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and Adjutant P. Young, severely, but not in which he executed this duty; and nodangerously,

thing can possibly be more flattering or N. B. 1 bhestee, 2d batt, 25th nat. inf. creditable than his report of the gallant and 1 bildar of pioneers, killed; and 2 conduct of tbe troops throughout. From bildars wounded, not included above, every report, it appears that the Enemy

have suffered severely; numbers of their Letter and Inclosure from Col. W. Kelly, killed are lying in all directions round the

commanding the 1st brigade, to Major- point of attack. Two or three hundred gen. Sir David Ochterlony.

Goorkabs have been brought in, but they Sir, --1 bad the honour, in my letter of are, from the severity of their wounds, un. the 28th ult. to acquaint you with my in. able to speak or give intelligence. The tentiou of proceeding to this point of the advanced position only adniits nine comHurryhurpoor Hill, which movement I panies, which, with a Field-officer, I re. executed accordingly. On the best re lieve every twenty-four hours. It will connoissance that could be made, without take some time to make the road for the particularly calling the attention of the heavy guns. We are, however, this day Enemy to our movements, it appeared employed in getting up the 12-pounders, that a strong point within about 800 yards which will probably breach the stockade. of the stockade I mentioned had been I am still deficient of intelligence, and unneglected. This stockade runs upon the certain of the real numbers of the Enemy, range and to the Westward of the Hurry- but believe them to be as I before stated. hurpoor Port, supposed to be about 1000 The heavy rain of last night and this yards from it, in form a semicircle, and morning interrupts our operations; but I the mountain nearly perpendicular to the hope it is about to clear. - I have, &c. extremities, two guns in it, and in all re

W. KELLY, Colonel. spects formidable.

As the occupation of P.S. I have the highest gratification in this neglected point appeared to be of announcing the occupation, by the adgreat moment, it was advisable to take it vanced guard under the field officer Maby surprize. I consequently ordered the jor Robeson, of his Majesty's 24th reg. light infantry companies of the brigade, of the stockade, fort, and hill, which were with two companies of each of the follow. evacuated some time this morning, during ing regiments, viz. bis Majesty's 24th, the rain and thick weather, by the Goor. 18th native infantry, Chumparun light kah force, under Rudjoor Kajee, who infantry, and one company of the 2d batt. jojned during the action of yesterday, 21st native regiment, with two 3-pounders, and commanded. W. KELLY, Col. carried by bearers, to march at 3 o'clock yesterday morning, under the command Killed and Wounded in the 1st or Col. Kelly's of Lieut.-col. O'Halloran, who took pos Brigade, in action on the Heights of session of the position a few minutes be Hurryhurpoor, on the 1st of March, 1816. fore six, dislodging a picquet left for its Camp, near Hurryhuspoor, March . protection. The Enemy, in very consi. Artillery, Capt. Lindsay, wounded se. derable force, made a most desperate and verely, but not dangerously; 2 Jascars obstinate attack to recover this point; I wounded.--24th foot, Brevet-maj. Hughes, was therefore obliged to send a few com wounded slightly; Capt. Smith. Lieut. panies to support the rear of the position ('Leary, wounded severely, but not dan. which was threatened. It was impossible, gerously; 4 privates killed; 1 serjeant, from the nature of the ground, to close or 22 privates, wounded.-18th nat. atry, use the bayonet, and the musquetry con 1st batt. 2 sepoys killed, 1 naick, 4 sepoys, linued without interruption until half-pa:t wounded. 21st vative infantry, 2d batt. eleven o'clock, when he arrival of two 6 1 sepoy killed; 1 naick, 1 sepoy, wounded. pounders and two five-and-a-half-inch-Champarun light infantry, Lieut. De howitzers on elephants, in a few minutes Voeux, wounded severely, but not dandecided the affair, and left us in possessioo gerously; I sepoy killed; 1 jemadar, 11 of au almost natural redoubt, very advan

sepoys, wounded.

