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much enthusiasm, the revival of a vo our venerable and highly- valuable lume so interesting and instructive in Register from May 5th to June 26tb, its matter, as well as curious to cri. 1788; and consequently had sufficient tical Antiquaries and Philologers, will time for the most careful examination. scarcely be deemed an ungrateful la According to Mr. Gibbon, in bis bour. To modern readers the ugly “Introductio ud Latinam Bluzoniam," type and dingy paper of too many Church Registers were kept no earlier old books adds to the repulsiveness than the 301h Henry VIII. 1540. of the style and versification : and an Jacob, however, in his Law Dictionary, old composition appears com para- says, that the “ Registrum Ecclesiæ tively attractive, when decorated by parochialiswas instituted by Lord the improved press of the present Cromwell 13 H. VIII. (1523], while day. This new Edition of The Hymns he was Vicar General to that King. formis: an elegant little volume. The Parish Register of Stratford.

upon-Avon commerces 251h March,

1558, and to the year 1600 appears to Mr.URBAN,

Old Town, Stratford- have been kept by or under the direc

upon-Avon. tion of Mr. Richard Bifield, Minister I was observed by Mr. Malone, in as he describes himself, but for seve

a note to his extracts of the Shak. ral years vicar of this place. The speare Family from the Registers of remarkably neat manner in which the Stratford-upon-Avon (edit. 1790), that entries were made in his time, was "an inaccurate and very imperfect but ill imitated by succeeding Vicars list of the Baptisms, &c. of Shak in the following century, some of speare's Family was transmitted by whom seem to have deputed the most Mr. West, about eighteen years ago,

illiterate scribes to the office of Reto Mr. Steevens. The list pow printed gistrar. Independently of their great (continues Mr. Malope) I have ex local use, our Registers are highly tracted with great care from the Re- interesting, as containing authentic gisters of Stratford ; and I trust it memorials of the Shakspeare Family; will be found correct.” Mr. Malone, but, as such memorials have never bowever, for whatever reason, made been transcribed so as to pre numerous errors in his list, besides fidelity of the Register, it may amuse omitting many very naterial entries ; some of your Readers, and I doubt he should not, therefore, have com not also of its real utility, if you, Mr. plained of that which Mr. Steevens Urban, would dedicale a page or two appears to have published, when bis of your widely disseminated Magazine own, which be proclaims to have ex to the preservation of the Shakspeare tracted with great care, and trusted Family and connexions, exactly as would be found correct, is so ex- they are entered. Those names which tremely inaccurate and imperfect. have been hitherto totally omitted, I This Commentator, who is, indeed, bave printed in Italics, and marked highly deserving of public thanks for with an asterisk; but the whole of investigating the personal history of the extracts are copied with their oriour great Dramatic Bard, is less ex- ginal abbreviations and corruptions. cusable than his predecessor, because Within the brackets are several errors it appears that Mr. Steevens as well as corrections made by Mr. obliged to trust to the transcript Malone, as I find them in Reed's made by Mr. West, who might not 1813 edition. It should also be dohave had leisure, inclination, or pa ticed that Mr. Malone, as well as his tience, to examine a buiky register; predecessors, put the whole list into for Mr. Malone was in possession of modern English.

“ BAPTISMES, Anno Dom. 1558. Septe’ber 15. Jone Shakspere daughter to John Shakspere. *1562, December 2.

Margareta filia Johannis Shakspere. 1564, April 26.. .Gulielmus filius Johannes Shak-pere. 1566, May 9. .. Johanna filia Richardi Hathaway al's Gardner de Shotrey. 1566, October 13. Gilbertus filius Jobannis Shakspere. 1569, April 15.. ..Jone the daughter of John Shakspere. 1571, Septe'b' 28. Anna filia Magistri Shakspere [Mr. John Sbakspere. Malone.] 1573[1573-4),Marcht1.Richard sonne to Mr. John Shakspeer. [Shakspere, Malone.] 1580, May 3. Edmund sonne to Mr. Juhn Sbakspere.

