to At the late Assizes for Cambridgeshire, 5000.-to the total amount of 30,0001. the Rev. J. Vacbell brought an action

In consequence of an important deci. against the Hundred of Ely, for damages sion at the lase Devonshire assizes, by susi ained by him from the late riols at which the Withycoinbe or forest quarter Littleport. The Jury gave a verdict for of Dartmoor was proved to be nou a dis the plaintiff, with 7081. 9s. damages.


Houghton Hall, the magnificent man DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. sion of tbe Marquis of Cholmondeley, Windsor Castle, Oct. 5.--His Majesty has been purchased with the estate, for passed the last month in a very tranquil 350,0001. by Mr. Watson Taylor, who state, and continues to enjoy good bodily has also bought Mr. Hope's house in Ca health ; but his Majesty's disorder re. vendish-square for 20,0001.

mains updiminished. Colonel Coulson, of Blenkinsopp Castle,

Monday, Oct. 14. has lately presented to the Antiquarian The town of Yarmouth in Norfolk is Society of Newcastle, a tablet of freestone, bound by charter, granted by Henry in fine preservation, bearing an inscrip- III. to send to the Sheriff of Norwich tion to Ceres, in irregular lambic verses. every year 100 herrings, to be baked It was found in Caervoran, one of the 18 in twenty-four patties, which are to be stations on the line of the wall.

delivered to the Lord of the Manor of At a late meeting of the most respect East Carleton, who is to give a receipt able inhabitants of a township in the bo for them, and then to carry them to the rough of Leeds, it was determined to offer King; which ceremony was performed employment to such of their poor pa this day at Windsor, and delivered to the rishioners as could not procure more lu. Lord in Waiting, who immediately forcrative work, 'in making alterations or warded them to the Prince Regent. improvements in their respective estates,

Salurday, Sept. 21. at wages of 9s. per week, and in cases A new 74, called the Hero, was launched where this sum did not suffice for the sup this day at Deptford, in presence of the port of a family, farther relief would be Lords of the Adiniralty, &c. gravted from the poor-rate. Should this

Saturday, Sept. 28. method prove only of temporary utility, it At a Common Hall for electing one of the is then intended, not only to make imme Aldermen of the City of London to fill the diate public improvements in the high- situation of Chief Magistrate for the enways, but to have a considerable quantity suing year; after the name of Mr. Alderof materials ready for future use. la man Christopher Smith, next in rotation on carrying the latter measure into effect, the list of Aldermen, had been put up, one very considerable difficulty, namely, as well as those of the rest of the Alderthe serious present expense attending it, men, the Common Serjeant announced was soon removed, by the principal own that the choice of the Livery had fallen ers of estates liberally offering to advance upon Harvey Christian Combe, and upon the money for one, two, or three years, as the Right Hon. Matthew Wood, to be remight be wanted.

turned to the Court of Aldermen as fit The new Church of Liversedge, erected and proper persons to serve the office. by the Rev. H. Robertson, has been con The Sheriffs, Officers, &c. immediately secrated by the Archbishop of York. It attended the Court of Aljermen to acis a beautiful structure, plain, simple, quaint them with the decision ; when, after uniform throughout, and of great sym they had deliberated, the Recorder anmetry in the arrangements of its parts; nounced, that, the choice of the Livery and is thought to be the best model of having been communigated to the Lord a Gothic church, which has been erected Mayor and Court of Aldermen, they coinin these parts for a long period of time. cided therein; but that Mr. Alderman

Singular Custom.-On Whitsunday, at Christopher Smith had demanded a poll ; St. Bržaval's, in Gloucestershire, several which the Court was, of course, willing baskets-full of bread and cheese, cut into to grant.--The poll immediately comsmall squares of about an inch each, are menced, and was continued for seven brought into the Church; and, immedi- days. And on the 8th of October at a ately after divine service is ended, the Common Hall, the Common Serjeant dechurchwardens, or some other persons, clared the numbers to be for the Lord take them into the galleries, whence their Mayor, 2656; H.C. Combe, 2446; Chris. contents are thrown among the congrega. topher Smith, esq. 1055; and that the tion, who have a grand scramble for election of the Livery had fallen upon them in the body of the Church. This the Lord Mayor and Alderman Combe, occasions as great a rumult and uproar The Aldermen then retired for the puras the amusements of a village wake ; pose of exercising sheir privilege of choice the inhabitants being always extremely as to the two gentlemen thus elected by anxious to allend worship on this day, the Livery; and on their re.entrance, the This custom is bolden for the purpose of Recorder informed the Livery that their preserving to the poor of St Briaval's and election has fallen upon the present Chief Hervelstizld, the right of cutting and car Magistraie, the lighi Hon. M. Wood. rying away wood from 3,000 acres of cop-,

