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ness of a parent, united with the services of The proudest descent-the blood of the the warmest patronage. From bis nautical noblest families, derived from the race of skill in the line he was engaged in, his iu- Plantagenet, flowing in her veins, were tellectual endowments, and his spirited unnecessary to give dignity to this amiable conduct under emergencies, there is little woman's character, standing as it does on doubt that, if he had pursued his fortune the firm basis of personal worth.. The ad. in the British Navy, he might have arisen vaniage of high birth, though prized by to the first honours of the profession; but the generality of the world, and contemned his fale ordained him to acquire ir:depen- by none but those who do not, consedence in another way, and he used the quently can not ever, possess it, far from advantages of it, on occasions where his

inflating her with arrogauce, served but as friendship or his charity was called upon, an incentive to virtuous action. Not satiswith unbounded liberality. He bore a fied with merely deriving honour from her long and severe illoess with patience and progenitors, she sought to reflect it. fortitude, and supported himself uuder the true scion of the antient and respectable most acute suffering with a resignation family, of Cassan, her intentions were and submission to the Divine dispensa- pure ; her heart unsuspecting, because tions that were truly exemplary. He was guileless; her manners gentle and uoafconstantly attended with affectionate soli- fected; her disposition placable and forcitude by one or other of his friends; and giving. Did distress pour its plaintive although he had not one near family con note ? her purse was ever ready to afford nection, he was never left a day without relief. Did sickness groap on the couch. somne valuable character about him among of woe? .her gentle hand would raise the those who regarded him. On his side, no drooping head. Did the family afflictions sickness or suffering made liim ever lose of her neighbours want the balm of consosight of that accommodation he felt due lation for the loss of some beloved relato those who attended him, and which had tive ? ber syren voice would whisper re. marked his character through life. He signation-her persuasive accents, wliile constantly preserved through his illness she told of sun-bright days beyond the the sentiments of liberality, feeling, gene storm-of worlds beyond the skies--would rosity, and gratitude, which had particn. prove' the certain levitives of unutterable Jarly distinguished his dawn of life, and anguish, and cheer the dejected heart,in seemed to beam forth with increased fer nature's saddest hour. Hers were the •vour to the very close of his existence. • social smile and sympathetic tear

Aug. 20. At her cottage at Callaugton, hers all the qualities that dignify and near Much Wenlock, Shropshire, aged 71, adorn humanity. Mercy with celestial Mrs. Eleanor Harding. She was the last voice spoke in all she uttered; Charity of the antient family of the Haynes's of poured forth her stores in all she did. that place, who had lived there for several Justly entitled would she have been to centuries. She was a person of most en have said, on her death-bed, gaging manners and sweetness of disposi Non omnis moriar; multaque pars mei tion, qualiiies which had long rendered Vitabit Libitinam. Usque ego pusterâ ber highly esteemed through a large circle Crescam laude recens. of friends and acquaintance. The poor The subject of this article has left a nu. in that vicinity she had ever in remem merous issue by Mr. Price, who was nebrance, who from her door were never sent phew 10 the first Marquis of Hertford. empty away: her loss is therefore deeply Her only surviving brother is the Rev. Jamented by her neighbours, and by her Joseph Cassan, M. A. rector of Stradfriends most sincerely mourned.

bally, and chaplain to the earl of Roden. At Castleton-lodge, Mountrath, Queen's She was aunt to Major Cassan of Sheffield County, Ireland, deeply and sincere- hall, and of the late Stephen, barristerly lamented by all her friends and rela- at-law, who died 1794, leaving issue by tives, especially by the poor, 10 whom she his wife, the present Rev. Stephev Hyde was a liberal benefactor, Mary, wise of Cassan, B. A. of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, James Price, esq. daughter of Matthew, chaplain to the earl of Caledon, and curate and sister of Stephen Cassan, esquires, de of Sirealley, near Reading. The death of ceased, of Sheffield hall, near Mary buro' ber brother, Richard Cassan, M. P. who in the same county. When the virtuous married Miss Belle Hamilien, eldest sister pass to the silent mansions of mortality, it of the late Right Hoo. Baron Hamilton, is incumbent on the biographier to rescue is recorded in our Vol. LXXX. Part II. their bright example from oblivion. Some p. 668-that of

nephew Alexander, tribute of respec--some slight memorial M. P. for Belfast, and once high sheriff beyond the mere mention that they lived for Dublin, Vol. LXXIX. Part 1. p. 285 and died,' is due, not only to the deceased, -that of her sisters, Mrs. Seymour and but to the world at large, that others may, Cooke, Vol. LXXXII. Part. I. p. 486. be prompted to go and do likewise. and Vol. LXXXIV. Part II. p. 301-that