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1583, May 26, ........ Susanna daughter to William Shakspere. 1583 (1583-4], Feb.10..Elizabeth daughter to Antony Sbaksper of Hamton. [of

Anthony Shak pere of Hampton. Malone.) 1584 (1584-5], Feb.2.. Hamnet & Judeth sonne & daughter to Willia' Sbakspere.

(JudithMalone.) 1588 (1588-9), Feb. 26.. Thomas sonne to Richard Queeny. 1588[1588-9], March 11.Ursula daughter to Joba Sbakspere. 1590, May 24........ Humphrey sonne to John Shakspere. 1591, Septe'ber 21.... Phillippus filius Johannis Shakspere. 1593, June 20.. .. Thomas filius Anthonii Nash, Gen'. [Mr. Anthony Nash, 1600, August 28.... Wilhelmus filius Wilhelmi Hart.

Malone.) 1603, June 5... .. Maria filia Willi' Hart. 1605, July 24... Thomas fil’ Will’mi Hart, Hatter. J607[1607-8] Feb. 21.. Elizabeth dawghter to John Hall, Gen. 1608, Sept. 23..... Mychaell sonne to Willyam Hart. 1616, November 23.... Shaksper fillius Thomas Quyny, Gent. (Shakspere. Malone.] 1617 (1617-8], Feb.9.. Richard fillius Thomas Quinee. 1619[1619-20), Jan. 23. Thomas fili' to Thomas Queeney. [Aug. 29. Malone.] *1633, Sept. 29... *Michael filius Thomæ Hart. 1634, Aprill 13. ... Thomas filius Thomæ Hart. 1636, Sept. 18. Georgius filius Tho' Hart. 1641, June 18.... ....Maria filia Thomæ Hart. 1658 [1658-9), Jan. 9.. Elizabeth fillia Georg Hart, 1661, Decemb' 21....Jane fillia Georg Hart. 1663( 1663-4],March 18.Sushannae filli a George Hartte. [Hart, thus spelt through

out by Malone.] 1666, Novemb' 18..... Shakspere fillius George Hartt. (Shakspeare'; from hence

this mode of spelling is invariably continued by Malone.] 1671, March 31....... Mary fillia Georg Hartt, Tayler. [Tayler omitted. Malone.) 1673[1673-4], March 3. Thomas fillius George Hartt. 1676, August 20., . George fillius George Harte. 1695, September 14... William fillius Shakespar Hartt. (William Shakspeare, son

of Shakspeare Hart, properly added, but incorrectly spelt

by Malone.) *1692, June 24....... *Thomas filius of George Hart, 1700, August 9. ...... Ann filia of Sbaxpear and Ann Hartt. 1700, Novemb' 29..... Jorg filius of Jorg and Marey Hartt. 1702[1702-3], Feb.10.. Hester fillia George Harte. 1703, July 19... Katheren fillia Shakspear and Anne Hartta 1705, Octob'7.

Mary fillia Georg Hartte. *1711, June 15. *Thomas the sonne of Shakesper Hartt. 1729, May 9........ .. Thomas, son of George Hart jun'r. *1731, July 9.. *William, son of George Hart jun'r. 1733, Sep' 29. Sarah daughter of George Hart. *1735, Nou'mber 23... *George son of George Hart. *1737[1737-8), Jan.13.* Mary daughter of George Hart. 1740, Sep'b'r 29.......Ann daughter of George Hart. *1742[1742-3], Jan.25. * Fillis daughter of George Hart. 1743 [1743-4], Jan. 6.. William Shakespear son of William Shakespear Hart. (Jan 8. *1745, June 19th. * Jemima' daughter of George Hart.

Malone.) *1746, May 29th. .. * Catherine daughter of Shakespear Hart. *1747, Nov. 27th..... *William son of George Hart. 1748, May 10th... .... Catherine daughter of Shakespear Hart. (William Shak

speare Hart, corrected by Malone.] *1753, Oct. 8th.... *Sarah daughter of Thomas Hart. 1755, Aug'st 18th.... John son of Thomas Hart. 1760, Aug. 8. ........ Frances daughter of Thomas Hart. 1764, Aug'st 10th..... Thomas son of Thomas Hart. 1767, Jan, 16........ Nanny daughter of Thomas Hart. (Anne. Malone.] Further addition to Mr. Malone's List from the Register which he did not examine: *1783, April 23.... *Jane daughter of Thomas Hart.