- Pioneers, % privates tageously situated for further operations. killed. I do myself the honour to inclose a list of Total Killed. - 4 privates of 24th foot, killed and wounded, which, considering 4 sepoys. the length of time the affair lasted, is not Total Wounded. I brevet major, 2 capgreat. Amongst the wounded you will tains, 2 lieutenanrs, 1 jemadar, 1 serjeant, find Capt. Lindsay, of the artillery: al 22 privates of 24th foot 2 naicks, 16 se. though his wounds are not severe, I fear I poys, 2 pioneers, 2 gun lascars. shall lose his active services for a time, Geo. Casement, Major of Brigade. which I lament exceedingly, having found N. B. Authentic intelligence has been Captain Lindsay a most zealous able offi. received of the ratification, by the Rajah cer, both as an artillerist and engineer. I of Nepaul, of the Treaty meutioned in the am highly indebted to Lieut..col. O'Hal Gazette of 11th May; but no official copy leran, for the able and officer-like manuer of the ratified Treaty bas been received..


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LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, of my proceedings up to the 14th instant, Sept. 15.

on which day I broke ground from Gibral. Admiralty-office, Sept. 15.

Capt. Bris

tar, after a vexatious detention, by a foul bane, of his Majesty's ship Queen Char wind, of four days. The fleet, complete lotte, arrived at this Office last night in all its points, with he addition of five with the following dispatches from Lord' gun boats fitted at Gibraltar, departed in Exmouth :

the highest spirits, and with the most fa. Queen Charlotte, Algiers Bay, Aug. 28. vourable p'ospect of reaching the port of Sir,- in all the vicissitudes of a long their destination in three days; but an Jife of public service, no circumsiance has adverse wind destroyed the expectation of ever produced on my mind such impres an early arrival, which was the more sions of gratitude and joy as the event of anxiously looked for by myself, in conseyesterday. To have been one of the hum quence of bearing, the day I sailed from ble instruments, in the hands of Divine Gibraltar, that a large army bad been ase Providence, for bringing to reason a fero sembled, and that very considerable addi. cious Government, and destroying for ever tional works were throwing up, not only the insufferable and horrid system of on both flanks of the city. but also imme. Christian slavery, can never cease to be a dia:ely about the entrance of the Mole: source of delight and heart-felt comfort to from this I was apprehensive that my inevery individual happy enough to be em. tention of making that point my principal ployed in it. I may, I hope, be permitted, object of attack, had been discovered to under such impressions, to offer my sin the Dey by the same means he had heard cere congratulations to their Lordships on of the expedition. This intelligence was, the complete success which attended the on the following night, greatly confirmed gallant efforts of bis Majesty's feet in by the Prometheus, which I ban dispatched their attack upon Algiers of yesterday ; to Algiers some time before, to endeavour and the happy result produced from it on to get away the Consul. Capt. Dashwood this day by the signature of peace – Thus had' with difficulty succeeded in bringe has a provoked war of two days' existence ing away, disguised in Midshipman's been attended by a complete victory, and uniform, his wife and daughter, leaving a closed by a renewed peace for England boat to bring off their infant child, coming and her ally, the King of the Netherlands, down ip a basket with the Surgeon, who on conditions dictated by the firmness thought he had composed it; but it un. and wisdom of his Majesty's Goveromeot, happily cried in the gate-way, and in and commanded by the vigour of their consequence the Surgeon, three Midsbipmeasures. -My thanks are justly due for men, in all eighteen persons, were seized the honour and confidence his Majesty's and confined as slaves in the usual dupMinisters have been pleased to repose on geons.

The cbild was sent off next moromy zeal on this bighly important occasion. ing by the Dey, and as a solitary instance The means were by them made adequate of his humavity, it ought to be recorded to my own wishes, and the rapidity of by me. - Capt. Dashwood further con. their measures speak for themselves. Not firmed, that about 40,000 men had been more than an hundred days since, I left brought down from the interior, and all Algiers with the British fleet, unsuspicious the Janissaries called in from distant garand ignorant of the atrocities which had risons, and that they were indefatigably been committed at Bona; that feet on its employed in their batteries, gun-boats, arrival in England was necessarily dis &c. and every where strengthening the banded, and another, with proportionate Sea-defences. - The Dey informed Capt. resources, created and equipped; and al. Dashwood he knew perfectly well the thougb impeded in its progress by calms armament was destined for Algiers, and and adverse winds, has poured the ven asked him if it was true; he replied, if he geance of an insulted nation, ip chastising had such information, he knew as much as the cruelties of a ferocious Government, be did, and probably from the same with a promptitude beyond example, and source-the public prints. The ships highly honourable to the national charac were all in port, and between 40 and 50 ter, eager to resent oppression or cruelty, gun and mortar-boats ready, with several whenever practised upon those under their more in forward repair. The Dey had protection. Would to God that in the closely confined the Consul, and refused attainment of this object I had not deeply either to give him ap, or promise his per. to lament the severe loss of so many gal. sonal safety; nor would he hear a word lant officers and men; they have profusely respecting tbe officers and men seized in bled in a contest which has been pecu