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of her nephew, Thomas Cassan, Capt. of has arisen to a state of prosperity that its 32.), killed ar Waterloo, Vol. LXXXV. most sanguine supporters could not have Part Il. p. 468.

expected in so short a. period; and bas August 24. At Portsmouth, William afforded relief to many families, who, but. Whitinore, esq. of Dudinaston-hall, Shrop for its assistance, inust in many instances shire, far advanced in age, but on the very have endured the most humiliating suceve of entering the nuptial siate a third cours of a parish workhouse! - His retime. He was the second son of Charles mains were attended to the place of interWhitmore, esq. of Southampton, and of ment, in a rauit under St. Andrew's the very respectable and wealthy family Church, Holborn, on Sunday, the 1st Sept. of the Whitmores of Apley, co. Salop. by the individuais of his family, accomHe is succeeded in the Dudmaston and panied by Mr. Chamberlaine, Mr. Taun, Wolstaston possessions by his eldest son ton, Dr. Davis, Mr. Barnet, Mr. Fortescue, of the first marriage, Col. William Wolrich and several other respectable Gentlemen Whitinore, esq. who some time ago mar of the Medical Profession. ried the only daughter of the present Earl Aug. 27. Amongst the heroes who fell of Bradfurd.

in the late victory before Algiers, aged 21, Aug. 26. At Rindleford, in the parish Richard, second son of Mrs. Caithrop, of of Worfield, co. Salop, of a dysentery, West Ashby in Lincolnshire, and formerly Ms. Samuel Ridiey, sen.

of Shotesham in Norfolk. After eight Aug. 26. Suddenly, at the advanced age years spent in the most active service, he of 84, Dr. John Squire, of Ely-place, Hol. went out upon promotion in the late Exborn, member of the Royal College of pedition, as an Admiralty Midshipman on Physicians, and for many yeais, until board the Leander, where he displayed increasing infirmities obliged him to relin the utmost bravery. He was gifted with quish practice, one of the Physicians of excellent abilities, a generous feeling heart, the Lying in Charity for delivering Women and possessed au wicommon degree of at their own Residences. The whole life manly courage. of this truly venerable Gentleman has


Mrs. Mary Oatway, many been one continued series of charity and years mistress of the post office, Great benevolence; and the loss of none of Torrington, Devon, and aunt of Mr. Nathose great and good Characters in the thaniel Oalway, of that place. Medical World, of whom society has been Lately.—Mrs. Lysler, inany years Jani. deprived within these few years past, will trix of Magdalen Hall, Oxford. be more seriously felt, or inore univer. Sept. 1. In his 50th year, John Coape, sally lamented, tban that of the good Dr. esq. of George-streei, Hanover-square. Squire.--Atihe very instant of his death At Clapton, Charles lliett Hancock, he was engaged in an act of benevolence : esq. for, while assisting at the delivery of a At Charlton, Kent, in his 37th year, J. patient, whose labour was attended with Collins, esq. lale commander of the Hon. circumstances of much difficulty and dan- Company's ship Warley. ger, he expired in an instant, without a Sept. 2. At Bromley, Kent, aged 43, sigh or a struggle. The Medical Gentle. Anne, eldest dali. of Rev. Dr. S. Forster, men who were in attendance on the pa late Registrar of Oxford University, and tient previous to the arrival of Dr. Squie, rector of Green:ted, Essex. immediately sent for his friend Mr.Cham Sept. 3. At Reading, in his 64th year, berlaine, of Aylesbury-street; but, had Rev. Joseph Eyre, nearly 20 years rector he been on the spot at the instant, he

of St. Giles's Parish in thal town; a precould not have rendered him any assist. bendary of St. Paul's; and vicar of Am