« MARIAGES." 1584, November 25. .. John Shakspere &• Margery Roberts. 1607, Junii 5....... John Hall gentlema' & Susanna Shaxspere. (Sbakspere. M.) 1615[1615-16], Feabruary 10.. Tho. Queeny tow Judith Shakspere.

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- 25...

1626, Apr 22.... Mr. Thomas Nash to Mrs. Elizabeth Hall. Georg Hart, sonn of Thomas Hart, and Ester Ludiate, daughter of Thomas Ludiate,

of the same Towne and County, were published of an intent of marriage upon three severall markett dayes in the markett place of Alcester, upon the ith, 8th, & 15th of December, 1657 ; and, being noe exception against them, were upon the 9th of January, 1657, joyned together in marriage by Francis Smyth, Justice of the Peace in the Burrough of Stratford. Witnes, Thomas Hiccox,

Clement George. [1657-8.] 1688, Apar' 16. Danil Smith to Shussanor Hartt. 1694, Aprell 10. .Shaksper Hartt to Ann Pare. [Qu. Parry? Malone gays Prew.] *1697, Oct. 12. *Stephen Spencer of Tardebick to Mary Hart of Stratford. 1728 (1728-9), Feb. 20. George Hart to Sarah Mumford, by Banns.

“ BURIALLS.” 1563, April 30, Margareta filia Johannis Sbakspere. 1579, April 4.. . Anne daughter to Mr. John Shakspere. 1587, October 29. Margery wife to John Shakspere. 1589[1589-90],March6.Thomas Green al's Shakspere. 1596, August 11...... Hamnet filius William Shakspere. [Shakspeare. Malone.] *1601, Septemb’ 8. ....

Mr. Johan'es Sbakspeare. 1602, May 31........ . Mr. Richard Quiny Bailey of Stretford. 1607, Dece'b' 17......Mary dawghter to Willyam Hart. 1608, Sept. 9. Mayry Shaxspere Wydowe. [Mary Shakspere, widow, M.] 1611[1611-12], Feb. 3. Gilbertus Shakspeare, adolescens. 1612.[1612-13], Feb. 4. Rich. Shakspeare. [Shakspere. Malone.] 1616, A prill 17. Will' Hartt, hatter.

Will' Shakspere, Gent. 1617, Maye 8.. - Shakspere fillius Tho. Quyny, Gent. #1618, November 1. .. *Micael fil to Jone Harte, widowe. 1622, Novemb' 18.... Anthonius Nash, Generosus. [Esq. Malone.] 1623, August 8. Mrs. Shakspeare. (Shakspere. Malone.] 1635, Nov. 26.. .Johannes Hall, medicus peritissimus. (Dr. John Hall. M.] 1638 (1638-9), Jan. 28. Thomas filius Thomæ Quiney. 1638 [1638-9), Feb. 26. Richardus filius Tho. Quiney. 1639, Mar 29.. Will'mus Hart. 1646, Novemb’4. ..Joan Hart, widow. 1647, Aprill 5.. Thomas Nash, Gent. [Esq. Malone.] 1649, July 16..... .Mrs. Susanna Hall, widow. 1656, May 23. Richard Quiney, Gent. of London. [Mr. Richard Quceny. M.] 1661(1661-2], Febu’9. Judith uxor Thomas Quirzey, Gent. 1682, Novembar 28. ..Margaret Heart, widow. *1691, Decem' 29... *Thomas sonn of Georg Hartt. 1696, Ap' 29.

Hester, uxor Georgii Hart. 1702, May 3.