The boats of the Prom theas. From the liarly inarked by proofs of such devoted continuance of adverse winds and calms, beroism as would rouse every noble feel the land to the Westward of Algiers was ing, did I dare indulge in relating them. not made before the 26th, and the next Their Lordships will already have been morning at day-break the fleet was ad. informed, by his Majesty's sloop Jasper, Panced in sight of the city, though not so


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near as I had intended. As the ships soon after, at intervals, the remainder of were becalmed, I embraced this oppor his frigates, keeping up a well-supported tunity of dispatching a boat, under cover fire on the flanking batteries he had offered of the Severn, with a flag of truce, and to cover us from, as it bad not been in my the demands I had to make, in the pame power, for want of room, to bring him in of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, the front of the Mole. - About sun-set I on the Dey of Algiers (of which the ac received a message from Rear.adm.Milne, companying are copies), directing the conveying to me the severe loss the Im. officer to wait two or three hours for the pregnable was sustaining, having then 150 Dey's answer, at which time, if no reply killed and wounded, and reqnesting I was sent, he was to return to the flag- would, if possible, send bim a frigate to ship; he was met near the Mole by the divert some of the fire he was under. Captain of the port, who, on being told The Glasgow, near me, immediately weighthe answer was expected in one hour, ed, but the wind had been driven away by replied, that it was impossible. The offi. the cannonade, and she was obliged to cer then said he would wait two or three anchor again, having obtained rather a hours; be then observed, two hours was bettar position than before.--I had at this quite sufficient.

- The fleet at this time, time sent orders to the explosion vessel, by the springing-up of the sea - breeze, under the charge of Lieut. Fleming and had reached the bay, and were preparing Mr. Parker, by Capt. Reade, of the Enthe boats and flotilla for service, until gineers, to bring her into the Mole; but two o'clock, when, observing my the Rear - admiral having

ought she officer was returning with the signal dying would do him essential service if exploded that no answer had been received, after a under the battery in his front, I sent orders delay of upwards of three hours, I in to this vessel to that effect, which were stantly made a signal to know if the ships executed. I desired also the Rear-admiwere all ready, which being auswered in ral might be informed, that many of the the affirmative, the Queen Charlotte bore ships being now in flames, and certain of up, followed up by the feet, for their ap the destruction of the wbole, I considered pointed stations; the flag, leading in the I had executed the most important part of prescribed order, was anchored in the en my instructions, and should make every trance of the Mole, at about 50 yards preparation for withdrawing the ships, distance, At this moment not a gun had and desired he would do so as soon as been fired, and I began to suspect a full possible with his division. There were compliance with the terms which had been awful moments during the conflict, which so many hours in their hands; at this pe. I cannot now attempt to describe, occariod of profound silence, a shot was tired sioned by firing the ships so near us; and at us from the Mole, and two at the ships I had long resisted the eager entreaties of to the Northward then following ; this was several around me to make the attempt prompily returned by the Queen Char upon the outer frigate, distant about 100 lotte, who was then lashing to the main. yards, which at length I gave into, and mast of a brig, fast to the shore in the Major Gossett, by my side, who had been mouth of the Mole, and which we had eager to land his corps of miners, pressed steered for, as the guide to our position. me most anxiously for permission to ac. Thus commenced a fire as animated and company Lieut. Richards in this ship's well supported as, I believe, was ever wit barge. The frigate was instantly boarded, nessed, from a quarter before three until and in ten minutes in a perfect blaže. A nine, without iniermission, and which did gallant young Midshipman, in Rocketnot cease altogether until half.past eleven. boat No. 8, although forbidden, was led The ships immediately following me were by his ardent spirit to follow in support of admirably and coolly taking their stations, the barge, in which he was desperately with a precision even beyond my most wounded, his brother officer killed, and sanguine hope; and never did the British pine of his crew. The barge, by rowing Aag receive, on any occasion, more zeal more rapidly, had suffered less, and lost ous and honourable support. To look but two.