It only remained, therefore, for brosden, Oxfordshire, where he spent the him, on his arrival, to be the bearer of the early part of his professional life, greatly unhappy tidings to his aMicted fainily.- and justly respected and beloved by all Twenty-eight years ago, in conjunction who knew him. He was a faithful, con. with bis friend Mr. Chamberlaine, in whom scientious, and able Minister of the Word he found a most ready and indefatigable of God. The duties of his professiou were coadjutor, the tiree branches of the Me. his delight and constant occupation, till dical Profession were indebted to this the severity of a painful disorder required worthy and excellent Veteran, for setting occasional residence in London for medion foot an Institution, not before atteinpt cal advice. His affections were firmly ed in this Metropolis, for the beneli of fixed upon doing the work of his Master, the Relatives of Members of the Medical visiting the sick, comforting the afflicieil, Profession left in distressed circumstances, and rightly dividing the Word of Truth. under the title of The Society for Re His death will be deeply and lastingly lief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men lamented by his numerous family, and by in London und ils Vicinity.. By the un the poor, who have lost a real friend. wearied exertions of these two individuals, At Hill-house, Danbury, Essex, aged this Institution, from a small beginning, 63, William Gibbs, esq. formerly of St.



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Catharine's, London, a truly upright, and Indexes,” 1809; and Vol. II. .conworthy man.

taining the Counties of Hertford and MidAt his villa near Hamburgh, aged 72, dlesex, Buckingham, Oxford, and Glouthe celebrated Frederick Lewis Schroeder, cester. --- Mr. Bawdwen also contributed a many years manager and proprietor of Translation of Domesday-book, so far as the German Theatre, Hamburgh.

relates to Dorsetshire, to the fourth VoSept. 4. In her 78th year, Mrs. Dorothy lume of the new Edition of Hutchins's Stow, of Croom's-hill, Greenwich, widow History of that County, recently pubof Mr. !V. Scow, forinerly of Plashet, lished. This able and industrious Divine, Essex, and St. Mary.hill, London.

in the Preface to his first Volume, thus At Bath, in his 81st year, Sir Thomas speaks of the Parliamentary Publication : Miller, bart. of Froyle, Hants, M. P. for “ Under the liberal auspices of his present Portsinouth. He succeded his father in Majesty, and by the munificence of Parthe baronetcy in 1772; was twice married, liament, a most splendid Edition of this and has left issue.

Record, worthy of the Monarch, and worIn Upper Seymour-street, Portman. thy of this great Nation, has been pub. square, Miss Fitz-Gerald.

lished, for the use of both Houses of ParSept.5. At Bath, James Bourchier, esq. liament, and of the Public Libraries of the of Little Berkhampsted, Heris.

Kingdom, from the original Manuscript in At Brighton, aged 72, Hlon. C. Herbert, the Exchequer. I had also flattered myof Upper Brook-street, M. P. for Wilton. self that what I have now undertaken He was the only surviving brother of the might, in some degree, second the enlate Earl of Carnarvon, and uncle of the lightened views of the Legislature on this present Earl.

subject, and respectively place the pure At Shrewsbury, aged 71, Mrs. Mason, chase of it within the reach of more nuof Chesterton, widow of ine late Thomas merous classes of his Majesty's subjects.” Mæson, esq. of Shrewsbury; having been We earnestly hope this expectation will deprived of her reason from a long indis.' even yet be realized ; and that the pube position. She was the last surviving issue lication of the remaiving volumes of the of Joho Bradburne, late of Chesterton, Work (which are completely ready for the gent. by his wile Eleanor, daughter of the press) may be made conducive to the inRev. Malachi Pointer, M. A. of Alkerion, terests of the afflicted widow and twelve co. Oxford, and Mary bis wife, daughter children of Mr. Bawdwen, by whom his of. Mr. Alderman Twiss of Shrewsbury., loss will be most severely felt.

His meShe was the last of the Bradburne family, mory will be long cherished by his namewhich had taken up their residence at rous friends and acquaintance. Chesterton in the reign of Henry VIII. Sept. 16. At Chelsea, in her 24th year, where the heads of the family have resided Elizabetli, wife of Mr. William Hopwood, in succession ever since upon their estate, of Thayer - street, Manchester - Square, having enjoyed other valuable possessions whose engaging manners, sweetness of in the same parish for a considerable disposition, and pious resignation, enlength of time.

deared her to all who knew her, On Usher's-quay, Thos. Smith, esq. of Whilst on a visit at Bradrey, in the Rowlestown, co. Dublin.

parish of Worfield, co. Salopo, (ihe seat of Sept.10. At Clifion, of a decline, greatly John Marshall, esq.) the wife of Major lamented, Anne, only daughter of Major. Cane, and sorviving daughter of the late general James Miller.