George Hart. 1705, October 7. ..Mary uxor George Hartte. *1710 [1710-11], March 16.*Mary fillia George Hartte. 1738, March 29th.... Anne daughter of Shakespear Hart. 1744[1744-5), March 8. Shakespear son of Shakespear Hart. (William Shakspeare,

son of William Shakspeare Hart, corrected by Malone.] 1745, April 28th.... William son of George Hart. 1745, Aug. 29.. George Hart. 1746 (1746-7), March 12. Tho. son of Shakespear Hart. [Thomas, son of William

Shakspeare Hart, corrected by Malone.] 1747, July 7th.. Shakespear Hart. 1749[1749-50], Feb.28. Shakespear Hart. [William Shakspeare Hart, corrected by M.] 1753, July 10th... .. .. Widow Hart. *1754, Aug. 6th.. *Sarah wife of George Hart. 1760, Feb. 5th. . Ann Hart. [Daughter of Shakspeare and Anne Hart. M.] 1768, Sep'r 10th.. Sally Hart. [Sarah, daughter of George Hart. Malone.] 1774, Oct'r 31st. .. Francis Hart. [Frances, corrected by Malone.' 1778, July 8th. George Hart. *1792, June 21... * Alice Hart. *1793, May 28. *Thomas Hart. *1794, July 30. *Mary Hart.

The last three names are in that Register which Mr. Malone did not examine. . As a proper accompaniment to the Extracts, I send you a correct Pedigree of the Shakspeare and Hart famiy.


Sbakspeare (temp. Hen.



Robert Arden, of Wellingcote in Warwickshire, esquire.

Shakspeare. T. Webbe. Alexander Webbe, of Bearley, near Stratford-upon-Avon.
..Arden, Ist wife; FJohn Shakspeare =Margery Roberts, 2d wife ; T Mary 3d wife of John Shak-

Shakspeare, of Snitterfield, near Stratshe died between buried 8 Sept. mar. 25 Nov. 1584; buried ! speare ; was bur. 9 Sept. 1608.

Stratford-upon-Avon, uncle of the Poet. 1580 and 1584.

29 Oct. 1587. No issue.

Jone, Margaret, WILLIAMSHAKSPEARE, FAnne Hath. Gilbert, bap. T... Jone, bap. TWilliam Anne,bap. Richard, bap. Edmund, Ursula, bapt. 11
bap bap. 2Dec. born 23 April, 1564 ;

13 Oct. 1566;

15 April, Hart, 28 Sept. 1 March, bapt. 3 March, 1588.9. 15 1562; bur. bapt. 26 April, 1564; 1556;died 6 died before

1569; bu. hatter, 1571;bur. 1573-4; bu May, Humphrey, bap. Sept. 30 April, married. 1582; Aug. 1623; 1611-12.

4 Novem. bur. 17 4 April, ried 4 Feb. 1580. 24 May, 1590. 1553. 1563. died 23 April, 1616; bur. 8 Aug.

1646. Ap.1616. 1579, 1612-13.

Philip, bapt. 21
bur. 25 April, 1616. 1623. Gilbert,d.a youth,bu.3Feb,1611-12.

Sept. 1591.
John Hall, M. D. born 1575;FSusanna, bapt. 26 May, 1523; Hamnet, bapt. 2 Feb. William Phillips of Stratford.
mar. 5 June, 1607; died 25 marr. 5 June, 1607; died in

atford. I

1584-5; bur, 11 Aug.
Nov. 1635; bu.26 Nov.1635. July, 1649; bu. 16 July, 1649. 1596.

Thomas Phillips of Stratf.mercer.

away, born

Thomas Nash, Gent.TAnn, daughter and co-heiress of

of Old Stratford. Jas. Bulstrod, of Staford, Oxon.

Richard Quiney, mar. 24 Jan. 1580-1; died wbilst Bailiff; bur.31 May, 1602.

Elizabeth Phillips, bur. 15
Oct.1632. Hadilchildren.

John, of Anthony Nash, of Mary, dau. of Rowland George, of
Strat. Welcomb, Gent. Bemgs, of Twining in London.
ford. bur. 18 Nov.1622. Gloucestershire,

.. dau. of Edw, Cox, of London.

Thomas Quiney, their 5107-Judith, bap. 2 Feb.1584-5;

child, bap. 26 Feb.1588-9; married 10 Feb. 1615-16; died about 1663.

buried 9 Feb. 1661-2.