- The Enemy's batteries around further on the line ihan immediately round my division were about ten o'clock sime was perfectly impossible, but so well lepced, and in a state of perfect ruin and grounded was my contivlence in the gal dilapidation; and the fire of the ships was lant officers I had the honour to com reserved as much as possible, to save mand, that my mind was left perfectly powder and reply to a few guns now and free to attend to other objects; and I knew then bearing upon us, although a fort on thein in their stations only by the destruc the upper angle of the city, on which our tive effect of their fire upon the walls and guns could not be brought to bear, cnnsj. batteries to which they were opposed. I Durd to annoyihe ships by shot ar.d shells had about this time the sati-faction of see. during the whole time. - Providence at ing Vice-admiral Vau Capellan's Aag in this interval gave to my anxious wishes the station I had assigned to bim, and the usual land-wind, common in this bay,


and my expectations were completed. We titude and thanks are due to all under my were all hands employed in warping and command, as well as to Vice-admiral Ca. towing off, and by the help of the light pellen, and the officers of the squadron of air, the whole were under sail, and came his Majesty the King of the Neiherlands; to anchor out of reach of shells, about and I trust they will believe that the retwo in the morning, after 12 hours' inces. collection of their services will never cease sant labour. T'he dotilla of mortar, gun, but with my life. In no instance bave I and rocket-boats, under the direction of ever seen more energy and zeal; from their respective Artillery Officers, shared, the youngest Midshipman to the highest to the full extent of their power, in the raok, all seemed animated by one soul, honours of this day, and perfrmed good and of which I shall with delight bear tes. service; it was by their fire all the ships timony to their Lordships, whenever that in the port (with the exception of the outer testimony can be useful.--I have confided frigate) were in Hames, which extended this dispatch to Rear-admiral Milne, my rapidly over the whole arsenal, store second in command, from whom I have houses, and gun-boats, exhibiting a spec received, during the whole service intrust. tacle of awful grandeur and interest ao ed to me, the most cordial and honourable pen can describe.

- The sloops of war, support. He is perfectly informed of which had been appropriated to aid and every transaction of the feel, from the assist the ships of the line, and prepare earliest period of my command, and is for their retreat, performed not only that fully competent to give their Lordships duty well, but embraced every oppor,

satisfaction on any points which I may tupity of bring through the intervals, and have overlooked, or have not time to state. were constantly in motion. The shells I trust I have obtained from him his from the bombs were admirably well esteem and regard, and I regret I had vot thrown by the Royal Marine Artillery ; sooner been known to him. The deces, and although thrown directly across and sary papers, together with the defects of over us, not an accident, that I know of, the ships, and the return of killed and occurred :0 any ship. The whole was wounded, accompany this dispatch, and I conducted in perfect silence, and such a am happy to say, Capis. Ekins and Coode thing as a cheer I never heard in any part are doing well, as also the whole of the of ibe line; and that the guns were well wounded. By accounts from the shore, I worked and directed, will be seen for understand, the Enemy's loss in killed many years to come, and remembered by and wounded is between 6 and 7000 meo. these Barbarians for ever. The conduct In recommending my officers and fleet to ing this suip to her station by the Masters their Lordships' protection and favour, I of the feet and ship, excited the praise of bave the honour, &c.