Edw. Farmer Taylor, esq. of Chicknell, in
Sept. 12. At Brighton, after a loug ill. the adjoining parish.
noss, the wife of the Rev. J. Styles, D. 1).
Her funeral sermon was preached at Dr. Part I. p. 563, b. I. 17, read, he was not
Styles's Chapel on the 20th.

apparently in a situation to command
Sept. 14. At Hooton Pagnell, near Don success.
caster, the Rev. William Bawdwen, B. A. Part II. p. 183. 24 col. 1. 17.
vicar of Hooton Pagnell, and curate of chael Watts, the younger son of the late
Frickley-cum.Clayton, co. York. To this David Pike Watts, who fell at Barossa,
gentleman the publick are indebted for a made his exit so nobly, that Mr. Urban
translation of that juvaluable National may perhaps like to make an addition in
Record, Do:nesday Book. He proposed his next Obituary: Heading a party of
to print the whole iu ten volumes, 4to; the Guaruis, he was struck by a musquet.
but only two have as yet been published: ball upon the breast; two soldiers went to
Vol. I. containing “the County of York; take him up; he exclaimed, You can do
including Amounderness, Lonsdale, and me no good - I am dying - follow the
Furness, in Lancashire, and such Parts of company."" G. B,
Westmorland and Cumberland as are con P. 186. The late Mr. de St. Croix was
tained in that Survey. Also the Counties of a good family in the Island of Jersey,
of Derby, Nottiogham, Rutland, and Lin and only child of Charles and Francoise
cole. With an Introduction, Glossary, Neele de St. Croix.

" Mi

BILL OF MORTALITY, fronı Aug. 27, to Sept. 3, 1816.

2 and 5 107 | 50 and 60 118 Males 883 Males 592

5 and 10 55 60 and 70 91

1225 Females 365 Females 643

10 and 20 4570 and 80 Whereof have died under 2 years old 338

20 and 30 100 | 30 and 90

30 and 40 113 90 and 100 Salt £ 1. per bushel; 421. per pound.

10 and 50 131 104

} 1748

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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending Sept. 14.

Wheat Rye | Barly | Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans. d. s. d. s. dls. d. s. d.

s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d., s. d. Middlesex 76 542 11 31 9 28 242 2 Essex 77 1 42 632 3/28 4/37 10 Surrey 85 0 44 640 030 6 44 6 Kent 80 000 0 35 0/29 8/38 8 Hertford 78, 430 331 0.26 636 3 Sussex 92 000 0 00 0 29 000 Bedford 79 800 0 31 125 9 36 5 Suffolk 85 342 033 2 30 ,038 Huntingdon 80 6 00 0 31 923 10 35 0|Camb. 70 1000 (100 0/22 7.34..11 Northamnp. 80 2100 035

024 0 35 8 Norfolk 80 800 032 4123 955 Rutland 81 600 037 624 0139 01 Lincoln 76

2150 1037 4121 2 37 1 Leicester 83 80

038 028 0.37 6 York 77 846 8129 1024 1 397 Nottingham 80 4147 636 028 437 8| Durham 91 400 0 46 032 S00 Derby 84 400 000 .031 10143 8 Northum. 86 552 837 132 10 00 0 Stafford 89 360 040 8 30 11 47 9||Cumberl. 81 046 4135 10126 10 000 Salop 92 552 237 4 27 11 44 5 Westmor. 91 658 035 2132 7100 Hereford 93 4144 355 02 4135 0 Lancaster 85 200 000 0124 11 vo Worcester 81 5 38 10 35 027 337 8 |Chester 83 600 042 1 29 4100 ( Warwick 84 000 039 030 040 9|Flint 77 800 046 10100 0100 Wilts

89 000 038 029 049 8 Denbigh 33 000 052 10 30 500 0 Berks


800 0 35 3 26 9 46 1 Anglesea 80 600 040 0 20 000 0 Oxford 83 000 037 023 3 12 01 Carnarvon 37 800 034 820 800 () Bucks 83 400 037 329

6|Merioneth 93 400 050 0127 0loo () Brecon 105 10154 449

732 000

0||Cardigan 74 900 033 618 000 0 Montgom. 97 (51 2 38 526 800 Pembroke 67 400 035 216 000 0 Radnor 93 800 0136 021 3100 0Carinart. 90 100 033 420 4100 ()

Glainorg. 94 700 0/49 4128 000 0 Average of England and Wales, per quarter. Gloucest. 88 300 0140 0/30

6142 0 85 6146 2738 2122 6,40 10 Somerset 100 100 037

122 10 52 0

Monm. 100 600 0948 0100 0100 0 Average of Scotland, per quarter :

Devon 93 800 041 6124 1100 () 00 0100 0,00 0,00 0100 o Cornwall 94 1000 045 2/23 4100 0

Dorset 89 600 0138 5 26 0152
Hants 85

800 037 025 945 10
PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, Sept. 23, 70s. to 75s.
OATMEAL, per Boll.of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, Sept. 14, 29s. 5d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, ept. 18, 47s. 4d. per cwt. PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, Sept. 23 : 01. Os. to 01. Os. Kent Pockets

141. Os. to 181. 18s. Sussex Ditto Ol. Os. to 01. Os. Sussex Ditto

.141. Os. to 161. Os. Farnham Pockets .... 06. Os. to 01. Os. Essex Ditto...