Saturday, Oct. 5. pice land, in Hudknolls and the Meend; A most melancholy accideut took place and for which every housekeeper is assess this morning, belween twelve and one ed 2d. 10 buy the bread and cheese which o'clock, at the works for the intended are given away,


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Southwark Bridge. The men had been is to be done for it is evident the cala. working late in the foundation for the 'mity cannot stop among the lower classes Middlesex pier, and had just left off, it will creep into the middle-it will when a party, about fifteen in number, affect every order. Can no project of who were returning to the opposite shore, employment be devised?--Are there no bailed one of the boats in attendance : a capitalists to improve the land i-Are : boat came, with two watermen in it, along there no gentry I ft to extend their deside the dam : the whole party, in spite mesnes ? --Are there ten successive miles of the watermen's endeavours to prevent of well-constructed privale roads in the them, immediately entered it, and pushed Island ? — Are there not turnpike highoff ; but the ride, which was running up ways to be widened, levelled, or othervery strong, carrid it against a barge, wise improved ? How many might be em. when, in the act of clearing themselves ployed in this way to advantage !--Could from the barge, the boat upset, and pre no improvement be introduced into any cipitated the whole into the stream. A new line of inland navigation ? - How police-boat, which was at hand, hastened many acres of unprofitable land are now quickly to their assistance, and succeeded lying waste in every part of the country? in rescuing two of them from destruction : -How many millions of trees might be the two waterinen with difficulty escaped planted, with a certain prospect of clearby swimming : the remainder, including ing 50 per cent. for posterity, and beau13, were drowned.

tifying the kingdom 1-Are our manufacIn common with every Lover of his turers' warehouses so overstocked, as not Country, we cannot but lament the ex to admit of some further sacrifices on such traordinary distress which the general an emergency ?"-It is gratifying to restagnation of trade has brought upon the cord a few examples of a truly patriotic labouring part of our population, and up spirit, which we hope will be extensively on the manufacturing districts of the followed. (See pp. 363, 364.) kingdom in particular. Ia several of these Wesleyan Methodists.---The 73d Annual districts, some alarming symptoms of Conference of the Preachers in the Cou. disturbance have appeared, which have nexion established by the late Rev. John required all the zeal, promptness, and Wesley, was held in London, July 29, ability of the Magistrates, to compose. 1816, and following days. From the The funds of the Association formed for minutes of the Conference, lately publishthe purpose of relieving the existing dis. ed, we copy the following general recapi. tresses are at present wholly inadequate to tulation of the number of Members in the this laudable object; and it is incumbent Society, and of the number of Regular on every one, as he values the well-being Travelling Preachers: of society, not only to contribute, of his In Great Britain..........

191,680 abundance, to the common stock, but to

In Ireland............................. 28,542 exert his utmost abilities in suggesting In France

35 and providing means for the employment At Brussels.....

10 of the labouring poor. Such a generous At Gibraltar

63 direction of talent and capital will not At Sierra Leone ...

129 only entitle him who exercises it to the At the Cape of Good Hope........

42 gratitude of his Country; but must confer Iu Ceylon ....

50 the highest of all gratifications--the ap

In the West Indies.................. 18,038 plause of his own mind. The follow Nova Scotia, &c.

1,824 ing bints by a writer in the Bath Herald cannot be too widely diffused, nor too Number of Members under the promptly acted upon :" British Bene care of the British and Irish volence, after taking the circuit of the Conferences...... ..... 241,319 globe, is now called home to her own Number of Members in America: children. · What to give!-How to give?' Whites............

........... 167,978 -are two great questions which concern Coloured............... 43,187--211,165 every Englishman without exception. The taste--the habits the pride--the ambi. Total number of Members in the tion--the very nature of a British Me. Methodist Societies throughout chanic is industry; it is useless to at.

the world .....................

452,484 tempt to support him in idleness-he Preachers. There are 725 Regular Tramust have work. Employment is his na velling Preachers now stationed in Great tural bias; necessity alone can make him Britain, 132 in Ireland, 96 on foreign misbęg. No private bounty-no funds; sions, and 704 in the American Methodist thousands and tens of thousands, raised to Connexion.- Total of Travelling Preachers support a Nation in idleness, will vanish not included in the preceding account, like smoke, and leave not a trace be 1,657. The increase of Members in hind. The utmost liberality cannot ex Great Britain in the last year is stated to tend beyond a few months. What, then, be nearly 10,000; in the West ladies 100.


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