Edward, of East Greenwich in T. Sir Reginald For Shakspeare, bapt. Richard, bapt. 9 Feb. Thomas, bap. 23
Kent, a Capt. in Oliver's Army. ster, Ist Bart.

23 Nov. 1616; 1617-18; bm. 26 Feb. jan. 1619-20;

buried 8 May, 1638-9, aged 21, un. buried 28 Jan. Thomas. Jane. Mary=Sir Reginald Forster, 2d Bart. 1617.


1638-9, unmar.
Thomas Nash, Gent. Ist husband, bapt, 20=Elizabeth Hall, bapt. 21 Feb. 1607-8;=Sir John Barnard, Knt. 2d Busatis mi born in 1605;
June, 1593; mar. 22 April, 1626; died 4 buried at Abington in Northamp married at Billesley, ne. Laun, 5 June, 1649 ;
April, 1647; buried 5 April, 1617.
toushire, 17 Feb. 1669-70. No issue. buried at Abington, 5 arcu, 10; 3-4.

(See p. 208.)


Jone Shakspeare. William Hart (from p. 207).
William Hart, bapt. 28 Aug. 1600; buried 297.... Mary Hart, bapt. 5 June, Thomas Hart, bap. 24 July, T Margaret

Michael Hart, bapt. 23 Sept.
March, 1639; supposed a Player in London,

1603; bur. 17 Dec. 1607. 1605; died about 1668. bur. 28 Nov. 1682. 1608 ; buried I Nov. 1618.

Charles Hart, a celebrated 'Tragedian Michael, bapt. Thomas, bapt. 13

Thomas Ludiate, of Stratford.

Mary, bapt. 18 June, 1641. in London temp.Chas. II. born about 29 Sept. 1633. April, 1634; alive 1630; buried 20 Aug. 1683, at Stan No issue. in 1669. No is- George, bapt. 18 Sept. 1636; mar. 9 Jan.1657-8; THester, born in 1634 ; died 27 Ap. more in Middlesex,

died 29 April, 1702; bur.3 May,1702: a tailor. 1696; bur. 29 April, 1696.

Thomas, bapt. 7Alice Ricketts, William, bap. Sarah, bapt. 29 Sept. George, Mary, bap. Anne, bap. Phillis, Jemima, William, WilliamSkin-=Pran

9 May, 1729; died 20 June, 9 July, 1731; 1733; marr. Joseph bap. 23 13 Janu. 29 Sept. bap.25 bapt.19 bap. 27 ner, of Shotdied 23 May, 1792, aged 60.bur. 28 April, M‘Laughlin, a tai Nov. 1737-8; 1740; bu Janua, June, Nov.

tery, black

dead. 1993; bur.28 bur. 21 June, 1745.

lor, of Stratford. 1735. bu.30Jul. 5 Febru. 1742-3. 1745. 1747. smith. May,1793: a 1792.

No issue.

1794. 1760.
Sarab, bap. 8 John, bapt. 18 Aug. 1755; 5 Mary Richardson; Frances, bar.

Thomas Kite, TAnn Spiers, died Anne, Jane, bap.
Oct. 1753; died 22 Jan. 1800; buried alive in 1806. 8 Aug. 1760;

of Clifford, 7 Feb.1792, aged ba.16 23 April,
bur.10 Sept. at Tewksbury; turner &

bur. 31 Oct.

nr.Stratford. 51; bur. at Clif- Jan. 1783.




William Shakspeare Hart, turnerAnne. John Hart, of Tewks- Willm Whitehead=Sarah, Thomas, bapt. 10 Aug. 1764; married Mary Kite, died 8 Dec.
& chair-maker; living at Tewks-

bury, turner & chair. of Tewksbury, living 15 Sept. 1791; died at Woolwich in 1793, aged 26; buried
bury in 1806.
maker, living 1806. stocking-frame 1806. Feb. 1800 : a butcher.

at Clifford. work-knitter, Thomas. Elizabeth, and other Children, all living in 1806. living 1806.

One daughter only, who died an infant; buried at Clifford.

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