EXMOUTH. ell. The former has been my companion in arms for more than 20 years. Having

A General Abstract of the Killed erd thus detailed, although but imperfectly,

Wounded. the progress of this short service, I ven Queen Charlotte, Lord Exmouth, Capt. ture to hope, that the humble and devoted Brisbane: 7 seamen, I marine, killed ; services of myself and the officers and 14 officers, 82 seamen, 24 marines, 2 mamen of every descrip:ion I have the ho rine artillery, 5 sappers and miners, 4 nour to command, will be received by his boys, wounded. - Impregnable, Admiral Royal Highness the Prince Regent with Milne, Capt. Brace: 1 officer, 37 seamen, his accustomed grace. The approbation 10 inarines, killed; 2 officers, 111 seameo, of our services by our Sovereign, and the 2i inarines, 9 sappers and mioers, 17 good opinion of our country, will, I ven boys, wounded.--Superb, Ekins : 2 offiture to affirın, be received by us all with cers, 3 seamen, 2 marines, 1 rocket troop, the highest satisfaction. -- If I atteinpled killed; 6 officers, 62 seamen, 14 marines, to name to their Lordships the numerous 2 marine artillery, wounded. Minden, W. officers who, in such a conflict, have been Paterson : 5 seamen, 2 marines, killed; at different periods more conspicuous than 2 officers, 26 seamen, 9 marines, wounded. their companions, I should do injustice to -Aibion, J. Coode: 2 officers, 1 seaman, many; and I trust there is no officer in killed ; 2 officers, 10 seamen, 3 marines, the feet I have the honour to command, wounded.-Leander, E. Chetham : 5 offi. who will doubt the grateful feelings I shall cers, 11 seamen, 1 marine, killed; 8 offi. ever cherish for their unbounded and un cers, 69 seamen, 25 marines, 4 boys, 12 limited support. Not an officer nor man supernumeraries, wounded.--Severn, Hon. confined his exertions within the precise T.W. Aylmer: 2 seamen, l' marine, killed; limits of their own duty; all were eager 5 officers, 25 seainen, 3 marines, I boy, to attempt services which I found more wounded.-Glasgow, Hon. A. Maitland: difficult to restrain than excite; and no 9 seamen, 1 marine, killed ; 8 officers, 25 wbere was this feeliog more conspicuous seamen, 3 marines, 1 boy, wounded. than in my own Captain, and those officers Granicus, W. F. Wise: 3 officers, 9 sea. immediately about my pers04. My gra. men, 1 marine, 1 marine artillery, 2 boys,

killed ;


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killed; 5 officers, 31 seamen, 3 marines, surveyor; and Mr. Jardine, midshipman, 2 rocket troop, 1 boy, wounded. Hebrus, Wounded-J. Coode, esq. caprain; and E. Palmer: 1 officer, 3 seamen, killed; 1 Mr. Harvey, midshipmanı, severely. officer, 10 seamen, 1 marine, 2 rocket Severn. Wounded Mr. J. Foster, troop, 1 boy, wounded. - Infernal, Hon. midshipman, arm amputated; Mr. C. Ca. G. J. Perceval : 1 officer, I seaman, killed; ley, midshipman, coniused foot; Mr. W. 6 officers, 8 seamen, 1 marine artillery, 2 Ferror, midshipman, wounded hand and boys, wounded. -- Heron, G. Bentham; contusion; Mr. D. Beattie, midshipman, Mutine, J. Mould; Prometheus, W. B. contusion; andW, A. Catler, wounded knee. Dashwood ; Cordelia, W. Sargent; Brito. Leander. - Killed-Capi. Wilson, and mart, R. Riddel ; Belzebub, W. Kemp Lieut. Baxter, royal marines; Messrs. thorne; Hecla, W. Popham; and Fury, Lowdon, Caltborp, and Hanwell, midshipC. R. Moorsom; None killed or wounded.

Wounded - H. Walker and J. S. Total.-15 officers, 88 seamen, 19 ma Dixon, lieuts. slightly; Mr. Ashington, rines, i marine artillery, 1 rocket troop, Mr. Cole, Mr. Mayne, and Mr. Sturt, 4 boys, killed; 59 officers, 459 seamen, midshipmen, severely; Mr. Picketi, clerk, 106 marines, 5 marine artillery, 14 sap and Mr. Dixon, midshipman, slightly. pers and nainers, 4 rocket troop, 31 boys, Glasgow.-Wounded-P. Gilbert, lieut.. 12 supernumeraries, wounded.

contusion of chest; Mr. R. Fulton, master, Total Killed and Wounded. -- 128 killed ; contusion of face and knee; A. Stephens, 690 wounded.

lieut. royal marines, leg; Mr. Duffill, Mr. Dutch Squadron.