01. Os. to 01. Os. AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, Sept. 23 : St. James's, Hay 41.11s. 6d. Straw 31. 6s.---Whitechapel, Hay 51. 10s. Od. Straw 31. 10s. Od. Clover 71. 105. 0d. Smithfield, Hay 51. 12s. Od. Straw si. Os. Od. Clover 61, 16s. 6d.

SMITHFIELD, Sept. 23. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs. Beef. ...33. 4d. to 4s. 4d. | Lamb......

....4s. Bd. to 5s. 8d. Mutton

..3s. 6d. to 45. 6:1. Head of Cattle at Market Sept. 23 : Veal .... 45. 8d, to 6s. Od, Beasts ........ 2,360.

Calves 150. .....4s. Si, to 5s. 8d. Sheep and Lanıbs 18,240 Pigs 300.COALS, Sept. 23: Newcastle 36s. 3d. to 4'1s. 9d. Sunderland 375. Od. to 43s. Od. TALLOW, per Stone, 866. St. James's 3s. 4d. Clare Market Osí od. Whitechapel 3s. 2il• SOAP, Yellow, 86s. Mottled Its. Curd 985. CANDLES, 103. 6d. per Doz. Moulds 12s, Oda

Kent Bags


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3 pr. 3 pr.






7 pr. 8 pr.

Spr. 4 pr.

5 pr. 6 pr.

4 pr.

7 pr. 8 pr.



4 pr.

6 pr. 6 pr.


Red. 3 per Ct. *perCt. 5 perCt Belong, Iristo 5 Imp. Imp. | India (So. Sea 3 perCtl India ! L. Bills E. Bills
Slock. 3 perci Cons. Cons. Navy. | Ann. pr.Ct. 3perCt Ann. Stock. Stock. sth Sea Bonds.

1 Sunday
2 Holiday

180 3

614 8 pr.

7 pr.


7 180

7 pr. 4




7 pr. 181

3 pr. 5

923 shut 785

pr. 612 613

181 6 shut

656 78: shut

shut shut 613 21

shut 93
8 Sunday

shut. shut

62} & shut

4 pr. pr.

shut 62{ $ shut

8 pr. shut 628 13 shut

613 95

8 pr. shut shut

pr. shut 6212 933

8 pr.


3 pr. 614

pr. 13

shut shut 61% 21 shut

3 14

pr. shut shut 613 13 shirt 935 15 Sunday

7 pr. 16 shut shut 61% % shut 935




pr. 17

pr. shut shut

935 shut 6212


8 pr. 18

pr. shut shut

93 613 2

19 shut hut

623 2 shut

62 1
shut 935


613 23
21 Holiday
22 | Sunday

24 shut shut

613 Š shut 923


5 pr.



3 26 sbut

pr. shut


92 27

3 pr. shut shut


29 Sunday


8 pr.

5 pr.

THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE Canal Suares and other Property, in Sept. 1816 (to the 25th), at the Office of Mr. Scorr, 28, New Bridge-street, London.Swansea, 1501. div. 101.--Leeds and Liverpool, 2301. ex. div. 41. half-year.--Monmouth, 120/. ex. div. 41. ditto.-Grand Junction (div. suspended), 1011, 1021.- Leicester Union, 701.-Kennet and Avon, 121. 10s.-Chelmer, Fol. div. 41.-Lancaster, 171. 10s.-West-India Dock, 145!. div. 101.-London ditio, 601. -Globe Insurance, 1041.Pock Ditto, 3s. disc.--Flour Company, ll. 10s. per share (d.v. suspended). Bridge Annuities, 11. 105. premium. -Ditto Shares, 171.- London Institution, 401.Surrey Ditto, 101.--Gas Light, 31. disc.

Printed by Nichols, Son, and BENTLEY, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London.

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RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Bank Buildings, London,

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