Harvey, Mr. Baird, and Mr. Keay, mid. Melampus, Vice-Adm. Baron Van Ca. shipmen, severely ; Mr. Heathcole, mid. pellen, Capt. De Mair; 3 killed, 15 shipman, left foot. wounded. Frederica, Capt. Vander Stra. Granicus.--Killed-W. M. Morgan and fen; 5 wounded. -- Dageraad, Capt. Pol. W. Kenfrey, lieuts, royal marines; Mr. R. ders; 4 wounded. -DianaCapt. Ziervogel; Pratt, midshipman. Wounded H. A. 6 killed, 22 wounded. Amsiee, Capt. Perkins, lieut. ; Mr. L. T. Jones, and Mr. Vander Hart; 4 killed, 6 wounded.--E1 D. F. Wise, midshipmen, slightly ; Mr. L. dracht, Capt. Wardenburgh; vone killed Mitchell, midshipman, severely ; Mr.G.R. or wounded.- Total, 13 killed: 52 wounded. Glennie, midshipman, dangerously. Grand Total-883.

Hebrus.-Killed-Mr.G.H. A. Pococke, FLOTILLA-Consisting of 5 gun-boats, midshipman. Wounded--Mr. A. S. Symes, 10 mortar-boats, launches, 8 rocket-boats midshipman, lower jaw. (fiats), 32 gun boats, barges, and yawls. Inferual. - Killed - G. J. P. Bissett, Total 55 -The whole commanded by Capt. lieut. marine artiHery. Wounded— John Mitchell, assisted by Lieut. J. Davies, of Foreman, lieut.; Mr. G. Valentine, boatthe Queen Charlotte, and T. Revans, Flag- swain; Mr. J. M. Cross, and Mr. J. H. lieut, to Rear-adm. Milne. EXMOUTH, Andrews, midshipmen, slightly; Mr. M.

Hopkins, clerk; and Mr. J. Barber, midA Return of Officers Killed and Wounded. shipman, severely.

EXMOUTH, Queen Charlotte, - Wounded-Lieut. Johnston, dangerously ; Lieuts. King and Memorandum of the Destruction in the Mole Jago, slightly; M. J. Grimes, secretary

of Algiers. to the Commander in Chief, and Mr. Max. 4 large frigates, of 44 guns; 5 large well, boatswain, sligbily; Mr. G. Mark corvettes, from 24 to 30 guns; all the gun ham, Mr. H. Campbell, and Mr. E. Hib. and mortar-boats, except seven, 30 debert, midshipmen, severely; Mr. E. Stag. stroyed; several merchant brigs and ley, Mr. R. H. Baker, midshipmen, and schooners; a great number of small vesMr. S. Colston, secretary's clerk, slightly; sels of various descriptions; all the ponCapt. F. Burton, marine artillery, se toons, lighters, &c.; store-houses and verely; and Lieut. P. Robertson, marines, arsenal, with all the timber and various slightly.

marine articles, destroyed in part; a great Impregoable.—Killed-Mr. J. Hawkins, many guz-carriages, mortar-beds, casks, midshipman. Wounded-Mr. G. N.Wes and ships' stores of all descriptions. ley, mate, and Mr. H. Quino, contusions,


EXMOUTH. Superb.-Killed Mr.T. Howard, mate, and Mr.R.C. Bowen, midshipman. Wound His Britannic Majesty's ship Queen Chared— Chas. Ekins, esq. captain, slightly ;

lotte, Algiers Bay, Aug. 28. P. T. Home, first lieutenant, severely ; J. Sir, --For your atrocities at Bona, on M.Dougall, lieut. slightly ; G. W. Gun defenceless Christians, and your uobening, acting-lieut. and Mr. W. Sweeting, coming disregard lo the demands I made inidshipman, severely; and Mr. J. H. gesierday, in the name of the Prince Re. Wolsey, midshipman, slightly.

geut of England, the fleet under my orders Minden. - Wounded - Mr. C. C. Dent, has given you a signal chastisement, by mate, and C. G. Grub, slightly,

the total destruction of your navy, storeAlbion,-Killed-Mr. Mends, assistant buases, and arsenal, with ball your bat.


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